Wunmi Akintide Ph.D

Wunmi Akintide Ph.D

As a backdrop to this article I had wanted offload the video of one of the greatest song ever composed and performed together by a collection of the most famous Music Stars around the World but most especially in America. They include individuals like late Michael Jackson, late Uncle Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Ritchie, Kenny Rogers, James Ingram, Christina Aguilera and many other big names in the Music World. I am just not computer- savvy enough to download the video so you can all listen to it from beginning to the end before reading this article. 

The amazing artiste were all assembled together and directed in a Symphony kind of format and arrangement by the great Quincy Jones.  The stars all show by that song that we are all connected by the amazing grace of God, a prism that Donald Trump does not understand or embrace.

 The song titled, “We are the World” could be summarized in a few sentences as follows:

“We are the World,

 We are the children

We are the one to make a better day,

So let us start giving just you and me”

If you play the video before reading this, It is only then that you can fully be in tune with my motivation in wanting to draw a comparison between a world envisaged by those amazing stars with that song and the world envisaged for America by racist narcissistic Donald Trump who wants to use his bully pulpit in the White House to create his own reality where America is not going to be first among equals but a world still led by America but in equal partnership with the Kremlin and Communist Dictator who put Trump in the White House and would want to keep him there as long as he remains the good boy of the Kremlin and the KGB.

Donald Trump does not represent or project the values that have made America the greatest experiment in Human History by universal acclamation. Those Music Stars project with that composition the best instincts of Americans to help others be the best they could ever be in life without bullying them to submission like Donald Trump wants to do. Those music stars judge themselves and they treat one another based on their talent and not their skin color because they were all totally color-blind.

 They have joined forces to raise funds for millions of refugees from the Ethiopian and Eritrean War who needed a lot of help to get them back on their feet after a terrible polarizing War. They raised millions of Dollars using their talent as a magnet to help the refugees. They could care less about their skin color or their religion. Their goal was simply to make the World a better place, so those refugees can have the same opportunity and enjoy the dividends of Freedom and Democracy just like most Americans do

They, unlike Donald Trump evidently appreciate the difference between Democracy and Freedom and Communism and Dictatorship which are the two systems that Donald Trump is seeking to promote and market in America by pitching his tents with Vladimir Putin while casting aspersion on traditional allies of America in Europe and elsewhere around the World. 

Donald Trump wants to return America back to retrogression and to the days of the Slave Trade and Segregation which Presidents Abraham Lincoln actually sacrificed his own life to end in America. Donald Trump wants to undo some of the great achievements of Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he signed the Social Security Legislation into Law with the Republicans kicking and screaming as I recall.

Donald Trump wants to denigrate and break up World Institutions like the League of Nations now called the United Nations and time-tested Institutions like NATO, and the European Union which were all put in place by Trump’s predecessors in the White House. Donald Trump working “pari  passu” with Vladimir Putin want to create his own new World Order by putting a wedge between America and her traditional Allies in Europe and elsewhere in the World.

 That ambition has been the ultimate goal of the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin who single-handedly put him in the White House against the better judgment of 65 million Americans who did not vote for him in 2016.

Donald Trump is President today because Vladimir Putin has helped him to clandestinely target the 5 swing states of Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania to tilt the Electoral College Balance in his favor.  Donald Trump won 306 out of 538 hand-picked electors by subterfuge and was pronounced the winner by default in an election he clearly lost by 3 million votes. America is fast becoming Uganda or some Third World countries where their Presidents lie and cannot be trusted to ever tell the truth.  

 The development has meant that 538 was presumed to be far greater than the 137 million Americans that voted in the 2016 election. America is still reeling from the trauma of that tragedy till now.

Donald Trump got the job by colluding and conspiring with Vladimir Putin and the KGB and the Mafia to get him to the White House. Mr. Felix H. Sater who worked in the Trump Business Empire for upwards of 10 years was a convicted felon who pled guilty as a Mafia but did not serve term in jail before joining the Trump Business.

 It was thru him and a few others whose names could soon be released by the Mueller Report that the Russians Oligarchs were brought in to bankroll many of the Trump Real Estate Business in Panama and other places around the World since American Banks have collectively turned their backs on Trump for swindling them several millions of Dollars only to declare no less than 6 Bankruptcies and thru a high wire tax evasion criminalities for more than 20 years. Mr. Trump had managed to not submit his tax returns and claiming that he could not do so because he was under audit by the IRS. Only God knows what he would do after leaving office.

Sooner or later Robert Mueller who is following  the money to the gates of Hell with Donald Trump kicking and screaming and threatening to fire Mueller for having the effrontery to go after his Finances. His hatchet in Congress like Congressman Nunez are crying foul and looking for any excuse to get Mueller fired.

 They all knew that Donald Trump cannot survive a thorough audit of his financial transactions around the World because the man is an outlaw who became rich by taking undue advantage of the Law and breaking the Law with impunity and getting away for so long.

The most dangerous threat America faces today is the fact that Vladimir Putin is still actively working with Trump and dictating to him what he must do or not do.

 Trump knows what the rest of us have come to suspect all along that he is scared to death to have Putin flip on him just like General Flynn has done and that is why he is doing everything to please Putin and to assure Flynn not to worry and that he would use his power of clemency to pardon him regardless of how unethical such a move could be perceived by the Public.  General Flynn has pled guilty to lying to the FBI. He has admitted other serious crimes that could possibly send him to jail for the rest of his life.

Other American President would have tendered their resignation once their top Security Adviser has pled guilty to a crime but that was then not now. Donald Trump would never resign for that kind of development. He would simply throw Flynn under the bus and declare victory because he is so criminally-minded. 

 Donald Trump forgets that General Flynn and individuals like Manafort and his partners in crime like Jared Kushner and his children could all still be charged and convicted by the State Authorities in a state like New York or California where most of the crimes might have been committed.

There is really no escape route for Donald Trump. He has survived thus far in collusion with few Republican members of Congress who are tied to his apron strings and who are hell-bent to provide some cover for him till they could no longer hide and until more incriminating evidences are provided by Robert Mueller.

 That is why in collusion with Donald Trump few Republicans are hell-bent in firing Mueller and taking out or reassigning all of the staff in the US Department of Justice who could possibly expose them or serve as State witnesses.

The Saturday Night Massacre that ended the Presidency of Richard Nixon is hovering right around the corner as we speak because it is about the only recourse left to Donald Trump. It might gain him a little time to survive a bit longer, but it could never be a permanent solution to his problems which are just too many and too serious.

Donald Trump has murdered sleep in the words of Julius Caesar, and he shall sleep no more.  I strongly believe he is going to fire Mueller and cause a Constitutional crisis the end of which nobody can predict. He would be impeached for Obstruction of Justice and Conspiracy with the Russians to meddle in American Elections.  He would also be impeached for serious Money Laundering and heavy tax evasion crimes as more evidences come out.

The only hope he is clinging to right now like a drowning man is his hope and belief that if he is able to put some money into the pockets of the top one percent of America’s richest millionaires, and if by some miracle the Economy stays strong and if Unemployment goes down to 3 percent or lower, that Americans might lose their appetite to have him impeached and removed from office.

He is, however making a wrong calculation that his base and the Republicans in Congress would find some ways to muddy the waters to bail him out eventually. I am predicting that the time would come when the Republicans would have no other choice than to jump out of his sinking Titanic.

It is totally inconceivable that Donald Trump can survive the onslaught from the Media  like the CNN, MSNBC and the print Media who  will not let go as more information emerge. Donald Trump has an uphill task to surmount because he has acted with impunity all his life in conceding or thinking that he is smartest deal maker in the World. Yes I agree he is quite an evil genius.

 I will give him that but there is no man created by God that can escape the judgment of God. He has committed too many crimes in his life time. It is only a question of time before Nemesis catches up with him.

Democrats must not let down their guard thinking that the 2018 election is a foregone conclusion. Unless Donald Trump is impeached and removed from office, Vladimir Putin one way or the other is going to meddle in American elections again and find some ways to totally rig the elections for Trump. That is why Trump wants to create an FBI and a CIA of his own image by trying to blackmail and delegitimize the FBI he inherited from all of his predecessors. He must be stopped from doing that by all means. His goal is to be a dictator and to use all the means and methods available to dictators to always get their way. That is why he has declared War on the Press and News Media which he has already blackmailed as fake News, Very soon journalist and columnists will start to disappear on his orders under cover of darkness.

Americans have their job cut out for them. The 2018 elections have to be a war to reject and repudiate the man in the White House. Nothing I repeat that nothing is written in stone. The KGB will find some more clandestine ways to keep their man in the highest seat of Power in the World. They did it before like God they can surely do it again. Americans must never forget that and Democrats must never again take the Blacks, the Minorities and the Unions for granted.

See you all of you in the New Year. I am off on vacation in the next 8 weeks. I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

If there is any single person in America today who can stop Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin from turning America into a Dictatorship right before our eyes, it is Robert Mueller. If Vladimir Putin ever believed he has scored a technical knock-out against America by successfully implanting a KGB sympathizer in the White House just like America had successfully implanted a Mikhail Gorbachev in the Kremlin to break up the old Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, Robert Mueller the independent Prosecutor has clearly proved to Putin he is decidedly wrong just by telling Putin he cannot fool America and get away with it.

The Russian cat is being let out of the bag to be skinned alive by a meticulous genius and absolutely patriotic Robert Mueller whose loyalty to America cannot be bought or short-changed like that of General Flynn, the former Director of the US Military Intelligence who colluded with Donald Trump to enter into a "Quid Pro Quo"agreement under cover of Darkness to make Donald Trump the President of America with some help from Vladimir Putin.

The statement above is what makes Robert Mueller the nightmare to Trump and Putin. The Lion King Robert Mueller "Ekun tan ni keremu" in Akure dialect, has therefore become the most harassed investigator in America today who is being  persistently threatened with blackmail, humiliation and dismissal today by the person constitutionally empowered and sworn on oath to protect him and the whole country. If such harassment and deliberate blackmail and demonization by Donald Trump and the Republicans do not constitute an Obstruction of Justice I don't know what other evidence Robert Mueller must provide to make any Grand Jury to reach that conclusion and to prove beyond all shades of doubt that Vladimir Putin was head and shoulders involved in meddling in American election for more than a year before the 2016 election contrary to their criminal and persistent denials till tomorrow.

If Mr. Mueller were to be a chicken hearted investigator without substance, he would have been shaking in his pants faced with a barrage of innuendoes, accusation and blackmail by the President of the United States using his Bully Pulpit to intimidate Mueller just like he did to FBI Director James Comey whom he fired with callousness and impunity just because he believed the Constitution has offered him the necessary cover as President. The candidate who once told America he was going to be the first candidate to make a profit out of running for President, win or lose, has considered himself a smart Alec who is playing in the big league with a KGB smooth operator who is still advising me till now thru Espionage contact which has not escaped the watchful eye of the same Robert Mueller, one of the best in the business in the whole World.

Donald Trump belongs to a different kettle of fish from Robert Mueller whose action speaks louder than voice. Robert Mueller does not socialize, does not tweet like a Cannery and does not seek immediate gratification and approval and adulation like the narcissist in the White House who loves to parade himself as the best American President who is smarter than all of the American Generals combined, if nobody would ever say that about him because is an empty barrel that makes the loudest noise.

I recall Mitt Romney being the first businessman to ever make a profit out of running the Olympics in Salt Lake City and without gloating about it because he was never in the same league with a Donald Trump. You have never heard Romney gloat about that feat the way Donald Trump has been doing with his claim to have turned around the nation's economy within his first two months in office even though his Harvard-trained predecessor and his Chairman of Foreign Reserve Alice Yelling have done all of the heavy lifting in 8 long years of hard work in the White House and Wall Street.

America has never elected a more unconventional candidate than Donald Trump. Richard Nixon for all of his legal background and crookery did not waste time throwing in the towel the moment his Saturday Night Massacre blew up in his face.

He simply told the nation in frustration "You would not have a Richard Nixon to push around no more" That was the last statement he made before jumping into his Air Force One for his last flight as President back to his home Base in California. He knew the end was near the moment he asked Governor George Wallace of Alabama, if he could still count on him for support, and the Governor gave him a resounding thumbs down when America was still the America we all used to know when everybody used to ask what he or she can do for America and not what America can do for him or her as reminded us by JFK. Embattled Richard Nixon knew the end had come and he made no bones about what to do next. He resigned and disappeared into oblivion before his death, a few years later.

I make that comparison because it is not at all clear today if Donald Trump is not going to play an "Akintola taku" or a President Gbagbo of Ivory Coast on America by refusing to quit if he were to be indicted by the Mueller Report- a move that is totally predictable, given all that that we know today in the public domain.

Everything seems to be pointing in that direction if you factor in the refusal of his alter ego, the racist Judge Moore to concede defeat after his humiliating loss to Democrat Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate Race and presumably after consulting with his fellow sexual predator in the White House who would not resign as any more seasoned politician in America or Britain would have done without anyone pointing a gun to their head.

British War Prime Minister Winston Churchill quietly threw in the towel following his defeat after the Second World War. The man had every reason to want to remind the British that he had led them thru a very important and costly war.

That is exactly what Donald Trump would have done and he would have lied about it just like he is currently telling America that second only to Abraham Lincoln his Presidency was about the most eventful in his convoluted mind as a delusional narcissist who gave America a Tax Law that was designed to make him and his family the richest beneficiaries when the rubber meets the road.

One Nigerian critic commenting on one of my serial articles on Donald Trump posted on the Opinion Column of Sahara Reporters website has wondered aloud why I was so preoccupied with Trump when I should be writing on Buhari or Atiku or Ojengberedu Ibori  of Nigeria and what have you.

I could not help but laugh at such a silly statement. The Nigerian sadist evidently likes Donald Trump so much that he now views me as Trump's enemy. My loyalty is to Morality and Principle and never to any individual.

I want to let that commentator know that I wear his criticism as a badge of honor and I thank him and those who share his views on Trump and me that I owe no apologies to any one for expressing an opinion in a country where freedom of expression is one of their foundation pillars.

Expressing an opinion is my job as one of the syndicated Opinion Columnists for the Sahara Media Company of New York which includes some of the best Nigerian writers I am very proud to associate with. They include the first Nigerian Nobel Peace Laureate in Literature, Wole  Soyinka, Professor Okey Ndibe, Rudolf Okonkwo, Hannatu Musawa, Chido Onumah, Chika Ezeanya, Ogaga Ifowodo, Pius Adesanmi, and Sonala Olumhense.

I have nothing to worry about anyone criticizing me for doing my job. I emulate the star of this article the unflappable and unruffled Robert J. Mueller who I describe as a nightmare to two of the worst Dictators in the Universe today.

I am talking of Donald Trump the first KGB sponsored President of the United States and Vladimir Putin the KGB smooth operator who believed he scored a home run when he succeeded in making a Mikhail Gorbachev of Donald Trump by aiding and abetting him to win an election he clearly lost and by putting him in the highest seat of Power in the whole World.

Mr. Putin had done it by polarizing America and her traditional allies around the World, by trying to break up NATO and by trying to bring back the defunct Warsaw Pact and even making it stronger by adding Communist China into the mix. He is doing it to reclaim some of Russia's 15 Republics in Eastern Europe which used to be dominated by Russia.

Vladimir Putin wants to take back Ukraine, Crimea and Georgia. Putin still looks on Ukraine as the heartbeat or the Crown Jewel of the old Soviet Union and he wants to use Ukraine as a trade-off for Syria which he was prepared to sacrifice and give away, if narcissistic and abrasive and praise-loving Donald Trump would immediately lift the crippling sanctions imposed on Russia by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Putin knew that Hillary was poised to become the first female President of America had Kremlin and the KGB not muddy the waters for her by spreading enough fake News on her to make her lose two or three of the Swing States she could easily have won to clench the Electoral College Abracadabra that stipulates that you cannot become President in America if you don't win a majority among the 538 handpicked electors in the Electoral College House of Cards which has completely outlived its usefulness and should long have been jettisoned for the good of Democracy and the image and reputation of America as the Beacon of Hope for Democracy.

The Electoral College foggy Mathematics has implied that the verdict of the 538 electors must supersede the verdict of the more than 137 million Americans who participated in the Election and gave Hillary Clinton a 3 million margin of victory over and above Donald Trump.

In his mind and conscience Donald Trump knew there was no way he could have been President without some clandestine treasonable collusion or conspiracy with Vladimir Putin. That was why he could not get himself to criticize Vladimir Putin even if he had affairs on his bed with Melania or Ivanka.

That was why he has so far rejected American Intelligence Consensus on Russian Meddling in American Elections and why he has not, up till now, taken any remedial action to prevent or preempt a reoccurrence despite massive and relentless pressures on him so to do.

Trump has managed to maintain that position because his Party controls a majority in the Congress and the Judiciary and becomes he thinks he is above the Law. The Republican Party is desperate on keeping the White House by hook or crook and the only way they could do that is to put their Party interest over and above the interest of the whole country.  Alabama has thought them a lesson they would not forget in a hurry when she put the nation's interest about Party interest by replacing John Sessions in the Senate with the first democrat in a quarter of a century.

The Republicans all knew that Donald Trump had done something that no American President has ever done before by colluding with a foreign Adversary to destabilize his own country all in the name of making America great again.

But since he was not caught red-handed with his hands in the cookie jar, some Republican power brokers in the Congress had thought their best interest would be served, if they look the other way or just go easy on Donald Trump or face Armageddon with him if the push comes to shove.

There is an element of them that looks on Donald Trump as a Houdini who clearly made an omelet without breaking an egg. They had no doubt he did collude with Vladimir Putin to get himself into the White House and to win a majority for them in the Congress, but they were not overtly concerned about how he did it because to them the end justifies the means

To Hell with morality and political correctness!  What mattered to the Republicans is winning and they have won and are hell-bent to defend their victory, come rain or shine. I can assure them they are going to reap the result of their betrayal starting from 2018 and thereafter when the country returns the Congress to the Democrats on a platter of Gold.

They are all currently operating on the same wave length with Donald Trump who became a multi-millionaire by cooking the books and thru Money Laundering in collusion with filthy-rich Russian Oligarchs who are looking for ways and means to hide their loot from Russia by buying properties using the brand name of Donald Trump in New York, in Mexico, in Panama and in China and Japan and Brazil and South Africa.

Trump believed that Money which is the root of all good and evil is all that counts in his own world. He wants to defeat Iraq and Afghanistan so he can take their oil fields and minerals. As long as America remains the richest country and the most powerful nation in the Universe, American could care less about his antics and lies as President or his plan and intention to become a dictator like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong UN, or Idi Amin Dada or Mobutu Sese Seko.

He believes that Americans would play along with him as long as he is flying a kite that he is going to make everybody rich by cutting their taxes and by removing all of the regulations that could stop the rich and the well-to-do from taking undue advantage of the Poor and the down-trodden in America.

It is a massive lie that would cause a yawning gap between the rich and the poor in Society in less than 2 years. Trump does not mind creating the problem because he knew he would have been dead and gone by the time the problem becomes a consuming Inferno. He wants to just make his money and pass on his limitless wealth to generations of his children and grandchildren yet unborn.

That was where America was, before Donald Trump drove himself into a Cul de Sac by being clever by half to fire James Comey the FBI Director who, like Robert Mueller has bluntly refused to pledge any oath of Allegiance to Donald Trump.

Despite his limitations as a human being, James Comey could not get himself to do what the outlaw President was illegally nudging him to do.  Donald Trump was trying by all means to cover his trail by urging Comey to go easy on General Michael Flynn and to let him go scot-free.

General Flynn was the center of the storm who knew every bloody crime that Trump has committed. He as a former Head of Military Intelligence gave Trump all the confidence he needed. But now that General Flynn and Manafort and Pampadopoulos have flipped on him, he could tell the end is near and the man behind it all is Robert J. Mueller who must now be discredited, blackmailed and delegitimized before completing his damning report on Donald Trump and his fellow partners in crime who are all going to jail.

Donald Trump was initiating his own Saturday Night Massacre by borrowing a script from tricky Dicky Nixon by firing Comey. One precipitate action led to another. The firing of Comey had forced John Sessions to recuse himself from the whole Russian investigation.

It therefore fell on his Deputy Attorney General whose hands were tied by the Law and the existing mandatory protocols in the Department of Justice to appoint an independent Counsel in Robert Mueller, a retired Director of FBI in good standing, a Republican by registration but a totally independent and a honest and dependable American who fully understands that the Law should be no respecter of persons and who was going to follow the evidence to wherever it leads including the gates of Hell without fear or favor.

Donald Trump has forgotten that America is not Russia and that the strong Institutional pillars of American Democracy and the Rule of Law would not let him do what he had planned to do and that if he goes ahead to do it, he is bound to pay a heavy price pretty much like Richard Nixon.

Donald Trump can surely run from the Law. What he cannot do is hide and the only person who will not allow him to hide is Robert J. Mueller, an alumnus of Chicago University, a former Marine and the pleni potentiary former  FBI Director that the Yorubas in their rich language would have called " Eru jeje Oko Aje, Egun Mogaji and Are Onakankanfo" the Supreme War Commander

Ghanaians would have called Mueller the Osagyefo Robert J. Mueller and the Zairians would have called him "Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Waza Banga" meaning the "Father Cock that crows in the midst of chickens"

Now the Republicans are foolishly alleging that Robert Mueller had committed a crime and deserved to be investigated and fired for hiring somebody who had once criticized Donald Trump in some of his private E-mails.

Even though Robert Mueller had fired the person without being pressurized so to do, Republicans wanted Mueller blackmailed, pilloried, crucified for keeping the person for one minute among his staff. It was simply laughable.

Part of the beauty of Democracy is the freedom of Speech engrained in it. Dictatorship begins the moment you see an American President who criminalizes freedom of speech simply because it does not favor him. Donald Trump is that kind of President.

He calls CNN and MSNBC fake News but idolizes Fox News. He hates Robert Mueller like Poison because he is scared of him and because Mueller is a nonsense man who does his job with ultimate professionalism and would not kowtow to anybody regardless of his position in the Hierarchy of Power in America

Republicans and Donald Trump were only trying to distract, divert and obfuscate to shift the focus on the very embarrassing Russian meddling in American elections to blackmail Robert Mueller. They just don't want Robert Mueller to do his job because they knew he is going to get to the bottom of what really happened and send all of the criminals to jail.

Under no condition should Donald Trump and the Republicans be allowed to intimidate Robert Mueller. I therefore rise in defense of the based all the points I have made above.

Donald Trump is making a huge mistake to put all his trust on Vladimir Putin who does not mean well for America.  Donald Trump foolishly believes that if he can strike some close relationship with important World leaders across the globe, they are all going to dance to his tune and do everything that he wants because he is the greatest negotiator of all who can turn daylight into utter darkness because he believes he just has the skill. He also believes that if all preventive regulatory actions including the good and the bad are jettisoned, America will prosper. Only a fool will believe that. Laws and rules are made to create some order in society

I say foul over the bar. It is not going to happen. The problem is that Donald Trump is a law breaker who does not his hands to be tied by any Law. It is going to be a recipe for Disaster, if he is allowed to do that. Trump believes that Laws are only made to be kept by his enemies and not by his friends. He is fine with you when you praise him but feels diminished and insulted if you dare to criticize him or force him to obey the Law.

Robert Mueller is about the only person apart from the Judiciary who is able to call his bluff because a Congress controlled by the Republicans has proved itself incapable of curtailing the excesses of Donald Trump because the two Houses are equally as corrupt and misinformed as Donald Trump.

The only saving grace now outside the Court of Law is Robert Mueller. Donald Trump knows it but does not want to play by the rule. He thinks he should be allowed to exercise maximum power pretty much like Idi Amin was doing in Uganda before his overthrow

It is time to call the bluff of Donald Trump and to ask him to steer clear of Robert Mueller and to let him do his work without let or hindrance.

I rest my case.

You probably know who I am talking about because there are just too many Presidents and CEOs in America. I am trying to sound a bit legalistic now because I often regret why I did not study Law and be Board-certified like my best friend Omo Olorun Modupe of New York.

I think I know enough about the Law just by reading legal briefs and watching legal debates by great lawyers anywhere I can find them and by watching two or three of my favorite programs on Television including Judge Judy and few lawyer-turned ace Television reporters or talk-show hosts like Chris Cuomo of CNN, Chuck Todd, Ari Melber and Laurence O'Donnell of MSNBS to mention a few.

I do that all day long not to talk of my frequently reading briefs from legal giants like Professor Alan Dershowitz and Professor Tribe of Harvard University - two of the best legal minds in America who have captured my fancy.

The Teflon President with 9 lives I have in mind is nobody else but Donald J. Trump. Can any of you reading this write-up imagine Barack Obama who twice won the popular vote and the Electoral College tallies and who spent 8 good years in the White House without a single scandal, being described as a cat with 9 lives?

Not by a long shot. The answer to the rhetorical question has to be a resounding no. Poor Obama as President of the United States would long have been skinned alive and sacrificed to the gods by the Republicans who obstructed him every step of the way during all of his 8 years in the White House all in the name of partisan Politics.

You would have thought they would have left him off the hook the moment he left office, but Republicans and their Narcissist -in-Chief in the White House have not left Obama alone for one brief moment. In fact, the grossly ignorant and incompetent lunatic in the White House still finds some ways to blame Obama or Hillary  even for some of his own insanity or foolishness while fraudulently claiming  to be the smartest President America has ever put in office.

What is so offensive is that the hypocrites in his Republican base are buying the garbage and defending the impossible because all they care about is supporting the man who is going to put money in their pockets because his greatest motivation for seeking the Presidency is to make money and to make his family and few friends so rich that they would kill to have him removed from office, should it come to that. America under the new Hitler is no longer the America we used to know and the Republican Party has become a den of thieves and sexual predators that have lost their moral compass as a major political Party in God's own country.

In cahoots with Trump, Republicans have not ended their campaign of calumny to humiliate, blackmail and delegitimize Barack Obama, the first black President

Even though the White House was built with slave labor as widely documented by Historians, no black man was ever expected to live in that majestic Building that arrogant Donald Trump in one of his craziest moments has described as a "Dump" in trying to insult or get under the skin of the black couple who had just vacated the building.

The guy is just too arrogant to admit that the Obama couple was far superior to him and his Melania in intellect and education. Barack earned his education from Columbia and Harvard while Michelle earned her own from Princeton and Harvard.

It doesn't get any better than that for any American President dead or alive but the "C" average student from the some back wood College of Business would tell you he is the smartest dude in the Universe who never makes a mistake or regret anything. He sounds to me like a reincarnated Adolf Hitler who told the Anglo Saxons they were the most superior white race in the World who must dominate the world. Donald Trump is pretty much preaching the same doctrine today. His latest unilateral announcement to make Jerusalem the undivided Capital of the Zionist Regime without consultation with any of America's traditional allies is tantamount to suicide and a move that will go down in infamy to quote the immortal words of FDR.

Donald Trump once boasted that he was far more experienced than all of the American Generals combined. He is therefore seeking to invalidate or demolish anything the first black President had ever done during his 8 glorious years in the White House.

The one-term young Senator from Illinois was elected President in 2008 and re-elected again in 2012 with a wider margin.  He turned around the American Economy while reducing Unemployment in America to the lowest it has ever been in 20 years. He killed Osama Bin Laden and he passed into Law, the Affordable Health Care Reform Law that offered medical Insurance coverage to 46 million Americans with the stroke of his pen.

The Teflon outlaw with 9 lives came to town promising to undo everything Obama has done while promising to make America great again as if America has never at any time lost her greatness following the end of the Second World which America led to defeat Hitler in 1945. Nothing could be farther from the truth but his Republican Base and some charlatans in the Party are buying the cheap blackmail from a delusional outlaw in the White House.

Even though Trump had lost the popular vote by 3 million votes to Hillary, he still managed to ride on the coattail of Vladimir Putin and the KGB to put himself in the White House against the better judgment of the 65 million Americans who voted for his opponent.

My point is that if Barack Obama has committed just a fraction of the crimes and violations of the norms of decency that Donald Trump has committed less than one year into his Presidency, Obama would long have been thrown out of office and sent to jail and Republicans in their Hypocrisy and Racism would have made that a justification to bar any colored person from ever aspiring to be President again.

Ii is Donald Trump that I call the Houdini of American Politics for how and why he has survived up to this moment despite all of the atrocities he has committed as a candidate and now as President for close to one year.

If Barack Obama had uttered half the statement credited to Donald Trump, he would never have secured the nomination of the Democratic Party in 2008 and would have been ostracized for life.

I seek your indulgence to go back to memory lane to remind some of the fans of this column about the America we used to know before crazy Donald Trump showed up. Eagleton was dropped from nomination as running mate due to a history of mental Health illness.  Spiro Agnew VP to Richard Nixon was defrocked for tax evasion and fraud. Joseph Biden was forced to drop out of his Presidential bid at a point in his career because he was found guilty of plagiarism in one of his stump speeches. He has lifted a quotation from Neil Kinnock, the Labor Leader in Britain without acknowledging his source.

Gerald Ford lost to Jimmy Carter in 1976 in large part because he pardoned Richard Nixon, an unconvicted felon for Obstruction of Justice and for displaying ignorance when he stated in one of his debates with Jimmy Carter that the defunct Soviet Union did not dominate Eastern Europe.

George Bush lost to Bill Clinton for going back on his "Read my lip" pledge not to increase tax. The voters concluded he had told a lie even though he was one of the most honorable and dependable men of honor ever to serve as American President.

I gave all of these examples to show how Donald Trump would appear to have completely changed all the rules of the game for anyone who will be President in America. Republicans nominated a man who has had more than 4000 litigations against him in the Court of Law, Most of those litigations he had to settle out of Court because he was too embarrassed to let them go forward.

Republicans nominated a man who falsely tried to delegitimize the man he was going to replace by claiming Obama was not born in America. Republicans nominated a man whose Trump Plaza Building in New York was already known to be the Money Laundering Capital of the World. Republicans nominated a man who claimed he loved to sexually assault women by grabbing their pussies because they allowed him to commit the crime because he was a star who could get away with murder.

He actually gloated that his supporters would still vote for him even if he had shot and killed a man on 5th Avenue in broad day light in Manhattan. Republicans nominated and elected a pathological liar who is never ashamed to blackmail his opponents by calling them names and insulting them and getting away with everything.

Republicans nominated a man whose financial and business record with American Banks and financial Houses across the board were so bad that no American Bank was willing to do business with him because he had swindled them time and again. Republicans nominated and elected a man who had been divorced three times and who has filed for Bankruptcy more than five times and a man who has bluntly refused to submit his tax returns for public scrutiny because he has managed to avoid paying tax for more than 20 years.

Republicans nominated and elected a con artist who is not afraid to lie his way out of every problem and a man who has openly tried to undermine NATO and many of the time-honored agreements all of his predecessors in the White House had committed to for more than 70 years.

They elected a hoodlum who openly colluded or conspired with the KGB while openly casting aspersion on the credibility of American CIA and FBI. Republicans elected a man who wanted to repeat the Harry Truman's mistake by becoming the second American President to deploy or detonate the nuclear Bomb against North Korea.

Republicans have elected a man who openly emulates and praises dictators like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong UN. He made it clear he would want to be like them if he had his way... Republicans elected a man who tweets in the early hours of the morning and who has used tweeting as instrument of Policies and Presidential Orders. They elected a man whose first move as President was to destroy the last vestiges of the Camp David Accord by unilaterally moving the capital of Israel to divided Jerusalem thereby stroking the embers of fire and fury in the Middle East. Republicans have elected a man who has made his inexperienced Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner the de facto Secretary of State to the United States thru the back door.

The list goes on and on without end but yet Donald Trump is still there despite an abysmal approval opinion of only 33 percent or less. Republicans elected a man who has claimed that his own opinion or decision is all that counts and who has proclaimed most institutions of the fourth Estate of the Realm as Fake News Disseminators.

He has pointed accusing fingers at the Almighty CNN and Print Media like the highly respected New York Times and Washington Post and Wall Street Journal to mention a few.

What more atrocities has this President not committed? The list is inexhaustible. The greatest loser in this entire saga has to be the Republican Party and the clear winner has to be Vladimir Putin who now has the American President in his pocket and dictating to him what he must do or not do?  Whoever thought that the whole world is going to turn 180 degrees for America and that Donald Trump is on his way to becoming the Mikhail Gorbachev of American Politics right under our eyes and Americans appear totally helpless and clueless to do something about it.

It is a complete outrage and totally incredible!

I rest my case.

Be careful what you wish for or sow because you just might get it in multiples of what you sow or desire. Republicans out of desperation to win the White House back in 2016, by hook or crook, were willing to self-destruct and to sell their soul and their conscience to put just any crook in the White House without counting the cost.

A Jeb Bush of Florida or John Kasich of Ohio would certainly have made a better President than the crook in the White House. Republican blew it. They had to know Trump was the wrong candidate but they could care less. They created the monster. They have got to deal with him to their everlasting regret.

The Party has long ceased to be the Party of Abraham Lincoln. It has become the Party of "Tricky Dicky" Richard Nixon the only American President forced by circumstances beyond his control to voluntarily resign from the Presidency total disgrace due to the fallout from the Watergate Scandal.

History is about to repeat itself one more time as the scoundrel or the villain they have put in the White House thru the Abracadabra of the Electoral College absurdity, is actively working his way into oblivion and ignominy while riding on the coattail of Vladimir Putin the KGB leader of a country that great Republican President Ronald Reagan, the great communicator, has rightly described as the "Axis of Evil" or the "Evil Empire"

My column is not coming out as frequently as it used to because I now spent much of my time writing little comments and rejoinders to issues or debates raised on the Facebook by many contributors I so much admire and respect like Sunday Iwalaye, Hajia Juliet Ademilayo, Vickie Owodunni, Mayowa Adeleye, Professor Ozodi Osuji, Justice Faloye, Laolu Fasuyi, and Wande Agunloye and so many others.

I just happen to know that those rejoinders reach many more millions of Facebook fans around the World that I really want to touch. So why waste my precious time writing pages of stuff that many don't get to read because they are either too long or not topical or current enough to attract attention. The Facebook appears to have a jinx on Nigerians like no other country in the World. If you don't believe me just open up the Facebook platform and you will see why Zuckerberg wants to make Lagos, the Facebook Capital of the Third World.  I still do my column once in a while like I am doing now with this article on Donald Trump because I love to write in my leisure time.

The most important role and responsibility of any President, in my own opinion is to be a strategic thinker and a deal maker and a positive role model for his citizens across the board but more so the youth, male and female, who reserve the right to look up to that President for inspiration and faith in themselves and their country.

Americans got that inspiration from George Washington the first President of the United States (1789-1797). They sure got their inspiration from Abraham Lincoln, the slave owner who abolished Slavery because he passionately believed it was wrong. They sure got the inspiration from Franklin Delano Roosevelt who introduced Social Security that subsequent Presidents in America have not been able to jettison.

They sure drew inspiration from JFK the youngest American President who at 42 had fired the imagination of American Scientist to out-perform the old Soviet Union in the Race for Space, and to put the first Man on the Moon and to safely bring him back to Earth thereby making the Moon an American Colony so to speak.

Americans surely got that inspiration from Lyndon Baines Johnson with his Great Society and Welfare Program knowing fully well that the move might cause much of the South to abandon or reject his Party at the Polls for decades thereafter. President Johnson did it nonetheless because he knew it was not politically correct but it was the right thing to do in good conscience which the current Land lord of the White House does not have.

Americans drew such inspiration from Peanut farmer but the first Nuclear Physicist in the White House when he certainly put his Presidency at risk by negotiating the Camp David Accord which achieved Peace between the Arabs and the Zionist Regime for close to 50 years and counting, and saved several millions of people from death and destruction that cannot be quantified in Dollar value.

American drew such inspiration from George Bush who refused to exceed his mandate but to keep his promise to go flush Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait and not to drag American into a long and costly protracted War in the Middle East. Just because of his ego and self-gratification. Americans drew some inspiration from Bill Clinton who master-minded the break-up of the former Yugoslavia without dragging America into an endless war. Bill Clinton found a way to mend the Social Welfare Program signed into Law by FDR and to preserve it for the great majority of Americans who use it as a safety net to keep body and soul together for the less affluent in society.

Americans drew some inspiration from George Herbert Walker Bush Jnr. the 43rd President who quietly poured money and American resources to end the Aides Epidemic in Africa without gloating about it like the lunatic in the White House who specifically demanded gratification for helping to release from jail 2 or 3 American young basketball players who were imprisoned in China for Shoplifting.

American drew some inspiration from the first black President who executed the plan to kill and bury Osama Bin Laden without losing a drop of American blood and without forever making a martyr of the radical Islamic terrorist. They drew some inspiration from Barack Obama who passed the Affordable Health Care Reform Legislation and signed it into Law thereby giving 46 million Americans medical coverage with the stroke of his pen. It was a feat that no less than 4 Presidents before him starting with Richard Nixon have tried to do, but woefully failed to achieve. Rather than find some ways to amend some of the provisions of that Law to make it better, the lunatic in the White House  is looking for ways and means to delegitimize his predecessor and to uproot the Law forever and to return to the ugly "status quo ante bellum"

All the Past American Presidents have proved themselves to be strategic thinkers and deal makers who know how to create a bi-partisan coalition to move America forward as the Beacon of Hope for Humanity and as the Leader of the Free World by maintaining strategic Alliances with Europe and most nations of the World and to keep enough members of the UN Security Council on America's column to keep America as the greatest Experiment in Human History and the greatest force for good in the Universe without undermining the sovereignty of other countries  to cater to the interest and security of their own people. He wants North Korea to abandon its own Nuclear Ambition and for China to work against its own strategic interest to protect America. It was a dog dream at best that only a lunatic could have contemplated or canvassed. Donald Trump wanted that because he is totally delusional and needs to see a psychiatrist.

That said,  the goal of this article is to ask how much of a strategic thinker and deal maker is Donald Trump compared to all of his predecessors in America but more so with competitors in other countries like President Mikhail Gorbachev,  Vladimir Putin, President Xi of China and World leaders like Angela Merkel of Germany, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair and former South African President Madiba Nelson Mandela  to mention a few that readily come to my mind as I craft this write-up?

If you agree that Mr. Putin asked for his own pound of flesh from the Americans in a pay-back scenario that punishes America for using Mikhail Gorbachev to destabilize and break up the old Soviet Union. Vladimir Putin has succeeded in using Donald Trump to destabilize American Democracy and to level up the playing field for Russia  to redraw the old map of Europe and to bring back to life the Warsaw Pact and to weaken NATO.

Republicans may want to trivialize this observation but it is the absolute truth. Donald Trump has proactively leaned on Vladimir Putin and his Russian collaborators to pave his way to the highest seat of Power in the West as Robert Mueller's Report is going to confirm and validate.

I guess my question now to all of you reading this is how much of a strategic thinker or deal maker is Donald Trump compared to Mikhail Gorbachev who was used by the CIA to break up the old Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact? How well does Donald Trump compare to the KGB smooth operator Vladimir Putin who has achieved for Russia what Napoleon could not do by making a stooge of Donald Trump who appointed Rex Tillerson as the American Secretary of State because he was the preferred candidate of Putin.

Donald Trump as President of the United States is completely in the pocket of Putin as we speak, believe it or not! But for the strong Institutions which were the foundation pillars of America as laid out by America's founding fathers. The whole World should have lost all hope that America can never recover from the calamity that Donald Trump has unleashed on America thru some of his policies.

I am optimistic that Donald Trump is going to fall a victim of his own machinations and be disgraced out of power without a scintilla of any doubt in my mind because the foundation pillars of America are far much stronger than the foundation pillars of the Twin Towers in New York which merely imploded rather than tumble to cause far more damages than the terrorist who flew a commercial plane against the edifice had intended or envisaged.

A thousand Donald Trump cannot make America buckle or crash under its own weight. Rather than do that it is Donald Trump who would have to fall over his own sword and be forced out of office if the push comes to shove and when the rubber meets the road. I am predicting that America is sure to survive Donald Trump.

The man has boasted that he is the greatest deal maker in the world. But I see him as nothing more than Kermit the Frog of a deal maker who only boasts to impress his abrasive wife, Miss Piggy. The guy is an empty barrel that makes the loudest noise.

He is totally wrong to project that the way he runs his Multi-National Real Estate Company around the World is the same way he is going to run America. He is living in a fool's Paradise to ever contemplate and believe that. He is the quintessential chaos President that Jeb Bush has accurately predicted he was going to be.

He rushed to judgment to declare victory in his encounter with the young man with the bad haircut in North Korea. The crazy young man made a big fool of Donald Trump this morning when he launched and tested a more powerful ballistic missile able to reach the Mainland of America.

That was the man Donald Trump had said he was going to wipe off the surface of the Earth with fire and fury never before seen anywhere in the World. He was going to tighten the noose on Kim Jung UN by using China to do his dirty work for him by eulogizing and praising the Chinese President to high Heavens as if President XI is a fool and a delusional narcissist like him who would fall a victim to empty and hyperbolic praises or cheap blackmail.

Vladimir Putin a smooth operator and a KGB evil genius must be cracking his ribs with laughter as he looks on Donald Trump as Mr. Bozo who has been put in a box under lock and key by the Kremlin or the  only University of Intelligence in the in Moscow  where all they do is Espionage and strategic thinking  that are designed to elevate the relics of old Soviet Union to be in a position to challenge and compete with America and to ultimately make a second fiddle of America to the benefit of Russia. Inexperienced Donald Trump believes he can micro-manage a KGB smooth and ruthless Vladimir Putin who rules Russia with an iron hand and views Democracy and Capitalism as far inferior to Dictatorship and Communism.

I conclude this write-up by answering the question I posed at the beginning of this essay. Donald Trump is the exact opposite of what he wants America to believe and to become. He is a Lilliputian strategic thinker and deal maker who is going to drag America into another protracted War he could never finish before he is excommunicated from the White House in total disgrace and humiliation as more of his collaborators are charged, found guilty and convicted.

I rest my case.

I was initially planning to do a profile of Pastor Gandhi Laoye the Senior Pastor of Jesus House, a Redeem Christian Church of God in the District of Columbia Area but located in down town area of Silver Spring in Maryland. I was privileged to attend a Marriage Thanksgiving Service of my niece Shade Akintan in that Church on October the 28th, 2017. I was planning to just share my experience and personal encounter with God in that Church that day  as I witnessed up close and personal what God had been doing using Pastor Gandhi as his chosen vessel in that Church. I am a proud member of the Brooklyn, New York Parish of the RCCG located at the intersection of Ditmas Avenue and 93rd Street in Brooklyn.

I used to think of my young Provincial Pastor Kunle Omotosho and his wife and the Parish Pastor Omoh Obogbaime and his husband as two of the rising stars in the Redeem Family in the United States because of their performance, but I found a super star in Jesus House that day in Pastor Gandhi and his wife Omoh and their team of close to 30 Pastors who were being recognized that day by their Congregation for their performance and resourcefulness in the Vineyard of God.

I noticed within a few minutes of my arrival in that Church that something unique and extraordinary was happening in that Church I actually thought for all of my less than 2 hours in that Church I was in one of the best Movie Theatres of an Auditorium in Broadway or Lincoln Center or Madison Square Garden in New York. Pastor Gandhi is a masterful marketer of the Redeem Church anywhere in the World and I rank him among the best I have met so far and I know the Head of that Church, Pastor Adeboye who always speaks of Pastor Gandhi in superlatives would most certainly agree with me.

I changed my mind to abandon the profile on Pastor Gandhi and his amazing team in that Church and to expose and focus on the scam I have chosen as the title for this write-up.  I was on my Computer a few days ago surfing the Internet in the comfort of my little Library when I saw a message come in via my Messenger Application. I reproduce below verbatim the content of that message sent to me in the name of Pastor Adeboye:

"My Lord ministered a word to me about you. He said you have great destiny even more than you think. He said you should sow just anything he ministered to your heart into the life of one baby born with tumor on her face and her head and that if this is done as soon as possible, your blessings overfill the Earth. Here is the Account for donation

Account Name is Braimoh Henry Ohi.  Account number is 0148560414 GT Bank. After sowing, write me back for the Lord has a special message for you. God bless you my beloved"

I would not share in this write-up my reply to this message but I did reply because I believed the message was truly from the highly respected cleric who hold a Ph.D. in Mathematics and who came from nowhere to become the miraculous successor to Pa Pastor Fadayomi from Ondo, the pioneer founder of the Church. I knew that under Pastor Adeboye's leadership, the Church has grown by leaps and bounds to become the fastest growing Church in the whole World as I speak.

I knew all of that about General Overseer Adeboye, the new Pope of the Evangelical Churches in Nigeria if not the whole of Africa. The Parish where I currently worshipped was started by my estranged wife who is now a Redeem Pastor in Akure in Ondo State in my living room at the Rutland Plaza in Brooklyn New York.

I added 2 plus 2 in my foolishness and I got 4 believing that God had singled me out like he singled out David, a Sheppard boy among his father's children to make him the conqueror of Goliath and the successor to King Saul while leaving out Jonathan who should have been the Heir Apparent.

I was in fact ready to head to the Bank to withdraw some cash to wire to the Bank Account. It just occurred to me to ask another favor of Pastor Adeboye since God loved me so much as to send the godly man to me out of the millions of people looking up to God thru Pastor Adeboye for a blessings that are yet to reach them.

I would not tell you the details of all I asked but I wasn't going to let that opportunity pass me by because Pastor Kunle Omotosho has always preached about not letting your good fortune and my encounter with God pass me by.

It was the reply I got from the same impersonator of Pastor Adeboye that woke me up from my slumber. Pastor Adeboye did not mention a word about my situation I mentioned to him in my response.  All he was interested in was how I was going to pay the money into that account and how soon?

I reproduce below his short reply to my request in less than few hours after I sent it.

"You are so blessed my beloved. When do you intend to send your donation? My beloved, do you want to send it via Western Union or direct to the Account of the sick baby?  God will bless you"

I would not reveal to you here the next reply I sent to the fraudulent impersonator and crook but I let him know in no unmistakable terms he was going to hear from me and I dressed him down to the best of my ability.

I was terribly upset but I decided to do something about it and to do more research on what is going on here. My research has revealed that I am probably not the first person to receive this kind of fraudulent message online or in the Facebook.

The scammer must have duped millions of credulous and innocent people who have come to accept Pastor Adeboye not just as the son of God because the man had popularized  the notion of calling God his father after his usual refrain "Let somebody shout Hallelujah"

My research has revealed that Pastor Adeboye and thousands of his subordinate Pastors scattered all over the 6 Continents of the World may be aware of this kind of scandal and blue color scam to tarnish and defame the head of our Church and his larger than life mother in Israel.

It is rumored that they have not seen any compelling reason to confront the situation head on, and to get to the bottom of it because Corruption and Fraud have become part and parcel of the fabric of our nature in Nigeria because everybody does it including religious leaders like Imams and other clerics in all of the different Denominations in Nigeria including top notch politicians and leaders in all of our political parties. Deziani Madueke the Petroleum Minister and former Chairman of OPEC stole so much money that she and her family could not spend if they live a thousand years.

I cannot now recall how many young girls and married women in Nigeria have written to me seeking one help or the other after going to the Internet or the Facebook to read my profiles. I am sure I am not the only one receiving such letters across the board. They probably target me not because they think I am Aliko Dangote or Michael Adenuga or Mrs. Alakija, they just took a chance on me and one or two of them got me because I wanted to be a good Samaritan to my own regret, but I learned something from the experience which is good.

I am not going to let it go this time around. I am going to use the same Facebook to expose the scammers and to call their bluff because all that it takes for Evil to triumph is for good people to see Evil and look the other way. If the scammers can be doing this to the Pope of the Evangelicals in Nigeria, nobody is safe.

I have heard some people refer to the Redeem Christian Church of God as a Business Center where money acquisition has replaced absolute devotion to God and where Pastors are out to milk their Church members thereby taking from those who don't have to give to those who have too much.

It pains to my stomach to hear anyone talk of my Church like that. I do know, for a fact, that my revered Pastor, Kunle Omotosho does not do that. I will not remain a member of his Parish for too long if I have cause to suspect that. It is not arrogance. It is just because I care and I refuse to be taken for a ride by anybody, if I can help myself.

If I am able to save just one person avoid being exploited or swindled by these scammers, I would consider my move a great success. If I can get the whole Management and the top Echelon of the Redeem Christian Church of God realize and appreciate that the scammers can irredeemably damage the name and the reputation of the whole Church, I will consider this effort a great success and absolutely worth the time invested in doing my research and writing this article for generations yet unborn.

I am putting my searchlight on the scandal in this article to do just that.

You can play your part by helping to circulate this write-up among all of your friends and family members everywhere they are in any part of the World.

I have been reading the one man Battalion effort of one Mr. Sunday Iwalaiye in the Facebook against the payment of Tithes in Churches and how many Pastors have been abusing the payment for self- enrichment and heartless exploitation.

While I do not completely share Mr. Iwalaiye's views or subscribe to the central thesis or Hypothesis, I do agree with the young man's ultimate goal and mission statement.  The highly principled and well- read guy is not as crazy and as irrational as some of his critics would want us to believe. He is in fact a good man and a great freedom fighter with gravitas and a lot of credibility if you see what I see.

Need I say anything more?

I rest my case.

Thursday, 09 November 2017 19:46

Donald Trump is a one-trick Pony and a Bully

I use this write-up to formally apologize to all of the fans of this column who feel concerned enough to remind me that my prediction that Donald could not win in 2016 and that if he won, he was going to be a chaos President and a disaster like Jeb Bush has brilliantly predicted.

I respect all of you for reminding me, but I also reserve the right to remind you that close to 70 percent or slightly higher of the major pundits in America and pundits around the world including Fox News and even his Republican apologists and collaborators led by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell also had their doubts that Trump could win.

They reluctantly  jumped into his band wagon because they were persuaded that he, Donald Trump, the worst unconventional candidate to ever run for President probably knew something the power brokers in his Party did not know or fully understand in that election. They were hell-bent still to play along with him because they have been out of power for too long in their convoluted minds. They had a plausible motivation to support him with some hidden trepidation even though they all knew he was as crazy, unpredictable, unethical and fraudulent as they come.

But they knew he could presumably deliver the White House to them thru subterfuge, even if he had to break all of the rules in the book and violate all of their sense of decency, their values and principles to get them to the White House. I used to have some soft spot for the Republicans even though I was in the dye-in-the wool liberal in my student days I lost the little modicum of respect I have for the Republicans when I saw them begin to drag their feet on whether or not to call the buff of Donald Trump who has tarnished their reputation forever at least in my book and people who think like me.

I actually smell a rat when Mitch McConnell the Republican Majority Leader would not even allow or schedule a hearing on the Obama nomination for the Supreme Court and when he ran out the clock on that nomination because he wanted the new President to be the one to fill the vacant slot. My question was why was he so sure that the new President was going to be a Republican?  I don't know about you but I do know that Mitch had to know something the rest of us did not know to take that position and quantum leap as a consummate politician.

If Mitch McConnell was expecting Hillary to win, he would not have done what he did. That is Docket number one for me. The Docket Number 2 is what happened after Donald Trump came from nowhere to win due to what we are now finding out that Trump had leaned heavily on a foreign Adversary like Vladimir Putin and the KGB to influence the elections in the 5 to 6 Swing States in America to give Trump an edge in the outdated Electoral College Abracadabra like Illusionist Houdini would have called it. Trump and his KGB collaborators had used their clandestine manipulations to change broad day light into utter Darkness and to come from behind to win an election he had clearly lost to Hillary by 3 million which is bigger than the total populations of many countries of the World which embrace the principle of one man, one vote that has been the foundation pillar of Democracy from the beginning of time. It is not a sheer coincidence that Trump decided to reward Mitch McConnell by picking his wife as one of his Cabinet members.  You all can read the tea leaf from that development. Donald Trump knew he was in Cahoots with Vladimir Putin and the KGB to get him to the White House by all means. That is why he would never criticize Putin who has put him in a box, so to speak and could expose him, if he behaves differently. That is the reason Robert Mueller has to get to the bottom of what happened to preempt a future occurrence because it would happen again and if it does, forget it, America is forever compromised. Republicans must be told that in no mistakable terms.

America which has always championed the principle of one man one vote elsewhere around the World has suddenly jettisoned that principle in America in deference to the Electoral College Contraption which says you can win an election in which 137 million people voted and still lose in a back-up to that election in which only 538 hand-picked electors voted. It is completely absurd. That was precisely how Donald Trump was able to snatch victory from the jaws of a humiliating Defeat.by robbing Hillary of her well-deserved victory. Sooner or later Nemesis is going to catch up with Trump and his collaborators. The results of last Tuesday elections in the nook and corners of America have born an eloquent testimony to that fact, if you are paying attention.

Left to me alone, America has forfeited the right to condemn Russia and other Communist and authoritarian Regimes around the world for doing what America has done and continues to do by allowing the Electoral College foggy Mathematics and logic to eclipse the popular vote in American Elections.

I said it before and I would repeat it here that the Electoral College Conundrum has outlived its usefulness in a Democracy and should long have been jettisoned just like the Second Amendment right to own guns in America should long have been revisited and amended to reflect the true wishes and preference of the great majority of Americans who want the provision redrafted.

I am a gun owner but I want the Government to be able to withdraw my license to own that gun if I become delusional and mentally-challenged or if I turn a hardened criminal or a Domestic Violence perpetrator. That is what we are talking about.

This observation was part of the calculation of Donald Trump and Company to hold the whole country to ransom by doing whatever it took to get themselves into the White House by hook or crook. That explains why the Republicans with the exception of a few principled ones among them like John McCain, John Flakes, Corker and Susan Collins and the powerful and principled female Senator from Alaska have continued to drag their feet on whether or not to call the bluff of the most incompetent and dangerous candidate America has ever elected as President

I call Donald Trump a one-trick pony of a President in this article for that reason and the other reasons I am going to briefly articulate with the remaining paragraphs of this article if you bear with me.

We judge every American President minus Abraham Lincoln and a few of them based on their failure or success in their Domestic and Foreign Policy. It does not matter how well they perform in their domestic policy, they are considered a failure if they fail in their Foreign Policy because America cannot long remain the Leader of the Free World if it continues to intimidate and antagonize all of her allies.

Donald Trump is saying that all countries must place the interest of their country above that of other countries because that is what he believes. If he is going to always champion the interest of America while refusing to give any leeway or any room for the other countries to enjoy the fruits of their Sovereignty as an independent and autonomous country, he is asking for trouble and rebellion like he is now getting from North Korea whose fundamental sin is because they want a leveler like Nuclear power to guarantee their own safety and security as an independent country.

I cannot knock North Korea or Iran for wanting to have their own nuclear power just like tiny state of Israel. If Donald Trump wants them to desist from developing Nuclear Power he can only do so by taking a script from the Obama play book but Trump is just too arrogant to do that.  Donald Trump would have already ordered a bombardment of North Korea like Ronald Reagan did to Grenada but for the nuclear deterrence. If I were Kim Jong UN I would not denuclearize, and I would let Donald Trump do his worst, if he has the "Cayenne" because I know the true America that I know would not let if the push comes to shove.

Donald Trump would tell you he is among the greatest President in American History because he is a delusional narcissist and nihilist who believes in praising himself  even when he has done nothing to merit or justify that claim.

I call him a one-trick pony because he believes that whatever he does is always the best and by foolishly gloating and telling the whole world that he does not need a full complement of staff at the State Department to run an effective Foreign Policy because he does not need to fill all those vacant slots because his decision as Commander-in-Chief is the only thing that matters. I can imagine a Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong Un or Pope John Francis making such a pronouncement but never an American President or a British Prime Minister. It was a most foolish statement to come out of the mouth of any leader or President anywhere in the World.

By talking like that, he has cut his nose to spite his face and he has undermined or thrown his Secretary of State and all his senior staff at the State Department under the bus by destroying their credibility. He is showing himself not to be a team player. He has more or less exposed his ultimate goal and morbid craze to be a dictator rather than a Constitutional President.

I believe he has surrounded himself with so many Generals as a first step to becoming a dictator if America would let him. He is a one-trick pony President because he believes that totalitarian or absolute power is all that he needs to achieve all of his goals as President.

He considers the three tiers of Government and the fourth Estate of the Realm and the so-called separation of Powers as a complete waste of his time. If he has his way he would long have wiped out North Korea and its 25 million people from the surface of the Earth because he is a bully who wants to use American power like a lion by tearing up the weak and defenseless countries just because he can.

His pronouncements and body language suggest that. If you don't believe me just watch him talk on Television  or watch his alter ego and impersonator Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live and you will agree with me that Donald Trump is a one-trick Pony and a very divisive figure. He over praises any country he want to use and demonizes any country he wants to attack. China was to him a Currency Manipulator and Rapist before he became President. Now that he wants to use China as a surrogate to intimidate and beat up on China, he is now singing the praise of the Chinese leader to the High Heavens. He forgets that the Chinese leader has seen his weakness as a highly compromised leader who may not survive for too long. China did not become a member of the Security Council of the United States with a veto power by playing a second fiddle to a crazy and delusional Donald Trump. The Chinese Leader is going to outlast Donald Trump and would use him to get China to where it needs to be as a world leader in the Pacific Region by reason of its land mass and the size of its population which is the biggest in the World. Donald Trump is a big fool not to factor that into his Calculus with China. The predecessors of Donald Trump in the White House all understand that because they all are far smarter than Trump and decidedly so.

Donald Trump looks himself in the Mirror and what he sees is a Lilliputian Adolf Hitler or a diminutive Napoleon. He does not tell the truth. He talks too much about himself and cannot see any good or any strength in anyone who disagrees with him. He delegitimizes such opponents and run them down. He did it with all of the more than 17 candidates who fought against him in the Primary Season and he did it to Hillary Clinton in the Presidential election.

Donald Trump exaggerates and he foolishly declares it is the right of every country to take undue advantage of another country. I am not at all surprised that seasoned Secretaries of State like Henry Kissinger Madeleine Albright and John Kerry not to talk of Hillary who left the office with 63 percent approval would be shaking to their pants to hear an American President and Leader of the Free World talk like that.  Americans should be shocked and traumatized to hear their President talk like that.

I recently watched on YouTube a few interviews granted the Press by Barack Obama. The one that touched me the most was the one conducted or moderated by Oprah Winfrey. It was a virtuoso performance by the interviewer and the interviewees.

Obama describes Michelle as the wind beneath his wings and with utmost respect, civility and decorum that are totally above the pay grade of Donald Trump who treats Melania like a glorified House Maid who is being tolerated for her services. It should not surprise anybody at all if their marriage ends in a Divorce after he is out of office in a year or two. I don't see him completing his term in that office because he is just too scandal-prone and reckless...

He is making a serious mistake as a one-trick pony to believe that the end justify the means. He thinks he will be fine and survive if only he can deliver on the agenda he has promised  his base and the generality of American voters but he totally forgets that those promises are unfulfillable because he lacks the competence, the wisdom, the maturity and the temperament to deliver them.

Most of those promises like his Tax Reform initiative and his Health Care Reform packages are self-serving and very irrational. Donald Trump who has always cheated on his Tax Returns and therefore would not voluntarily submit his returns for public scrutiny wants to save trillions of Dollars by not paying taxes on all of his multi-million Dollar investments and illegal businesses and money laundering violations  in America and other places around the World.

That is why he is pursuing serious deregulations everywhere because he knows where there is no Law there can be no crime. He is busy cancelling all of the regulations and rules put in place by all of his predecessors so he can have a free hand to do what he likes and to make a huge profit out of running for President, win or lose, like he once boasted on Television Camera.

Thank God for America that Robert Mueller is there to clip his wings and to minimize the horrendous damage his Presidency is likely to unleash on America. It is a chain of events and horrors that nobody can predict. The check and balances in the American system that are now being uprooted by Donald Trump and his illegitimate Government are what have made America the greatest and the best experiment in Human History.

I feel so sorry for America to have elected a President who is such an empty barrel and who is so limited in his vocabulary that he cannot express himself well and cannot be called a good communicator like Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. The three Presidents are so eloquent and charismatic that I weep for America when I compare them to the scumbag now in the White House.

I call Donald Trump a one-trick pony that is so fixed in his way that he cannot learn a thing. He is like a 5 year old boy trapped in a 72 year old body. Expecting him to change will be like flogging a dead horse.

He can never be a uniter and he is so incorrigible that he cannot change. He wants to fight his own battle and he does not know how to pick his battles and how to let go on some battles he ought to know he cannot win.

He is that way because he himself has told that nation he has an awesome brain and does not forget anything except when he wants to commit or hide a crime. He actually told America he is better than all of the American Generals combined.

He delegates to his Generals without giving them authority so when they make a horrendous mistake like they did in Niger when 4 American soldiers were ambushed and killed by ISIS, he quickly refused to take responsibility. He very quickly threw the General- in-charge under the bus even though he is the Commander-in-Chief.

He is now reported to have been complaining that it was Jared Krushner who misled him to fire James Comey, a move that has now led to all of his misery and could predictably lead to his impeachment and eventual resignation when all of the criminal violations are exposed and traced back to the Criminal-in-Chief sitting in the glass house in the White House where he keeps throwing stones and sending tweets that have now put him in legal jeopardy as we speak.

I rest my case.

The truth shall make us free says the Bible. We all must try to speak the truth and give credit where credit is due. I am fully aware that there is always a political overlay and undertone in writing this kind of article, but I feel compelled to write it and damn the consequence because all that it takes for evil to triumph is for concerned citizen to see evil and look the other way. I am neither a politician nor a card-carrying member of any political Party in Nigeria. I therefore feel qualified to speak up in the hope and belief that the younger generation can learn something.

The Sahara Reporters Media Company of New York led by their leader and CEO, Omoyele Sowore has become the most effective champion fighting Corruption in Nigeria. I don't care about what sick and grumpy old man President Buhari and his Information Minister, Layi Mohammed might have been saying to the contrary from their bully pulpit in Government. Buhari is a huge disappointment any way you cut it, if the truth be told.

My other focus in this write-up is on Rudolf Okonkwo aka "Dr. Damages" and Adeola Fayeun aka "Keeping it Real" and the wonderful job they are both doing with their popular slots on You Tube to expose and fight Corruption in Nigeria with their satire and comedy better than even the Nigerian Government and the Media in Nigeria.

I used to think the whole world of Buhari in years past but not anymore. I considered him the lesser of two evils compared to Goodluck Jonathan who led the Demolition Derby of the PDP for 6 terrible years before he was ousted in 2015. I actually went all out to campaign and write articles supporting change in Nigeria because I thought I knew Buhari as an honest leader who was going to stop or minimize all of the malfeasance and financial strangulation of Nigeria by the PDP and that the APC was going to be far better than it has proved to be.

Yes, Buhari did a few laudable things to stabilize the Nigerian economy by introducing the BVN to the Nigerian Banking Sector thereby achieving thru the back door what the National Identity Program could not do and by more or less making the BVN a limited Social Security Scheme for Nigerians who are old and rich enough to keep and run a Bank Account. Making sure that all Government revenues are no longer paid into multiple amorphous Accounts like it was under all of his predecessors as President was a smart move and a master stroke, but it is hardly enough.

All of those initiatives have helped to bring some accountability to the Squander mania and looting of the Nigerian treasury by the ruling elites of Nigeria, but he should and could have done more but did not, because he was either too sick or too weak to fully help himself. He surely does not possess some of the natural attributes and inclinations of a Murtala Mohammed, President Kigame of Rwanda or President Magifuli of Tanzania who believed in leading by example and who did not send mixed messages by what they say and what they end up doing like Buhari is doing.

Above all Nigerians have now discovered much to their dismay, that the PDP and the APC are nothing but two sides of the same coin. One is decidedly worse than the other but they are both irredeemably corrupt and pathetic.

The PDP and President Jonathan refused to bring General Momoh to book for his role in rigging Ekiti Elections for Governor Fayose and the PDP on June 20, 2014 but chose to victimize Army Captain Koli who chose to expose the rigging. But for Sahara Reporters who exposed the rigging and who kept on harping on the crime in the Social Media, President Buhari was just too complacent to address the horrendous development with utmost urgency and when he took action he seemed to have done it with palpable hesitation and reluctance. General Momoh ought to have been fired or retired immediately Buhari took office, and Captain Sagir Koli ought to have received immediate gratification and recognition for what he did as a worthy whistle blower.

Jonathan made his Security Adviser, Colonel Dasuki his ATM machine to loot the Nigerian Treasury.  Buhari is doing pretty much the same thing today by allowing Dr. Baru, his General Manager or MD at the NNPC to break all the rules and protocols and to turn the NNPC into his own private Estate because he saw himself as a sacred cow who has the ear of the President and could bypass his boss Kachiuku to award contracts worth 25 billion Dollars without any outrage from Mr. Clean the President.

There are few individuals like El Rufai the Governor of Kaduna State, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State and a few others in the APC who appear less corrupt and would probably have done a better job than Buhari if elected President, but Nigeria suffers from the jinx of putting all its bets on the weakest link in the chain more often than not.

Corrupt and tarnished Individuals like Bukola Saraki the Senate President and other vampires like Dino Melaye are both APC msenator but they are looting the Nigerian Treasury as if they have never left the PDP. President Buhari is just too weak and too crippled to call them to order or sanction them in any way. The APC controls the majority in both Houses of Parliament but Buhari could not use that majority to abrogate or amend the Immunity Clause in the obnoxious Nigerian Constitution to meet the popular demand of the great majority of Nigerians.

I knew Buhari way back when he was only a Captain in the Nigerian Army and before his promotion to Major. I was Assistant Secretary Army in the Nigerian Army Headquarters for close to 3 years around the time in the ministry of Defense. Like most northerners in the Nigerian Military, I knew Buhari, a ram rod straight Fulani guy from Daura. He has always been a sacred cow but a very upright and disciplined one at the time. As he progressed by promotion in the chain of command, he had become at one point in his career the Military Governor of the North Eastern State out of which no less than 6 states have now been created and long before 1983 when he finally became Head of State for 20 months thru another coup led by himself and Tunde Idiagbon.

The guy has always held the most lucrative and juicy jobs in Nigeria and could easily have become a multi Billionaire if not a Trillionaire like Olusegun Obasanjo, Theophillus Danjumah, Ibrahim Babangida and Sani Abacha and Abdulsalam Abubakar and the rest of them minus General Yakubu Gowon who is as poor as a Church rat today despite all of the opportunities he has had from age 32 to milk Nigeria dry.

Buhari is no longer the Buhari I used to know. The man who has to borrow some 27 million Naira to buy his Party Nomination card for President knew he had to do something to help himself. The complete transformation or metamorphosis has already taken place. The man may never have seen the four walls of a University and many dispute the fact that he even completed High School but the man is not a dummy by any stretch of the imagination even though he lacked the fiery eloquence of a Tafawa Balewa, Maithama Sule,  Abba Zorou,  Abubakar Rimi, Jerry Gana or Professor Yadudu, but the man surely knows his onions and how to chart his course to get to where he needs to be in the Nigerian Military Establishment but not how to drain the swamp of Corruption in Nigeria his hands are not completely clean.

His alliance and camaraderie with the Jagaban Asiwaju Tinubu's ACN in the Southwest was a good and strategic move that paid off big time and got him the civilian presidency on a platter of gold after three failed attempts over a period of 30 years. He knew enough not to resign as President despite his failing health so the State and Nigerian tax payers can continue to pick up his Hospital Bills.

The guy is alive today because of oil money from the South and he is still bent on running again even if he has to be carried to his swearing ceremony on a stretcher from his Hospital bed in large part because the North would never let anyone rob them of their chance to complete their 8 years in the seat of power. Any President who would make Ayo Fayose look rational in some of his criticism of him cannot be a dependable leader in my opinion. Buhari is that kind of leader right now. I don't know about you!

Buhari has lost credibility as a Corruption fighter. His new policy is to join them if he cannot beat them. The true Corruption fighters in Nigeria among others as I see it are talented Rudolf Okonkwo and gifted and charismatic Adeola Fayeun of Sahara Reporters with their regular slots on Your Tube.  If I have to choose who will make a good President for Nigeria today, my first pick would be Omoyele Sowore or Rudolf Okonkwo or pretty and eloquent Adeola Fayeun for their stand on Corruption and other malfeasance in Nigeria.

Buhari, in all honesty, is long past his prime and he has outlived his usefulness and should just retire to go enjoy his multiple pensions and gratuity and to go take care of his health which will continue to be paid for by Government till he dies because Nigeria has the most generous pension scheme for all his leaders in power including legislators who go to the Parliament to sleep and to loot the Nigerian Treasury for doing nothing, and to have their Government Quarters  sold to them for a fraction of their market value in accordance to a scheme put in place by Obasanjo and perfected by his successors in Government.

That being said, my main focus in this article is to condemn the role played by Buhari in the feud between Dr. Baru of the NNPC and Dr. Kachiuku, the junior Minister of Petroleum to senior Minister Buhari who has doubled down as the Almighty President of the Republic who is decidedly siding with Dr. Baru to literarily ignore his supervising Minister and to award contracts worth 25 billion Dollars without going thru the Tenders Board or his supervisory Minister.

The born-to-rule NNPC Managing Director has direct access that was denied the junior Minister of Petroleum who dances around in his village as a titular War Chief wearing a toga made from the skin of a Leopard pretty much like the public crier who accompanies the Oonirisa everywhere he goes. Kachiuku is nothing more than a paper tiger in his role as junior Petroleum Minister. The tail is wagging the dog in the NNPC. He and Dr. Baru finally went to Abuja to have the President adjudicate their feud. Guess who won?  It was Dr. Baru for sure. Buhari is just too weak, too biased and compromised to lead any corruption fight in Nigeria.

Rudolf Okonkwo and Adeola Fayeun of Sahara Reporters have put their search light on the scandal with their satire programs on you tube in a language every Dick and Harry can understand. What baffles me in the unfolding drama is the fact that nothing would appear to have changed in Nigeria. Corruption is worse off today anywhere you look in Nigeria including the Judiciary where it is so hard to get justice. There are few Saints and local champions to be found, here and there, but they are clearly in the minority and they are unsung heroes who hardly get noticed.

In 1986 I attended an interview with 12 other candidates for the job of Deputy General Manager to the Allajah Steel Complex near Warri. Mr. Fred Brume was the Managing Director at the time while late Ambassador Martin Adelusimo Adegbulu and Chief Luyi Rotimi, a Deputy MD of the Nigerian Stock Exchange at the time were all on the Interview panel.

Chie Luyif Rotimi had come to stand in for his boss Mr. Alile the MD of the Nigerian Stock Exchange at the time. Mr. M.A Adeyanju from Ekiti was Secretary for Mines and Power in charge of the Steel Complex which was supervised by the Ministry of Mines and Power headed by Professor Tam David West as Federal Commissioner under President Ibrahim Babangida with Chief Oluyemi Falae as Secretary to Government as I recall.

I came first at the Interview with a score of 78 out of 100 with my runner-up scoring 62.  I was to get the job by the unanimous consensus of the Panel. Guess who eventually got the job. It was one sacred cow Mohammed from Kano who came from nowhere and who did not even attend the interview. It was the last straw that broke the Camel's back for me. That was one of the reasons I decided to retire from the Federal Public Service, and to check out of Nigeria and to permanently relocate to America. Only God knows how many southerners were discriminated against like that and forced to flee the country out of frustration.

I tell this story not to gloat but to emphasize the need for change in our leaders and the born-to-rule streak of the average northerner and their feeling of entitlement to do as they like because of their state of origin.

I guess the northerners are not the only one to blame, the few southerners  like Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan were equally guilty of the same malfeasance but the most guilty were the northerners who ruled Nigeria for close to 38 years of Military rule in Nigeria and under civilian Presidents like Shehu Shagari and Umara Yar Adua.

I recall that the Sokoto Prince and London School of Economics product, named "Tripple A" Alhaji Abubakar Alhaji as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Planning and Finance for many years was a good example. He used to behave pretty much like Dr. Baru under President Shehu Shagari as I recall. He was even more powerful than the President. I am not knocking him now for what he did. He was, in fact, a very brilliant man and one of the best Permanent Secretaries to come from the North but he knew he was a born-to-rule and he did not shy away from using that leverage and influence.

Nigeria would never have peace and stability and there is going to be agitation for Restructure or break-up and more autonomy and justice from the double standard and emotional bondage that most southerners are subjected to in the Commonwealth of Nigeria because the more things appear to change in Nigeria, the more they remain the same. I was pissed off by Dr. Baru's behavior and the way it was handled by President Buhari.

The only Organization I know fighting Corruption in Nigeria with consistency and with the persistence of a demon is the Sahara Reporters and their two ace reporters namely Dr. Damages Rudolf Okonkwo and Adeola Fayeun.

You would have thought that Buhari and his Government would have joined hands with Sahara to seriously confront Corruption in Nigeria. But rather than doing that, Buhari and his Government appear to see Omoyele Sowore and his Sahara Reporters as enemies to be persecuted and pilloried and frustrated and discredited.

The current President of the Nigerian Senate Bukola Saraki and DinoMelaye one of the most corrupt Senators and juggernauts in the so-called APC have both declared war on Sahara and doing everything in their power to persecute and intimidate the Company and to shut it down if they can with spurious charges and futile litigations that cannot be sustained or won in a Court of Law.

President Buhari is an accomplice in that effort because he is just too weak to call his Party men to order or simply show leadership or some gratitude for what Omoyele Sowore and his team have been doing. I know Omoyele. I work with him. I know he will never let go on his mission to wrestle Corruption to the ground regardless of any harassment or intimidation by the Buhari or the forces of evil within his Government.

Rudolf Okonkwo and Adeola Fayeun have become the gold standard for exposing Corruption in Nigeria and fighting it with their God-given talent. I am therefore dedicating this article to the two amiable and brilliant reporters.

Take it or leave it. The Future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious and those like Omoyele Sowore, Rudolf Okonkwo and Adeola Fayeun and their team at Sahara who are bending over backwards to fight Corruption in Nigeria and to make a difference despite all of the obstacles placed on their way by some individuals in Government.

I rest my case.

Donald Trump lacks the capacity to differentiate between the Truth and Falsehood. It is baffling that America now has a President who is out to seek immediate gratification and congratulations for his platitudes and marketing genius than any concrete achievements or enduring legacies that would touch other peoples' lives other than his own. His insatiable lust for money and self-praise and self-aggrandizement is larger than life. His flammable temperament and his dictatorial inclinations and tendencies make him the wrong person to lead a nation of immigrants and a rainbow coalition of interests and ethnicity. I quit writing about him for some time due to Trump fatigue and because I have come to the conclusion he is irredeemable.

President Trump and his base support are yet to fully understand that because some behaviors in Government are legal on paper does not make it right or ethical. Most British politicians understand that prism as a rule and they all defer to that principle without being pushed or coerced. That explains why a dubious character like Donald Trump could under never have emerged as a nominee of either the Labor or the Conservative Party in Great Britain under any circumstance. I lived and schooled in London and I knew that for a fact.

The British do not have a written Constitution and they do not need one because they all subscribe, first and foremost, to what is fit and proper in a decent and civilized society governed by the Rule of Laws which are formulated and legislated in the Mother of Parliament while the Judiciary is left to interpret those Laws and the members of the 4th Estate of the Realm otherwise called the Media have a duty to keep everything in check and to expose, publicize and ostracize any violators of the Law regardless of their status or position in society.

Not even His Royal Majesty the King or Queen of England talk less of politicians and legislators in the House of Commons and the prestigious House of Lords are exempted. Any British Prime Minister who loses a vote of confidence on the floor of the Parliament immediately calls for a new Election to test and renew his mandate with the electorates. You don't have such discipline and decency that in American Politics hence charlatans like Donald Trump can remain in power for 4 years unless he is impeached or forced to resign.

It is not against the Law in Britain or America to lie or shade the truth or speak in hyperbole if you are not under oath like Donald Trump has done times without number without losing any sleep. He would long have been forced to quit or resign in Britain, if he were Prime Minister just to save the country of any further embarrassment. It is a different ballgame, however, in the United States, and more so, ever since Donald Trump became President.

The new normal under the Trump Presidency is to lie as often as possible with a bold face or to quickly turn the table on those accusing you. Donald Trump is quick to label his detractors and critics as disseminators of fake News or alternative truth whatever that means. He very quickly turned against San Juan Mayor of Puerto Rico for raising needed alarm that her people are dying due to the sloppiness and the logistical inertia of Federal Authorities who clearly got a leg-up from accurate Weather Forecast in America and should have been better prepared to anticipate another Katrina and to take preemptive action ahead of time to be ready for the Hurricane Holocaust that had done so much havoc to Puerto Rico and Virgin islands. The Mayor was the truth teller in that context and the American President was simply the Braggadocio King of Sleaze to say the least.

Donald Trump praises himself if no one would praise him and he raises empty expectation, by talking in superlatives and cheap hyperbole. He is deeply troubled in his mind about how he got to the White House but cannot afford allow that truth to show in his body language as he tries to make the best of very bad situation while praying that somehow people will not take notice.  He is still surviving by his boot straps because the Republican Party that has more or less condoned his treasonable felony with Vladimir Putin and the KGB has lost its moral compass and values because the Party has been crippled by indecision and vacillation on what to do about their own Nebuchadnezzar in the White House.

I cannot help but wonder as I write this piece about what would have happened if Hillary Clinton had actually won the election as expected and predicted in most opinion polls in America and around the world. Donald Trump who had threatened he would not have conceded defeat because he was so sure his collusion with the KGB which had gone undetected by Obama would simply have meant that the election had been rigged in favor of Hillary. He could not anticipate losing the Electoral College tally in particular based on what he and his collaborators had done in the 5 swing states of America.

Most people, myself included, had thought he was just bluffing when he made those threats but it is now crystal clear from his behavior close to one year after his miraculous victory that he would have created a Constitutional crisis and turned the Presidency into a living Hell if Hillary had managed to win.

He predictably would have gone to the Supreme Court now dominated by the Republicans to dispute the election and he would have used his criminal collusion with the Russian to further muddy the waters for Hillary by relying on Cyber Espionage which had been perfected by the KGB as we are now finding out in a drip- drip scenario from all of the investigations being conducted by the Media, the Congressional Hearings and by Robert Mueller the Independent Prosecutor about  any role Putin and the KGB might have played  in helping Trump to win. Hillary would not have been able to govern had she found some way to win the Electoral College tally as well as the popular vote which she clearly won by more than 3 million votes.

Trump had won by relying heavily on the KGB which had used Facebook, WikiLeaks and falsified Tweeter accounts to target millions of Clinton voters in the 5 swing states of Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Florida and Pennsylvania to turn the table on Hillary.

The facts are now gradually coming out in bits and pieces, and we now know how Vladimir Putin had managed to put Donald Trump in the White House by working hand in hand with some criminally-minded individuals like Manafort and few American institutions and collaborators to destabilize and undermine Democracy in a move that would go down in infamy.

What are most troubling in the development are two pertinent observations. The first is the willingness of the Republican Party to play along with Donald Trump and to coronate him as their nominee even when they had cause to suspect from day one that he was a crook and a pathological liar who had used the same strategy he had used to torpedo Hillary, to earlier on flush out all of the17 more trustworthy Republican candidates that ran against him like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Paul Rand, Ted Cruz and John Kasich to mention a few.

The second was the reluctance and the mistake of President Obama and the Democrats to correctly read the tea leaf at the nick of time and to expose the Russians once it became clear that the 17 American Intelligence Agencies thru intelligence intercepts had detected Russian Espionage to hack the American elections and more so the Democratic Headquarters and to undermine American Democracy from the top by putting their stooge in the White House.

The Obama Administration and the Clinton Campaign by extension had underrated the Russian collusion and conspiracy with the Trump Campaign team to make Hillary lose by putting all of their eggs in one basket and all of their hopes on opinion polls.

The KGB clearly saw that and they put in motion some clandestine strategies to give Hillary and the Democrats a false sense of security that Hillary was going to win by a landslide and that explained why Donald Trump had begun to fly the kite that if he lost, he would never concede defeat. Either way, Vladimir Putin and the KGB would have achieved their goal thru their rear guard action. They knew that if America was in turmoil, Russia would remain free to pursue its Geo political ambitions and competition with America without let or hindrance.

That is why Chris Matthews is exactly right when he continues to ask what is the strategic urgency of the Trump's plans and policies in North Korea, in Iran, in Afghanistan, in NATO, in the Ukraine and Crimea and in wanting to reverse all of the policies that had worked so well to guarantee Peace around the world for America and her Allies for close to a century?

The man who campaigned on draining the swamp is doing the exact opposite by importing a few more alligators and crocodiles of his own by appointing a few more millionaires like him like Minuchin and Price with so much conflict of interest like him and who have no problems at all taking undue advantage of their position in Government under a President with no moral scruples and who believes he can do no wrong at all, because he is far smarter than any of his predecessors.

Donald Trump himself has become the Swamp indiscriminately using the Air Force One and renting his 5 star Hotels at exorbitant prices to his Cabinet members and billing the Federal Government 5 times the price per night. At the rate Trump he is going and combined with all of the Havoc done to America by the Hurricanes, there is no telling where all these financial Hemorrhage is going to leave America if the man survives in office for 4 years,

Trump claimed to know more than all of the American Generals combined and there is no smarter negotiator than him anywhere in the world. He strongly believes he is the only one with enough brains and guts to put Vladimir Putin in his place by first making overtures him and rewarding him for helping him to achieve his goal to be President of the United States. He remains the only one in America who can tame Vladimir Putin and suddenly stop him and his KGB from going ahead to undermine and compromise Democracy. Putin has seen vulnerability in America that he could continue to exploit. The stench of Corruption in the Trump Administration is fast becoming unbearable and unsustainable because Trump is taking a script from Vladimir Putin.

That is why America needs to get to the bottom of the Russian hacking of American elections to prevent a reoccurrence in the future. Vladimir Putin's success in America has emboldened him to want to try the same thing in Great Britain, in France and more recently in Germany where Angela Merkel quickly moved to neutralize Russia and its plan to sabotage the German election just like he did to the French election.

Donald Trump does not tell the truth on anything. He promised to repeal and replace Obamacare as his first order of business and to extend medical coverage to all Americans including those with pre-existing conditions and illnesses. It has turned out to be a cock and bull story all the way. He is now promising a Tax Reform but what he is proposing is a Tax Giveaway to one percent of the richest people in America.

Donald Trump has been talking about how well the Relief efforts have been going in embattled Puerto Rico which has been devastated by Hurricane Maria, praising himself and his Administration while the eye witnesses on the ground on the Island and Virgin Island tell a completely different story as told on television by San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz who is now begging Donald Trump to save her people from imminent death and to stop putting a lipstick on a pig like he has been doing telling bogus lies and making the whole world believe his Administration has been performing wonders in Puerto Rico.

US Naval Floating Hospital Ship is just been dispatched to Puerto Rico today from Virginia clearly 8 days after the horrendous devastation of three and a half million citizens of America who are busy crying for help as we speak.

It is almost like Trump took his foot off the gas by blaming logistical problems for his dereliction of duty. Puerto Ricans who live in the Commonwealth are not allowed to vote in American elections and they do not participate in the Electoral College Tally. Only the over one million that live in Florida and the few millions that live in New York and other states of America are granted the right to vote in American elections. Their voices don't count as far as Donald Trump is concerned. The day of reckoning will surely come just like Katrina became the worst yard stick for judging the Bush Presidency for all of his 8 years in office.

I end this piece with my major concern on the danger of dismissing what Vladimir Putin had done to America in the last elections as a witch hunt and "Nothing burger" as Donald Trump and some of his blind loyalists in the Republican Party would have us believe because they strongly believe the same strategy could forever keep power in the hands of the Republican Party because the KGB are never going to let go as warned all of us by the CIA. They are going to repeat what they did because it has been so effective and successful.

Party bickering usually must stop at the Water's edge but Donald Trump does not understand that. The new Republican mantra is hear no evil and see no evil as long as the Russian meddling favors their Party. It is now known that the Russia Meddling goes far deeper than the Clinton versus Trump.

I used to think a whole world of Mr. Zuckerberg and how individuals like him and late Steve Job have revolutionized Cyber Technology like the Apple computers, Facebook and Tweeter Accounts and WhatsApp applications around the globe. Establishing improvised and mini television studios used to be a capital intensive proposition before the You Tube Technology came into prominence. Today you could start a podcast of your own in the comfort of your living room and be able to reach millions around the world in a video and audio presentation free of charge.

The Russians clearly saw that and they decided to work with Zuckerberg and WikiLeaks  to obtain personal data of voters most especially in the swing states of America and to disseminate fake News that carried the potential to completely alter the landscape for candidate they hated because they knew she would not betray or sell America for monetary gain . They used that strategy to infiltrate the American elections and to put Donald trump in the White House. Donald Trump as Commander-in-Chief remains till tomorrow the greatest defender and apologist for Russia.

Where that development leads America still remains to be seen if America does not get to the bottom of what happened. We are all trusting on Robert Mueller to help establish all of the facts by connecting the dots of the greatest scandal and embarrassment the country has ever suffered in the hands of Russia. Many will surely go to jail and the Trump Presidency will come to an abrupt end. It is a prediction

I rest my case.

The Trump Presidency is a case study in bad and grossly incompetent leadership. The man is simply temperamentally and mentally incompetent to lead a great and powerful nation like America. All he is telling America is to trust him but how do you trust a weather cock and a pathological liar who can change his mind at any time and reverse himself without any acknowledgment or apology? When he fails to deliver on any promise, he quickly declares victory and move on because he creates his own reality and illusion and that is the way he has operated for much of his adult life as a 5 year old baby trapped in a 71 year old body.

That you have a power like a lion does not mean that you can use that power like a lion does in the Wild. A good leader does not start his tenure by trashing and totally discrediting all of his predecessors in office, only to go back to what they did without any feeling of shame or remorse. You would have thought he was going to summarily withdraw American troops from Afghanistan with immediate effect given all of his condemnation of the American Policy in that country for 17 years. Trump is like a dog going back to his vomit and doing so with shameless levity.

With more than 6 months in the most powerful seat of power in the World he is still behaving pretty much like the hoodlum and the unrepentant  and diabolical businessman and risk taker that he was before he walked his way to the Presidency  thru a combination of factors including some treasonable collusion with a foreign adversary to irredeemably damage his major opponent who beat him by more than 3 million in the popular vote but still narrowly lost the election to him due to some outdated Electoral College conundrum.

Trump is so terribly troubled by guilty conscience if he has any that he could not get himself out of the siege mentality he put himself into by pulling off one of the worst upset victories in American election by subterfuge and by dining with the devil and sleeping with scorpions in his effort to rationalize and legitimize his strange victory in that election. He sees every opposition to his victory as a plan to delegitimize his Presidency and as Fake News which is the major plank of his victory in that election. Can you imagine Theresa May or Queen Elizabeth describing BBC, the mother of all Television stations in the world as Fake News!

Well Donald Trump has done that by tarnishing New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN, the most trusted name in News as Fake News just because they totally disagree with his view of the World. Thank God. Americans do not sleep with their heads turned in the same direction. There is always room for a second opinion but Donald Trump is trying to silence or obliterate that room which is why the silent majority is vehemently opposed to him and his perverted ideology.

He behaves as if he is still actively at war with Barack Obama the first black President and Hillary Clinton who was robbed of her victory by a devious Trump working hand in hand with the KGB to make Trump President by all means because Russian Vladimir Putin saw Trump as the weakest link in the American chain and the best possible way to reverse some of the traumatic losses Russia has endured in her endless rivalry and competition with America which has resulted in the dissolution of the old Soviet Union,  the Warsaw Pact and the dismemberment of the 15 Russian Republics which have already joined or are all making overtures to join NATO.

Donald Trump began his Presidency by promising America the Moon but has so far woefully failed to deliver on that promise, but the guy would bold-facedly tell anyone who cares to listen he is the greatest achiever and problem solver in the world who can make an omelet without breaking an egg. If you believe him, you will believe anything.

He started his Presidency by taking sides with Russia against NATO and the European Union. He started by taking sides with the Christians to vilify and blackmail the Islamic World. When that campaign blew up in his face, he shifted his emphasis to divide and rule by declaring war he can never win with Islam and by siding with the Wahhabi sect of Islam led by Saudi Arabia against the Shiites led by Iran. It is a rivalry that has existed for centuries but Donald Trump in his delusion thinks that taking sides is going to advance his own agenda to change the pillars and the fundamentals that have held the World together under all of his predecessors before Donald Trump showed up his ugly face.

He had to demonize North Korea for aspiring to become a nuclear nation as a leveler to guarantee her own security and sovereignty as a nation. His policy is to incite China, Japan and South Korea against North Korea to perpetually keep the Korean Peninsula in a state of war to make way for the American domination of the Pacific. In doing so he completely forgets that China as the dominant world Power in that region has her own economic  self-interest  which does not want to see a crippled and defeated  North Korea which would give America a clear edge in the Korean Peninsula and thereby constitute a bigger threat to China down the road if not immediately.

A crippled North Korea could lead to the influx of refugees to China at an alarming rate that could be very detrimental to China and her progress as the next Super Power in that region and in the whole world whether America likes it or not. Trump calls himself a uniter but he is truly a divider per excellence and a great threat to World Peace, all things considered.

His new Policy in the South Asia region with some emphasis on Afghanistan is like pouring gasoline to that region and looking for a match to ignite an inferno by inciting India, a nuclear power against Pakistan, another nuclear nation. The two nations have been rivals for as long as any of us can remember. By trying to lure India into the Afghanistan quagmire, Donald Trump is playing with fire.  Afghanistan is not called the grave of the Imperialist for nothing. Russia with all her power tried to subjugate Afghanistan but it had to beat a retreat with ignominy.

The most troubling aspect of the Trump's so-called agenda in Afghanistan is his abrasive declaration that Trump is there to win. There is no way in the world that Trump can win the way he has described. He gleefully declares he is not there for nation building but how do you help Afghanistan mend and heal without some element of nation-building strategy which would be devoted to do four goals as listed below:

Realistically reduce the level of violence in that countryRegain all of the territories already lost to the TalibansBuild a workable constitutional Government and the rule of LawCooperatively work with Pakistan thru whose territory all of the help coming from the rest of the

World must pass thru to reach Afghanistan.

Much of what Donald Trump is saying is easier said than done. I could care less how Paul Ryan and Lindsey Graham say about the so-called Trump Doctrine which he says is condition-based.  Much of what he is saying is contradictory in practical terms, and would prove totally unworkable when the rubber meets the road. Trump is setting no time frame for American disengagement and no fixed number of troops in a country that is war-weary and in a country that quickly turns against those in authority when the coffins start returning home draped with American flags.

Americans like most humans want to go to Heaven but they hate to die but there is no way you get to Heaven without first tasting Death.  If the going gets tough, America would simply beat a retreat pretty much like the Russians did when they faced a similar cul-de-sac in Afghanistan or when America faced a similar conundrum in Vietnam. Donald Trump told a bogus lie when he says Americans have never lost a war. They sure did in Vietnam and even arguably so in Japan which they had to rebuild after destroying the country. The same thing could presumably happen to North and South Korea if America succeeds in destroying it like they did to Germany after the Second World War. Those who fail to learn from History are doomed to repeat it. The so-called Trump Doctrine is a time bomb waiting to explode. It is not a strategic or realistic doctrine as far as I am concerned. It is a doctrine based on quick sand.

The good part is that Donald Trump owns the Afghanistan policy right now and he would have no one but himself to blame if things turn ugly as they sure will. The scary part is that Donald Trump always finds some way to blame others but himself when things get ugly. A good leader takes responsibility for his actions to regroup and re-strategize.  "Mad Dog" General Mathis, his Defense Secretary and brain box dodged the bullet when he tactically forced his boss to own up to the Afghanistan Policy and to make it impossible for Donald Trump to put all the blame on the Generals if things don't work out as envisaged.

My hypothesis is that Trump is not that kind of a trust-worthy leader .He is all beef but no cattle. He remains a pathological liar so temperamentally unqualified to lead the best experiment in Human History and the most powerful nation on Earth.

I rest my case.

I do acknowledge a yawning gap between the America and Nigeria that cannot be ignored or swept under the carpet. I do see, however, some striking similarities between a former President of Nigeria and the current President of the United States. Their attitude to power and how they have both managed to destroy the reputation and credibility of their two countries have become a serious cause for alarm around the world.

Donald Trump calls himself a change agent who could turn America into an Eldorado nobody has ever seen before. Ibrahim Babangida on the other hand came to office thru military coup with a promise to fundamentally make Nigeria a better country but he ended up crippling and screwing up the country beyond redemption.

Three world events inform my decision to write this article. The current investigation of the Russian hacking of American elections and the role of Donald Trump who knew he could never have been President without some covert help from the KGB and Vladimir Putin.  The second event is the recent confession by an 80 year old British Intelligence Officer Mr. Hopkins who on his death bed in Britain has just confessed much to the embarrassment of the British Monarchy that he killed Princess Diana on the orders of the Royal Family. The last and not the least is the recent confession of Ibrahim Babangida about why he annulled the June 12, 1993 election of M.K.O Abiola as President of Nigeria despite all the lies he has told before.

Donald Trump is doing everything in his power to obstruct the Russian Investigation, and to stop the investigation panels from having any access to his tax returns and business and financial transactions all over the world that could very easily link him to the Russians and the Kremlin and the KGB with effortless ease. Trump is behaving like a 4th grader with no coherent strategy to get himself out of the hole he has dug himself into He has kept on digging and putting himself into more serious legal jeopardy every day.

Trump like Babangida passionately believes he is smarter than all of his predecessors. Trump was a product of the Watson School of Business believes he is smarter than the Harvard trained Constitutional lawyer Obama. Babangida, the last time I checked, felt the same way about Buhari the less corrupt leader he ousted in 1985.

Trump and Babangida are two birds of the same feather whose names would go down in infamy for some of the crimes they have both committed against their two countries. Donald Trump actually used Disinformation Espionage and fake News manufactured by the KGB to mislead the Obama Administration to lie low on stopping the Russian hacking of American elections before it became an inferno as confirmed by Secretary Johnson of Homeland Security .Obama did not want to be accused of being too overtly partisan in going after the Russians or openly rocking the boat at a time all the pundits and opinion polls were pointing to a Hillary land slide. That stance could be a mistake on hindsight, but it was arguably the right position to take at the time.

Babangida had pretty much used a similar strategy to mislead and deceive M.K.O Abiola and to ensure Alhaji Tofa victory in 1993 but the unexpected happened when Abiola won the election in a land slide instead. Babangida annulled the election right away by saying he was advised so to do by Obasanjo and some prominent southern politicians.

IBB has waited for nearly 25 years to tell the truth only a few days ago when he finally admitted that he annulled the election to satisfy Sani Abacha and David Mark who had their eyes on taking their turns to succeed IBB as President of Nigeria in a sequential order.

Donald Trump and Ibrahim Babangida are like Siamese twins. Their persona and modus operandi are so strikingly similar. They are both very ambitious, paranoid individuals who are prepared and willing to dine with the Devil to achieve their goal.

Donald Trump had done his homework before entering the race for President of the United States and he realized all he needed to win was to demonize his opponent and to damage her beyond redemption in few of the swing states she is supposed to win to have any chance of winning the Electoral College tally. He saw the need to collaborate with a foreign adversary but do it in such a way that even if he lost in the end, he would have made it impossible for his opponent to govern.

That was why he served notice long before the election that he would not concede defeat if he lost because it would simply mean that the election had been rigged. He flew that kite or made that bluff to micro-manage Obama from going all out to call out the Russians. He repeated the same strategy when he bluffed and lied that that a tape of the James Comey's conversation with him in the White House would be produced at some point. It was a bogus lie told to threaten or intimidate Comey from talking too much.

Trump also made a statement that should have given everybody a pause that win or lose, that he would be the first candidate ever in the History of American Politics to make a profit out of running for President pretty much like IBB did when he became richer than the whole country and wasn't going to voluntarily quit the presidency until he was forced out. The way Trump is going there is a slim possibility he might never leave office when his time is up.  He is clearly learning the rope from Vladimir Putin who has remained in power for more than 17 years and counting.

Trump broke all the rules in the book to defeat 16 Republican candidates who were better qualified and more experienced than him by using Russian Espionage to blackmail them one by one after signing an iron-clad "quid pro quo" agreement with Vladmir Putin that would put a provision in the Republican Platform he planned to run on at the Convention in Denver. The Republican platform was to be watered down  to relax or remove all the sanctions put in place by the Obama Administration against Russia for her incursions and adventures into Ukraine and the Crimea and the other Russian Republics which have since joined NATO or were on their way to doing so.

Trump was also to discredit the European Union and NATO to give Russia a fighting chance to correct some of the mistakes that heralded the dismemberment and the fall of the old Soviet Union in the name of "Perestroika" What was mind-boggling in the whole development was the Republican inclination to go along with Donald Trump to appease or accommodate the Russians..

Governance in Nigeria and in America can be poles apart if you see what I see. What we have in Nigeria is Animal Farm compared to America where the Rule of Law is far more sacrosanct and more rigidly observed by the landlords in the White House until Donald Trump and his KGB collaborators came on board as many of the ongoing investigations would show if they are not compromised or discredited along the line by the Republicans hell-bent on saving Donald Trump.

America used to be totally different from where it is headed today under a Trump presidency. It was a country where all of the Presidents minus George Washington, the first President became President by formally running for office as a nominee of any particular Party. George Washington became President from 1789 to 1797 by acclamation and consensus rather than by formal elections like we have today when two nominees from the two dominant Parties have to lock horns or compete for the peoples' votes.

That is why you never hear any American refer to their Party as Party of George Washington like you hear the Republican Party describe their Party as the Party of Abe Lincoln while the Democrats occasionally describe their Party as the Party of FDR.

The position of President in America carries so much prestige and dignity that most Americans expect their President to be totally above board like Caesar's wife. It is inconceivable in times gone by to have Americans openly call their President a pathological liar like they all do now to Donald Trump with impunity.

Donald Trump was a filthy-rich Real Estate Business mogul and a cerebral public figure before he ran for the highest political office in the country. Ibrahim Babangida on the other hand had enlisted in the Military and had risen thru the ranks while actively participating in all of the Nigerian coups before the one in 1985 that saw him taking over the reins of power from General Muhammadu Buhari for more than 8 years till 1993 when he was forced by circumstances beyond his control to voluntarily" "step aside".

IBB inaugurated Ernest Shonekan as interim President for a few months before Sani Abacha staged his own bloodless coup to remain in power for another 5 years. Ibrahim Babangida was the first military Head of State to assume the title of executive President of Nigeria even though he was never elected. He chose to make his fellow northerner and Muslim Sani Abacha his number 2 without anyone raising a finger.

All subsequent military Presidents after him took the same title but they all tried to balance their ticket by picking their number 2 from the South if the President was from the North.  General Abdulsalam Abubakar had picked Rear Admiral Okhai Mike Akhigbe, a southerner as his number 2 for one year during which they had the 1999 Nigerian Constitution put together and forced down the throat of the country without any discussion or formal ratification by the people before it was used to elect Olusegun Obasanjo from 1999 to 2007.

It is unprecedented to have any Nigerian President and any American President that behave the way that Ibrahim Babangida and Donald Trump have behaved as President. You could actually make the case from this analogy that that Donald Trump is General Babangida on steroid.

Ibrahim Babangida remains the "Fon et origo" of most the maladies and malfeasance that have held Nigeria hostage and has gotten worse ever since he left office in 1993 and never again to return. He institutionalized Corruption in Nigeria and he made sure he advanced the northern agenda far more aggressively and proactively than any other Hausa/Fulani leader in the history of Nigeria.

I.B.B defied the conventional wisdom we have grown accustomed to in Nigeria by picking the number two man in his Administration from the same zone with him. Sani Abacha from Kano was his Chief of Staff of the Supreme Military Council and his number 2. You could draw some similarity with what Trump has done by militarizing the US Government even more than Dwight Ike Eisenhower who was allied Commander in Europe before becoming President. Trump has surrounded himself with an array of Generals and he has more less turned American Government into a Monarchy while ejecting his family members into Government and doing so with impunity like no other President before him.

Ibrahim Babangida went all out to impose a northern ticket on Nigeria with the stroke of his pen. He moved very quickly to move the nation's capital from Lagos to Abuja and he made sure that the job of Federal Territory Minister remains the exclusive preserve of the northerners. He clandestinely changed the status of Nigeria not as an observer nation in IOC but as a full-fledged member and he made sure that the oil sector of Nigeria remained firmly in the hands of northerners who became multi- millionaires at the expense of South where the oil came from.

Babangida conducted the fairest and the freest election in Nigeria by creating two Government funded political parties but he annulled the result of that election when the result did not go the way he had wanted. He introduced assassination of political enemies and suppression of freedom of the Press and Expression in Nigeria when he got Dele Giwa killed with a letter bomb to stop him from exposing his complicity in the release of Gloria Okonkwo who was publicized as having died in prison for drug pushing, but was actually released and was living comfortably in London under a false identity. Babangida incriminated his friend and classmate, General Mamman Vatsa in a phantom coup and he took him out because he saw him as a threat. Donald Trump would do the same thing in a heartbeat to anybody that got in his way.

IBB only had to worry about silencing the Newswatch and his fearless Chief Editor in Nigeria because he already had the main Media in his pocket by silencing them with bribery and corruption. Right now in Nigeria it is only Sahara Reporters News Media based outside Nigeria that is able to criticize or expose the Nigerian Government without being closed down or totally silenced by Government. The situation was worse under IBB because Sahara was not around at the time.

In America, Donald Trump had to worry not just about the Print Media like powerful New York Times and Washington Post who do their own independent investigation of any President or Government without any fear or favor. Trump has to worry about hundreds of fearless reporters across the country like many from the CNN, many from MSNBC and other powerful channels across the country which could not be silenced or muzzled by Government.

How for goodness sake can Donald Trump muzzle individuals like Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, Chris Matthews of  MSNBC talk less of Jake Tapper, Chris Cuomo, Fareed Zakaria , Poppy Hallow  to mention a few at CNN who could not be micromanaged or silence by Donald Trump?

What of honest individuals in Government like James Comey, Ms. Yates, Robert Mueller  and independent-minded legislators like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Adam Schipps, Chuck Schumer, Elijah Cummings and Dianne Feinstein to mention a few top guns on both sides of the isle who cannot be silenced or muzzled . That was why and how IBB was able to do a lot more damage to the corporate interest of Nigeria than Donald Trump could possibly do to America. Whistle blowers in America are just too many and too powerful for comfort for any dictator.

IBB got Julius Berger to build him a proto-type of the Presidential Villa at his Mountain top Estate in Minna in his preparation for his retirement. He made sure he put all his handpicked Lieutenants like Abacha, David Mark in position of power where he could continue to call the shots long after he has relinquished power. He remains a narcissist and pathological liar just like Donald Trump who would say one thing and do the exact opposite as long as the lie advances his personal agenda.  Thank God for freedom of expression which is not a mere slogan in America like it is in Nigeria.

When you talk of two American Presidents who can be described as being clever by half, the two names that readily come to mind are Richard Nixon and Donald Trump and arguably Bill Clinton who technically argue he did not have sexual relations with Monika Lewinski but later had to admit on oath that he actually did with his back against the wall. He made the confession to avoid being charged for Perjury and that was how he escaped impeachment by a whisker.

Donald Trump is not going to be that lucky as the noose tightens around his neck for Obstruction of Justice and few other ethical or criminal violations in his Tax returns and other financial transactions around the world. Babangida could easily have been impeached and found guilty of obstruction of Justice because he too was being clever by half when he denied he did not kill Dele Giwa.  He escaped because he was a military dictator.

Donald Trump on the other hand is now being clever by half and would surely be found guilty of Obstruction of Justice at the minimum and of perjury for lying under oath if he maintains his stand that he did not collude with Vladimir Putin to hack American elections as many proofs of that become manifest when Robert Mueller and the Congressional Committees complete their on-going investigations. Republicans would dodge and weave as they try to cover up for him but their duplicity would not work as more facts come out to nail Donald Trump. Republicans would all have to abandon his sinking boat at the last minute if the Nixon saga is anything to go by.

That Donald Trump took a decision to fire James Comey to relieve any pressure on him on the Russian investigation which he admitted on Television and to a delegation of Russians during their visit to him at the Oval Office are definite proofs of Obstruction of Justice that cannot be wished away.

That Donald is now on record to have threatened James Comey that there were tapes that could invalidate his evidence before the Congressional committees is another proof of Obstruction of Justice and intent. That he now wants to blackmail Robert Mueller preparatory to firing him if necessary is another obstruction of Justice. Trump is desperately trying to tarnish or rubbish his Robert Mueller and to discredit his report ahead of time.  That Donald Trump now wants to shift the blame to Obama by asking why Obama did not do something to stop the Russians is not only a diversionary tactic, but another proof of Obstruction of justice to derail the ongoing investigation of him and his campaign team.

The truth is that Obama did a lot to register his disapproval of what the Russians did and to prevent a reoccurrence.  It is Donald Trump who has done nothing to follow up on what Obama has in fact started in the last few weeks of his presidency. It is nobody but Donald Trump who has been bending over backwards to defend and protect the Russians and to stop the investigation of Russia from going forward.

A "prima facie" case of Obstruction of Justice and Perjury have long been made against Trump, if you see what I see. There is no way Donald Trump can dodge the bullet or escape the long hands of the Law in a country governed by the rule of Law.

I rest my case.

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