Wunmi Akintide Ph.D

Wunmi Akintide Ph.D


Even though America is arguably too embarrassed to admit it, it is now widely known or speculated by Intelligence experts like Michael Steel of Britain who prepared the powerful dossier that may yet help America to nail the speculation that the Trump/Putin lovefest, co-operation and collusion may have been far criminally intrusive than initially envisaged.

 Both Mr. Steel and Malcolm Nance, the Director of Terror Asymmetric Project and FBI Director James Comey have all stated that Russia may have quietly caught up with America or beaten America to second place in Cyber Technology just like Russia did when she became the first country in the World to launch Yuri Gagarin, the first human being into Space.

 Mr. Comey added that Russia has been uncharacteristically loud about their newly acquired power and intention. He believed that Russia had wanted to serve notice to America and to the other permanent members of the UN Security Council about her newly acquired power and leverage.

 If Russia has used Cyber Espionage to hack American elections or to undermine American Democracy or to help Donald Trump become President without detection, what else could Russia not do to intimidate America or any of her European Allies?

 If that becomes the self-fulfilling prophesy, one can easily understand why many of those countries might want to move closer to Russia or seek Russian cooperation and friendship to the detriment of America.

 It is rumored that Russia has now acquired the capability to tap into any secret and classified document sent thru the Internet all over the World and can manipulate the information any way she wants like she successfully did to some of the e-mails of John Podesta as Chairman of the Hillary Clinton Campaign for President. She used the capability to blackmail Hillary and to use Disinformation Espionage  to make the Clinton Camp feel complacent not to worry at all about using the 50 State Strategy that Howard Dean had developed as the Chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council.

 Russia had used the capability to knock the heads of Bernie Saunders and Hillary Clinton so Hillary would never think of picking either Saunders or Elizabeth Warren as running mate. Such a move would have guaranteed the victory of Hillary in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania which Hillary was expected to win easily. Even though Hillary had won the popular vote by 3 million she lost the Electoral College tally by fewer than 150 votes to make Trump the President by “Orinoco Abracadabra” which says “the more you look the less you see” like Houdini or Professor Peller, Nigerian greatest magician  would have proclaimed.    

The capability simply means that Russia could easily access any official document ever typed by computer or sent by e-mail by any leakers and whistleblowers all over the World and twist that information to satisfy her own whim and caprices as a Super Power. That was how Vladimir Putin succeeded in making Donald Trump the President of America by force and by fire.  

That same capability is what Vladimir Putin has been using to track down and murder all enemies of his Regime in Russia and anywhere in the World. Putin could predictably pass such technology or espionage capability to Donald Trump, so he too could start using the same device and capability to secretly go after and eliminate his perceived enemies anywhere in the World just like Putin has been doing to all of his critics and rivals in Russia. One of them was just thrown out from the 4th floor of an Apartment building in Moscow. Another was killed with a poisoned umbrella to go die a slow death that anyone could not trace back to Putin.

Tell me your friend and I will tell you who you are.  The Yorubas in our wisdom and our rich language  says and I quote “Aguntan to ba  b’Aja rin, o ti dandan ko j’egbe” it simply means a sheep that hobnobs or keeps the company of a dog could end up eating human vomit like dogs do in rural areas in Africa.

The lovefest between Putin and Trump which is currently under investigation, if confirmed, could predictably spell disaster for America and the rest of the World. Putin is a Communist KGB smooth operator who for 17 years now has held one leadership position or the other as KGB Leader, as Prime Minister and now President of Russia.

 Donald Trump on the other hand has been a Real Estate magnate and businessman for much of his adult life before his election as President on January 19th in 2017 with some covert help from Vladimir Putin.

 Donald Trump has criticized other world leaders and traditional allies of America but not once has he criticized Vladimir Putin. Let me state upfront, that American leaders developing friendship with other world leaders is nothing new in Geo Politics. But a capitalist leader falling in love with a Communist leader is a rarity in World Politics unless they are pulled together by a common enemy like happened when American President FDR, British Prime minister Winston Churchill and  Russian Leader Sterling were forced by circumstances beyond their control to briefly team up to defeat Adolf Hitler.

Leaders of similar ideological persuasion are the ones that develop a lasting friendship like the one between President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Sir Winston Churchill, the British war time Prime Minister who had used his friendship with FDR to persuade FDR and America to help Europe to defeated Adolf Hitler in the Second World War that lasted from 1939 to 1945.

President Ronald Reagan became the ideological soulmate of Margaret Thatcher, the British Prime Minister in similar circumstance.  The bond between them had led to America lending full support to Britain in her short War against Argentina over Falkland Islands. Iron Lady Thatcher and Ronald Reagan remained bosom friends till their death.

By the same token President William Jefferson Clinton developed a life-long friendship with Yitzchak Rabin the great Israeli Prime Minister. The friendship had led to the strengthening of the Camp David Peace Accord that President Jimmy Carter had earlier on signed with Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin to promote a lasting peace between Israel and Egypt.

 George Bush Junior had told America he had a positive feelings in his guts about Vladimir Putin the first time he met him and he felt he could do business with him or trust him just like Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher once said about Gorbachev the Soviet Union Leader who went on to fulfil their expectation when he initiated his “Perestroika” the restructure of the Soviet union in a way that did not threaten the peace of the World or the strategic interest of America and her Allies.

By the same token, President Barack Obama the first black President had developed a lasting friendship borne out of mutual respect with Angela Merkel the powerful German Chancellor who became the prima facie leader of the European Union, and a strong ally of America. The friendship did not in any way threaten the peace and security of their two countries and their strategic interest in the World their way of life or their democratic Government and their Capitalist ideology.

 The friendship between Putin and Trump is like the love between the fox and the chicken or the friendship between the cat and the mouse. It is a lovefest they both deny in public. Trump would tell you he has never met Putin and Putin will tell you he has never and will never meddle in American Politics to voluntarily help Trump.

 They are both pathological liars who love to cover their trail. They are like “Olokose” and “Omude” in Yoruba Mythology. “Olokose” the husband does not copulate in the day time and his wife “Omude” does not copulate at night.  They claim to be 2 parallel lines that would never meet.

I dare to say that the unholy lovefest between Putin and Trump has serious ramifications for American interest and American allies around the globe. I therefore strongly support the need for America to now appoint an independent prosecutor to handle the investigation about whether or not Vladimir Putin ever had a role to play in hacking the last American elections and their possible motivation for so doing.

 The Senate Committee and the House Committee on Intelligence which have oversight responsibility to do the investigation have done a fairly credible job until recently when Congressman Nunes of California, the Chairman of the House Committee has started betraying his partisanship by playing the role of a spy  for the White House. He has become a lap dog for the White House rather than faithfully discharging his duties and responsibilities as a watch dog to keep the Executive Branch in check in strict compliance with the Separation of Powers as clearly stated in the American Constitution.

 Congressman Nunes cannot approbate and reprobate at the same time. He cannot be the Judge and the Accused in his own case. He has irredeemably damaged his own credibility. He therefore cannot remain the Chairman of that Committee when it is now clear he has been leaking information to the White House without the knowledge of any one in his Committee including his ranking member Adam Schiff who as a member of the Gang of 8 in Congress is allowed to have access to the same information the Chairman receives.

 Congressman Delvin Nunes has been guilty of serious dereliction of Duty and disloyalty that totally impugns his integrity and disqualifies him as Chairman of the Committee. His perfidy speaks to the urgent need to appoint an independent prosecutor with the statutory powers, the adequate number of staff and “sub poena” powers to carry out the investigation within a specified time frame.

That Delvin Nunes has scheduled a Hearing and cancel or postpone it without telling his ranking member. He is definitely trying to cover up for the President and his public statement has confirmed that. He openly confessed at a recent Press Conference that he knew the President had taken a hit from the first open Hearing of his Committee.

 That he could commit such a Freudian slip was a fatal error on his part and a proof that his chairmanship of the Committee has been irredeemably compromised in Law and in the Court of Public opinion. His Committee can no longer continue the investigation as clearly and rightly stated by Senator John McCain and all the Democrats on the Committee.

Americans from both sides of the isle must reserve the right to get to the bottom of the investigation. The Republican President is the target of the Investigation today tomorrow it could be a Democratic President. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander. Delvin Nunes is a leaker by racing to the White House to leak classified information to the President without the knowledge of any of his Committee members. 

There are no two ways about it. Delvin Nunes has to recuse himself as Chairman and lend his voice to the quest for an independent prosecutor if he has nothing to hide. If he fails to do that he must be forced as a public figure to resign his job as Chairman because his integrity has been badly compromised.

I cannot stress the point enough. Media juggernauts like CNN Jake Tapper, Chris Cuomo, Poppy Harlow Errol Louis, and Fareed Zakaria to mention a few have said the same thing. MSNBC whistleblowers like Joe Scarborough and his colleague Micah, Chris Matthew, Brian Williams, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Hayes, Joy Reid, Michael Steel and Malcolm Nance have all said the same thing.

Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell have been phenomenal in their articulation of why an independent prosecutor is now urgently required to get to the bottom of the investigation. They have all made the case better than I can ever make it. Americans should support them one hundred percent. Speaker Ryan who claims to be above board like Caesar’s wife must do the same with immediate effect and automatic alacrity. 

The final point that bothers me the most as I put finishing touches to this write-up is the fact that Donald Trump as President of the United States might now start to use his bully pulpit to start doing everything his bosom friend Vladimir Putin has been teaching him to do.

 He might start going after his perceived enemies named above and start taking them out one by one as Putin has been doing to all of his critics in Russia and elsewhere around the World. If that happens, none of the individuals named above will be safe and that is going to be a drastic departure from the America the whole world has come to know and admire.

It was mind-boggling to me when Donald Trump once admitted on television cameras that America has been known to use the same techniques Vladimir Putin has been using to eliminate his enemies. That could only means he would have no qualms using the same techniques if he has his back turned against the wall.

 That is the scary part and that should scare the hell out of all of you reading this. I do know for a fact that America had been rumored in the past to be involved in the death or the fall of African leaders like Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Samora Machel, Moammar Ghadafi, Osagiefo Kwame Nkrumah, Sylvanus Olympio, Sekou Toure, Murtala Mohammed, Sani Abacha, and Idi Amin Dada or Yassar Arafat to mention a few, but I have never witnessed any American President openly admit that in defense of his Russian counterpart. Never!

 It was a first in American history that tells me loud and clear that Americans ought to get to the bottom of the investigation that Trump and Putin’s lovefest may have gone over the top to the detriment of America.

Need I say anything more?

I rest my case.                             

As a backdrop to this subject, I would urge many of you reading this article to go watch on You Tube a video of an interview of Mr. George Wallace with the great Mr. Louis Farrakhan on the Definition of Double Standard and whether or not Nigeria was the most corrupt nation on Earth.

My initial title to this article was, "It's done, it's over, it's cooked for America" but I modify the title because I know that Presidents come and go but America would survive the worst of Presidents and reinvent the wheel as it has happened many times. I can tell you that America will survive this one as well after a serious damage shall have been done to the image and reputation of America.

Trump has become the 45th President but the first KGB-sponsored one and the first to openly embrace the Russian leader Vladimir Putin and his values while openly thrashing the values that make America, the greatest country on Earth, the Bastion of Democracy and the envy of the World. I cannot think of any President more hated and despised like this President this early in their presidency as the current 37 to 57 percent opinion polls for Trump have clearly shown. If you don't believe me, just visit the late night talk shows and Saturday Night Live to form your own opinion. He has become the butt of every joke as he has tried to turn the American Presidency into a Monarchy right before our eyes by pretending to be what he is not and lying his way out of every scandal and crisis.

James Comey the FBI Director, the Edgar Hoover of our time finally appeared before the Congressional Committee yesterday to break his silence of the Grave Yard by finally agreeing that his Bureau has been investigating Trump since July 2016 because his Bureau and American Intelligence in general by consensus and acclamation have found enough evidence to suspect and even believe that Russia has "prima facie" tried to hack the American elections and to undermine American Democracy.

The FBI Director even admitted at one point during his cross examination that Russia has been loud and less secretive about letting America know and be the one to explain what Russia has doing to America. I never believe that America could be that vulnerable to Disinformation Espionage from any other country in the World. If Russia could do it, so can China and North Korea because they run a close society where freedom of expression or dissent is not criminalized and where only one individual calls the shots and can make and unmake. That, sad to say, is the model that His Imperial Majesty Donald Trump has embraced hook, line and sinker.

What is so offensive in the ongoing investigation is that the Republican side has politicized the process. They are leaving substance only to start pursuing shadows. They seem less interested in investigating why Russians would want to be the one to decide who should be President of America. They seem less interested in what could possibly be the "Quid Pro Quo" that Russia expects from Emperor Trump for the help given to him by Putin to win the Presidency.

Republicans and Emperor Trump would rather be going after leakers and whistle blowers in America including the Media who let out the secret about the Russian operations to begin with. They do not want to know the Russians' motivation for wanting to level up with America or reclaim their Super Power status with America. The Russians clearly lost their competitive edge with America way back in 1945 when American FDR working side by side with Winston Churchill had led the Allied Powers to defeat Adolf Hitler in the Second World War.

The Russians clearly knew they lost their competitive edge to America when America master-minded the founding of World Institutions like the United Nations and its Affiliates all over the World, the World Bank, the IMF and the International Court of Justice at the Hague to monitor and supervise World Peace and when America made the powerful Dollar as the dominant Currency for international exchange all over the World.  Russia has every reason to want reset the button or pulls back the hand of the clock or to bridge the gap between America and Russia on all indices of Power configuration. Donald Trump was more than willing to grant them the favor if they could help make him President.

They have since made him President and now is the payback time. Donald Trump believed he could use and dump Putin but he totally forgets that Putin as a KGB smooth operator with a lot more experience as a world leader could hit him back in a way he would never forget. As long as Donald Trump remains President of America, he could never totally extricate himself from the undue influence of Vladimir Putin who relishes his role as King maker in the World for once in his political life. If he could control subdue America thru Donald Trump, all of those European nations including Germany which rely heavily on the Russian Oil and Gas for their survival are toast.

The Russians clearly lost their edge to America when America quietly developed the Atomic Bomb around 1944 and tested its potency in Hiroshima and Nagasaki clearly 5 years before the Russians secretly developed their own but kept it under wrap. But America still found out because of the superiority of American technology.

The Russians believed they have more or less caught up with America, and therefore reserve the right to sit at the table with America or vent their muzzles. But America surprised Russia when she formed NATO. The Russians responded to that challenge with their own Warsaw Pact. The Soviet Union shocked America when she launched Yuri Gagarin as the first man in Space, and for a short while, the Russians were convinced they have beaten America in the race to conquer Space and could gloat on that achievement.

America was inspired by JFK who at only 42 years of age became President and fired the imagination of Americans to reclaim their moral authority as the greatest country on Earth. America did that when in less than 10 years America landed Neil Armstrong on the Moon. America therefore reserved the right to claim the Moon as an American Colony ever before the Russians could get there. JFK again rebuffed Nikita Khrushchev when he tried to arm Cuba on the backyard of America with a Nuclear weapon. JFK called the bluff of Russia with a naval blockade that got Nikita to quickly rethink his strategy to arm Cuba with a nuclear weapon. Nikita Khrushchev had to beat a retreat. JFK did that without firing a single shot and he sealed his own legacy as one of the greatest American Presidents even though he had been President for less than 3 years.

While the Soviet Union had spent all of their wealth and great energy on building its military industrial complex America had diversified her own economy by building Schools, Universities, Highways and providing other basic infrastructures which made America the Real Estate and the Entertainment Capital of the World and the country that controls from year to year 2/3rds of the Nobel Peace awards in the Liberal Arts and the Sciences.

America went ahead to create the Computer and the Internet which completely changed the whole World. America did not stop there. It created the Drone Technology way ahead of any other country on Earth thus reducing Russia to second fiddle in everything.

America gained the upper hand when she managed to infiltrate the Soviet Union by doing what Russia is now trying to do to America. America got Gorbachev to become President of the Soviet Union. Gorbachev preached "Perestroika" which simply means "Restructure" in English Language. That was total capitulation to America.

The capitulation had led to the fall of the Soviet Union and the quick dissolution of the Warsaw Pact. Most of the 15 Russian Republic and Poland and the Baltic States were freed of Russian domination. They started to apply for membership of NATO as Ukraine and Crimea abandoned the Warsaw Pact. Ukraine and Crimea now on the backyard of Russia became a scourge that Russia could not tolerate.

Vladimir Putin the new Russian nationalist and KGB smooth operator seriously wants a return to the good old days when the Soviet Union used to be on equal footing with America or slightly lower. Vladimir Putin knew he had to find his own Gorbachev in Donald Trump. The only way to play catch up with America is to find a way to make Donald Trump the President of America. He correctly figured it out that the only way to do that was to use Cyber Technology and Warfare where he strongly believed that Russia clearly held an edge over America.

The 2016 election provided Putin an opportunity to test that claim. If Russia could use Cyber Technology and Disinformation Espionage to frustrate America, what else could he not destabilize weaker and smaller nations of Europe if he could succeed in breaking up their solidarity by using Donald Trump as President of America to destabilize the European Union and NATO?

Mr. Putin has used Cyber Technology to infiltrate and hack American Elections and to demonize Hillary Clinton whom he blamed as the arrow head of the conspiracy to break up the old Soviet Union. He did everything in the book to help Hillary lose and everything in the book to help Donald Trump win. Hillary lost because she could not be persuaded to work against the interest of America like Donald Trump was willing to do if the KGB could help him fulfil his life ambition to become President by all means.

It is not Rocket Science. Putin knew that the Electoral College Conundrum in American Democracy is vulnerability and a time bomb waiting to explode.  It is a contraption that has outlived its usefulness but America out of pride and ego does not want to change the obnoxious system which totally makes a mockery of Democracy as a game of numbers.

How could any sensible nation on Earth claim that the verdict from 538 handpicked electors should be far superior to the verdict of the 135 million voters who voted in the last election?  That is the absurdity of the American Electoral College nonsense. It bears repeating that Donald Trump is President today because of that nonsense. The KGB may not have tampered with any of the election returns in each of the 50 American States but it surely created the environment that made Trump to win by narrow margins in most of the swing states of Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

KGB Putin saw the absurdity and he took full advantage of it to help make a pathological liar and con artist like Donald Trump become the President of the United States. Donald Trump has already launched his own" Perestroika" pretty much like Gorbachev had done to break up the defunct Soviet Union.

Americans should not take consolation in the indefinite and endless investigation that James Comey is trying to sell to them. An independent Prosecutor with "sub poena" powers is what is needed like what happened in the Watergate or the Monica Lewinski scandal which was less serious that what we are dealing with here. The independent prosecutor just like Kenneth Starr would be given a time frame within which to start and complete their work in a timely fashion.

Any American President colluding with an enemy country like Russia to destabilize his own country has committed Treason and should be treated as such. If this investigation is left to James Comey's FBI the investigation would last forever.

I do not buy what James Comey is selling to America.  It is a decoy to never get to the bottom of the scandal. What does it matter if Donald Trump he is forever under a cloud of scandal? Have you ever heard of any American President with so many litigations pending against him? How many times has Donald Trump paid a ransom to settle a case he knows he is bound to lose if it is prolonged? He swims and thrives in scandal because that is his life if you follow his History and track record. James Comey may never finish his investigation in 8 years. The sooner the investigation is concluded the better for America.

George Wallace has alleged in the video that Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the World. Mr. Louis Farrakhan in response has proved that America is 226 years old while Nigeria was roughly 35 years old at the time of the interview. Louis Farrakhan has eloquently argued that America had no right to moralize on Nigeria and that America should be quiet when it comes to moral condemnation.

By the same token, I am saying that Donald Trump is not in any moral position to say that Obama is a felon and by falsely accusing Obama while sweeping under the rug the Treason he himself had committed by colluding with KGB Vladimir Putin to destabilize American Democracy.

America needs the eloquent Louis Farrakhan to speak the truth to Power and to let Donald Trump and the Republicans know they are doing America a great harm by covering up for Donald Trump just like Sean Spicer has been doing with his silly Press Conferences on behalf of Donald Trump.

I rest my case.

This tribute speaks mainly to the star qualities of late Colonel David and how he is so uniquely different from most Akure Chiefs I have been privileged to know. I wrote one on late High Chief Asamo Omojowo Olusanya of blessed memory. This one is different, however, because I am doing it with deep personal regret or guilty conscience.

The late Colonel would probably have reached the peak of his career in the Military and earn his promotion to the rank of a Brigadier General in the Pay and Records Squadron of the Nigerian Army if he had not taken the title at all. He was a self-made man who did not need the title to be all he could have been in life. I was among the few circle of friends and his blood relations who persuaded him against his better judgment to take the title. Looking back, I strongly believe he would have been better off without the title.

He believed he lost more from the title than he gained from it but he blamed nobody but himself. He attributed the mistake to his Destiny and he was thankful to God for giving him the chance to make his contributions to Akure, and to walk away from a journey  that carry the potential to deny him a seat at the right hand of God after the completion of his mission in life. He made that amazing confession to me on one of my few visits to him as his friend and brother-in-law.

As the Olisa he was the Second-in-Command to the Deji of Akure. He was the Head of the “Iare” Group of Chiefs and Akure’s traditional Prime Minister by acclamation and consensus. Part of the reason he accepted the title was to correct the wrong impression engrained in “Akure Oriki” which says “Ori no mu je Olisa ki I se oye Idile” which came from the fact that the first Olisa had come from “Ohon” in Ekiti where the individual with his retinue of slaves and many of his loyal followers had left “Ohon” in frustration because he had contested but was not given the title. He therefore chose to leave “Ohon” and was passing thru Akure on a journey to nowhere.

Somebody had informed the then Deji of his plight and the Deji looking for more people to enhance the prestige and status of his town had promised to give affluent visitor the title his people had refused to give him. The Deji advised the then High Chief Odopetu to step down and to become number 2 and the Odopetu agreed. That was how the Olisa became the next-in-Command to the Deji and the Head of the “Iare” Group of Chiefs in Akure till tomorrow. I document most of what I write to help the younger generation understand and appreciate our History and the individuals that make it so.

Some people have rumored that the Deji has a right to offer the Olisa title to anyone outside the Olisa Family based on that story and precedent. The Colonel heard the story and he insisted that was not going to happen in his life time. He threw his hat to the ring as one of the last candidate to show interest and Deji Ataiyese was more than happy to give him the title by ignoring the agitation in some quarters that it was wrong to have a retired Police man and a retired soldier becoming the number 1 and 2 in the power configuration of Akure.

It was a title the man did not want to begin with but was more or less compelled to take due to relentless pressure from his Family members which included the then Deji, Kabiyesi Oba Ataiyese Adebobajo Adesida whose own mother was the first daughter and regent of Olisa Otutuleyowo the First. Colonel David could not therefore in good conscience turn down the offer from an Uncle he himself had actively supported with everything he has got the two times in 1975 and 1991 his Uncle Adebobajo had sought the position. Kabiyesi Deji Ataiyese felt he owed the Colonel a moral obligation and gratitude to offer him the title without much ado. So for the third time in Akure History another Olisa was “ipso facto” begged to take the title.

Olisa Kole Oluwatuyi his predecessor became the second to be begged to take the title. That was how Omo Osadeyi earned his nickname as “Olisa Abejoye “ because he was persuaded to retire from his pensionable job as an Accountant in Oshogbo to come become the Olisa of Akure in succession  to his own father, Oluwatuyi the First, the first “Baba Egbe” of the CAC Church in Akure who was also begged to take the title.

The man had earlier on made a covenant with God to take his life if he ever forsakes God to go serve Mammon.  He reluctantly took the title against his own better judgment. The man died in a mysterious circumstance after only 3 months in office. He returned from a weekly meeting of Akure Chiefs usually held at the Asamo Court where every Akure High Chief is by tradition expected to pledge allegiance to “Obanifon” the Supreme Deity of Akure, whose central shrine is located in High Chief Asamo’s traditional Quarters in Idiagba in Akure.

It was the last meeting Olisa Oluwatuyi the First attended. He died within 3 months of his taking the title. His first son, Kole Oluwatuyi the Second as I hinted earlier was persuaded to take the title free of charge because Deji Afunbiowo and Okelisa people wanted an educated Olisa. Kole Oluwatuyi took the tile and he survived much longer than his father.

It was his death in 1994 or thereabout that created a vacuum for the Colonel to fill. The Colonel, another devout CAC devotee had some reservation on taking the title like his two predecessors but his secondary objection was based on the fact that he did not want to leave his lucrative pensionable job as a Colonel in the Nigerian Army to go settle for some traditional title whose annual salary at the time was less than his driver’s annual salary.

His trouble as Olisa began when he led Akure King makers to select the first “Non-Omo Ori Ite” Deji-elect Prince Ileri Oluwa Adelabu and when he was forced by Agagu Government to shift his support to another “non Omo Ori Ite” in Prince Adesina Adepoju Osupa the Second who reigned from 2005 to 2010 but got deposed and sent into exile for beating up his wife in a high visibility Domestic Violence scandal that started as a storm in a tea cup but escalated into  an inferno that led to the debate on the Floor of the Nigerian Senate in Abuja in response to a protest by the Nigerian Organization of Women in support of his victimized wife.

The Mimiko Government had no other choice than to rusticate Deji Osupa in 2005 to be replaced with Deji Afunbiowo II Oba Adebiyi Adegboye Adesida who reigned from 2010 to 2013. Deji Afunbiowo the Second and the Adesida Dynasty instead of blaming Governor Olukoya for breaking the Asodeboyede Ruling House into two had put all the blame on the Colonel as Head of the King makers who merely carried out the demands of the new Deji’s Declaration as stipulated without fear of favor as a retired military officer.

Before Deji’ Osupa’s  tragic exile in 2005, the relationship between him and the retired Colonel had deteriorated to appoint that Deji Osupa felt intimidated by him because Colonel David was fearless and bold to a fault. Deji Osupa put him in indefinite suspension before he was sent into exile in 2005. The new Deji who replaced Osupa felt no obligation to formally lift the suspension.  The retired Colonel saw no compelling reason to go down on his knees to beg for the lifting of his suspension. I actually advised him to see a redress in Court because I was sure he would win but the Colonel refused because he stated he had not committed any offense and that they could keep their title.

The man was never formally deposed as the Olisa. He died as the Olisa on suspension and he was fine with that because it was a big relief to him at one level. He was a highly principled man, a devoted Christian a millionaire in his own right and a highly contented well-to-do farmer with so many assets in Real Estate and Landed properties not only in the state Capital but in Ibadan and Lagos. He earned a decent pension to comfortably sustain him and his big family.

He lived till his death in his crawling Taj Mahal, the Monument of Grace Palace in a low density area of Ijapo Estate in Akure. His “Oteru Oba Ode” clout and prestige never left him
and he died as Olisa de facto and dejure because the title was never legally taken away from him. That did not stop the new Deji from going ahead to appoint a new Olisa. Rather than get upset or provoked by that infraction to go seek a redress he clearly would have won in the Court of Law, the unflappable Colonel clearly saw a gift and the hand of God in what clearly appeared to be a negative situation.

His installation as Olisa was a Carnival in Akure second only to the installation of any Deji of Akure. He was welcomed to Akure pretty much as a Rock Star in his beautiful open roof Jaguar limousine to begin his installation formalities and rituals which lasted for weeks. He was an Olisa with a difference. His love of family is legendary and his generosity and philanthropy has no equal among his peers in the Akure Council of Chiefs. Once the new Deji proceeded to appoint a new Olisa, he saw no reason to challenge the move and he showed his magnanimity by sending a gift to the new Olisa the day he was installed.

He actually sent a traditional gift to the new Deji and he never held any grudge against him for not lifting his suspension. He held a Thanksgiving Service in his Church to thank God for his suspension.

He is a man without any blemish and any scintilla of envy or bitterness in his veins. There was no pretense about him. With Colonel David what you saw was what you got. He was one hell of a prayer warrior behind closed doors. He worshipped no other god besides the living God and the God of his spiritual father and founder of the CAC Church of Nigeria, the one and only Apostle Joseph Babalola of blessed memory. He was born the son of a Muslim father and a Christian mother but he chose to be a Christian by choice and he never wavered in his faith even though he never looked down on people of the Muslim faith.

Among his imperishable legacies in Akure included the massive Cashhold Petrol Station and Shopping Complex in Akure and his big Agro Allied Mechanized Farming and Poultry and Fish Pond in Eleyowo Village near Akure. To his everlasting credit as the Olisa he fought for the preservation of the great Ofosu Forest Reserve and Igbatoro Ala Ajagbusi Forest Reserve to remain the bona fide property of Akure at great risk to his own life and regardless of the obnoxious Land Use Decree imposed on the South by the Obasanjo Regime.

He remains one of the greatest Akure leaders and the most benevolent Olisa of Akure in living memory. The second Ultramodern Palace built at Uworokogbasa in Akure and the Akure Town Hall were all completed during his tenure as the Olisa of Akure.

He is survived by his 3 wives and many children and his junior brother, Orimadegun and many cousins and nieces both on his mother and father side including a Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Akure I am proud to call my wife. She is the one and only Rachel Oluwasefunmi Abisola

The great Obafemi Awolowo was thinking of leaders like him when he said and I quote that “It is not Life that matters but the Courage you bring into it”. William Shakespeare was thinking about the Colonel when he said that Cowards die many times before their death but the valiant never taste of Death but once.

Olisa Otutileyowo the Second was a priceless jewel of the greatest value in Akure. Posterity would never forget him and I can well imagine he is sitting right now on the right hand of God despite his human failings. He did make atonement for those lapses before he answered the call. I would not end this eulogy without adding the little icing on the cake.

“Colonel Elijah Folorunsho David.Oteru Oba Ode, O mori j’Oloja mo dade, Omo Olokelisa ibi eo sopo si. O mari sowo, E saje woti ona Okelisa. Upalefa gbona, t’Eru t’Omo poyiyi ona Okelisa. O d’Umesi sile k’ebi mob a pa Omo Oba ke e bo  Omo Ogun Okelele Ajigbagba Urin, Omo Ogedengbe Agbogun gboro O ti po po l’Oju Ogun. Omo Ayugbo Ebo m’Osupa jiere bo. Omo Aba Lawani Omo Osolo Abibiri, Olisa Otutuleyowo Keji. O kole Owo tan  o yo Varanda si. Omo Olomitutu Ajiri Ogolo. Osi dede ta ni, Aseju lo b’Osi a. Anowo bi Eleda Okunrin Ogun, Okunrin doin doin, Okunrin wa , Okunrin wo, Okunrin wa wa wo wo.  Eji Egbe re O dumosa luku Ayegbe, Omo Oyunkun Agbomolodo a b’edo yiyun.Omo Akure l’Omi meji hon pejeji l’Ala, Ala Ule wa a re abi t’Oko. Omo Akure m’Osu , Mo pe ira Ule Oye. O darinako O do ju Ala. Ma j’Okun Ma j’Ekolo.  Ohun ti won ban je l’ajule Orun ni ko ba won je. Sun re o Omo Eleyinkule atowire. Omo Olule Aletile Ona Ikila. Alukunrin Eiye Umojo Mi kari jokoda, o dege murin”

Goodbye, my friend, till we meet to part no more.

If you are looking for just one reason why the racist elements of the Republican Party are supporting Donald Trump despite his pathological lies and delusional personality and collusion with KGB Vladimir Putin of all people, and why they desperately wanted to regain the White House by any means in 2016, this article is a must read for you.

If they ever credit a black President, Barack Obama and the Democrats with universal medical coverage for all Americans which they have written off as Socialized Medicine and therefore dead on arrival, they would have forfeited their right to ever win the White House again even though they could still continue to win in a majority of the 50 states of America. That was why they have sworn to repeal and replace Obamacare and ready to die for doing so. They are ready to work with the Devil to get the job done.

They reluctantly came aboard the sinking boat of Donald Trump because they are counting on Trump to help them kill Obamacare and to "take their country back" thru his massive deportation and deregulation, and tax cutting policies, and a return to America before Abraham Lincoln's  Emancipation Proclamation which was the beginning of the end for White domination of America .

Abe Lincoln is today ranked by acclamation and consensus as the greatest American President that ever lived and the French people helped American to rubberstamp his transformation of America when they gave America the Statute of Liberty now located at Ellis Island overlooking the New York Harbor and Skyline in Manhattan, the Real Estate Capital of the World. But to the ultra-racist white supremacists in America, who permeate the Republican Party, Abe Lincoln was a traitor but they dared not say it loud anywhere in liberal America because they would be lynched. They therefore decided to go along to get along but in their mind they would have wished that Abe Lincoln did not level the playing field for Blacks, for Hispanics, for Asians and other immigrants who came in droves to America and still continue to come.

Donald Trump's ultimate goal is to transform America from a multi-cultural into a mono cultural and mono racist country like Russia, China and North Korea despite their Communist ideology which most Republicans would tell you they hate behind closed doors but there are a few elements within them who want to keep America only for the Whites alone once the original owners the Red Indians have been decimated and rendered powerless and impotent.

Those few elements were terribly traumatized and shocked to see a black man come to the White House only because Democracy is a game of numbers. They don't want another black man or Hispanic or minority ever again in the White House. That is why Hydrocephalus Donald Trump who led the group often referred the Columbia and Harvard trained Constitutional lawyer tenure in the White House as a disaster. I cannot for the life of me understand how an empty barrel of a Watson School of Business product as Donald Trump can ever disrespect any Ivy League product. Donald Trump has gone around telling his supporters in the basket of Deplorable in racial Discrimination that Barack Obama was born in Kenya but smuggled to America and that Barack and Michelle got to Harvard thru a back door. He clearly forgot that Barack came from Columbia and Michelle came from Princeton. I don't know what School of Modelling his First Lady attended before she was smuggled to America.

Republicans like many Christians want to go to Heaven but they don't want to die. Republicans appreciate the value and the appeal of Democracy and Capitalism but never their latitude, their discipline, their empathy and compassion and their tolerance for the Freedom of Expression and the true meaning of "We the People" as defined by the American Constitution, the  8th Wonder of the World.

The Democrats made a horrendous mistake in the 2016 Presidential Election they were expected to win by a landslide because they took too much for granted. They like most political pundits, myself included, actually thought that victory was already in the bag. Democrats and Hillary became too complacent and over confident that the Republicans were surely going to lose because they were on the wrong side of all of the issues that should determine the outcome of the Presidential election in particular.

They knew like the greatest American Speaker, Tip O'Neil of Massachusetts that all Politics are local but they horribly miscalculated and they were totally sloppy in responding to the suspicion that the KGB Vladimir Putin was secretly collaborating with Trump and many in his inner circle to hack the Democratic Leadership Council and using Disinformation Espionage to give the Democrats a false sense of security so they won't see the need to double-check the information they were getting.

President Obama had waited damn too late to climb down hard on Vladimir Putin for his attempts to destabilize American Democracy.  Hillary should never have lost Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania by a narrow margin had President Obama and the Democrats heed the advice of political wizards like Michael Moore and Howard Dean who did not want the 50 state Strategy dismissed with the wave of the hand.

They focused all their energy on winning at the big states like California, New York, Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts  and mega cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco ,New York, Chicago, Miami and Boston and Philadelphia while totally neglecting the rural areas and the country side.

The Republicans and most especially Donald Trump saw a big opening in that mistake and they took full advantage of it by furthering luring the Democrats into a false sense of security by secretly making overtures to the Russians not so much because they loved Communist Russia but because most of them secretly admired why and how the Russians have managed to shut out the minorities and immigrants  from coming to their country and how they have managed to keep the few immigrants they let in to never come anywhere near the corridors of power.

The Republicans In their desperation to "take their country back" were ready to work and dine with the Devil, bury the hatchet with KGB Russia to learn and emulate some of the strategies that have worked so well for them. They embark on massive voter suppression to keep the Liberals at bay and to make it impossible for a black or Hispanic k or any minority to ever become President again in America.

They justify their goal by quoting Winston Churchill when he said, "It is no use saying we are trying our best, you have got to succeed in doing what is necessary" In their convoluted mind Trump and the racist elements who passionately support him believe that voter suppression and massive deregulation and gerrymandering and Redistricting and suppression of Free Press are the way to go. If Russia, China and North Korea are able to do it so can America. But what they forget that America is neither Russia nor China and our value system and our role in the World are totally different.

They have argued that change doesn't occur in the absence of the political will to make it happen. Yes they are right about that but not when you clean the swamp only to put more alligators and crocodiles in like Trump has been doing with the firing of political appointees in the Justice Department like Indian-born Preet Bharara who is set to investigate Donald Trump's criminal behavior pre and post his election as President.

Bharara was a no-nonsense US federal attorney who scared the hell out of Wall Street because of his integrity and independence streak and could easily have nailed Donald Trump as an insider who knew his onions and whose integrity is unimpeachable come rain or shine.

Their lightening rod to get the job done for the Republicans  is Donald Trump who has been the most vocal champion for the white supremacists when he tried to delegitimize the first black President whose agenda and popular appeal were going to make it impossible for the Republicans to ever regain the White House.

The king pin of their strategy is something they have been very successful at doing in the last 50 years because the Democrats not paying enough attention. The name of the strategy is Voter Suppression and Gerrymandering and Redistricting to put minority and immigrant voters at a disadvantage to be able to alter the outcome of elections in most of their stronghold in the South and a few places in the North.

It is a clandestine way to keep most of the Democratic- leaning voters from having a chance to vote in most elections using subterfuge that would not be so obvious to the Democrats except the very smart ones like Michael Moore, Bill Maher, Robert Reich, Elizabeth Warren and individuals like Bernie Saunders and Al Sharpton, and liberal Media like the CNN Ace reporters like Fareed Zakaria, Christiana Amanpour, Jake Tapper, Chris Cuomo, Poppy Harlow  and MSNBC and their Ace reporters like Razor blade sharp Brian Williams, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthew Chris Hayes, Lawrence O'Donnell and Joy Reid to mention a few. Donald Trump constantly tries to use his power as President to discredit them and to totally destroy their credibility. Very soon he would start repealing and replacing Laws that protect them from prosecution and harassment.

That is why he is now talking of using the Republican majority in both Houses of Congress to pass laws he would be more than willing to sign into Law just to put the Media and the leakers and whistle blowers in chains like is done in Russia  and many of the totalitarian regimes around the World.

The long list of such leakers and whistle blowers includes late Night Talk show hosts like Jimmy Fallon, Steve Cobert, and Kimmel and many of the geniuses like Alec Baldwin on the Saturday Night Live Shows and Hollywood stars in California and the liberals  and Gays and Lesbian  groups scattered all over the country but more so in the densely populated  urban centers like Los Angeles,  San Francisco Silicon Valley, New York , Miami, Fort Lauderdale in Florida, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Cleveland Ohio, Boston, Newark, New Jersey, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio Texas to mention a few.

Republicans all jumped aboard his ship once he crossed the Rubicon of the Primary season and they were very pleased how he was able to get the Soviet Union and WikiLeaks to go after their Nemesis in Bill and Hillary  Clinton who the Russians blamed for being the brains behind the fall of the Soviet Union and the dismemberment of the Warsaw Pact as a counter force to NATO, and Western Alliance like the  European Union which was created or sponsored and funded by America and few of her allies like Britain. France and Germany

Vladimir was looking for a chance to find his own Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin in the West to destabilize American and Western Democracy and they found a willing tool in Donald Trump. Republicans all forgot, however, that Putin is not a leader to be taken lightly in the world of Espionage. There is no doubt as we are now finding out that Putin has helped Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson to become President and Secretary of State by force and by fire.

Vladimir Putin has enough information and ammunition he could use to destroy both of them if for any reason they tried to pull a fast one on him and if they failed to deliver on any of their "Quid pro quo" promises to him. Donald Trump is only thinking of now and never on the future consequences of many of his actions or decisions. His policy is live for now and let tomorrow take care of itself. America would cross that bridge after they reach it. There is no room in the Trump World for the kind of team building with American traditional Allies for more than 100 years.

Trump only trusts his own judgments. He only responds to his own feelings about things and he thinks he is smarter than anyone else. He doesn't know what he is doing as brilliantly captured by Michael Lewis in his newly published book titled" The Undoing Project"

I want to end this article the way I started it  that permanently  keeping the white House in the control of the Republicans by rigging future elections ever before the first vote is cast is part of the ultimate goal of Donald Trump and the Republicans. Repealing and replacing Obamacare the greatest accomplishment of the Democrats in close to half a century is designed to achieve that. Other Voter Suppression strategies include currying the favor of Jews, the largest voting Block in America while declaring war on Blacks and Hispanics and other minorities and making it harder for them to vote or be voted for.

They figure it out that many of those poor immigrants would have no choice but to die if most of them are denied medical coverage or if they are given mere pittance of a tax rebate on their annual salaries and left on their own to go buy Insurance on their own unlike what obtains under Obamacare where Insurance Companies cannot refuse to cover them and where Hospitals cannot refuse them treatment under penalty of the Law.

No less than 20 million would again lose their coverage under Trumpcare in addition of course to the 26 million which were not covered before now by Obamacare. All in all no less than 46 million to 50 million American would have to go back to the status quo before Obama became President. Trump and the Republicans do not have the best interest of the poor and the down-trodden in America at heart based on all of the above analysis. Mending the existing Obamacare with legislation to make it better would have been the way to go. The Slave Emancipation and the Social Security Legislations by Abe Lincoln and FDR were not perfect when they were first signed into Law but they were all improved upon by subsequent Legislations and Amendments.

Republicans and Donald Trump must not be allowed to throw out the baby with the bath water. That is exactly what they are doing. It is going to blow up on their faces sooner or later. The whole nation must not let them succeed.

Need I say anything more?

I rest my case.

If Donald Trump is not stopped, he is soon going to claim to be the American equivalent of King Louis the XIV of France who once proclaimed himself as the State."L'Etat cest moi" he said to quote him verbatim. Donald Trump equates himself to the State at this point, and he is determined to use his bully pulpit to demonize leakers and whistle blowers like no other American President before him.

He is actively learning the ropes from Vladimir Putin pretty much like Adolf Hitler had done when he internalized the famous doctrines of "The Prince" by Nicolo Machiavelli. Hitler was democratically elected Chancellor of Germany in 1933 by winning the popular vote and by claiming the peoples' mandate.

That is a claim that Donald Trump cannot in good conscience make because he lost to Hillary by 2.86 million votes but he still became President by scoring 306 out of 538 votes in the obnoxious Electoral College tally. Adolf Hitler went on to become a dictator less than 5 years after his election. He led Germany into the Second World War from 1939 to 1945.

Donald Trump is pretty much following the same track but he had to know he could not succeed due to the powerful influence and leverage of leakers and whistle blowers in American Democracy.

The man governs by tweeting and signing Executive Orders. An order against leakers and whistle blowers is probably being developed right now at his Mara Lago Estate in Florida. Trump believes he can use his Party's majority in Congress and in the Supreme Court to do what he likes.  The opposition therefore has its job cut out for it.

"We the People" must not let him succeed. Leakers and whistle blowers are to be protected and treasured because they are needed in a vibrant Democracy to check the excesses of dictators like the one the KGB has just imposed on America.

Famous John Dean who provided the missing link that led to the impeachment and the ultimate resignation of Richard Nixon is a quintessential whistle blower. Bob Woodward and George Will are very credible investigative reporters and authors whose words and analysis are well respected in America. Learned Harvard Professors like Lawrence Tribe and Alan Dershowitz to mention a few are all great whistle blowers.

Whistle blowers are very patriotic citizens. They are not enemies of State as conjectured by Donald Trump. America has more than her fair share of such individuals and that is one of the reasons America is respected by acclamation as the Bastion of Democracy. It is the reason Democracy is said to be superior to Fascism, Communism and Dictatorship which discourage competition and criminalize dissent and freedom of expression.

The young man with the bad haircut in North Korea had no problem at all eliminating his Uncle and his half-brother because he saw them as a threat to his own power. Donald Trump could start doing the same to those who dare to oppose him. His ban against radical Muslims in the name of Security for America could soon metamorphose into a ban against leakers and whistle blowers who have now more than doubled with the Internet, You Tube, Facebook and WhatsApp technology. I cannot think of a worse leaker and whistle blower than Donald Trump himself who would make up stories and lies and tend to believe in those lies with the persistence of a demon. His condemnation of leakers and whistle blowers is like the pot calling the kettle black.

The handwriting on the wall for the Trump presidency is clear with John Sessions as Attorney General,  James Comey as FBI Director and with his new Secretary of Commerce who are clearly more alligators or crocodiles in the Swamp Trump says he has come to clean. His Secretary of Commerce has a lot of scandal to worry about as Chairman and Director of the famous Bank of Cyprus which like the Swiss Bank has now become the Money Laundering Capital of the World. Part of the genius of Donald Trump is covering up his trail and hiding the source of his great wealth. Now that he is President of America, he operates at the highest possible level and can do so with impunity if whistle blowers are totally incapacitated from blowing the whistle on him and his gang. George Bush the 43rd President spoke for the people when he said America would not tolerate that.

If you discount leakers and whistle blowers from Democracy, what is left can hardly be differentiated from what obtains in authoritarian regimes like you have in most Communist countries like Russia, China and North Korea where leakers and whistle blowers ruthlessly dealt with.  There are good and bad leakers and whistle blowers but they all help to keep a bad Government in check thru their activities but some do it not on "pro bono public" basis  but just to enrich their own pockets.

Many leak and whistle blow only to save their country in the nick of time and to avoid an apocalyptic rupture and disruption to State Security. Snowdon is considered a bad one for working with or spying for Russia against his own country. He had to run away from America to the warm embrace of Russia due to guilty conscience. He would become one of the beneficiaries of Donald Trump's peace overtures to Russia.

Individuals like Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, Chris Cuomo, Pop Harlow, Wolf Blitzer, John King, Christiana Amanpour, and Fareed Zakaria all of CNN absolutely fit the description good whistle blowers. So are Brian Williams, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, Chris Hayes and Joy Reid and Al Sharpton, and so many of their colleagues at MSNBC that time and space would not permit me to list in this article. Newspapers like New York Times and Washington Post, Time and Newsday magazines have all been known to play the same role using the investigative work of many of their Editors and famous columnists like Tom Friedman of New York Times.

Social Media Companies like Sahara Reporters of New York and Premium Times, and TV Channels like Channel TV, TVC and AIT channels in Nigeria whose mission is to inform and protect the Public against the excesses and illegal behaviors and activities of authoritarian Governments are good whistle blowers but they are never in the good books of bad Governments

Whistle blowers and leakers in America help to expose the hypocrisy of individuals like Newt Gingrich and Livingston who were the first to condemn Bill Clinton during his Monica Luwenski scandal while hiding their own iniquities. Attorney General John Sessions, General Mike Flynn and Mike Pence had gone around campaigning against Hillary Clinton and falsely accusing her of all possible crimes in the world. They shouted "Lock her up" for using private e- mail servers in her house in Westchester, New York.

They all refuse to acknowledge, however, that Hillary had probable cause to use that server under the cover of the security clearance given to her husband as a former President. All they kept doing was to irredeemably damage Hillary. As a matter of fact, Donald Trump who is now denying having any dealings at all with Russia and Vladimir Putin actually openly invited the Russians to help retrieve the mails that he falsely claimed to have been deleted by Hillary. His goal was just to make Hillary look bad. He deliberately encouraged WikiLeaks as the surrogates of the KGB to relentlessly continue to release damaging information on Hillary regardless of whether or not they were true or false. It is payback time now. I am surprised the Democrats have not started shouting "Lock them up" against Trump himself, General Flynn. Mike Pence and John Sessions.

In close collaboration with Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and his gang went to town digging up dirt on Hillary every step of the way as if they themselves were angels. That was how Hillary lost an election she should have won by double digits. Trump does not want any whistle blowers talking about that .The only problem he sees is that information is getting leaked by whistle blowers and what to do about it.

Less than 50 days to his inauguration, we now know that Donald Trump and his gang have engaged in more despicable crimes by collaborating with Vladimir Putin to destabilize American Democracy and to give the Kremlin a fighting chance to reset the clock on the lost glory of the defunct Soviet Union. Russia wants to catch up or level up with America.

Donald Trump is helping Putin to destabilize NATO and the European Union and many of the Institutions like the UN, the IMF and the World Bank that have given America a clear edge against  Russia for years. Putin is desperately looking for his own Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin to destabilize America and her allies in the West. Putin got a willing tool in Donald Trump and his gang of saboteurs as the pending investigations would clearly show.

General Mike Flynn is already gone, John Sessions is facing his Waterloo right now in the Justice Department and will have no choice than to resign eventually, Mike Pence has now been found to use a private email server as Governor of Indiana and it has now been proved beyond any shades of doubt that some of his so-called secured mails in his Indiana Government House were actually successfully hacked by intruders.

We now have in the White House a gang of felons whose activities could not stand public scrutiny because they are all devils and hypocrites of the worse order. The Republicans had spent 8 years trying to demonize Obama and Hillary by opposing them every step of the way. They are crying foul now because the Democrats want to get to the bottom of the Trump scandalous entry to the White House.

" Afefe ti fe a ti ri furo adie" as the Yoruba would tell you in our rich language. The wind has blown away the feathers to expose the nakedness and the anus of the fowl. The revelations are coming out in bits and pieces. It is now clear to all and sundry that Donald Trump and his gang may have done more havoc to Democracy than Richard Nixon. It is like we are watching a repeat of the Watergate scandal movie all over again.

Vice President Spiro Agnew was prosecuted found guilty and sent to jail for tax evasion which is a fraction of the crimes Donald Trump may have committed after his tax returns are finally released for public scrutiny thru a court order.

I have said it before and I would repeat it again that the smoking gun in the Donald Trump saga is his tax return. The day it is released would be the beginning of the end for Donald Trump and his Government.

The issue is not Rocket Science. It is now clear beyond any doubt that Vladimir Putin is counting on Donald Trump to help him regain the lost glory of the old Soviet Union. Putin wants to build a new Military Alliance of his own with China and if possible North Korea to replace the old Warsaw Pact as a counter force to NATO.

That is where America is headed with Donald Trump as President. Trump believes he can singlehandedly reshape or remake the old Order in the World because he is smarter than all American Generals combined  and superior to great Presidents like George Washington and Abe Lincoln or FDR to mention a few.

Once those tax returns are released, it will become clear to all and sundry how Donald Trump has succeeded in manipulating America and how many deals he has cut with Russia and other international Institutions and Banks around the World that help his Trump Financial Empire to hide all his money in distant places like Cyprus where his current Secretary for Commerce remains the Chairman of a major money laundering Bank as recently revealed by Rachel Maddow.

I can see Donald Trump climbing down hard on leakers and whistle blowers in America pretty soon if he has his way. He has started by dismissing the News Media as disseminators of false News and deliberately destroying the credibility of the Media as whistle blowers. He wants to call a dog a bad name to hang it. It is that simple.

If the Presidents of Cameroons Paul Biya and the former President of the Gambia Yahya Jammeh were able to block their countries from the Internet, it is well within the realm of possibility that Donald Trump who emulates Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong UN can predictably do the same thing. He is on record to have publicly acknowledged that the two leaders are his role models. What more evidence do we need to confirm that Donald Trump does not understand or appreciate democratic values and freedom?

If that becomes the self-fulfilling prophesy, the day might soon come when Donald Trump is going to assimilate the techniques that have worked so well for the two dictators. He is going to do it in the name of providing Security for America. Thank God that America is not Russia.

The truth shall prevail sooner or later.

I rest my case.

History is repeating itself in Nigeria. Dr. Reuben Abati, a prolific columnist an former Chairman of the Editorial Board of Concord Newspapers got the most difficult job he could ever ask for when he canvassed for a was appointed the Chief Media Adviser and Spokesman for Ebele Jonathan, the first Ph.D holder by merit to ever rule Nigeria as President.

Dr. Jonathan had graduated from the great University of Port Harcourt where he got his degree in Zoology the study and the management of animals. He wasn't going to be Director of the National Zoo at Abuja but a President who was going to be rubbing shoulders with individuals like Harvard, Oxford, Yale or MIT graduates and leaders like George Bush, Barack Obama, David Cameron and Bibi Netanyahu of Israel or John Mahama of Ghana. Magifuli of Tanzania to mention a few.

President Jonathan always reminded me of my 9 year old American –born granddaughter, Folake in Williamsburg, Virginia. Every time I call her parents and I ask for them to put her on the phone to talk to me, she tells her parents she does not want to talk to GrandPa and when I ask her why, she tells me there is nothing to talk about.

I got upset the first time Folake said that but on sober reflection I realized my little girl was exactly. There is really nothing to talk about between the 9 year old girl and her 70 year old Papa. By the same token Jonathan with a Ph.D in Zoology ought to find some better things to do with his time than running for President of a complex country like Nigeria. It was a misplacement of priorities and a big error of judgment on his part and on the part of Nigerians who voted for him.

Talk about making a certified plumber do the job of a commercial pilot, the election of Ebele Jonathan as President of Nigeria is about the closest analogy to such a development. Jonathan knew he was going to need a genius of a journalist like Reuben Abati to start defending the indefensible when he began to fumble and the man fumbled a lot in his close to 7 years as President of Nigeria. I was glad when the man lost to Buhari in 2015 but I never knew Nigeria was actually going from fry pan to fire as we put the retired 70 year old sick man back on the saddle to pilot our ship of state. It was a colossal mistake. He too did what Jonathan did by looking for another reputable Media guru in Femi Adesina to help be his mouth organ in defending the indefensible.

Donald Trump the crazy but narcissistic and delusional President of the United States has found himself in the same "cul de sac" by appointing Sean Spicer as his Chief White House Press Officer to explain all of his naïve and crazy Policies and as the man goes from one blunder to another trying to divide the country further and antagonizing any Media outlets that ever have the spine or the effrontery to criticize him or reserve the right to challenge him or educate the Public about some of his blunders in Government.  I have never seen anything like that in America.

Donald Trump publicly admits he is going to climb down hard on any Media opposed to him while extolling the virtues of those who sing his praise in pretty much the same way like Kim Jon UN and Vladimir Putin. He has called the Media opposed to his policies as nothing but fake News outlets and the enemies of the people and he is on a mission to gag and suppress them using the powers of his bully pulpit. The scariest observation is that he expects Sean Spicer to out-perform him in that regard. Mr. Spicer is therefore more at risk for self-destruction because he works for a President who many believe he is narcissistic, bipolar and delusional because he is showing all the traits of such behaviors.

It is only in Nigeria and America  do you now have such a terrible misplacement of priorities with Donald Trump the world's greatest con artist  becoming the President of the United States with some help from Russian KGB and their most famous  leader, Vladimir Putin.

" Loju Amokoko beni pe ki ile o d'Amo, L'oju Aayan beni pe ki gbogbo nkan ko d'Eko ni" the Yorubas would tell you in our rich language because laterite (iyepe) is the main ingredient for making or molding a pot so the pot maker looks at laterite as all that matters in life just like the carpenter sees a nail in every wood he touches. Donald Trump sees the Presidency first and foremost as an opportunity to self-enrich himself and make money not only after he leaves office but during his tenure. That is the scariest part.

Donald Trump whose Real Estate Empire has now metamorphosed into the World greatest Contract Business now run or managed by the President of the United States, the richest country in the World and the greatest Military Power and industrial complex. Donald Trump sees the award of contract at the international level as part and parcel of his job as President.

His first priority right now is building the wall in Mexico, repealing Obamacare, and starting an Arms Race that turns America to the greatest arms pusher in the whole Universe with deregulation. That was why he once boasted he would be the first American to ever make a profit out of running for President, win or lose.

Every major decision he makes, every deal or negotiation he makes is seen by him as an opportunity to benefit or enrich his name brand and his Trump Financial Empire one way or the other. He justifies that in his convoluted mind because he says he is not getting paid for being President but the flamboyant guy is causing the country ten times his annual salary thru his flamboyant life style. He uses the Air Force One and the Beast to transact his own personal business as the owner and CEO of his Trump Business Empire. He uses his Holiday Resort at Mara Lago in Florida as an extension to the White House where he can have some privacy and do anything he wants as the most powerful man in the World. The cost of providing security for him everywhere he goes has quadrupled and is most likely to go higher than that of any President before him.

He now has a free ride to becoming the World's greatest Businessman. There is no way in the world he could do that without running into serious conflict of interest as the President of the United States.

Trump is therefore desperately looking for Houdini of Media juggernauts in America like who will have the unenviable role of explaining his transformation from a Businessman to the most powerful President in the world. He is desperately looking for a Media guru who can navigate his conflict of interest as President while putting a positive spin on every bad policy he makes like repealing and replacing Obamacare and his cantankerous ban on illegal immigrants and the mayhem and the fallout those decisions have already caused nation-wide. John Boerner the retired Speaker of the House has just lambasted his decision to repeal and replace Obamacare as a step in the wrong direction.

Donald Trump believes he needs a Sean Spicer to be the fall guy for all his blunders and President because he himself does not have the language to intelligently articulate such policies. The man tweets and speaks Ebonics and Pigeon English and nothing close to the verbiage of great communicators like JFK, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, his predecessors in that office.

It therefore make some sense to compare and contrast Femi Adesina and Sean Spicer in this article and how both of them have become laughing stocks as they both try to defend their bosses in the world of public opinion. Right now Femi Adesina is in Abuja while his boss is out sick in a London hideout provided for him at tax payers expense in Savoy Row because he is suffering from an undisclosed terminal illness that the 73 year old President is just too embarrassed to share with his own country.

Buhari is behaving like Umoru Yar Adua who had spent more time in the Hospital outside Nigeria for much of his 30 months as President. His corpse had to be flown back to Aso Rock under cover of darkness because his wife and many of his closest aides would not admit he was dead or totally incapacitated to do his job as at the time he was brought back home for burial. We are watching the same movie all over again or a version of it in the Buhari saga as Femi Adesina and Pastor Yemi Osibajo play the Russian roulette with Nigerians on the state of health of their boss and his whereabouts in London.

It seems that Sean Spicer has taken a script from the Nigerian buffoonery and foolhardiness by telling Americans only what he thinks Americans want to hear about how President Trump is going to turn America into a new Eldorado. His goal is to distract people and never to put any searchlight on how Mr. Trump has conspired with the KGB and Vladimir Putin to hack American elections. Sean Spicer does not want Americans discussing the need for Trump to release his tax returns or what role Vladimir Putin might have played in his election as President.

All these revelations are treasonable offenses that could predictably lead to the impeachment of Donald Trump and the automatic choice of Mike Pence as President in pretty much the same way like Gerald Ford was picked to succeed Richard Nixon who was forced to resign following the move to impeach him for his involvement in the Watergate scandal.

I can predict here and now that many of the appointees of Donald Trump who join him in any way to cover up Donald Trump would end up getting humiliated and destroyed after Donald Trump is forced to face impeachment Hearings just like Richard Nixon. It is only a question of time. Sean Spicer is going to be among the first casualty just like Femi Adesina is going to lose his credibility just like what happened to Reuben Abati following the fall of Ebele Jonathan in 2015.

You can call Sean Spicer and Femi Adesina the Siamese twins in that context. They are most likely to suffer similar fate as it becomes clear to all sundry they can no longer continue to cover up for their lying bosses who believe they can continue to pull a fast one on their respective nations by lying their ways out their predicament.

Donald Trump believes he could demonize the Media and never get caught just like Richard Nixon. Buhari, on the other hand, believes like Umaru Yar Adua believes he can pull a fast one on Nigeria by telling a cock and bull story about his health and his ability to continue in office.

The tragedy of America and Nigeria right now is bad and grossly incompetent leadership. Gone were the days of Presidents like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ferdinand Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Dwight Ike Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama who fully understand that the greatness of America rests squarely on America's empathy and compassion and her ability to earn the trust and loyalty of her many allies around the World and not in trying to intimidate and bully the rest of the World like Donald Trump is doing.

The tragedy of Nigeria on the hand lies in bad leadership unlike what makes India one of the greatest countries in the world due to the selfless leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit  Kneru, and Indira Gandhi not to talk of African leaders like the late Julius Nyerere and the present President Magifuli of Tanzania, the late Kwameh Nkrumah of Ghana, the late Madiba Nelson Mandela of South Africa, the late Leopold Senghor of Senegal and the late Sekou Toure of Guinea and late General Murtala Mohammed of Nigeria to  mention just a few.

Sooner or later Trump would have to throw in the towel either thru impeachment or resignation and the same truth is sure to catch up with Buhari sooner or later and whether he likes it or not.

Need I say anything more?

I rest my case.

Sunday, 12 March 2017 00:00

FAREED ZAKARIA:"Above and Beyond"

A Television commercial in America describes the Range Rover Jeep above and beyond in performance. In the interest of full disclosure and to avoid being accused of Plagiarism, I confess to borrowing this title from that commercial.

Fareed Zakaria as a News reporter and analyst is truly deserving of the Nobel Peace Award in Journalism if the choice were left to me alone. The young man makes a huge impression on me in the way and manner he handles his Global Public Square talk show every Sunday. I am impressed by the high level of research that goes into his discourse with all of his guests on that show. The caliber of his guests is top notch. You can tell he is really a genius and a worthy and brilliant Harvard product.

I feel exactly the same way about Rachel Maddow a product or Stanford and Oxford. I used to think Rachel was a lawyer until her herself admitted in one of her programs on MSNBC that she is not. I rank Rachel and Laurence O'Donnell among the best at MSNBC and in the World of Investigative Journalism.

I was pleasantly surprised when Barack Hussein Obama the man Donald Trump often loves to criticize as a failure was awarded the Nobel Peace Award in 2009 within a year of his coming to office. Even though Mitch McConnell who became the Republican Majority leader in the next Mid-term elections had promised to make Obama a one term President, the genius of Obama had become manifest when he won the Nobel Peace and when he went on to win a second term in 2012 in another landslide victory. Obama left office as one of the most popular American Presidents of all times. I watched Zakaria's farewell interview of President Obama in the White House. It was a masterpiece of an exchange between two great minds. Either of them could have been Presidents based on what I gathered from that exchange.

I would not be surprised if some day Fareed Zakaria like Obama is awarded the Nobel Peace for his powerful column and as the moderator of the Global Public Square which is watched all over the World and which has provided a learning curve in Current Affairs and International Relations which is second to none in the whole World.

There are few television programs I never want to miss every Sunday even when I am out of town or on vacation outside the United States. The Global Public Square is decidedly one. There are two American Televangelist pastors whose Sunday sermons I never miss for many years. I would rather miss going to Church than miss listening to the powerful sermons of late Robert Schuller of Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, California  and Joel Osteen the Pastor of Lakewood Church at Houston, Texas.

Fareed Zakaria just happens to be my favorite. Other reporters I admire and respect include CNN retired Anchorman Larry King, CNN Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Christiana Amanpour, CNN News Reporter Chris Cuomo to mention a few.  Brian Williams, Chris Matthews, Chris Hales, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC, and Bill O'Reilly and George Will of Fox News are the others. My day is never complete or done until I have had a chance to watch all of these individuals as I flip from one Cable Channel to another looking for them.  I rate them the best in the business and I love all of them

I put my spotlight on in this article on Fareed Zakaria because the icon is easily among the best and the brightest in my own opinion. I never forget he is an American immigrant of Indian origin.  America remains a quintessential nation of immigrants. I cannot help but be reminded that all of these individuals are immigrants from one country or another. The greatness of America is in fact defined by the contributions of Immigrants from all over the world who came to America in different boats but now find themselves in the same boat as pointed out to us by the great Martin Luther King. I therefore cannot imagine any American President in his right senses who would look down on immigrants because America as the microcosm of the World is nothing without the immigrants.

Christiana Amanpour is an Iranian immigrant born and raised in Britain. Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow's great grandparents are British immigrants, Chris Matthews and Lawrence O'Donnell and O'Reilly's grandparents are Irish while Chris Cuomo is of Italian origin. Donald Trump's great grandparents all emigrated from Germany while his mother came from Scotland.

It is therefore an irony to me that Donald Trump has made it one of his missions as President to declare war on Immigrants. The Yorubas got it exactly right when in their wisdom they predicted that any River which forgets its source is doomed to eventually dry up. I don't care how long and how intense the Trump War on the immigrants is going to last, he is going to end up becoming the ultimate victim of that War.

He currently professes to be the best and the smartest President ever elected He completely forgets that he came into office with the narrowest of margin in the Electoral College tally after losing by more than 3 million votes in the popular vote to a more qualified woman who had spent 40 years of her life preparing herself for that office. Fareed Zakaria never fails in his analysis to underscore that point without pulling punches.

The genius of Fareed Zakaria is his uncanny ability to analyze international problems around the globe and tapping the brains of other experts in the field  including individuals like Professor Henry Kissinger and some of the big players in Geo Politics, in the Sciences and Economics around the globe including Heads of Governments, Cabinet Ministers , top United Nations' or European Union  Personnel who are regular contributors to his program and are often tapped via the Satellite to join in the debates moderated by Fareed Zakaria either from his home base in the United States or from any other capital around the World. Fareed has become a celebrity in his own right for that reason.

Fareed Zakaria is in regular touch with a long list of movers and shakers in the public and private sectors of America who frequently participate in his program. I have watched him rub shoulders on the program with Economists like Thomas Friedman of New York Times, Nobel Peace Laureate Krugman and others too many to recount in this article.

They all know he operates at the highest possible level  and they are willing and happy to participate in his program I have seen his interviews with the current European Union President in Brussels, the United Nations Secretary General  and Heads of State from many countries including the British Prime Minister , the French President, the Iranian President and the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, the King Hussein of Jordan .the Prime Minister of Japan, the President of South Korea and the President of China  among others.

I am putting my searchlight on Fareed Zakaria for all his works and analysis on World Politics but more so for his analysis on the Trump Presidency and its ramifications for America and the rest of the World.

Fareed Zakaria makes no bones of his opinions on Donald Trump and he does it with clarity rare to find elsewhere. The young man is a prolific columnist with a very deep and analytical mind. That can move a mountain. He clearly spoke to the cloud of uncertainty hanging over America because of the unpredictability or the mental health of a Donald Trump that many are now beginning to wonder if he could end up becoming a victim of the 25th Amendment to the American Constitution, if he does not become another Richard Nixon on steroid.  I got more information from Zakaria and from some of his distinguished journalists and other celebrities and Newscasters like him.

I watched his Global Public Square show for February 19 for one hour from 10 AM to 11AM on CNN. It was as usual a masterpiece on Donald Trump who has now stigmatized and declared war on the News Media which he has called "the enemies of the People" because they have had the nerves to criticize him and some of the policies he has espoused. If you can open up Trump's mind it now seems clear he nurses the ambition to emulate some of the worse dictators around the world like Vladimir Putin Kim Jong UN and late Fidel Castro.

Fareed has made it clear how Trump has declared war on all Immigrants, on those he has labeled as Criminals and Leakers of his deliberate violation of the Laws and his grouse against whistle blowers who have had the courage of their conviction to report on such violations before an irreversible harm is done to the country. Some are already suggesting Trump may be losing his mind and suffering from information overload or pretending to be what he is not. He does not have the depth of knowledge required in a President and the temperament to keep his emotions in check and to be mindful of every statement that comes out of his mouth like great Presidents are required to do because he could easily set the whole world ablaze and upside down by talking thrash.

Fareed Zakaria made it clear how Donald Trump has declared war on Muslim Refugees facing instant starvation or death but who may have had the misfortune of being born in any of the Islamic countries on Trump's enemy list.

He interviewed on his show yesterday a gentleman name Karaganov who explained in a language anyone can understand how Donald Trump has kept America more divided than ever and all Trump has been doing to erode or sabotage the Liberal World Order that has sustained World Peace for more than a century. Donald Trump does not only want to rock the boat he wants to do it by pretending to be what he is not.

it is made clearer by Fareed Zakaria in his Global Public Square talk show every Sunday that Donald Trump is fighting a war he can never win and arguably leading America to the precipice by attempting to shake the existing world order to its very foundation because he thinks and believes like Adolf Hitler that he is the smartest and the wisest leader in the World. He actually boasted at one point that he was better informed than all of the American Generals combined on how to fight and destroy ISIS and how to restore what he called the lost power of the United States. He says he wants to make America great again as if America has lost its mojo, a proposition that is not supported by the facts on the ground.

He explained how Trump openly praises and embraces Communist and repressive regimes like those in North Korea, Russia and China. Now that he is President he is trying to use the massive power of the Presidency to climb down on the opposition and to distract the Congress from probing his refusal to release his tax returns and to further probe his collaboration and clandestine conspiracy with Vladimir Putin and the KGB and their role in paving the way for his election as President of the United States on quid pro quo arrangement that are subject to intensive investigation by the FBI and the CIA and the American Congress as we speak.

Fareed Zakaria has shed more light on the smoking gun in the election of Donald Trump and his arrogant refusal to release his tax returns and the stupidity or naivety of IRIS, a U.S Government Bureau to give Trump a free ride on the all- important issue of tax fraud or tax evasion which once sent Vice President Spiro Agnew to jail and has made life very miserable for poor and innocent Americans who are annually required to file their taxes or go to jail for failing so to do.

Fareed Zakaria could not understand why the Obama Administration has refused to take Trump to Court or to compel IRS to come up with facts and figures in reference to their audit of Donald Trump's financial Empire which would have revealed all the other countries he has ever done business with and whether or not any rules or protocols have been broken or compromised in so doing.

Fareed Zakaria has put the Ethics Bureau to task for its failure to get to the bottom of Trump's possible violation of Ethics in his Business dealing before giving him the clearance to run for President. Because the Government has failed to do that, Donald Trump has been emboldened to nominate individuals for Cabinet positions without getting the clearance from the so-called Ethics Bureau because he himself as President was never subjected to such a rigorous test during the primary season.

Donald Trump has been allowed instead to start spreading false information on Hillary Clinton and openly inviting the KGB and Vladimir Putin to help her expose Hillary, Mr. Putin obliged and responded by authorizing WikiLeaks to start releasing damaging information that irredeemably damaged the chances of Hillary to win in a few of the swing states of Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida and Pennsylvania. Trump is President today because of that development. Take it or leave it.

It was clear from Fareed Zakaria's fool-proof analysis that all Donald Trump and his new Attorney General and his newly constituted FBI and CIA want to talk about is nothing about Trump's Tax Returns or the KGB hacking of American Elections or some of his illegal and scandalous business dealings around the world including his attempt to muzzle Freedom of Speech in America.

All they want to investigate is chasing shadows instead of pursuing substance. All they are interested in is Disinformation Espionage recommended by the KGB to cover their trail and their role in the US elections or Donald Trump business dealings with Vladimir Putin which is now coming out gradually  and will continue, until Trump would have no place to hide any more like Richard Nixon.

John Sessions the new Attorney General would have no choice but to recuse from the probe because he is part and parcel of the cover up as the investigations would ultimately show. Trump and his gang are more interested in probing imaginary voter fraud that caused him to lose to Hillary by close to 3 million votes in the popular vote

Like the Watergate scandal that sank the presidency of Richard Nixon, the Russian hacking of American elections to help Trump win by all means and his refusal to release his Tax returns is irredeemably leading to the same conclusion and the prognosis is not looking good at all as brilliantly predicted by Fareed Zakaria, the best in the business. Fareed submits that a fool at 40 is a fool forever but what do we call a fool at 70? The resounding answer to that question is "Trump" if you ask me but I know you will not.

I rest my case.

I put the blame for the election of Donald Trump, the craziest and the phoniest President in the 240 years of American History on the American Constitution which is crying for the most fundamental amendment to its provision on the Electoral College Malady. For you to full understand the tragedy of the Trump Presidency, you have to watch Alec Baldwin of Saturday Night Live and Steve Colbert who replaced the great David Letterman of CBS News. I watch both programs every week and I could barely hold my breath. America is in big trouble.

I make this statement as an American father with two young boys currently serving proudly in the US Military. If anything bad were to happen to America, my stake in that eventuality is far much greater than that of Donald Trump. I therefore reserve the right to speak up as a patriotic and law-abiding citizen of the greatest country on Earth.

I am fully aware in making this statement that many Constitutional pundits and experts in the World who are far more qualified than I am, have described the same American Constitution as the "8th Wonder of the World" because they have based their overall assessment not just on the Electoral College provision in it but on the whole document as a whole compared to other nations' Constitutions around the world. We all have today the White House in turmoil compared to the Clinton, Bush and Obama White House.

Don't get me wrong. I praise the American Founding fathers for also realizing what Socrates the World's greatest teacher once predicted that "Anything made by men and even things made by God Almighty can be infinitely improved"  when they made provision for Amendments to be made and added  to the Constitution thru legislation from time to time to make it more perfect. I cannot now recall how many of such Amendments have now been made to the Constitution hitherto.

My simple goal in this write-up is to submit that The Constitution is overdue for another amendment to its particular provision which unilaterally implies for purposes of logic and rational thinking that the vote of 538 randomly selected Americans put together must supersede and override the popular votes of all eligible voters put together in all of the 50 States of America and that the views or the interest of smaller states like Vermont, Montana and others should not just be reckoned with but must be placed on equal footing with the decision of voters from bigger and more sophisticated states and more highly populated states like California, New York, Texas, Florida, Illinois, and New Jersey to mention a few.

It includes the decision of voters from rich California with a population of 33 million people and the sixth largest economy in the whole World as well as the Entertainment Capital of the World. It includes the decision of voters from New York with a population of 29 million people and the Financial Capital of the World, the Real Estate Capital of the World and the gateway to America.

While I agree that that the smaller states and the five swing states of America, of Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania  are important and should be factored into the national equation on determining who becomes President, it is a crazy irony that the most sophisticated and the greatest Bastion of Democracy in the World and the Leader of the Free World has now made the case thru its Electoral College Nonsense that 538 is superior to the more than  135 million people that voted in that election. The greatest mathematicians like Chike Obi of Nigeria and the others around the World would have as much problem as I do with that kind of logic. The Electoral College provision in the American Constitution is what has produced the phoniest candidate America has ever elected as President based on the premise I have just described.

Donald Trump lost to Hillary Clinton by close to 3 million votes in the last election He got 306 out of 538 hand-picked  electors  which included only 33 of those electors from California, 29 from New York and29 from Florida  to mention a few. It is the most undemocratic contraption as far as I am concerned and it makes America look and sound like the defunct Soviet Union and many of those Communists states like China, North Korea where 2 plus 2 can be 20 or 100 depending on who is doing the calculation.

The mere fact that each of the 50 states in the union elects 2 Senators to the US Senate and a proportionate number of Congressmen to the US House of Representatives should have sufficed. Adding the Electoral College to the mix is clearly a stretch right now in my opinion.

I therefore think the time has come to review and repeal the provision once and for all. Repealing and replacing Obamacare is a total misplacement of priorities by the current illegitimate Republican Presidency of the United States which has produced the worst candidate ever to be elected the Landlord of the Peoples House in Washington DC

How did we get the crazy spectacle we all watched on Television yesterday when President Trump spent 71 minutes talking thrash and making people wonder about what he must have been smoking a few minutes before he showed up on camera?  I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw the President turn an agenda setting moment to a laughing stock of a President who has taken a script from the play book of the KGB by using Disinformation Espionage and optical illusion like what Houdini would have done to confuse his audience.

He has not used the bully pulpit to lay out what he wants to accomplish like other Presidents before him. It was an extraordinary New Conference that makes you want to cry for America as you compare his performance to that of his immediate predecessor the first black President, the one and only Barack Hussein Obama whose presidency would be remembered in pretty much the same way like the happy days of the Camelot the youngest and the most charismatic American President, the incredibly handsome John Fitzgerald Kennedy of blessed memory.

The only person I can think of is a mad woman as I watched Donald Trump take the whole world for a ride on Television yesterday by praising himself in superlatives while lambasting others including the News Media and anyone who dares to disagrees with him or criticize him. The name of the mad woman is "Oron Jonjon" meaning a jigsaw puzzle of a stalemate or crisis in Akure or Yoruba dialect as I recall. She used to roam the streets of Akure the Ondo State Capital of Nigeria in my teenagers years in Akure in the 60s and 70s.

Nobody knew where the mad women came from or what name her parents gave her. Akure people called her "Oron Jonjon" for lack of any other name to give her because. She went around Akure repeating the words "Oron Jonjon" more than a million times a day. She was neither violent nor offensive. If you offered her money she took it without saying "thank you" She simply walked away repeating her chorus "Oron Jonjon" "Oron Jonjon" Now looking back, the only thing I could think of yesterday as I looked at him in total horror and frustration as he displayed unmitigated buffoonery on television was "Oron Jonjon" which could also mean a tragedy or an unmitigated disaster that would not go away. I could almost weep for America my beloved America, a nation I so much loved.

I used to tell my friends before Donald Trump showed up that anyone who manages to emerge President in America regardless of party labels has to have something going for him to ever emerge as President. I did not believe that any nincompoop could ever find his way to the presidency of the greatest nation on Earth because the system has been so perfected that such a person could never have made it thru the Primary Season talk less of the real presidential campaign itself which normally takes up to a year when every candidate or presidential hopeful has to go thru an inescapable baptism of fire that all American candidates must of necessity go thru. It is what makes America such a wonderful experiment in human history.

I used to tell my friends that any candidate who is not an eloquent speaker can go but so far in American Politics. The great Richard Nixon of California, one of the best Presidents before his Watergate scandal said it best when he said that successful candidates for the Presidency campaign in poetry but governs in prose. What he was actually saying was that the way you campaign for that office is not exactly the same way you govern. He also implied with that statement that your vocabulary has to be very rich for you to be a great communicator which is what Americans expect from anybody who would be President of the greatest nation on Earth.

I don't think that anybody ever imagined or anticipated that an empty barrel that is as eloquently-challenged and limited in his vocabularies as Donald Trump could ever make it to the White House. You have to scratch your head in total frustration if you put Trump on a ranking scale with the great communicator like, JFK, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton or Barack Obama all of whom can move a mountain with their eloquence and power of language. "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" in JFK's inaugural address was one of the greatest inaugural speeches of all time. "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall" is a simple statement by Ronald Reagan that the whole world would never forget.

"There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be corrected with what is right with America"is a once in a life-time statement by Bill Clinton. Barack Obama delivered so many one liners that made him one of the greatest orators in the World "There is no white or blue America, there is only one America and we are all Americans first and foremost" These are immortal, ageless powerful statements we quite often expect from American Presidents and any candidate who is lucky to be elected the President of the greatest country on Earth. If most of them are not as eloquent as a Winston Churchill or a Mario Cuomo or a Martin Luther King, or a Ronald Reagan, we expect most of them to be able to minimally be able to express themselves in Queen's English and not in guttersnipe language like Donald Trump are most notorious for.

I don't know about you. I am of the opinion that Donald trump does not measure up to this high expectation  as the first KGB =sponsored illegitimate President of the United States who spent much of his 71 minutes Press Conference yesterday defending Vladimir Putin and the virtues of rogue dictators around the world like Kim Jong UN of North Korea  and telling anyone who will listen  that he reserves the right to be nice to Putin because Putin has been nice to him to the extent of calling him a genius  and promising he would be much tougher on Putin that Hillary could ever have been expected to do.

The performance was a complete outrage to say the least. He Donald Trump denied any appeasement to Putin saying that the whole Russian thing was a ruse. He kept on sending mixed message that would send shrills down the spines of American allies around the World from Europe to Australia and Canada and in Japan and South Korea and in countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Iraq and in nuclearized India and Pakistan.

"America ti doko dele Danimo" by electing Donald Trump as President meaning in Yoruba language that America has married the wrong husband. She has hit the rock bottom by electing a President of the caliber of a Donald Trump.

It is only a question of time before the whole world is turned upside down the way America is going. I lie to you if I tell you it is not a scary development because it is far much easier to destroy than to build. The guy has a gross misconception of his role as President.

He thinks his supporters are happy as long as he continues to rubbish the Media and thrash the woman who beat the hell out of him by close to 3 million votes thereby making him an illegitimate President in his narcissistic mind till the end of time. Every time he flies the Air Force One or enters the Beast he suddenly remembers he is a usurper and he takes out his anger and frustration on the 3 million voters that chose Hillary over and above him.

I have never seen a man agonize or suffer Paranoia from losing to a woman and being labeled as a KGB-sponsored American President for the rest of his life pretty much like Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin were labelled as CIA-sponsored President of the former Soviet Union. Sooner or later the truth is going to come out to rubberstamp the fact.

I rest my case.

I think the 3 times Governor of New York State who lost a Mayoral race to the late Ed Koch of New York at one point in his amazing career was the kind of father I love to be.

I used to pray in my youth to be like my grandfather Kabiyesi Deji Afunbiowo Adesida the First who lived for 125 years. I wanted to be like him because I was only looking at the sunny side of him. The man had sought the throne three times before he finally got the nod of Akure Kingmakers in 1897. He had, earlier on, lost to His Royal Highness Deji Odundun in 1882 and one more time too many in 1890 to his half- brother, His Royal Highness Deji Arosoye.

In those days losing the contest for the throne two times in a row was enough to bankrupt you because "ti o ko ba j'Oba wa je gbese"in Yoruba Language. Anyone who has sought the throne and lost like filthy-rich Prince Ladejola Oginni of Ilesha would tell you. My grandfather went through all of that mental torture and rejection, but he never lost his composure.

He sought the throne the third time and won. He ascended the throne on June 22, 1897 and he went on to reign for 60 years and was succeeded by 3 of his direct children who added another 48 years of their own in sequential order to establish the Adesida Dynasty of Akure. The man was my childhood Hero. I used to believe he would live forever.

My grandfather returned from a visit to Ibadan where he had gone to receive the current Queen Elizabeth the Second of Britain who was paying her first official visit to Nigeria in 1956 following her coronation 3 years earlier.

I was so impressed that I told my grandfather I would like to be like him when I grew up. I was shocked by his response when he told me he would not want me to be like him. I left his powerful presence feeling totally deflated as I narrated in tears to my grandmother what my grandfather had just told me. The man simply told me the honest truth I needed to hear but did not want to hear because I was dam ignorant "Son, you certainly don't want to be like me, if you knew my full story. You are only looking at the brighter side of me and there was more to me than what you saw on the outside" I am quoting him verbatim.

The man did not go any farther than that but his statement left a far reaching impact on me as I grew up and it became clearer to me as I went around collecting materials and information I needed to write his biography as the pioneer architect of the golden century of Akure History from 1897 to 1997. The title of the book is "The Lion King and the Cubs" which I published and launched at the Federal University of Technology Akure, 50 years after my grandfather's exit.

Grandpa was right. I would not have wished to be like him as I began to see and understand all of the adversity he had to endure in his epic journey to the Deji's throne. He later became the longest reigning Deji and arguably the greatest and the most benevolent of them all in the History of Akure.

He was a victim of discrimination among his own people due to no fault of his. His own father was the 37th Deji, Oba Ojijigogun who reigned for 30 years from 1852 to 1882. His mother Queen mother Adojolomo was the first daughter of Sashere Lagookun of Idanre.  Akure Kingmakers turned him down two consecutive times in 1882 and 1890 even though his Ifa divination was the best on both occasions. They rejected him because they believed he was going to favor and give Akure Land to Idanre if he ever became the Deji.

He would have reigned for a total of 75 years on the throne if he had ascended the throne in 1882. He survived a rebellion against him in the popular mutiny of Akure people otherwise referred to as "Ogun Okuta" in Akure.

Deji Odundun the First who got selected in 1882 never saw eye to eye with him and those other competitors for the throne. Afunbiowo had to run to Ilado Village in the hamlet of his Father-in-law close to the spot where the Midland Farms of Chief Oluyemi Falae is located today to escape the vengeance of Odundun.

The particular village where Afunbiowo ran to was later renamed "Arodoye" village by him many years after his coronation in 1897. As part of his preparation as a candidate for the Deji's throne, it was revealed to me by those who knew him better that the man had tried to secure his own life thru a Voodoo covenant known as "Agbelepota" in Akure traditional medicine.

The covenant simply means he must never knowingly contemplate any evil against anybody be it a friend or foe. Anybody who was intentionally trying to kill or do him any harm would also prematurely die, even if the person was a close family member like a wife or even his own son or daughter.

The man intensely believed in his heart that he lost some of his loved ones who were trying to hurt him but who did not know he had such powers. So when he told me I must not aspire to be like him, my grandfather knew exactly what he was talking about.

So when I say I want to be like Mario Cuomo and when I say I am praying for sons like Andrew and Chris Cuomo, I know I could be taking some risk because what you see is sometimes not what you get. I want children like Andrew and Chris because of the way the two of them have done their parents proud from all we are able to see of them.

Both of them are carbon copies of their father not just in physical appearance but in intellect and charisma. Andrew the big politician among the two is now the two term Governor of a State his own father had governed for 12 years without a break.

Mario Cuomo was one of the greatest American political orators of all time who could melt a stone with his eloquence. He became one of the few Americans to deliver a keynote address two times and could have been called upon to do it the third time had he lived longer. He could have been the first Italian American to be elected President of the United States in1992.

He chickened out of the race for the White House because he thought he could not win against an incumbent who at one point in his presidency had a 90 percent approval in the opinion polls but went on to lose to a young man of the same age with his son in William Jefferson Clinton who had the fire in his belly to take on George Bush Senior. Bill Clinton went on to beat George Bush in one of the greatest upset victories in American Politics. Mario Cuomo's second son, Chris Cuomo a star reporter on CNN and the star of this article is the reason I am doing this article. Even though he is a journalist by training, you cannot count him out of Politics at some point in his life.

The young man is razor-blade sharp as a trained lawyer like his father and brother and he is a powerful and very eloquent speaker like his father. If Donald Trump a businessman can be President surely Chris Cuomo can be President any day if he shows interest. I am convinced beyond any doubt that one of the two brothers is destined to attain the height their father narrowly missed before his death.  I am in love with the two of them for that reasons and I wish I could be their father.

I have been watching Chris Cuomo and I am totally impressed about the way and manner the young man has carried himself as the alter ego of his father. The young man reminds me all the time of his great father, a gifted orator, a brilliant lawyer and one of the greatest politicians on the Democratic side of the great Divide in American Politics.

If the dead is able to pass any judgment on what many of the Living do on Earth, Mario Cuomo must be feeling very proud in his grave about how well his two sons have been holding the fort for him in their areas of specialty.

Their mother who is still alive must be feeling very proud about the great success of his two sons and their sister. The Cuomo children have been spectacular but the two boys are something else.  I have a strong premonition one of them is going to be President or Vice President of the United States at some point in their lives. If they do, the dreams of their father would have been realized long after his death. I appreciate that as a father.

I see a Mario Cuomo in Chris all the time. I even rank him a few notches better than his brother the great Governor of New York. The young man is as smart as they come. He is so thorough and deep and people who appear before him have to adequately prepare themselves or else he is going to floor them in intelligence and quick thinking. His verbiage compared to that of President Trump is first class. He speaks English better than Donald Trump who is so limited in his verbiage that I guess he could never have been President without cutting corners or getting some help from KGB Vladimir Putin.

Chris Cuomo asks questions without being judgmental and in full anticipation of the answers his guest might give in response. He is never caught unawares. I cannot think of any student of Law who can beat him in his game. I am always praying for a son like him. I love the guy so much. I am encouraging my grandsons Folarin, Rayo and Teniola to study Law because of Chris Cuomo.

I want to be able to sing my "Nunc Dimitis" like the great Mario Cuomo who decided to quit Politics sooner than anticipated by anyone because he was sure he has already reproduced himself in Andrew and Chris Cuomo. He could therefore go home to rest with gratitude to God and with a sense of fulfilment.

It's a great feeling when you see your children and grandchildren exceed your expectation as a father. Andrew and Chris Cuomo have done that for their great father and I appreciate them for that with this unsolicited tribute.

I rest my case.

My confidence in Democracy is a little bit shaken with the emergence of Donald Trump as President of the United States. Next to Great Britain which owns the Mother of Parliament, I used to think of America as the bastion of Democracy.

I so much love America. I voluntarily encouraged two my sons to join the US Military. I am very proud of the two young men because the love of the Military runs deep in my family. I come from the Sao Ofobutu and Sao Apatapiti family of Akure on my father side. The Sao of Akure as the Head of the Ikomo Group is the Generalissimo of Akure Traditional Armed Forces.

My two sons are the grand sons of a Sergeant in the Second World War who was my biological father. The man had fought in Egypt, Ceylon and India from 1939 to 1945 in the West African Frontier Force which fought under the British Flag.

I became the first child of the Second World War veterans in the West African countries of Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and the Gambia to be awarded the British/Canadian Legion Scholarship for my first Degree at the great Obafemi Awolowo University of Nigeria from 1963 to 1966.

I got the award not so much because of my academic excellence but because of my father's service in the War. The British and Canadian veterans of the War in their generosity and compassion had decided to honor those veterans from the West African sub region by helping their children get education.

I became the first of such children to be that lucky in Nigeria and I paid back my dues by floating a Scholarship Foundation in the name of my father in 1994 to create a multiply effect for my own award by offering similar scholarships to a few children of Veterans in Nigeria who are bright but financially handicapped.

Since I was too old to join the US Military when I relocated to America in1987, I encouraged my first and last son to make the Military Service their career. I was aware of the dangers involved and the pains I might endure for the rest of my life if anything were to happen to them. But I took the risk nonetheless.

I did not do that just for the love of America. I did it because the Military had been my family business and I wanted to use the enlistment or the commissioning of my sons into the best Military in the World as a permanent tribute to my own father and because I consider myself as the child of the Military.

I am everything I am today because of what the Military had done for me and all of my children and grandchildren.  I had a strong premonition when I took that decision that one of my two sons or their children could one day become a 4 Star General like Colin Powell. That was something their grandfather could never dream of. I am thankful to God the decision has paid off big time.

I tell this entire story to show how much I love Nigeria and America and how much I want the two countries to remain the best countries they could ever be. They are the two countries I could really call my own out of the190 countries in the World. I would not hesitate to put a curse on anyone who may want to threaten or jeopardize their progress and security.

I love and appreciate America as much as Donald Trump. I am writing this piece today not out of bitterness or frustration. It is true I never voted for Donald Trump for President because I still do not believe he is good for America in that role given his character flaws and track record. I could vote for him for President of the New York Chamber of Commerce or President of the Hotels Federation of America but never as President of the United States. The man does not have the temperament or the experience or the integrity to be elected the Leader of the Free World. I believe America made a huge mistake by electing him.

I volunteered during the last elections to drive many voters in my neighborhood from their home to the Polling Booth because I wanted Trump to lose and I was glad he lost by more than 30 points in my own Borough of New York.

I expected him to lose both the popular vote and the Electoral College tally but I never thought that the votes of 538 electors could totally invalidate and rubbish the votes of 135 million people. I also did not believe that a candidate who won by close to 3 million votes in the popular vote could ever go on to lose at the Electoral College in any Democracy.

I could understand somebody winning by half a million votes or less like Albert Gore and still narrowly losing the Electoral College tally.  If it was Donald Trump that won by 3 million but lost by less than 100 votes in the Electoral College, the Republicans and Trump would have been calling for such a provision in the American Constitution to be voted down and their Republican dominated Supreme Court could predictably have ruled in their favor. Does it really make sense for America to be appointing Judges  whose positions on any case coming before them is already pre- determined and regardless of the merits of the briefs before them?

What kind of justice is that?  Who says the American systems is really the best legal system in the World with that kind of limitation or flaws in the system. The British legal system still remains the best in that context in my opinion.

As a matter of fact Donald Trump would have taken his case to the International Court in The Hague if he had won the popular vote by that margin but lost in the Electoral College. Nobody is talking today because it is a Democrat who has been robbed by a provision that has outlived its usefulness.

That is exactly what has happened in America and it makes me sick to my stomach that my vote and the votes of the close to 50 voters I drove to the polling booth have not counted at all based on the Electoral College Abracadabra in the American Constitution.

I am not a Trump hater in my heart. I give the man credit and I acknowledge his superman and larger-than-life streak and attributes as one hell of a genius who has beaten the odds so many times in his life to reach the highest pinnacle of his ambition. He is in many ways to me like "Osiun Ado" the crazy Governor of Ekiti State in Nigeria, Ayo Fayose who has kept winning and coming back despite all the gang-up of his political enemies.

I have some soft spot for him. His parents come from Afao in Ekiti, but the young man was born and raised in Akure, my home town in Nigeria. I knew him as a little boy. He has always been a fighter from his childhood. He shares some of the attributes of a Donald Trump in my opinion.

If you put sentiments aside, you will clearly see there is some method to Donald Trump's insanity. The more than 62 million Americans who voted for him could not have been dismissed with the wave of the hand in a Democracy. I will be the first to admit that. I would also be the first to make the point that he lost the popular vote by close to 3 million votes.

I acknowledge his genius and his unusual luck as the beneficiary of an obnoxious Law which makes a mockery of Democracy when compared to a dictatorial system like Communism or Feudalism. If a Communist regime had done that kind of thing, America would be the first to condemn it.

Yes. I agree that Trump has something going for him we cannot and must not trivialize. For how else do you explain Donald Trump's meteoric rise from a rebel teenager who was briefly sent to the Military by his father in the hope that the Military could help to "panel-beat" him and whip some discipline into his big head and to make him the extra-ordinary man he has become?

He seems to have shared the same DNA with the young man with the bad haircut, Kim Jong UN of North Korea. Donald Trump is a dictator by character and inclination. How he has ended up becoming the President of the United States is a total mystery to me. I would be surprised if he voluntarily leaves office when his time is up, and if he does not get impeached for some terrible scandal in a year or two.

I lie to you if I say that Donald Trump is not a genius with some extraordinary talents. How he came from being a laughing stock to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat from a woman who is head shoulders more qualified than him and who actually went on to beat him by close to 3 million  in the popular vote is a mystery that would take a long time to sink in with me.

Yes we could argue that the KGB and FBI James Comey all had a role to play in his victory but it would forever remain a mystery how that could have happened  in the greatest country on Earth without anyone raising a red flag at the nick of time. The man has tapped into something the great majority of us have totally missed as we made our predictions about his chances in that election.

I knew some people would still vote for him even if he raped their wife or daughter but I just never believed they were that many.  62 million is more than the total population of Great Britain or Japan. It was a shocker for me. I don't know about you.

That revelation speaks to the genius and the unusual luck of Donald Trump who had managed to beat the system after breaking all the rules in the game. His refusal to release his Tax Returns which was well known to the IRS was part and parcel of his myth as a politician. The IRS and their officers became deaf and dumb and could not come out to leak or release the document in the nick of time and up till now for reasons best known to them.

I knew all along that Trump's tax return was his Achilles foot or the smoking gun that should easily have ended his campaign and forced him to withdraw. He was like a Daniel thrown into the Den of Lions but the Lions would not devour him for some reasons that only God could explain.

So I take it that God could be using Trump to prove a point that we mortals could not fathom because we usually don't see beyond our noses. Every time I criticize him I remember that and keep my mouth shut but the urge to lambast him is irresistible as I watch him run his mouth against Obama and all of his more qualified predecessors in the White House.

Donald Trump has so far surrounded himself with individuals whose profiles and past History should have sent some early warning s about where Trump may be taking America. Junk Yard Dog Mike Flynn is one of them as Trump's Security Adviser, homophobic and racist Steve Bannon as Senior Political Adviser is another, alternate fact Kellyanne Conway as  Senior Adviser to his First Lady  is another and" Mad Dog" General Mattis  who has doubled down as Defense Secretary is yet another.

Sean Spicer, the Press Secretary has had his job cut out for him by having to defend the indefensible most of the time and putting a positive spin on a bad policy and the crass incompetence of his crooked boss.  The least scary of these individuals is Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. The scariest is Donald Trump himself who has turned the American Presidency into a Monarchy where his children now play the role of "Heir Apparent" without anybody lifting a finger.

Donald Trump loves his title as President and Commander-in-Chief. What he does not like is being held fully accountable. He double-speaks all the time saying he is going to delegate some of his responsibilities to some individuals in his Cabinet on some policies but he has stopped short of admitting responsibility should anything go wrong.

He got Mike Flynn to announce on Television he is putting Iran on notice without giving any details on what he meant. He is going ahead to slap new sanctions on Iran without thinking them thru. Nicky Haley his Permanent Representative at the United Nations is warning Russia about its adventurism in Ukraine and Crimea while Trump is singing a different tune with his own statements on Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Trump has appointed James Friedman, as Israeli Ambassador who wants to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Donald Trump initially gave the impression he would not stop Israel from building new Settlements in Gaza and the West Bank thereby challenging the idea of the "2 State" solution that previous American Administrations have committed to. Trump has no official position on Settlement Activity up till now. He totally forgets that America has vital interest around the World that cannot be toyed with or ignored without paying a heavy price down the road.

American allies and enemies around the World are simply confused and nervous about what to make of the Trump Presidency. The whole concept of World Order goes into shambles in that scenario.

Donald Trump has come to the Presidency with the least experience but he wants to shake American foreign policy to its very foundation by describing NATO as obsolete and the European Union as retrogressive and shaky.

The guy has started on a very wrong footing and he makes the whole world nervous about his Presidency and where America is headed under his leadership. He has earned the title of "Victor Ludorum" as the scariest person to ever sleep in the Lincoln bed room.

I rest my case.

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