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This is Nigeria the World knows

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A little 2-year-old girl named Chimamada was playing a game she had learned at school . The time was  October, 2015, the year the white man believed that Nigeria would go up in cataclysmic smokes.  The setting  was Anambra village which is caught up in the crunch of poverty and wretchedness, and neglect. Anambra was formerly one of the more  vibrant  states of a rich country The name Chimamada is Igbo meaning My God Shall Never Fail.

Talk of the disintegration of Nigerian was rife in the air as the white man wanted to demonstrate once and for all the inevitability of his prognosis that the black man cannot be trusted to rule without the white man's tutelage. It is generally believed that to succeed, a black needs the white man's instruction, teaching, coaching, wing, expert hand, sponsorship, or protection, particularly in African country.

Africa was once known for centuries as the white man's burden. Africans have been in dire need of the white man's guiding hand. Had the white man not laid down his life on the line, what would protect 2-year-old Chimamada (sometimes pronounced Chimamanda)? Who would save Nigeria from being a wretch?

Indeed, the country is wretched. You look at the white man and you shake your head. You shake your head twice when you look at Nigeria. Why shake the head? You shake the head because you are alive and the head you are shaking belongs to you, isn't it? You are overwhelmed, flabbergasted, even driven as nutty as a fruit cake.

The purpose of this essay is to talk about destruction of the land you call home and to try to grapple with the concept of Pygmalion Effect or the self-fulfilling prophesy. Like you, many of your fellow Nigerians (if they are truly Nigerians with skulls) are supposed to make use of the cranium's grey matter to grapple with why Chimamada was reciting a poem describing the ills apparent  to a 2-year-old.

You ought to stop shaking your damned head because the white man has conditioned your minds and you have been behaving like rats in the Skinner box. You are participants in a successful operant conditioning experiment.  The billion Dollar question is: Why are we the people of Nigeria pressing the lever that delivers a pellet of food to a caged rat? Why are we Nigerians in the habit of pressing the lever in a depressing situation six decades after gaining independence from the white Britons?

The white man is happy we Nigerians are pressing the lever. We have a thorn in the flesh, and it is good to grapple with this thorn in the flesh, meaning that our aliveness seems to be dependent upon our unwillingness to face the thorn, deal with it, cope with the gnawing inconvenience, or handle it to the best of our ability.

We look everywhere to find some scapegoat to blame for the thorn when we ought to grab it, shake it, pull it out with tremendous force. Is this possible? No, we don't even see the thorn at all. We see the white man as our savior to blame if anything goes wrong under the sun. It is a type of symbiosis, an aggressive –dependent relationship.

The white man jeers, meaning he boos and taunts: "We gave you schools, didn't we?  We gave you Christianity, didn't we? We taught you British administration, didn't we?  Now, what? We don't want your money, but you keep bringing your cash to us in truck loads. Every time we look you people are breaking our Bank of London's doors hauling in your Pounds, Shillings, Dollars, Francs, and money in all currencies. What seems to be your trouble?"

The tragedy is this: although we know the thorn is there, piercing our lung, punching out our side, and choking the breath of life out of us, yet we are content to let the thorn remain where it is. Some Nigerians blame the white man for positioning the thorn where it can and often does deliver the greatest pain to us to the threshold of wishing we were dead.

The effects of the thorn in our flesh are multifarious and multiparous. That explains why we are in pain, we are hungry, our young people are addicted to drugs, our women sell their naked bodies to strange men in exchange for a plate of jollof rice, and some men unknown to us sell our youth in open slave markets. We worship a god that exacts a painful toll on us in that our faith brands us with iron roasted in red-hot coals as Muslim, Christian, and Other. How wretched we are!

Several forces are at work against us to destroy Nigeria. Muslem religion divides Nigeria while the tribe drives a wedge in the unity of the nation. Christians don't seem to get beyond tithing and belief in God's pie-in-the-sky promise to make us like Abraham the father of many nations and inheritor of great riches. Education in Nigeria is at its ebb, its lowest infancy as few people are tutored enough to read the Constitution to understand what rights and responsibilities are guaranteed therein.

Fewer Nigerians are able to understand or abide by the rule of law, nor do they fathom the political process, the two party system, and the duties  the elected officials owe to those who selected them, and the powers the voters have over their representatives.  Why don't the Nigerians teach and push for the separation of religion and politics? Do they know the functions of the legislative, judiciary, and executive? As the Nigerians fight each other over the issue of religion, little is known about the religious books (the Qumran and the Bible) that teach there is only one God who wants us to love each other, live as brothers, and enjoy our food.

There is no end to the opportunity to blame first the President and legislative branch, then the corrupt politicians and judges, and  finally the white man. The white man bares his crooked John Bull teeth as he often does to jeer, meaning he catcalls, hoots, or raspberries: "Any way, thank you, Nigerians, for being our slaves. Your foolishness is building our factories with your money, maintaining our Harvard, Yale, Cambridge, Oxford, and our Queen's Buckingham Palace. But I tell you this: you are fools. Look at your foolish politicians trying to build refineries outside the mainland where the white man would manufacture your fuels for pennies and sell back to you for Dollars.

"You line up in long queues like fools under the blazing sun and cry:  'fuel subsidy, fuel subsidy'.  Who hears you cry? Nobody. The members of US Congress and UK Parliament laugh at you. The Queen smiles and goes about her important job of doing nothing. Your wealth keeps the Queen comfortable. You fight each other until you faint at the petrol stations. Your foolish groans and moans and the stupid noise you make in your native tongue-twisting and unpronounceable dialects do not impress us. Do we care? No, we don't.

" Look at your foolish billionaires buying jets, yachts and mansions around the world, laundering your money, and pretending to be whites. Why can't they invest that money to save their people from starvation, or give something to that ex-student out of work several years after graduation? " The white man hasn't  made an end to making fun of the Nigerians. He has gotten Nigerians to a place of no return.  To turn around is a problem and to go forward is also a problem.

"Fools," the white man roars, " smell your arse. Smell your mother's arse, too.  You thought you were free from our control with your empty independence celebrations. Where are your agitators for independence, your egotistical, big-grammar Zik, your ultra-tribalist, kola nut chewing Sardauna of Sokoto, and the juju priest Awolowo who was upset because his attempted  coup failed while the Biafran boys carried out the first  successful take-over.

"Awolowo would have been  a better Prime Minister on account of his education had the divisive Yoruba not divided  the State into two- the West and the Mid-West-  leading to the  Awo- Akintola fight that ended with the death of Akintola's son. You think you are free, eh? No, you are not free. You're still our slaves, aren't you? Hell, you are getting deeper and deeper into the hole our brilliant thinkers have dug and are still digging for you."

That's not right. The white man is wrong. He isn't exactly correct.  What keeps Nigerians moored to where they are is something steeper  deadlier, and more perplexing  than the hole the white man has dug. It is a deeper snare, that robs Nigerians of midnight snore, and Nigerians have built it for themselves. The snares are much worse than physical contraption.  You say: " The snare ? I fear it What's a snare?"

The snare is a trap, noose, gin, lasso, or catch whereby the Nigerians are captured, entrapped,  or ensnared in. The snaring is by, of, from, and to the Nigerians. The snare in simple terms is a mental enslavement, gross ignorance, insatiable appetite, and inflexible pride. This essay is all about snares that are grabbing the necks of the Nigerians in death-hold. The death of Nigeria is from within, not without.

Think of a devise like onya (Igbo for metal trap) which you set up in your house to catch the pesky little rats you found stealing your bread and eating smoked   fish, which made life unbearable in the cupboard in your mud house.  If you are ashamed to take the little rats outside to kill them by stomping on their tiny heads, you are not alone.

Consider the giant rodents that drove President Buhari  to run the 100-yard dash from beautiful  Aso Rock.  You didn't know the old man could run, did you? The rodents of Aso Rock were decontaminated through fumigation, but the Aso Rock rodents are nothing compared to the rats that are bothering the Nigerians and leading to destruction of their nation. How do you control your rats?

Now that you have the idea about snares and how they operate to destroy Nigeria,   let us be specific about how snares keep Nigerians confused to the point they are destroying the country and blaming the white man. How do control what you don't and can't see? To repeat, the snare in simple terms includes mental enslavement, ignorance, undisciplined appetite, and I-am-better-than-thee pride. This essay is all about snares that are grabbing the necks of the Nigerians in death-hold, and that are leading the Nigerians to destroy their country and blame others.

Blame not the white man. Blame not the stars. Don't blame God. Look at the mirror. Blame who you see. Blame you the Nigerians, foolish Nigerians, for your foolishness. Blame your hatred of education, for not supporting your schools. Blame yourselves for embracing the philosophy of boko haram . You foolish Hausa and Fulani, wanderers, the least educated of all Nigerian tribes,  why are you running away from education and running into politics to rob the treasury blind?

Your motto Boko haran or Education is a sin is flashed In bold letters across the sky .The world associates you with senseless violence,  ignorance, and abduction of schoolgirls. When shall you send your children to school and leave religion and the hijab at home? When will you  separate Islam and politics? When? When hell freezes over and virgins inhabit Sambissa Forest?

You Igbos are foolish. You are abandoning education and running after money like shameless prostitutes you are known for. All you Nigerians are foolish for your enslavement to other peoples' cultures, particularly the whites. When would you be proud of your own culture?

Look here, foolish  Nigerians, you have wasted billions from your oil wells, running to be fucked in the ass by six false lovers: America, Britain, Germany, Russia, France, and China your so-called Big Six shakers and permanent  UN members. Your governors come dressed as homosexuals to give all your money to your lovers Amebrigerussfarchan

Look here, Mr. President , you are unwise for your enslavement to your tribe and for your discrimination against persons of other tribes, and for filling all your cabinet ministerial posts with your incompetent tribesman and leaving out qualified Igbos, Edos, Biroms, and others who are more qualified  than your own people. Why does every Moslem  head enthrone mediocrity, nepotism, and disunity. Shame on them.


When will the Nigerians kiss their enslavement to the British farewell? Slavery persisted long after Abraham Lincoln's proclamation abolishing slavery in America because the former slaves went back to former masters asking to continue to live on the slave plantation to harvest cotton, tobacco, and watermelon. They asked in great fear and tears: "Where do we now go?"

The Nigerians experience great tears and fear. Since they are afraid of violence they can unleash on each other, the Nigerians cannot leave the British overlord alone nor can they overcome Europeanism, a rare form of mental enslavement, seen in an addictive craving for European foods, clothes, vehicles, building materials, and even white women.

The Nigerians haven't gotten over the child's separation anxiety which little Abimbola  feels on first day of school as the mother leaves the classroom. The child throws a tremendous temper tantrum, falling over everything , and crying inconsolably, uncontrollably: "Mama, Mama, where are you, Mama? Come back, Mama".

Foolish Nigerians,   instead of paving the road to Buckingham Palace with pure gold inlaid with uncut diamonds, why don't you  buy a doll or hard candy for the little 2-year-old village girl Chimamada? Her parents would appreciate an hour of electric light. O foolish, stupid Nigerians!

Nigerian seems to have a homosexual  relationship with  the white Briton. It is like an umbilical cord that refuses to be broken. A normal child separates from mother and married a woman.  It seems that to be a Nigerian is to be a Briton, to be tied to a mother's apron string, to acquire the British accent and mannerisms, such as placing forks on the left and knives of the right. Is it like incest when a child desires to have sex with the mother, a type of Electra Complex?

Why can't Nigerians  fall in love with their people, enjoy things Nigerian, including eating foo-foo and ogbono soup with mkpisi aka ise na aka nri (five fingers of the right hand). Why are the Nigerians filling every available space in the village and township with gigantic mansions in which no soul lives and which are overgrown with bushes  and teeming with  rats, bats, bees, and, snakes?  Why can't Nigeria go to farms to produce their rice, beans, wheat, and other foodstuffs which they import like insane people?

The Nigerians  run to London and American hospitals with ailments as common as malaria, earache, broken legs, or temperatures above 98.4 degrees when they can spruce up their local university hospitals and turn them to first-class status. The Nigerian importers are addicted to everything British, American, or German just to show off.  These people foolishly compete against each other  to the point of absurdity. Why can't they cooperate and be stronger?

Their oyibo (white man) addiction is such that the Chinese are saturating Nigeria with their cheap marbles, cheap roads, and beef made of human flesh. The Japanese are coming with tea leaves and sushi; the Brazilians ship in expensive tiles for the Nigerians  who want to show off and tell their fellows: "Look here. We live like the Europeans" Europeanism is a virus that eats deeply into the Nigerian brains kpatapkata (completely).

The Nigerians even refuse to eat their own food. They are eating American McDonald hamburgers and drinking carbonated Coca Cola laden with sugars. They are craving for the Chinese won-ton, the Korean egg rolls, and the Japanese raw fish. They are dying from the white man's diseases. Consider Ebola and Monkey Pox.  The Nigerians lose all their foreign exchange through  importation of parboiled rice,  black eye beans and soft wheat flour for making bread. They can't take their lazy asses to the farms to grow their rice, wheat, and beans?

The Nigerians look down on local farmers, and import rice by millions of tons from China and Thailand. They blame the white man for the inflation that eats up their foreign exchange and renders Nigerian currency useless and drives prices of goods ceiling-high when a Dollar converts to 360 Naira.


The Nigerian primary and secondary schools are in shambles for lack of textbooks and non-payment of teachers' salaries.  Education minister Prof. Is-has Oloyede laments  that about  2,000,000 candidates sitting the JAMB examination for the year 2818 have paid N12 billion in fees but there are not enough  schools to absorb the candidates. .Fewer Nigerian youngsters are passing the WAEC exams to get into the universities. Literacy rate is down. The Southerners are driven further South, and Northeners slaughter Igbos because the North is unable to measure up. Foolish born-to-rule cattle herders!

Every Nigerian prefers politics to education  because there are numerous ways to collude and defraud  the government. There are high failures in WAEC examinations due to lack of qualified teachers and inadequate efforts to motivate students and instill reading. There was a court battles when the governor in Kaduna State dismissed 21,000 teachers who flunked a recent test for teachers.

Fewer Nigerians are interested in intellectual pursuit. The few that are making names for themselves are in obodo  oyibo (white man's land) and do not want to return home to help because there are no employment opportunities, salaries are not competitive, and one has to watch out for insecurity created by armed robberies and kidnappers.

The Nigerian government does not express the desire to want to recruit overseas educated Nigerians  to help build the nation. Intellectual pursuit is not rewarded in Nigeria so young people gravitate to trading.  Instead of paying teachers and strengthening schools, the government doesn't pay teacher on time and sometimes owes several months of teacher salary in arrears.

Instead of strengthening academic programs and teacher preparation, the government employs unqualified teachers and lowers the JAMB scores so unqualified students can get into universities. There is the proliferation of private schools which compete for students with State schools but whose standards have not been verified. How does one establish a university when one has not gone through a university but has a fake diploma from a bird's nest?

The Nigerian government appears to be unable to lure our brilliant Nigerians- in medicines, mathematics, technology and engineering from overseas to help build the nation  perhaps due to the climate of  jealousy and tribalism or fear of kidnapping. The government ought to reckon with others and recognize that education is the backbone of a developing nation.

The senators and governors and government officials are barely literate beyond primary school or Arabic studies. Many have fake diplomas and certificates from institutions they cannot name. The general philosophy of education is boko haram, meaning to hell with Western education.

The Nigerian schools and universities are neglected,  have dilapidated infrastructures. Very little  money is budgeted  for schools in a nation that produces millions of barrels of crude oil per year. Budgets meant for education are siphoned away as wealthy Nigerians have no pride in their country's educational system but are proud to send  their children to schools in Obodo oyibo (Eton, Harvard, and New England schools).


The fear of being kidnapped in Nigeria for ransom is real since Nigerians have the unquenchable desire to live like the wealthy white men and women, Hollywood stars, or football and basketball players they watch on television. Wealthy Nigerians do not pay adequate taxes, and do not help the poor relatives struggling with school fees and accommodations.

The wealth of Nigeria is concentrated in a few hands- fraudsters-senators, governors, judges, merchants who steal money meant to develop the nation. Rather than help others, the Nigerian wealthy class builds mansions all over Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa. Who occupies these places?

The Nigerians are boastful braggart as they brag: "This money is my money. We get this money; Nigeria belongs to us.  We have seven mansions, each with seven vehicles of every make in every continent, even in Australia, Canada, the Alps, China, Singapore, and so forth."  Fools they are. They are uneducated, illiterate billionaires. They die and the money is lost because the children and wives do not know the bank account numbers.


A self-centered Nigerian often thinks of "I-Me-Myself. A governor drinks himself senseless with alcohol brewed in the brewery he helps to set up. Almost all members  of his household are members of his cabinet. He is a creature of nepotism which is known as favoritism, partiality, preference for members of his religion, political party, or tribe. Nigerian governance is based on tribalism which engenders prejudice, discrimination, one-sidedness, or preferential treatment.

The Nigerians are ethnocentric, xenophobic,  chauvinistic, intolerant, and hateful of their nation . Who do we blame for the poverty and wretchedness we see as we look at Chimamada's  face? Hint: there is no white man in the village, not even  one albino.

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