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Separation, guilt, punishment and forgiveness

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AA did incredible loveless things to me and those made me feel that she humiliated my ego (my ego needed to be humiliated).  She used her legal system to essentially enslave me to supporting her. She had no understanding of my plight as a black man in racist America and simply felt that if her racist judge said that I have obligations to her that I had to do them or else I am punished. I felt that she was heartless in her behaviors.

I felt that what she was doing was wrong and concluded that she is going to have a serious disease and die from it as punishment for her lack of understanding that she was doing wrong to me.   I had expected her to have early onset Alzheimer disease to lose her mind since she refused to use her mind to understand that she was being unjust to me.

Just as I expected she now has a neurological disease.

What would cure her of it? Medical science but more importantly my forgiving her of the grudge that I held against her.

I must release her by forgiving her. When I forgive her it means that I give her love (union with me and God in spirit) and she would be healed.

My forgiveness of her would release her from the guilt she feels unconsciously hence punish herself with her present disorder. My forgiveness will go a long way in healing her physically.

If I forgive her hence free her from her psychic guilt and heal her body I forgive me and free me from my own psychic guilt for not loving her and I would feel free.

The lesson of her physical issues is for me to learn forgiveness and forgive her. If I do not forgive her I accentuate her physical issues; if she dies I would have caused her death.

I must heal her by forgiving her (which means loving her). When I forgive hence heal her, I forgive and heal me.  I am, therefore, not just doing her a favor by forgiving her but doing me a favor by forgiving her, for in so doing I forgive me and free me from my own guilt of not loving her (I did not love her; to not love a human being is wrong; lack of love is the only sin there is in life).

When I forgive her, that is, release her, I forgive me and release me from my own guilt and would no longer punish me with physical issues and poverty.

I have to stop her from punishing herself as she is currently punishing herself because of the psychic guilt she feels at the wrong she did to me and to other people.

We all hold each other in bondage, in prison, in hell and pain when we do not forgive each other; forgiveness releases the forgiven and the forgiver from the prison of the ego, this world.

I can just see a superficial psychologist saying that to believe that one holds people in bondage and that one can liberate them from it is grandiose self-assessment; is kind of like a child's magical thinking that makes him feel that he caused the death of his parents who died in an auto accident.  Listen up; there is a time for childish thinking; secular psychology, my past profession, is very childish.

In reality all of us are the sons of God who are one with God; we have the power to cause each other tremendous pain and the power to liberate each other from pain. It is about time that we stopped denying our divinity and claiming that we are mere animals, egos.


What all these mean is that A course in miracles teaches the truth that forgiveness heals the mind of the sense of guilt it has when it does not love people, when it separates from God and people and does bad things to other people; and that to forgive a person who one feels wronged one releases him from his psychic sense of guilt and self-punishment by projecting that guilt to bodily disorders.

When one forgives other people one simultaneously forgives one's self. If I forgive her, I heal her from her guilt and her projection of that guilt to her body by making her body sick.

In so doing, I forgive me and remove the guilt I have from not loving her and heal my projection of my guilt to my physical issues and receive a calm body and healed mind.

When one releases other people from guilt one releases oneself from guilt and heals one's mind and body.

For example, white people discriminated and abused black people and feel guilty from their unloving behavior; they feel that they ought to be punished for their evil and punish themselves with their physical and mental disorders and over eating and drug abuse and sexual madness.

If black folks forgive white folks white folks would feel not guilty and no longer project their guilt to their bodies and no longer make their bodies sickly and abuse their bodies with drugs.

The black people who forgive white people simultaneously forgive themselves and no longer feel guilty for the wrong they did to white folks and not project their guilt to punishment of their bodies in bad eating and drug abuse; they would feel mental peace and happiness.

If we forgive our brothers, hence heal them, that is, release them from guilt, we forgive ourselves and heal us from guilt and self-punishment.


When we separated from God and from each other we feel that we attacked God and each other and shattered reality to smithereens. We feel guilty and feel that we ought to be punished by God.

God does not punish us.  We are the false ego God thus we punish ourselves because of our separation and guilt.

To avoid awareness of separation guilt we project that guilt to our bodies and see our bodies (the means of separation) as the guilty ones and feel that our bodies ought to be punished. We punish our bodies by making them sick.

Thus, it is now body that did wrong and is punished. This is a game we are playing with our selves. It is mind that separated from God and people; it is mind that does evil acts (unloving acts is evil acts). Therefore, healing lies in the mind, not body.

To heal one's mind is to forgive ones evil deeds towards other people and forgive their evil deeds towards one.

If one forgives all one loves all and no longer has guilt from separation, for love unifies all. One now has a healed mind (salvation) and is no longer feeling guilty and projecting ones guilt to making one's body sick, so one's body is healed and made healthy.


When a person is healed, that is, has forgiven all people he has healed all people by taking away their guilt from feeling that they do not love him and in taking away their guilt one takes away ones guilt from not loving people.

When I heal, that is, forgive all my immediate brothers, E, M, etc., I release them from the guilt they feel for not loving me, for separating from me; they would no longer feel guilty and stop projecting their guilt to their bodies and to making themselves poor; they would feel guiltless and innocent and feel like they are worthy of wealth and go for material abundance; they would do work that would give them abundance; which is loving and teaching love.

I am holding my brothers back from making progress; I must therefore stop holding them back and release them from their guilt by forgiving them and not bearing grudges against them (whatever they did to me was done in a dream and has not been done); in saying this and believing it I deny the reality of my ego and body and return to the awareness of my real self.

I am responsible for all of them being blocked, and going nowhere. When I heal, by forgiving them, I unstuck them (and unstuck me) and they would feel innocent and loving and go do what they have to do to make a good living.

My salvation (which lies in my forgiving them and all people) is their salvation and healing.


I used to ask why Jesus Christ told people that he forgave them their sins, I mean forgive people who did not personally offend him, such as in the case of the adulterous woman that he told to go home and that her sins are forgiven her. The Jews around him took offense at him for forgiving sins for they believed that only God can forgive sins. I have now understood what is going on.

To be on earth we separated from God and from each other and from our real selves. We feel like we sinned by separating from our real selves, from God and from each other. In our psyche is a sense of sin, what the Catholic Church calls the original sin.

Additionally, while on earth we do harmful things to each other and that compounds our sense of sin. Thus, in our minds is sense of sin. We feel sinful and guilty from separating from God, each other and from our real selves and from our harms of each other.

Because we feel like we are sinful and guilty we feel that we deserve to be punished. We know that God is not punitive so he will not punish us; besides, God knows that we did not separate from him; he knows that we merely dream and knows that what is done in dreams have not been done; God sees us as eternally innocent, guiltless and holy.

Without waiting for God to punish us we punish ourselves. In punishing ourselves we feel that what we did is real, that we did separate from God and that our egos and bodies are real and that what we did with our egos and bodies are real. Punishment makes the ego and its world real in our awareness (no punishment makes the ego and world not real).

We punish ourselves because we feel guilty and sinful and believe that what we did, separate from God and harm each other on earth, are real.

One of the ways we punish ourselves is to project our sense of sin to our bodies; we now see our bodies as the sinful ones and punish our bodies by making them sick or making us poor.

Because we feel sinful we need to forgive ourselves. The person you see around you feels sinful and guilty from separating from you and God; you do the same.  Because we feel sinful we therefore need to forgive ourselves of our sins.

If I forgive you your sense of guilt, tell you that what you did to me by separating from me was done in dreams hence have not been done, I release you from sin and thereafter you would not feel sinful and would not project your guilt to your body and make it sick or give yourself poverty (in self-punishment).

When I forgive you I have simultaneously forgiven me and no longer feel sinful and guilty and would no longer project guilt to my body and make it sickly, or give myself poverty.

AA feels sinful and guilty from valuing her body and ego and doing bad things to other people; she feels separated from her real self, God and people; she identified with ego and body and denied her spirit self; she takes her ego and body seriously; she defends her ego and body and feels guilty; she then projects her guilt to her body and makes it feel sick. That is, she is punishing her body for her existential guilt of separation and valuing of ego and body.

In truth she did not separate from God hence has not committed sin from separation, although she believes that she is separated hence feels sinful.  She only seems to separate in dreams; what was done in dreams have not been done in fact.

She has not separated from God and people; she has not done whatever evil I see her do on earth for those were done in dreams.

Because whatever she did was done in dreams and have not been done she is not sinful and guilty and I must forgive her because she feels that she is sinful hence punishes herself.

I must release her from her sense of sin by making it crystal clear to her that she is not sinful and that she has not done anything bad to me.

She remains as God created her, sinless, innocent and holy. I must convey this message to her to make her accept her innocence and not feel sinful.

I forgive her; I release her from her sense of guilt; I release her from punishing herself; I want her mind freed from guilt feeling and projecting guilt to punishing her body; I want her mentally and physically healed, now.

I give her forgiveness hence freedom from guilt and make her healthy in mind and body.

I must note that in the dream world AA's ego did something bad to my ego; however, since neither of our egos exists in reality but are dream figures she did nothing to my real self.

In the dream she actually did me a favor for she enabled me to learn about ego behaviors and how such behaviors, if believed, make people to feel guilty and project their guilt to their bodies and make them sick.

In the here and now world, she feels that she did something bad to me because she has not realized that the ego is not existent, is a dream self; she takes her ego seriously.

I used to watch her take her ego and body seriously; she does not see them as mere means of communicating love from one separated self to another.

As long as she takes her ego and body seriously she must believe that she did something wrong to me and to other people and to God and feel guilty and redirect that guilt to her body and make it sick. She is punishing her body because she feels guilty.

Since I know that what she did to me was done in our mutual dreams hence have not been done and even then was good for me for it enabled me to learn about the ego I must tell her that she did nothing to me (she helped save me from the ego) hence release her from her guilt and need to punish herself with illnesses.

When I release her I release me from guilt and have no more need to make my body feel sick; I give to me what I give to other people, release, and salvation.


I still bear grudges; that means that I have not released people from their guilt for what they did to me.

As long as I do so I make them project their guilt to their bodies and minds and make their bodies and minds sick. As long as I make people sick I will be stuck in life, not moving forward.

I am at the proverbial fork in the road; I am given the choice to completely forgive people and move towards salvation or get stuck there debating whether to forgive them or not.

I will become unstuck when I live only love, which means forgiving all people


Over many past lives, incarnations on earth one did wrong to other people and they did wrong to one; one acquired samsara, debt to be paid off.

One is born in this life time with issues that are attendant to one's past evil (unloving) behaviors. That is, if one has physical issues or poverty it is due to past lives unloving behaviors.

Mere wishes cannot make ones past karma go away. You can wish all you want but the fact is that you are born with certain challenges which are due to your past unloving behaviors; that is, separating behaviors.

Those you meet in this life time have their own past karmic issues which you cannot wish away. AA, for example, is a woman who values her ego and body and defends it instead of using it to love in an unconditionally positive manner. What would eradicate her karmic issues and my own karmic issues is forgiveness.

If I forgive her, which means if I love her, I release her from her past karmic acquisitions and in so doing release me from my own past karma.

Each of us has karmic issues that he brought to this life time; those issues actually are responsible for those we meet on earth, for they offer us opportunity to deal with them; if one is not a loving person one is given unloving persons so that one learns to love all people.

The only way to release one's self from karma is for one to forgive all people; that is, love all people; love returns one to God, to the state of union and its innocence and health and consequent peace and joy, the gifts of God.

In eternity, heaven, we are always in love (union with each other), but on earth we do attack and harm each other's egos and bodies.

To forgive is to love, actually to return to love; you are therefore told to love all people; you are not asked to go harm other people and tell yourself that what you are doing is done in dreams and, as such, you have not harmed anyone and that you are always innocent.

If after reading this paper you still go out and harm people you will punish yourself by putting yourself in situations where you will suffer greatly; you will reincarnate back to this world and suffer until you learn that the only permissible behavior from one child of God to others is love.

Hate is not justified under any circumstances.  The teachers of God, who are led by the Holy Spirit and his star student, Jesus Christ, teach only love not hate.

Love all and you have a happy dream and is brought to the gate of heaven and from there heaven opens its gate and you enter and return home and experience the incredible beauty and peace and joy of heaven.

Heaven is love; only lovers can enter heaven; those who hate the children of God are barred from heaven, are kept outside the throne of unity, peace and joy.

Ozodi Osuji

April 11, 2017

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