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What exactly is the real self?

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

For a long time now I have been talking about the concept of real self. Karen Horney, in her book, Neurosis and Human Growth, talked about the false, ideal self and said that folks ought to live from their real self but she did not define what that real self is; however, she seemed to suggest that if one does not live from the neurotic false self somehow one would live from the healthy real self.  Well, she did not clarify the real self for me; no other writer has clarified what the real self is to me.

What exactly is this real self that I have been hearing and talking about? To be perfectly honest, I do not know what the real self is.  However, I have been told how to find it.

Helen Schucman, in her book, A course in miracles, told us that to find out what our real self is that the individual has to remove the false self that he invented and used to cover up his real self. I am told that I have over learned the false ego separated self and that the ego self is a replacement self over my real self; the ego masks my real self.

I am told to unlearn what I already learned, the ego; to undo what I did to mask the real self. How do I undo the ego self?

I am told that the ego is a self-concept of who I want to be, a separated ego self-housed in body and to undo it I have to give up the desire to have the ego self and stop defending the ego.

If I stopped defending my ego self-concept I would experience the already and always there real self that is in me. Just remove the ego by not doing anything from its perspective; don't think or do anything from the ego. Just keep quiet and say nothing in every situation I find myself in.

Whatever I do (ego) consciously is done from the ego substitute self and its wish to survive so I must now say or do nothing and just keep quiet and allow the real self to say or do something through me. I am told not to respond to what I see other people do for they did what they did from their ego false selves; if I respond to them I am merely responding to their egos not to their real selves; I am responding to them from my own ego false self; I am told that I do not know who other people's real selves are just as I do not know who my real self is.


I am told that my real self, which is said to be the son of God, invented the physical universe. The real self must be very powerful to have invented the ego self and the world of egos, and the material universe.

The self that invented the physical universe of the galaxies, stars and planets and people in bodies, animals and trees must be very powerful, indeed.

So, if I keep quiet and do nothing from the ego self I would remember that powerful real self and live from it?


I am further told that the real self-did not invent our world while awake; awake he is part of God, aka unified self.

The real self, the son of God wished to separate from God and unable to do so in reality, spirit, eternity, as it were, he cast a magical spell on his self and went to sleep and in it gradually invented the false self, the ego separated self and invented the world of space, time and matter to live in, for those make it seem to really have separated selves.

My real self is said to be right now in heaven, a part of God and is sleeping; the current self that I am aware of, my ego in body, is the product of that sleeping self. The ego self in body I see myself as is said to be a projection of the sleeping mind of the real self; my ego self is a dream self, it is not my real self.

Since my real self is sleeping there is really nothing that I can do while I am on earth to live as it for if it is awake it would not live in the world of space, time and matter, it would be aware of its heavenly unified state.


While I sleep and dream that I am the ego separated self, I am told that God created another self, the Holy Spirit and placed him into my right mind (the ego is said to be in my left mind; God's mind is said to be the mind I share with God and all his creation).

The Holy Spirit, the whole self, is God and his son in the temporal universe; it knows about unified heaven and yet sees the separated earth but it knows that the earth and its egos are not real.

The Holy Spirit sees the dream, the ego and its world and know that they are not real and does not respond to them or take them seriously.

If the ego, the substitute self keeps quiet and ask the Holy Spirit to guide it, to tell it what to do, albeit in the dream the Holy Spit tells it to love all people.

The people to be loved are in egos and bodies but their real selves are spirit; I am told to love people even in their egos and bodies.

I am told to overlook people's egos and bodies and keep quiet to experience our real self. I am told to do not say or do anything in response to what I see other egos do; if I respond to other people it is my false ego self-responding to their false egos selves, so I should not do so respond.


I am told to not judge what I see people do as good or bad for what I see people do is nothing, all dream activities are nothing.

I am told to ask the Holy Spirit to respond for me to what I see other people doing. For example, Islamic egotists are running around killing people and trying to convert the entire world to their satanic religion.  I am told to overlook their behaviors and ask the Holy Spirit to tell me how to respond to them.

The Holy Spirit will ask me to love Muslims real selves and overlook their stupid ego selves and behaviors.

I ask: suppose I do so and they kill me, are they not mad men who kill people who refuse to convert to their satanic religion.

The Holy Spirit says that they cannot kill me for no one is killed without his wishes to be killed. The world is ones individual dream (it is also our collective dream).

You attract to your dream those who want to have similar dream with you (you project out the people you see in your world and they project you out).

If you want to experience the killing frenzy of Muslims you will attract Muslims to you but if you do not want to experience their satanic ways of living you would not have them in your dream (you will not project them into your world).

And if perchance Muslims enter my dream I should ignore them and simply love their real selves and they would not do anything to harm my ego and body, for nothing can happen to my ego and body unless I want to experience it.

Okay, I understand all these metaphysical line of thinking but the question remains: how do I know that the real self is real and how do I experience it to verify it?

One can delude one's self with seeming rational metaphysics but unless one can experience what a religion is teaching one must be a fool to actually accept its teaching. So, how do I know that the real self is real and how do I experience it?

Suppose I keep quiet and say or do nothing from the ego self and do not experience the real self, and do not experience the purified self the Holy Spirit is supposed to give, the self in light form and ultimately do not experience union with God and all people in our light state (heaven), suppose I have not experienced the real self am I still to believe it?

What exactly is the real self that we are talking about?


In our world we know that we live in body, space and time and those affect us. You may wish all you want but you have to expend energy and time to travel from point A to point B in space; you cannot wish to be in a place and magically get there; you either walk, bicycle, drive a car or use a train or fly a plane to get there and those take time; even if you travel at the speed of light you need time to get from point A to point A (the quantum physics of non-locality, however, disproves this for in it two entangled objects placed at the opposite sides of the universe react instantaneously to each other; but we are talking about particles not human bodies in motion).

We live in bodies; those who live in bodies are affected by the state of their bodies; if you are hungry you cannot concentrate to do anything. If your body is sick you cannot study. If you have bacterial infection that affects your brain and puts it in delirium you cannot think or study.

Simply put the human body affects human thinking and behavior. In our world body affects learning; body is used to learn about our egos world and if your body is not healthy you cannot learn well or do well in the world.

Ego scientific psychology, the type taught at universities, studies the ego, the sense of ego produced by the human body and brain and sees how it works and does not go beyond that level to talk about the self as beyond body.

Indeed, neuroscience assumes that the self and mind is epiphenomenal, is the product of body and brain.  In the empirical world we have not seen mind at work that does not do so in a human body.

If we could hear a voice in our shared room talking to us that is not in human body then we could settle the question as to whether life exist apart from body but since we don't then all we can say is that mind and self are the product of body, and leave it at that.

To the question: what is the real self, scientific psychology says that the real self is material, is the product of matter; no more or no less.

The onus lies with those who believe in spirit, God to prove that mind and self is more than body. Since I have not proven conclusively that the self and mind exist apart from the body I am going to end by saying that whereas it seems to me that there is a self apart of body that I will operate with the scientific conclusion about the self.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

March 1, 2017

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