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Let There Be Light In Nigeria- Nigerian Million March andAfrican Diaspora Institute

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Press Release- On the Pseudo Fuel Subsidy Removal

The Let There Be Light In Nigeria- Nigerian Million March and the African Diaspora Institute members in the Diaspora and in Nigeria declare our solidarity and fraternity with all peace loving Nigerians that have occupied the Nigerian streets from Lagos to Port-Harcourt, Ilorin to Kebbi, Abuja to Kano, and Bauchi to Warri, to say no to the removal of the pseudo fuel subsidies. We support the actions of social activists, human rights organizations, labour unions, students, and other regular Nigerians who have asserted their rights to peacefully assemble and petition their government. Law enforcement officers should resist all commands to intimidate, punish, and assault their fellow compatriots. The death of the heroic fuel hike protester Mr. Muyideen Mustapha in Illorin Kwara state should be immediately investigated and the culprits brought to justice.

The African Diaspora Institute and the Let There Be Light In Nigeria organizations also rebuke the President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration for introducing shock doctrine strategies on the Nigerian people. It is unseemly, unconscionable, and sadistic that few days after the Christmas Day Boko Haram bombings inNigerstate, the massacres in Ebonyi state, and other civil upheavals including regional religious and ethnic inspired displacements, that our government would hastily implement fuel hikes to inflame the masses and subjugate us to further economic hardships. We call on the administration to desist from subsidizing corruption on the backs and accounts of regular Nigerians.

Instead Dr. Jonathan, Vice President Namadi Sambo and the rest of their economic team should go after the petroleum cabals that have frustrated our efforts to refine oil at home and have reliable electricity. Why is this administration hell bent on rubbishing the constituents that voted for them less than a year ago? They ought to realize that the days of passivity and apathy when they could remain invincible to the yearnings of the United Nations of Nigeria citizens are over. We urge the government to listen to the demands of our people and not the so-called experts from the International Monetary Fund IMF and World Bank, which have been monetizing European governments and banks for close to 24months.

Consequently we demand the immediate rescinding of the fuel and energy taxes. The cabal-like individuals and families that are hamstringing the government should be confronted soonest and our policies should be structured for the betterment of the regular Nigerian. We insist that the President Jonathan’s administration should tackle corruption, insecurity, impunity, injustice, unemployment while increasing transparency and accountability. Members of our organizations ask the Trade Union Congress TUC, Nigeria Labour Congress NLC, and Nigerians in general to press on with the credible ultimatum. The Let There Be Light In Nigeria-Nigerian Million March and the African Diaspora Institute organizations also calls for the resignation of Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke the Minister of Petroleum Resources. Mallam Lamido Sanusi and Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s resignations should also be gladly received by the president if they are adamant about this wrongheaded fuel hike policies.

Nigerians in the Diaspora intend to consolidate our energies with the Occupy Nigeria Movement by holding support rallies in the United States and around the world. We know that if the current administration is serious they will tackle the subsidies and monopolies that the oil barons enjoy from manipulating the petroleum production chains rather than taxing regular and poor Nigerians. What about the fight against terrorism, insecurity, and unemployment?

Signed by

Nnamdi F. Akwada

Executive Director African Diaspora Institute

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WashingtonDCCoordinator- Let There Be Light In Nigeria

Doyin Olagbeji

Founder and Convener Let There Be Light In Nigeria- Nigerian Million March

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Nnamdi Akwada

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