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Did Jesus Christ Physically Resurrect From Death?

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This paper says that Jesus was crucified and died and his body was laid in a tomb; it says that Jesus took on a light body to show to his disciplines that the death of body is not the end of people. His physical body, like the physical bodies of all of us decayed in the tomb although its decay was quickened and took place instantly rather than the usual lengthy time our bodies take to decay and thus when his disciples came to the  tomb they found it empty.

Did Jesus Christ Physically Resurrect From Death?

Ozodi Osuji

Human beings are animal creatures who, unlike other animals, are self-aware; they are aware that they would die.  The prospect of dying fills them with dread, with so much fear that they would rather not even think about death. Generally, they drive the thought of death out of their immediate consciousness, and into their unconscious minds, from where it exercises influence on their behaviors.

Clearly, human beings would like to live forever and ever, preferably in the bodies that they are currently in but if not in other forms of being.

Religion largely exists because of its promise that people would resurrect after their physical death.  The appeal of Christianity is largely based on the story that its founder died and resurrected from death.  Christians hope that if they do what their lord and savior asks them to do that they, too, would resurrect from death.

So, did Jesus Christ resurrect from death?  Let us examine the nature of the human body and see if it can really resurrect from death.

The human body is composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, CHON, and traces of other elements, such as calcium, magnesium, phosphor, potassium, zinc, iron, copper, sodium, and so on.  These elements are composed of nuclei of protons and neutrons; electrons circulate nuclei.  In time elements (atoms) decay to their component sub-atomic particles.

Protons and neutrons decay to quarks; quarks decay to other types of sub particles (there is a veritable zoo of them) and, ultimately, to photons (radiation). Electrons decay to photons (light).

Contemporary cosmology tells us that 13.7 billion years ago, out of nothing, in a void something the size of a particle appeared and got inordinately heated and exploded (this explosion is dubbed Big Bang) and produced light. That light (photons) immediately transformed itself to quarks and quarks combined into protons and neutrons and within three minutes protons and neutrons were incased in nuclei.

During the next 400, 000 years the incipient universe was plasma of dense nuclei, electrons and radiation. Thereafter, nuclei captured electrons and the simplest atoms, hydrogen, helium etc. were formed.  The universe then became a cloud of hydrogen and helium.

A few million years later, the cloud of hydrogen experienced spaces in it and each clump of hydrogen was pulled inwards by gravity and inside its core pressure and high temperature led to ignition; that is, hydrogen fused into helium and heat and light were the byproducts.  Thus, stars were born.

The early stars were massive in size and burned most of their hydrogen quickly and died in supernovae. In the tremendous heat generated during supernova explosion elements beyond iron were formed.  Thus, came into being the rest of the 94 known elements in the universe (scientists have been able to synthesize additional 20 elements in the laboratory; those decay in a few seconds).

From the debris of dead massive stars, nebulae, new stars and planets were formed. Our solar system, the sun and its nine planets formed 4.5 billion years ago from debris from dead massive stars.

In time, some elements coalesced into molecules and compounds and on planet earth formed carbon based biological life forms.

Our bodies are organic compounds (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen).  Bodies do die. Death of our bodies mean that the chemical bonds holding the various elements that compose our bodies decay and the elements are freed and subsequently decay to their sub-particles and those to photons and those to nothing.

Our bodies came from nothing during the Big Bang and return to nothing upon our death; from nothing to nothing is the story of our existence on planet earth (but what is nothing; it means no particular thing, which means everything). The logical conclusion is that our bodies must die and return to what they came from, nothing.

The logical inference is that Jesus’s body died and decayed to atoms, then to particles, to photons and, ultimately, to the nothingness from whence all bodies came from during the big bang.

Jesus’ body decayed and returned to photons.  What are photons?  Photons are particles of light.  In effect, Jesus’ body returned to light.

Quantum mechanics, a branch of physics that studies the microscopic world, atoms teaches us that light is neither particle nor wave but is whichever we, the observer want it to be for us.

To say that our bodies are made of particles of light is the same thing as saying that they are made of waves of light.  Light has no mass and no form but can take on forms.

When we die it takes only a few months for our bodies to decay although it may take thousands of years for our bones to decay. We occasionally dig up fossils of animals and human beings that have lasted thousands of years. For our present purposes, our bodies do decay and return to light and ultimately to nothingness.

What is nothingness? Nothingness does not mean nothing; it means something that we do not know.  Consider: when massive stars die the elements in their core are compacted into nothing (some are compacted into neutrons hence neutron stars); the resultant situation is black holes. The nothingness called black hole is so powerful that it does not allow light to escape from its event horizon and swallows objects, even planets and stars that enter it. The point is that nothingness is very powerful. We simply do not know what constitutes nothingness; it transcends our present state of knowledge in physics.

When we cremate a human body, in a matter of minutes it is reduced to ashes.  With application of more intense heat the ashes is reduced to gasses (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen nitrogen etc.) or liquid.  With more heat and pressure the elements in the gasses are broken down to their subatomic particles. With heat approximating the type of high temperature in stars the human body is transformed into particles and ultimately to light (photons).

Where am I going with all these? I am saying that Jesus as a body died and his body was transformed to light (particles and wave).  This transformation could have taken place in a matter of seconds if sufficient heat was applied to it.

Light does take on forms. How? Stand in front of a mirror. Shine light on your body and the mirror.  That light takes a picture of your body and sends the image to your brain and you see the image of yourself reflected in the mirror. Your body is now seen in light form. Our bodies are taken as pictures by light and those pictures are shown to us.

Jesus died and decayed to light.  Light forms images of people. The point is that when Jesus died his body reappeared in light form. Actually, his light body was always there when he was alive. All of us have a second version of us in light forms.

When the children of God separated from him and projected themselves into dense matter, our current bodies, God, through the Holy Spirit, reinvented another body for  each of them, light body. Those who are dead see themselves in their light bodies.

Light body is what Christians mean by glorified body. Light body is still an illusion but a purified illusion. It is an illusion in the sense that it is not real; it is a fiction just as our gross body is also a fiction.

Our true self is formless; our true self is the idea of the part inside the idea of the whole called God. God is the whole and we are the parts of that whole.

God, the whole and its parts are not in forms, but we wished to see ourselves in forms and see ourselves in forms made of elements.  Since the elements are made of particles and those are made of light we can also see ourselves in light forms.

Both gross body and light body are false; what is real is the formless self. You can experience yourself as a formless self, as pure idea.

All these seem mystical mumbo-jumbo don’t they? You just have to think it through and do what is asked of you. Love God and his sons to see if you would not see people in light forms.

I must, however, caution that if you have bought into contemporary psychiatry, when you see yourself or Jesus in light form you could believe that you are hallucinating. Indeed, your neighborhood shrink, psychiatrist or psychologist could tell you that you are hallucinating and is deluded for, according to his materialistic frame of reference, you are seeing what is not there.

Let me ask: How does the shrink know that the body he takes as real is, in fact, real? How do you know that the material universe is real?  What does quantum physics tell us about observation and the observed?  We see the world we want to see. Beyond that there is no evidence that the world is out there.  If a tree fell, an old philosophical saw asks, and there is no observer of the fall, did a tree fall? The tree fell because we want to see a tree fall.  We dig up fossils that existed millions of years ago and those make us believe that animals have existed for millions of years. We study rock formations and those convince us that the earth has been around for billions of years. From such empirical evidence we say that the external world exists independent of us. Really?

The universe of space, time and matter exist for us to see because we want to see it and seem to see it. Space, time and matter do not exist but seem to exist because we want them to exist.

Past, present and future do not exist but seem to exist because we want them to seem to exist. We want them to seem to exist for if they do they make our seeming separated selves real.

The world is a dream that we want to make seem real in our awareness. Our day world is our collective dream and our night world is our individual dreams; both are unreal but those in them take them as real because they want them to be real.  You see the world because you want to see it. You see what you want to see. You do not see to believe, you believe that something can be seen and you see it.

There are many universes; in fact, there are infinite universes (multiverse). All the universes are unreal. Our universe is one such unreal universe. In our universe we see a world of space, time and matter, all illusions but illusions we want to make seem real and they seem real to us.

When you die you merely see yourself in light form. In that light form you see other dead people in light forms, including folks like Jesus.

That light world is as real to those in it as our world is real to us. In the light world folks do all sorts things. However, because their bodies are not maintained by food they do not eat food. Their bodies are constructed from slowed light; light travels at 186,000 miles per second, so it has to be slowed down to make the forms in light forms stable.  Those in light forms use their mental energy to slow and keep light in the forms they see.

From the world of light forms people may return to our world of dense matter or go to other planets and to other universes. People go to many universes until they give up the desire to separate from God, from their siblings and from their real self, unified self. At that point they know that all existence is one, that God is in his children and they are in him; they love all as they love themselves and end the merry go round of going through fictional universes that seem real to those in them.

When folks are tired of going to exist in false worlds they eventually return to what the various religions call heaven; a better way of putting it is that they return to the state of oneness. They rest for a while in oneness until the desire for separation pulls them to other worlds and they go through the same rounds until they return home, again.  It is madness at work.

Jesus did live in body; Jesus did die; Jesus did vaporize his body and a light body replaced what used to be his human body; that light body still looked like his fleshy body except that you cannot touch it. Only those who are loving, that is, those whose seeing is purified  by love for all being can see Jesus in his light form.

Does this make sense to you or not?  If it does not make sense to you, well, try loving the whole and its parts and see whether you would see Jesus in his light form. It is only when you practice perfect love (union with all existence) that you see Jesus Christ.

As long as you insist on separation from God and from other people, fancy that you have a special, separated self and do not love all people and their creator you are not going to see Jesus, the embodiment of God.

God is love; God’s son is love; Jesus as God’s son is love; nobody sees love unless he is a loving person; nobody sees Jesus unless he is a loving person; nobody sees God (God can only be seen in his sons for as God he is not in form, you can experience God) who does not love his sons, for God is in his sons and when you love his sons you see him in them.

What I said about Jesus applies to every one of us. Each of us lives in body. Each of us must die. Each of our bodies must decay; that is, return to atoms, particles, photons and ultimately to nothingness (nothingness is formless God). Our bodies may take hundreds of years, or even thousands of years to decay to photons but eventually they do.

Every person, upon death sees himself in light body. Loving persons stay in the world of light forms, as Jesus did; non-loving persons, evaluate their activities on planet earth and decide to return to earth to go try to see if they would become loving persons and return to our world of gross forms and keep trying until they get it right; that is, until they learn to love all as they love themselves. When they get it right they would no longer return to our world, to the dream of separation, to the world of illusions.

However, since they may still have some illusions (wish for specialness and separation), they either stay in the world of light forms or move to other planets  or to other universes where they continue dreaming that they are separated from other persons and from God.

Jesus knows that he is one with God and all people and has no more need for dreams of separation. He is generally in formless state (in God, in heaven) but appears in the world of light forms to help those who want to learn from him. He may also appear to you in our present world but does so not in gross body but in light form.

To see Jesus you have to be a loving person. The fact that you have not seen him means that you are not a loving person. Try unconditional love for all human beings, black and white, man, woman and child; I do not mean physical love as in sex; try to look beyond people’s bodies and see the son of God, Christ in them and you would behold the risen son of God. He is your friend. You can become his friend by loving God and all of us.

But as long as you call yourself a Christian and do not want your tax dollars to help the poor but instead want it to be used to manufacture weapons to kill the poor you are not only not a Christian you are Satan (ego) incarnated and will not see Jesus despite your Pharisee like praying.

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