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All mental disorders are healed when the mind is returned to unified state, God

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Contemporary psychiatry and psychotherapy, so far, has not healed any one of his or her mental disorders. These days' mentally sick folks are given medications. The assumption is that mental disorders were caused by chemical imbalances in the brains and these medications would rebalance the disordered neurochemicals. These medications appear able to manage the symptoms of mental disorders but do not cure them.

Can mental disorders be healed?  Mental disorders can be healed but to do so we first have to understand what caused mental disorders and what mental disorders are.

A mind is sick when it is separated from God; a mind is healed when it is joined to God and if has been disjoined rejoins to God.

All human beings have mental disorders. They have mental disorders because the very act of being in the world of separation is to be mentally disordered. We are all literally mentally disordered; this is because we believe that we are separated from our creator, God.

We believe what is not true to be true (separation is not true) and see people that are not there; we all have delusions and hallucinations; delusions and hallucinations are the definition of psychosis.

The world we see with our physical eyes and the people we see in that world are literally not there and yet we see them hence we all are insane.

In reality, reality is changeless, we are not in forms. We are all part of one unified consciousness. If you like, there is one wave of light. Each of us is a particle of light in that wave of light. Wave and particles are one, literally, not metaphorically.

In religious metaphors, we can say that there is God and God has infinite sons. God and his infinite sons share one self and one mind; where God ends and  his sons begin is nowhere; there is no space and gap between God and his sons for they share one self and one mind.

God is the creator; he is always creating; he creates by extending his self to his sons.

To understand the nature of creating consider light; light is always moving; light is always expanding; God is spiritual light; he is always expanding to new selves, new particles of light; God creates new space where he is expanding into.

God and his sons are literally one.  While they remain one, for they cannot separate from each other, we, the sons of God, decided to separate from him and from each other. We cannot separate from God but we wished to separate from him.

We wished separation because we resented that God created us and we did not create him or create ourselves.  We wanted to be more powerful than God; we wanted to chase God away from his creatorship throne, usurp it and replace him and become the creator of the universe. We cannot accomplish these goals in the spiritual world.

We remain in the unified state that is God and his heaven and, as it were, went to sleep and in our sleep seem to have separated from God and from one another.

You can root this separation to the Big Bang where one particle of light, one son of God that contains all sons of God, emerged in darkness (became an ego, ego is darkness; God is light), shattered and expanded into the space and time it invented.  A part of spiritual light (God's son) invented physical light.

First, it created photons; it combined photons to quarks and used those to form protons and neutrons, and formed electrons directly from photons.

It united protons and neutrons into nuclei. 400, 000 years later it had nuclei capture electrons to form atoms, especially hydrogen atoms.

The universe became a sea of hydrogen atoms.  Millions of years later the sea of hydrogen separated into clumps.

Each clump of hydrogen was acted on by gravity and pressured inwards; pressure and heat led hydrogen to fuse, in the core of hydrogen, into helium and stars were born.

The initial stars were huge and quickly exhausted their hydrogen, and fused to other elements and when the fusion process reached iron the stars exploded (supernova) and in the additional heat of the explosion formed all other elements beyond iron.

There are 92 naturally occurring elements in the universe; scientists have formed additional 20 or so elements in the laboratory.

In time the elements gather to form medium sized stars and planets. Four and half billion years ago the sun and its nine planets, earth included, formed.

On planet earth 64 elements gathered in a pool of water and was heated by lightening to form cells that later became plants and animals, and, ultimately, human bodies.

On planet earth we see ourselves as separated persons housed in bodies. Our bodies are mostly made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, phosphor, iron, zinc, calcium, chlorine, sodium and so on; and those elements are made of electrons, protons and neutrons; and those particles are made from light. Thus, ultimately, our bodies are made of light, albeit disguised in flesh.

To live as separated selves housed in bodies is to be deluded for in truth we live as unified selves. As we speak, we remain as God created us, unified with him and with each other.

The people and everything we see on earth are seen in dreams; they are not real. In effect, we are deluded and hallucinate for we see what is not there.

Because we see what is not there and believe that they are there we are all psychotic; to be a human being is to be psychotic, insane.

If we returned our minds to unified state, awakened to our reality as unified consciousness we would not be deluded, schizophrenic, manic, depressed, anxiety disordered, personality disordered and the other mental disorders.

The cure for all mental disorders, be they psychoses, anxiety disorders or personality disorders is to return our minds to what God created  them as, unified state and give up the idea that we are separated from God and from each other.  The cure for mental illness is as simple as return our mind to God.

For that solution to be effected, however, we must give up the wish to be separated from God; we must stop the desire to be greater than God and each other.

The cure of mental disorders, in effect, would end the world we see with our naked eyes! Mental health would cost us the perception of the physical universe!


We do not want to end the world we made and see. We created the physical universe; it is our handiwork and we are proud of it and we do not want to relinquish it.

God does not destroy what his sons made in separation but improves it to become an instrument of returning to union. God takes his sons where they think that they are at; he purifies their physical world, transforms its dense matter base to light.

God allows us to dream that we are separated from him. He knows that we are still unified with him for we are him.

God created another self, the Holy Spirit, and as him entered the dreams of his sons. Thus, there are now three sides to God: God the father (who is still in heaven, is transcendental); God the son (who is us and who are sleeping and see themselves on earth and identify as separated ego) and God the Holy Spirit (the immanent God, God in the temporal universe of space, time and matter). All three Gods are one God, hence the Holy Trinity.

As the Holy Spirit, God entered the temporal universe and lodged his- self inside his sleeping sons' minds. Thus, in the temporal universe our minds now have two parts: the left ego side with which we wish for this world and dream; on the right side is the Holy Spirit with which God reminds us that we remain forever one with him.

Teachers of God, such as I, teach from their right minds; that is, they are guided by the Holy Spirit; right now I have shot down my ego mind and am writing this stuff from my right mind; of course, I can revert to my wrong mind, the ego mind and as it operate in the insane egos world.

There  is a third part of our mind, the unified mind; the unified or holy mind is the mind we have in heaven, the mind we share with God and all of us.  Nobody on earth remembers the unified mind.

The few persons who have had holy instants when they temporarily forgot the earth and its separation and experienced heaven's union have experienced unified mind (what Catholics call the mystical union of God and his sons; Hinduism calls it Samadhi; Buddhism calls it Nirvana and Zen calls it Satori); those who have had this experience are said to be enlightened to the light that they are and are illuminated to the truth of their union with all being as one shared self with one shared mind.

When we return our minds to union with God we are sane and are mentally healthy. While we remain on earth, the return to union can only be temporary for if one stayed in the state of formless union with God one would exit from this world; folks return to this world to become the teachers of God, to do what I am doing here; they return to ego separated state hence return to being insane but this time have purified insanity, purified ego because they now transform their egos into egos of love; they use the ego meant to separate with to egos used to unify with; they  use their neutral bodies to love all people.

On earth we have the ego mind guiding our thinking and behaviors.  To regain some mental health we have to consult the right part of our minds, the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit can be called our higher selves and the ego called our lower selves; the Holy Spirit represents the mind of the son of God and his father in heaven, hence sane; the ego is the mechanism the son of God uses to dream separation from God. The Holy Spirit is the God in us whereas the ego is the animal in us.

Whenever you ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and keep quiet and do not think or act from your ego mind you are moderately mentally healthy, however, not as mentally healthy as you are in heaven.

In heaven we are formless unified spirit but on earth we see ourselves in bodies made of matter and see us living in a separated world of space and time, so on earth, ipso facto, we are always mentally sick.

But we can moderate our mental disorder by always asking the Holy Spirit to guide us. If the Holy Spirit is guiding one, one occasionally overlooks our world of dense matter and sees another world, the world that the Holy Spirit has remade from our world.

That world is still like our world except that everything in it is in light forms. This is literal not figurative; there is a version of our world where our bodies are in light forms; animals, trees, planets, stars are all there but all in light forms. That world has been called the gate of heaven, paradise, bridge between heaven and earth and happy dream; it is not real but it so approximates heaven in its love that it might as well be called the real world. It is not heaven for in it we are still in forms whereas in heaven we are not in forms, dense or light; in heaven we are pure consciousness, pure light.

While on earth if you remember to ask the Holy spirit to guide you, you moderate your delusions (to wish to be a powerful ego is to be deluded); you purify your hallucinations (for you now see people in light forms instead of the gross dense forms the ego sees people as), you are no longer depressed for your mind is cheered by the beauty of people in light forms; you are no longer anxious because you feel eternal in the world of light forms for you cannot be harmed or die there.

In the world of light forms you are now somewhat mentally healthy; on earth what this means is to be guided by the Holy Spirit.


My grandfather Osuji was egotistical; he was always asserting his ego; he was an alpha male and wanted to dominate his world.  He wanted his ego to be real for him.  He lived in the world of egos and tried to make his ego the number one ego in town. He dominated his town with iron fist and folks did what he wanted done or else he felt belittled and angry at them and punished them. This means that he was deluded.

All human beings are deluded, aka paranoid, for paranoia is taking on the personality of a self that one is not; our true self is unified spirit but we take on the personality of a human being hence are paranoid.

Because grandfather was asserting his ego he knew no peace of mind.  His son, Ohaegulam, too, wanted to become a very powerful and important ego although he did not succeed, but he did try. Like his father his ego was deluded (an ego is deluded when it tries to make itself real by telling other egos what to do).

I, too, wished for a big ego. In doing so I experienced anxiety from fear that my ego would not become big and powerful; I feared my ego been humiliated. I was proud; I had anxiety issues as well as the personality issues relating to anxiety (dependent, avoidant, obsessive compulsive and passive aggressive).  My brothers, in varying degrees, have anxiety issues and accompanying personality issues.


The cure for all human beings mental disorders is for all of us to stop wishing to be special, separated selves and instead return our minds to unified mind, aka God.

While still in the temporal universe, the universe of space, time and matter, the middle ground is for us to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us.

We cannot benefit from traditional religions for those asked folks to retain their egos and use them to pray to the ego God that they mistook as the real God.

The new man in new Israel (world of light forms is what Christians mean by New Jerusalem) can only benefit from a religion that asks us to give up the ego and or allow the Holy Spirit to guide us.

The Holy Spirit is the modern world's psychotherapist (priest); he is the healer of our sick minds.  A mind is healthy when it is joined to God and sick when it is separated from God.

Separation is the sickness and sin; union is sinlessness, guiltlessness, holiness and innocence.

It is not a person, therapist or priest, who heals us but the Holy Spirit who heals us. All true psychotherapy is spiritual psychotherapy; the therapist or priest is the agent of the Holy Spirit reminding us to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us and explain how the Holy Spirit does it, as I am doing here.

Spiritual psychology is the psychology that people need; scientific psychology is an adjunct to spiritual psychology (although we conceive it the other way around).

Ego psychology describes mental disorders but cannot heal them. To heal is to join one's mind to God's mind; only therapists who ask us to return our minds to unified state can heal us.

The ego and its science teaches us to separate our minds from God hence cannot heal us.  Only the new religion that asks its members to ask their right minds, the Holy Spirit to think for them and guide them heals us.  This type of new religion is found in A course in miracles and in my writings on living love.


Talk is cheap. Anyone can make unverified claims about how to heal people. The question is: is there evidence that returning one's mind to unified state, aka God heals people?

Only the mentally ill can provide us with evidence of their healing when they returned their minds to God.

I will speak for me not for mentally ill persons.  I had anxiety secondary to medical issues and returned my mind to God and no longer have anxiety.

If you have serious mental disorders such as schizophrenia, mania, depression, the various anxiety disorders and personality disorders why don't you try doing what I said here: stop thinking and behaving from your ego separated mind and keep quiet and try to have your thoughts come from your right mind, the part of your mind directed by the Holy Spirit and Christ and see if you would be healed?

If you think and behave from the Holy Spirit, that is, if you love and forgive all people, then come back and report to us whether you are healed or not.

I believe that if you live from the Holy Spirit in the least you will know peace and happiness. Peace and joy are the gifts of God; they are the indicators of mental health.


Scientific psychology is descriptive; it describes the various mental disorders.  I found that secular psychology cannot heal people. This is because to be mentally ill is to be separated from the whole self and its whole mind that folks call God.

To be healed one must return to the awareness of wholeness and think and behave from it. In this world of separated selves it is impossible to think from the whole mind. The best that we can do is consulting the Holy Spirit and asking him to guide us.

The healer of mental disorders is the Holy Spirit. The individual must continually consult his higher self, not his lower ego self; he must consult the Holy Spirit if he wants to be healthy.

A spiritual psychology that teaches people to return their minds to unified state and stop affirming their ego separated selves is the healer of our insane selves and world.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

October 15, 2017


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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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