Wunmi Akintide Ph.D

Wunmi Akintide Ph.D

All Presidents and Heads of Government and Politicians the world over can hardly admit on oath that they do not lie or do all of the above when cornered or when they have their backs against the wall or when they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar like this obnoxious President.

I sure get that but  this observation has assumed a new level with Donald Trump becoming the first KGB-sponsored President of what I used to call the greatest country on Earth and my country by choice and naturalization.

I have traveled quite a bit around the World in my prime. I am yet to find any other country with the possible exception of Great Britain that comes anywhere close to America in terms of all round development.

I have a big problem with the Trump assertion that he inherited a mess when he came to office only 110 days ago. No Mr. President. America has always been great ever before you showed up with some help from the KGB. I can tell you that the country will predictably remain great long after you leave office either thru the front or back door depending on how long you are able to lie your way to oblivion before nemesis catches up with you like it did to Richard Nixon who was a lot smarter than you as an attorney by profession and like happened to Adolf Hitler before his defeat and removal as Chancellor of Germany in the aftermath of his loss in the Second World War.

The firing of James Comey and the circumstance in which it occurred and the release of his tax returns thru a "sub poena" are predictably going to be the last straw that broke the Camel's back for Trump.

All the dots as to whether or not he and his campaign actually colluded with Russia Vladimir Putin and the KGB to undermine American Democracy and its electoral process would be easily connected even by the doubting Thomases in the Republican Party who have all abandoned their loyalty to country only to pitch their tent with a narcissistic President who would abandon them in a heartbeat just like he has quickly done to Bharara in New York, Manafort, Roger Ales, Steve Bannon, General Michael Flynn and now to James Comey to save his neck and to prolong the evil day which is around the corner if you see what I see.. I can tell you that more firings are yet to come and I am predicting that Sean Spicer and the new Security Adviser are going to be the next casualty.

I can name 6 individual American among a host of other ace reporters and whistle blowers who would make that happen sooner than ever expected or envisaged.

Two of them are Great Intelligence juggernauts and experts named Malcolm Nance and Tim Weiner who wrote one of the most profoundly exciting books I have ever read on Intelligence gathering, and the pitfalls.

The other two are  Oxford-trained  Rachel Maddow who is not even a lawyer by training and profession  and  the other is the legal luminary of an ace reporter named Laurence O'Donnell all of MSNBC. The last two are razor-blade sharp Chris Cuomo and Harvard-trained reportorial juggernaut, Fareed Zakaria of the CNN

Their analysis of the Russian collusion with Trump and his team and the many failings of the Trump Presidency are beyond reproach. They all have the ability to connect the dots for gullible Americans and the legislators and senators who you would think are very smart but are really very naïve and damn too partisan to realize or appreciate that duplicity and partisanship have to stop at the water edge like they say in America.

If the Congress men and senators value and love America more than they love any transient President, they would beat a retreat and fully understand that Donald Trump is leading America to the precipice and total destruction if they do not call his bluff.

I love this country too much for me to just "sit down they look" in the words of late Uncle Bola Ige of Nigeria. There is just too much at stake and there is just so much more in America that is still worth dying for like many of our founding fathers have done as acknowledged by Tom Brokaw in his best seller book titled, "The Greatest Generation"

Donald Trump fired James Comey because he realized the noose was tightening up around his neck even though no criminal charge has been leveled again him as we speak. Like the artful dodger he has become he had been expecting Mr. Comey to aggressively defend and cover up for him much more forcefully than he has been doing hitherto. Donald Trump calls the US Military "My Military and FBI "My FBI" He expected those national Institutions to work for him and never against him even he was deliberately violating or undermining America.

He fired Comey to serve notice to Comey's successor and all the individuals in the Intelligence Community that the same fate would await them if they would not dance to his tune, or do his biddings from now on regardless of what the Constitution says. Donald Trump is like the proverbial strayed hunt dog that would never hear the whistle of his master or owner.

Donald Trump's ultimate goal is to destroy the norms and all the essential safeguards of a Democratic Government and to reduce it to the Dictatorship of the Communist regimes that put him over the top in the last election by destroying Hillary Clinton who was running head and shoulders above him in the opinion polls a week or two before the elections and was expected to easily defeat him with effortless ease in the final tally.

Even though Hillary still went on to beat him arms down in the popular vote of a total of 135 million Americans but not among the 538 voters in the anachronistic Electoral College Abracadabra that has long outlived its usefulness and should long have been jettisoned. Trump scored 306 while Hillary scored 232 in the Electoral College Vote. The minority all of a sudden became the majority in a twinkle of an eye.

The whole development has made a total mockery of Democracy which is part of the goal of Donald Trump who wants to destabilize the United Nations, the European Union and NATO to give Russian Vladimir Putin a fighting chance to level up the playing field for Russia to catch up with America.

Putin was proactively working to establish his own United Nations by organizing a union of Russia, China and North Korea as a counterforce to the United Nations  by launching his own Dialogue of Nations in Moscow with Russia as the King pin and the undisputed leader after destabilizing or breaking up the European Union and making sure that India and Pakistan can become the 6th and the 7th members of the UN Security Council  with 4 of those nations namely, Russia, China, India and Pakistan  coming from the Pacific region and the Indian Ocean.

Putin wants his own" Perestroika" like Gorbachev to include a Re-Alignment of Forces around the World where America must not remain the only Super Power.

Donald Trump who shoots from the hip all the time and cannot differentiate between appeasement and strength or between Wisdom and Foolhardiness actually believe that he could outmaneuver Vladimir Putin as the World's greatest negotiator who believe he can beat anyone in the game even though he is an amateur in the game who is shooting blindfolded or shooting in the dark without counting on the consequences of his action.

His new normal in American politics is to lie as much as he can, blackmail any opposition to him as fake News. He continues to deny the truth, deflect, obfuscate and actively obstruct justice and to delay justice and procrastinate till he eventually turns American system into a Monarchy or Dictatorship where he could now fully assume his role as King Louis XIV of France  when he declared in French "L'Etat C'est Moi" meaning  "I am the State and my words carry the force of Law", and anyone who disagrees with him must go jump to the Sea or forever keep his peace  or face assassination and sure death by any means possible.

That is precisely why the new normal in America is so scary and totally unacceptable. Donald Trump is doing everything to derail the ongoing investigation of Russia and he is hoping that his premeditated attack on North Korea would present a diversionary tactic to make America forget all of his blunders and to rally round him right or wrong because Americans never abandon their President in War times. He calculated that George Bush Junior won a second part in large part because he managed to drag America into a totally needless war that dragged on for years.

I rest my case.


Nigerian famous Educationist honored in the United States on her 90thBirthday.

Dr. Wumi Akintide.

Reproduced below is a keynote address by one of the Nigerians Mrs. Ogundipe mentored and inspired during her tenure as the Assistant Adviser on Secondary Education in the 70s which is often called the golden age of Nigerian Public Service compared to now.

The Celebrant, Mrs. Ogundipe,

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen

I like to begin by thanking God for giving me the grace to join all of you at this ceremony in praising and celebrating Mrs. Phebean Ogundipe who turned 90 years old today by the special grace of God.

Even though I have hit the mandatory age of three scores and ten ordained in the Holy Scriptures for Christians, I am still praying to God to bless me with longevity like youthful Phebean our celebrant and star of this occasion.

Praising is all I do according to a popular Gospel Music idol whose CDs are some of my favorites in my twilight years. I am talking of the legendary Smokie Norful and Kirk Franklin.

I am praising God for myself and for my friend of close to 50 years sitting right here on the high table. Speaking after the eloquent Pastor Femi Ogundipe of the Redeem Christian Church of God and his junior brother, Dr. Ogundipe, one of the best Oncologists Oklahoma who flew his own private jet to the beautiful City of Charlotte is a challenge that is clearly beyond my pay grade.

I must confess to being intimidated by their eloquence. I would make up for my inadequacy using my age and life experience as a Historian by training and certification as my greatest weapon and vantage point.

Close to 50 years ago I met Phebean when we both served at the Federal Ministry of Education during the Yakubu Gowon Era.

Late Wenike Briggs of Rivers State and Chief A.Y. Eke the first Nigerian Registrar of the University of Lagos followed each other as the Federal Commissioner for Education.  Chief S. O Awokoya, the first Minister of Education under Chief Obafemi Awolowo as first Premier of Western Region was the Chief Federal Advisers on Education. He, Chief Awokoya was succeeded by late C.J.C Cookie. You could say that all of them were older contemporaries of Mrs. Ogundipe. All of them have since gone to rest but thank God Phebean is still here.

Like I hinted earlier, Mrs. Ogundipe was then the Assistant Adviser on Secondary Education while I was just a young Assistant Secretary/ Administrative Officer Grade1in the Ministry. I was serving under Alhaji Ahmed Joda now 87 who was the Permanent Secretary while late S.O. Soyode was his Deputy. Some of Phebean's other colleagues as I recall, included the late Rex Akpofure the first Nigerian Principal of Kings College, late Chief Agiobu Kemmer, late Chief Mrs. Coker who was then Principal of Queens College, Lagos, Mr. Jerry Gana who served under Mrs. Ogundipe and late Dr. Ekpo Eyo who was the first Nigerian Director of the National Museum after the British colonial officers have returned home.

I can say without any fear of contradiction that Mrs. Ogundipe's era was the golden era of the Nigerian Civil Service in those days. I recall that Ejueyitchie was Secretary to the Federal Government.  Alhaji Sule Katagun was Chairman and Dr. Manuwa was Deputy Chairman of the Nigerian Civil Service Commission.

Tom Brokaw the famous NBC Anchor once wrote a best seller titled "The Greatest Generation" in America. If a similar book were to be written on the Greatest Generation in Nigeria, I can tell you that Phebean Ogundipe a prolific author and first class educationist would clearly make the cut with the Love of her life, her late husband who is treasured and remembered today in this ceremony along with her amazing soulmate and life partner, the star of this ceremony.

Her husband was a dashing young Ijebu man and Phebean was at the time an Esa Oke Ijesha dazzling beauty when they both fell in love and later got married in one of the most successful Nigerian marriages you have ever known.

If you don't believe me, just look at the caliber of children the Union has produced. The children scattered all over the World have all come here with their kids to honor and celebrate their awesome and amazing mother and grandmother.

I look around as I entered the Hall and I could not find many of her thousands of admirers and colleagues in Nigeria including many of her old students. If this birthday ceremony were being held in Nigeria, there would be far more distinguished and more qualified colleagues to play the role that Destiny would appear to have conferred on me to play as somebody who has known Phebean for so long. I flew in from New York yesterday to specially honor our sister in the Lord.

I believe the last time we actually set eyes on each other was in 1975 to be precise. We later reconnected on the Facebook and the Internet when Phebean came across some of my articles. As an avid reader, she went the extra mile to locate my phone number and my E-mail address and to touch base with me because she is still mentally alert and sharp pretty much like she was at her prime.

I crave your indulgence to take you down memory lane as we all celebrate the Nigerian icon who in a way is a contemporary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second who has become the longest reigning British monarch beating her grandmother Queen Victoria to second place in British History.

Queen Elizabeth and Phebean were born only a year apart in age but they both sure belong to the same generation of iconic women of virtue in the World. I can tell you that as a historian who has studied their profiles and has written volumes on both of them at some point in my life during my student days at the Royal Institute of Public Administration at Mabledon Place, London, next door the University of London at Gower Street.

Phebean Ogundipe is my mentor. She is among the few role models that God had used to show me the way in my life journey as a Prince and as an only child of my mother and a proud grandchild of Kabiyesi Afunbiowo Adesida the First, the greatest and longest-serving Deji of Akure who lived for 125 years and he reigned for 60 years from 1897 to 1957.

Yes, we all ought to give thanks to God for making us who we are. But the people that God had used to fulfil his purpose and Destiny in our lives arguably deserve as much credit as God the author and finisher of our Faith. God does not come down from his high throne above to play that role. What He simply does is use some individuals and some unique circumstances to push us to our destiny and to make us who we are.

I can tell you loud and clear that God in his infinite mercy has used Phebean Ogundipe to show me the way and to make me who I am today. Please give her a round of applause. I probably wouldn't be here today but for her influence in my life.

There are probably hundreds of other Nigerians like me whose life has been touched by the celebrant. One of them is Professor Olubodun Fakinlede of the University of Lagos who is one of the candidates prima facie qualified to be considered as a candidate for the vacant position of the Vice Chancellor of the Federal University of Technology Akure.

The learned Professor called me a few days ago just by coincidence. In our brief telephone conversation I confided in him I would be going to attend the 90th Birthday Celebration of Mrs. Ogundipe in the City of Charlotte in North Carolina on the 6th of May.

I was surprised when the young man explained to me the role Mrs. Ogundipe and her colleague Jerry Gana had played in his life. The gentleman would have been here with us today if he had gotten the notice sooner. That is how much we all value and treasure Phebean, a priceless jewel of inestimable value who is here with us today but could be gone tomorrow because tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us young or old. So when you are 50 and above in Nigeria where the average life span for men is 46 and 49 for women, you count yourself lucky if you are 90 and you begin to sing your "Nunc Dimitis" every day you wake up alive.

Great soldiers like the star of this occasion don't die anymore; they just fade away like an old soldier who never dies.

I seize this opportunity to recognize all those children and her third son the baby of the family Kola who flew in from New Zealand with her two daughters to be with us. I recognize the grandchildren and great grandchildren who are all here to celebrate and honor the celebrant with their presence. They should all stand up to be recognized. Give them a round of applause

There is no way for me to end this tribute without going back to draw some inspiration from our Yoruba Culture that Mrs. Ogundipe has used her adult life to market and to promote to the best of her ability as a literary giant who had the uncommon sense to write so many books on Yoruba folklores around the tortoise otherwise called "Ijapa Tiroko Oko Ayanrinbo"

Many of those books are now being used as text books to teach the younger generation of Yoruba children and to preserve our Yoruba Cultures for generations yet unborn. Mrs. Ogundipe is still getting paid royalties on all of those books till tomorrow and those royalties will not stop going to all of her children and grandchildren long after her transition into glory.

Mrs. Ogundipe has fired my imagination as a young man to want to be a prolific writer like her from our days together at the Federal Ministry of Education as I hinted earlier.

Today I am a syndicated columnist with the Sahara Reporters Social Media Company of New York founded by the great Omoyele Sowore from Ijaw Apoi in Ondo State and the popular Chatafrik Website pioneered by another Nigerian icon named Martin Akindana from Idanre in Ondo State.

I am proud to say that 90 year old Mrs. Ogundipe is one of the great fans of my column. Because of the influence of Mrs. Ogundipe, I have authored two books and I am working on my third book. I am pleased to note in this speech that Phebean is launching at this occasion another best seller among her many books titled, "Up-Country Girl" – A personal journey and truthful portrayal of African culture.

There is no way to stop Phebean Ogundipe. She would keep working and writing till she breaths her last because she knows no other way to live and to function as a stereo typical Ijesha woman who never quits or give up."Phebean Ajibola Ogundipe Omo Ijesha aponoda. Omo Eleni a te I ka Omo Eleni Ewele. Omo Ogedengbe Agbogungboro o ti popo l'oju Ogun. O kere lala sohun bi Sokotoropo, Eru o ba e o d'eru bar a re" as reminded by us by the great Adamo Musician of Ilesha, Nigeria, the one and only"Adedara a run ra l'Oja Oba.

Phebean Ogundipe remains one of a kind among her peers in Nigeria but more so in Yoruba Land. "Kato r'Erin o d'igbo, Ka to r'Efon o d'Odan, Ka to r'Eiye bi Okin, O di Orun Alakeji"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would now end this speech with a Gospel Song CD specially selected to serenade Phebean Ogundipe for all of the lives she has touched in Nigeria including mine by making us who we are by pushing us our Destiny. The CD was originally composed by J.J. Hairston and his Youthful Praise Singers of the United States.

My dear Phebean, you are the best among our women folks in Nigeria. You have remained a beacon of hope that Nigeria can be great and prosperous, united and peaceful if God can bless Nigeria with more of your type.

If the road is beautiful, then worry about your destination, but if your destination is beautiful then don't worry about the road. You have lived a beautiful and wonderful life. You don't have to worry about nothing any more.

I now have the honor and the privilege to ask our DJ to play the J.J Hairston CD while we all remain standing and singing along with the amazing music and song of Praise in honor of our sister in the Lord, the one and only Phebean Ajibola Ogundipe of Nigeria.

I thank you all.

If Donald Trump says Good morning to you, you have to check your time before you respond back to him. If he tells you there is a guaranteed medical coverage for pre-existing condition even after his repeal of Obamacare and his replacement by his own Trump version, you have to know he is telling a bogus lie.

There can be no guaranteed coverage for poor sick Americans including children and poor senior citizens across the country when all the 50 states are granted waivers in the Legislation to pick and choose what is less expensive and more convenient to them.

It is a set-up by the Reality TV con artist turned President who can sell you a dead cockroach and make you believe you have won a jackpot. Legislators who have to report back to their constituents before and during the next elections would be foolhardy to believe a shred of what Trump and some elements in the Republican Party are telling them. If they do not vote "No" for the Legislation, they have been sold a pig in the poke.

That is why Trump's attempt to pass the Health Care Legislation must fail again if it does not specifically guarantee coverage for existing condition. If it does, then it will be wrong for Trump and the Republicans to claim they have repealed Obamacare. What they have done is "Mend it and not end it" like I suggested long time ago in one of my articles on the subject. Trump cannot take away a right that has guaranteed medical coverage for 24 million American and has the potential to reach up to 46 million people when it is fully implemented. Obama care is like Social Security. You cannot end it without paying a very heavy price at the polls when the rubber meets the road.

When President FDR gave his word to Winston Churchill that America was going to lead the European Allies into the Second World War against Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill did not fly back to England thinking for one minute that Franklin Delano Roosevelt might have lied to him.

When young John F Kennedy looked Nikita Khrushchev straight in the face and insisted he had to remove his nuclear arsenals from Cuba, he left the arrogant Russian leader and Fidel Castro in no doubt that he meant business and that his word was his bond.

When Ronald Reagan called on Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, Gorbachev knew he had to comply. The wall not only came down, the move heralded the reunification of West and East Germany and the fall of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact without firing a single shot.

Trust is a big thing for any American President. If you lose it, you have lost everything. Donald Trump regretfully does not fully understand or comprehend that. He may survive for a little while with deception and empty hubris but he will eventually go down like Richard Nixon before him.

When you compare those great Presidents I have listed above and all of their promises with all of the 489 blatant lies the first Russian-sponsored President has told in his 100 days in the White House, you have to wonder like I do about where America is headed with this kneejerk President who made many big promises he could not keep as President. He made those promises to deceive the people to vote for in deference to his sponsor, Vladimir Putin and because he could not tell the difference between American Democracy and Communist Russia where Vladimir Putin is the ultimate dictator who can make and unmake and where a vocal and virile Opposition does not exist.

In Russia or North Korea, the President's political enemies and the News Media and the Judiciary are quickly suppressed and rendered impotent or subservient to the whim and caprices of the dictator.

Now that Russian hacking of American elections and the collusion with the Trump Administration is under intense scrutiny in the United States as we speak, Russian Vladimir Putin is proactively eliminating and killing whistle blowers like Rachel Maddow or Laurence O'Donnell to mention a few in Russia and elsewhere around the World who could help the investigators connect the dots and to prove beyond all shades of doubt how Russia has helped to impose Donald Trump on America.

The greatest fear that any America should and must have is what happens after the short gun marriage and the very cozy Honey Moon between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin reaches its dead end.

It can be safely assumed that the bride Donald Trump is sure to learn some dirty tricks from her husband, Vladimir Putin who will not hesitate to show Donald Trump how to quickly turn a Democracy into a Dictatorship and how to forever keep himself in power in the United States regardless of what the American Constitution may have said.

A President who has goaded his Party to change the Filibuster rule on the confirmation of a Supreme Court judge and has again urged his Party Majority in Congress to adopt the same rule in passing any Legislation is on his way to total Dictatorship in America.

The Republican Party can forever remain in power while the Opposition is forever suppressed and subdued. Donald Trump does not believe in a 2-Party system and he has demonstrated that conviction in so many ways I would now articulate with the remaining paragraphs of this article.

His cozy relationship and his refusal to ever criticize Vladimir Putin is one big proof of that. The second is the fact that he loves and openly praises and hobnobs with dictators like Kim Jong UN, Rodrigo Duterte and Erdogan of Turkey.

He openly wants to do business and make money off those countries without exception. Part of the reason he is so adamant on not releasing his tax returns unless forced so to do thru a "Sub Poena" is because  he clearly knew those tax returns would give him away and predictably lead to his impeachment for criminal conflict of interest and prosecution.

It is not Rocket Science. His former Security Adviser, General Michael Flynn has not committed any less egregious crimes than Donald Trump has committed as the investigations would conclusively reveal.

Donald Trump is not trust-worthy because he over-promises what he knows he cannot deliver. Win or lose he quickly declares victory in his own convoluted mind and he moves on to make another futile promises.

He does not believe in doing his homework on any subject and you can tell he is so empty and ignorant. He only trusts his own judgments and instincts and that is why he is so addicted to twitting at odd hours of the morning because he believes more in manipulations than any constructive engagement.

With Donald Trump, the more you look the less you see. He could easily have beaten Houdini in his game if he has followed that line of business. Donald Trump can have a one hour telephone chat or hold a long meeting with another foreign Head of State like he did with President Xi of China and Justin Trudeau of Canada and Vladimir Putin he would summarize their discussion in just one sentence while his counterpart would reduce their discussion into a 2 or 3 page Communique because they don't want to be misquoted or totally misunderstood.

Donald Trump on the other hand thrives on misleading the Public. He wants to be unpredictable. He actually wants to be misquoted so he can leave a wiggle room for numerous errors and total misrepresentation.

He is so limited in his communication skills that he would always use the wrong word which conveys a different meaning from what he had meant to say. He described Obama as bad and sick, a description that my 8th grade granddaughter would not make.

He described Andrew Jackson as having a tough mind and a large heart which is a bit contradictory, and he credited the American Civil War to Jackson even though the man had dies 16 years before the war.

Donald Trump cannot tell the difference between Victory and Defeat. He wants to be the Judge and the accuser in his own case. He blows his own trumpet all the time on nothing to preclude others from saying anything negative about him.

He would praise you if you praise him. By the same token, he would go after you if you dare criticize him even when he is totally wrong and derelict.

He could predictably start using institutions like the FBI and CIA to do his dirty job for him and he could begin to use them to go after his perceived political enemies on both sides of the isle.

He is bent on protecting the income flow of his many businesses around the World in places like China, the Philippines and his Trump Towers in Istanbul and his hotel chains in Moscow and Leningrad, Ukraine and his business interest in Egypt.

That is why he must cozy up to those dictators in those countries. He is actively pushing the building of the Wall to barricade Mexico not because the move is going to permanently or effectively solve the problem of immigrants crossing the borders but because that is an area where he can personally make a lot of money because he would be the one awarding those contracts to companies he can manipulate

And fleece. It is a "win- win" proposition for Donald Trump and that was why he once said he would be the first American to profit from running for President, win or lose.

Building walls to stop immigrant crossing is not as fool-proof as it sounds and it penny-wise and pound-foolish if you really think about it. That is why very few countries would ever try to build walls to stop or totally minimize illegal boarder crossings like Donald Trump is promising to do. He first of all boasted and gloated that Mexico was going to pay because he was so arrogant. When Mexico called his bluff he took a hike on that telling some cock and bull story that America would now pay and Mexico would reimburse America.

If any country could ever stop immigrant crossing, Nigeria should long have considered the move with Niger or Chad. Citizens of Niger in border towns with Nigeria like Maradi and Niamey and citizens of Chad regularly cross the borders to Nigeria to vote in Nigerian elections and to graze their Cattles causing a lot of havoc in Nigeria as we speak, it has never occurred to Nigeria to build the kind of expensive wall that Trump is contemplating. He is twisting arms in Congress today to get the job done. It is a wrong move that ought to go down in defeat. It makes no sense at all.

I saw a bit of what I am telling you during my several visits to Niger and to Chad for the few years I served as the Secretary to the Joint Economic Commissions of Nigeria with the rest of the World in the early 80s.

All that Donald Trump cares about is making money from all of his pet projects as President.

America made a fatal U-turn when she carelessly allowed Trump to collude with Vladimir Putin to find his way to the White House.

I rest my case.

A good psychoanalyst and a mind reader like Professor Ozodi Osuji, a Nigerian American who lives in Alaska and has become the most popular columnist of Chatafrik by the consensus of readers would tell you that Donald Trump would have wished to be elected President of the United States at a much younger age like JFK who became President at 42.

Same Osuji would probably have told you that it is far much harder to change or panel-beat a 70 year old man than an adolescent. The Presidency as a learning curve changes most Presidents but not Trump who is always going to be Trump regardless of anything you do. It simply means that Donald Trump is like a dried fish and any attempt to bend or straighten him up would break him.

I do not pretend to be the Wizard of Oz but I am thoroughly schooled by ace reporters like the awesome Rachel Maddow and brilliant Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC who help me to connect the dots on Donald Trump and the precipice to which he may be leading the greatest country on Earth.

Donald Trump openly admits he does not want to be the President of the World and that America would go it alone if the rest of the World refuses to come on board. That stance stand stands in sharp contrast to the ideals of JFK, the youngest and arguably the most charismatic and dynamic American President and his emphasis on Country above self, the Poor and the Middle Class and World Peace thru collaboration.

JFK clearly said that the touch has been passed to a younger generation not just in America but the whole World and he saw himself as a leader in that World to promote World Peace and peaceful coexistence. He rhetorically asked in his powerful inaugural address, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" That was then. This is now. The difference between Trump and JFK cannot be more stark or poignant.

Donald Trump would have wished to share the star power of the handsome JFK who became President by the narrowest of margin both in the popular vote and in the Electoral College tally by beating Richard Nixon popularly called "Tricky Dickie" a professional politician, and a sitting Vice President to a very popular President in Dwight Ike Eisenhower, a famous General before his election as President.

I call Donald Trump a Richard Nixon on Steroid and a far cry from JFK. If you think Richard Nixon was a crook, I cannot imagine what any of you reading this would call Donald Trump who says one thing and does the exact opposite without any feeling of remorse or regret because he believes and argues he does not make mistake.

He only stopped short of calling himself God and that he is why he thinks he reserves the right to be the accused and the judge in his own case. Trump believes he can criticize anyone including the Pope but he hates for anyone to criticize him and like most dictators before him, he would like to use the power of the Presidency to climb down hard on all of his critics and whistleblowers including the Print and the News Media.

You are his friend if you sing his praises and his enemy if you dare criticize him. If you do not sing his praises he would sing his own praises and describe your opinions of him as fake News because he creates and lives in own reality and illusion, and when he gets cornered he sugarcoats his own perception and belief as the alternate truth, and he expects you to accept that as the Gospel truth and nothing but the truth.

He can make up stories like alleging that President Obama wire-tapped his office and that Susan Rice broke the Law without any shred of evidence but as a cover up for some of his transgressions as President and just to satisfy his ego and his own whim and caprices. He believes he reserves the right to call black white and white black and he could care less what his critics think.

He falsely claims that no Administration since FDR has accomplished more than his Administration in their first 90 days in office. Even the least informed person in America knows that to be totally false. As at the time of writing this piece, Donald Trump who has signed Executive Orders one after the other has not had a single legislation passed into Law under his belt.

Majority of those Executive Orders which have been challenged in the Courts have all been shot down because they were all found to be illegal and arbitrary. The development clearly shows a fumbling and ignorant President who shoots in the dark or who shoots from the hip without doing his homework.

Donald Trump compares himself to FDR one of the greatest and the longest-serving American Presidents who initiated the idea of the League of Nations which has since metamorphosed into the United Nations with its Headquarters in New York.

FDR working in close collaboration with Winston Churchill, Sterling finally defeated and ended the Second World War in 1945. Donald Trump touts the signing of an Executive Order as an accomplishment even though he clearly knows that doing so is something that a President is allowed to do but it does not count as an achievement unless it is able to survive judicial scrutiny and legislative challenge.

He is now counting on a Supreme Court dominated by his fellow conservative judges as a way to uphold all of those intuitive executive orders which cannot pass the litmus test of sound legal interpretation. Donald Trump believes he can make an omelet without breaking an egg. He deceives himself all the time while thinking he is deceiving the Public. He is always trying to defend the impossible and making his White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer fall on his own sword for his own sake so many times.

He is the worst President in that context and nowhere comparable to any of his Predecessors including the worst of them. He is known to reverse himself ever so often by signing executive orders that are so vague in interpretation like his last one on Immigration where he was threatening to defund sanctuary cities which Judge William Blocks has recently ruled as being unconstitutional.

The drip, drip, drip that has enveloped the Trump Administration over the Russian hacking of American Elections is certainly one that could eventually drive his Presidency into oblivion as time goes by, despite all the efforts by his White House to cover up or cause major distractions for the investigations to go forward. It has now revealed that his first Security Adviser, General Flynn may have broken the Law by clandestinely working for a foreign country while at the same time serving at the highest level of American national Security with the implicit collusion of Trump who refused to do any thorough security clearance on him before putting him into such a high position of responsibility in his Government. Donald Trump is therefore doing something more egregious and criminally proved than what Richard Nixon was forced to resign about.

Donald Trump used to call the Chinese trade manipulators he was going to put in their place if elected President. Once he got elected he invited the Chinese President Xi to his Winter White House at his Mar-A- Lago Resort Center in Florida. He offered him a lavish entertainment, and while that man was busy eating the best Cheese cake in the whole World in a 10 minutes chat with the Chinese President, Donald trump pulled a fast one on the President by telling him he had just ordered the 59 Tomahawk Missiles to be rained on Syria as the Commander-in-Chief of the strongest Military Power the World has ever known.

In his convoluted mind, he was using that show of power to serve notice to the Chinese President that he meant business and that he was going to be different from any other American President before him. Part of his goal was to use carrot and stick to force President Xi to cooperate with him in his secret and half-baked plan to attack the North Korean dictator who has been vexing his muzzles against America by his indiscriminate testing of his Nuclear weapons in the Korean Peninsula.

Donald Trump foolishly admitted after their meeting that he learnt so much during his 10 minutes encounter with the Chinese President to walk away from his initial plan to label China a manipulator. He was now willing to forget everything negative he has ever said about China if the Chinese President is willing to cooperate with him in his threat against Communist North Korea. He said he was doing that to show his flexibility but he was actually betraying his naivety and foolhardiness as a novice in Diplomacy and Geo Politics.

He was willing to quickly reverse himself like a little boy will do when he throws away the cake at the sight of a honey biscuit. Donald Trump needs to grow up and to stop behaving like a kindergarten or a pony that still has a lot of tricks to learn.

Who could ever have believed that any American President would be that naïve and gullible to think or believe that any foreign leader worth his salt would be so childish to dance to his tune just like that.

Donald Trump is so full of it that he believes he can get away with murder because he prides himself as the world's greatest negotiator who can make an opponent sign his or her own death warrant in a twinkle of an eye. Donald Trump once boasted and gloated than he knew far more than all the American Generals combined. He is fast changing the rules of engagement and changing the American military and forcing them into a role they have not been trained to undertake. Today his Administration is top heavy with Wall Street big Whigs and Military Generals like you will expect in a Military Regime. He is saying he is doing that to make America great again and to serve notice to the World he is here to regain the lost glory of America which only exists in his own figment of imagination and his narcissistic mind.

I call him Richard Nixon on Steroid because Richard Nixon who came to the presidency as one of the most experienced in American Politics as a sitting Vice President for 8 years and a brilliant lawyer and former Governor of California could never have dared to tell the kind of lies that Donald Trump tells everyday as President.

If Richard was ever caught in conflict of interest, his own is a child play compared to Donald Trump's Richard Nixon never wasted time releasing his tax returns every year of his Presidency and before he was forced to resign due to the Watergate scandal and to escape impeachment. Donald Trump dared not release his tax returns while presiding over an Oligarchy that makes it mandatory for you and I to release our own if and when due and during mandatory audits. He is going to lead the effort to do a Tax Reform in America while keeping his own tax release or audit a top secret.

The comparison with Richard Nixon and JFK makes a lot of sense in this context. Say all you want about Richard Nixon the fact remains that he and Henry Kissinger did make history with their opening up of China long before anyone ever thought that conventional wisdom suggested it. There is no way in the wide world that Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson, his Secretary of State can be compared to Nixon and Henry Kissinger one of the greatest American Secretaries of State ever.

Neither can Trump be compared to JFK and the nostalgia and the hope and excitement that his Presidency represented for the whole World.

I recall the first official visit of JFK to His Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second or JFK's first visit to the Pope not to talk of JFK's sensational visit to Berlin where he declared in perfect German in a speech that resonated throughout the whole world. The visit that surpassed it was arguably the first visit of Barack Hussein Obama as a nominee of a major political Party in American History.

Obama was received like a Rock Star. And he went on to win the Presidency as the first black ever to do that. Donald Trump is testing the Waters by sending his daughter Ivanka Kushner as a top adviser to go attend a Woman's Summit at the invitation of a German Chancellor. Angela Merkel. Rather than being received like a star she was booed by many of her listeners. That is likely to be a sign of what her father must expect during his planned first visit to Her Majesty the Queen next month.

If by any miracle the man survives for 4 years which is unlikely, he would have turned the American Government upside down that nobody can tell the difference between America and some of the oppressive regimes Donald Trump wants America to emulate. He daily swims in conflict of interest and he says he wants to be the first American President to profit from running for office, win or lose. If you don't consider such a statement scary, you have got to be living on the Moon. Corruption or Dictatorship in Government is going to hit the roof in America under the Trump Presidency.   Believe it or not!

I rest my case.

The Alaafin of Oyo Lamidi Adeyemi the Third went to London and he paraded 3 or 4 of his wives in a move captured by the News and Print Media in London and back home in Nigeria.

The love for polygamy by most of our traditional rulers, High Chiefs and other Nigerians is a preference that is quietly but surely losing its appeal. I can name few powerful traditional rulers in Yoruba Land who have defied the odds to keep their marital vows despite all the pressures on them to do otherwise due to the dictate of some of our moribund traditions and culture, sad to say.

Oba Festus Adedinsewo Adesanoye Osungbedenola, the late Osemawe of Ondo a good senior friend of mine and my former Permanent Secretary in the Federal Civil Service was decidedly one royal father that resisted the temptation to take a second wife. So was my cousin, Oba Adebiyi Adegboye Adesida Afunbiowo the Second the late Deji of Akure. The incumbent Olowo of Owo, Oba Folagbade Olagbegi the Third and the current Oluwo of Iwo Oba Akambi, a returnee from Canada is another. The current Alani of Idoani, retired General Olutoye and the current Akala of Ikaram Akoko are among the few I know who have kept their marital vows.

It is newsworthy, however, when the Arole Oodua himself, the Ooni Risa of Ile Ife the cradle of the Yoruba Civilization has reaffirmed some of this observations by so far sticking to the principle of one man one wife and doing so with pride and dignity in addition of course to many of his new progressive initiatives for peace and unity in his domain in particular and in all Yoruba Land and Nigeria as a whole.

It was long rumored before Ooni Risa Adesoji Aderemi made his transition in 1980 that the next Ooni Risa was most likely to be Prince Sijuwade, the grandson of Ooni Risa Olubuse the First because Prince Sijuwade did not hide his ambition to, one day, be crowned the Ooni Risa. His passion for that title was that strong.

Nobody ever had any such premonition about Prince Adeyeye except his father who gave him the name "Babatunde" at his birth because it has been predicted when his mother's pregnancy of him was only 3 months old. It was prophesied that the baby in her womb was going to be somebody big and special someday. Nobody paid too much attention to that prophesy at the time until it actually happened.

Adeyeye Babatunde came from nowhere to emerge as the candidate most favored by the Ife king makers to be the next Ooni Risa less than a year after the exit of Oba Sijuwade Olubuse the Second. The Head of the Kingmakers who could have been less favorable to him had miraculously made his own exit in the nick of time to grant him a smooth ride to the mythical "Are" crown that made him the successor to Oodua by acclamation and consensus.

Ooni Risa Atobatele Adesoji Aderemi was blessed by God to be the only Ooni in History who doubled down at one point of his close to 50 years reign as the Ooni and Governor of Western Region. It is hard to find any Ooni Risa who can easily beat that record.

Ooni Risa Sijuwade had evidently used his personal wealth and influence in Government circle to keep the Oodua throne on the cutting edge of fame and publicity, but few people, myself included ever thought that Ile Ife and the Yoruba nation would be twice or thrice lucky to quickly find another Ooni Risa that would measure up or even surpass the very impressive records of his two immediate predecessors on that throne.

I say that with some trepidation, of course, because Ojaja the Second has already shattered in less than two years on the throne some of the records set by all of the three Oonis before him if you see what I see. I am talking of Ooni Ademiluyi Ajagun Lawarikan the first Ooni to ever travel out of his domain, Ooni Atobatele Adesoji Aderemi who actually became Governor of Western Region and was knighted by the Quuen of England, and Ooni Sijuwade Olubuse the Second "Eri Ogun Ebiti pomo piri O lomi sira bi Aboyun" the first Ooni with a higher global influence that spread to places like Great Britain, the United States and even to Cuba.

No Ooni Risa I know has received the kind of reception and welcome reserved for only visiting Heads of State and Governments when they travel abroad. Ojaja the Second has clearly done with his charisma, his personal charm and prestige and the way he and his Yeyelua and their entourage have carried themselves. He has covered a huge mileage and has flown across the Oceans as the greatest promoter and icon of Yoruba tradition and culture more than any other Ooni Risa in living memory. He has clearly placed Ile Ife on the world map like no other Ooni before him.

The new Oonirisa, His Royal Majesty Babatunde Adeyeye Ogunwusi Ojaja the Second has become the highest educated Ooni Risa and arguably the richest, if not the most influential of them all till now. He is a product of Loyola College and Ibadan Polytechnic. He came to the highest throne in Yoruba Land at the young age of 40. He ran for the title with a host of other prominent Princes which included his own father his passport to the throne and two of his older brothers, one of whom is his "Sooko Laekun" today.

He has rebuilt and beautified the Oodua Palace turning it into a "Taj Mahal" of his own within months of his ascension to the throne. He was named the Chancellor of the great University of Nigeria at Nsukka. He was given the key to the City of Somerset in New Jersey and the key to the City of London. He addressed a State Assembly in America and his presence in America was acknowledged by President Obama. He and his wife Queen Wuraola were received by the Prince of Wales and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall. He has clearly made history instead of hysteria and he has made the Yoruba nation proud.

He and His wife were treated as special guests of Honor to the British Museum and the Brooklyn Museum in New York and when they visited the Liberty Bell at the City of brotherly Love in Philadelphia. They were received as special guests of Honor at the Oyotunji Village in South Carolina. He and his Yeyelua and their Entourage of more than 100 people including 25 Yoruba traditional were received as celebrities everywhere he went in the United States and Great Britain. Not even the King of Swaziland a Head of State of his own country could have received a greater honor around the World.

I was among the delegation that received him and his entourage at the JFK Airport in New York and he was received the same high visibility welcome at the Heathrow Airport in London. I knew it because I covered his overseas trip for Sahara Reporters and I was an invited guest to the huge Reception held for him by the Ile Ife/ Modakeke and other Yoruba descendants in America at the huge Ukrainian Banquet Hall at the City of Somerset in New Jersey.

To cut a long story short, Ojaja the Second was crowned the Ooni Risa at the young age of 40 with pomp and pageantry that was second to none in the History of Ile Ife. The young man had come to the throne at a time his first marriage has ended in a peaceful divorce due to irreconcilable differences. He became for a short time the most eligible bachelor in town and a single father of a daughter born out of wedlock when he was only 19 years of age.

Handsome, filthy-rich and charismatic to a fault you could call him God's great gift to women, but the young man is not a flirt or womanizer. He had a mission to accomplish. Rushing into another marriage was the last thing he wanted to do as he ascended the throne, but he probably took to heart Commander Ebenezer Obeys refrain in his famous song where he clearly stated and I quote that "Aponle ko si f'Oba ti o l'Olori" meaning in Yoruba" there is little honor or respect for King without a Queen.

He needed a companion in the Palace and a shoulder to lean on after a good day's job. He is a "workaholic" who does not postpone till tomorrow what he can do today. You can tell that from his very busy schedule as the Ooni Risa and the permanent Chairman of the Osun State Council of Obas and one of the most powerful traditional rulers in Nigeria. You could call him the Ooni Risa of the Universe.

He went as far as Edo Kingdom with tight historical ties to the Yoruba Nation to go find himself a bride to marry pretty much like Eddie Murphy did when he traveled out from his far away Kingdom of Samunda to go find a bride in Queens, New York in his famous "Coming to America" Movie which sold like hot cake all over the World.

"Ojaja fidi ote j'ale" spread his dragnet as far as the "Igodomigodo" Kingdom that Patrick Obahiagbon used to talk so much about. He went there to find his own "Moremi" in a dazzling beauty he quickly renamed "Wuraola Ogunwusi nee Otiti who has since been appointed the new" Yeyelua of Ile Ife" as the most senior wife to the new "Arole Oodua, Okirikiri biti Jigbinni bi Ate Akun Olori Alade Gbogbo Okun Arabaribi Omi nini Eiye mu"

Part of the reason I am documenting this for posterity is to explain what the new Ooni Risa and his Yeyelua have done to set a new template in traditional marriage but before I do that I must explain what qualifies me so to do.

I come from the Adesida Royal Dynast of Akure and the proud grandson of the greatest Deji in all of Akure History. I was a former Secretary to the only Asodeboyede Ruling House of Akure before the Ruling House was broken into two by a Decree signed into Law on December 12, 1991 by Navy Captain Sunday Olukoya, the Military Governor of Ondo State. My own grandfather Deji Afunbiowo Adesida the First was an unrepentant polygamist. He had his own Yeyelua in Afinju Olori Ekundayo, an Ado Akure paragon of Beauty from Itaogbolu near Akure who accompanied grandpa when to receive Her Majesty the Queen at Ibadan in 1956 during the Queen's first official visit to Nigeria.

I knew everything there is to know about Yoruba traditional system not only in reference to Akure alone but also to most Yoruba towns because I love History and tradition as an alumnus of Obafemi Awolowo University and as a historian tutored by my late grandfather Professor Emeritus of Akure History, Kabiyesi Deji Afunbiowo Adesida the First and late Professor Akinjogbin and late Professor Pius Igbafe of Edo State and late Professor Ade Ajayi from Ikole Ekiti, the former Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos.

Many Princes seek the crown to have the freedom and the power to marry as many wives as they want. I do not see the new Ooni Risa as one of such Princes from the little I know about him. He could predictably change his mind in the future and take a second wife but right now I see him as being a "Sui generis" one of a kind among our traditional rulers and I figure it out that one more Queen to his present one may be too much of a crowd and rightly so.

I see Lamido Sanusi the new Emir of Kano and the former Governor of the Central Bank has added another wife to his Harem as clearly permitted by his Muslim faith and as his northern culture clearly allows him to marry up to 4 wives provided he has the means to support them as he sure does I would concede.

It may be out of place therefore to compare the new Ooni Risa, a born again Christian with the new Emir of Kano. The new traditional ruler I can compare the Ooni Risa to in this write-up is probably the new Oluwo of Iwo, a Muslim who has formally proclaimed his only wife his Queen and has allowed her to wear a real crown without any dissenting voice at Iwo. I guess the new vogue is a departure from polygamy among our royal fathers which is understandable given the downside to polygamy and the inherent problems that come with it.

The new Oluwo has, in fact, gone beyond that. He has started wearing conventional dresses like Tuxedos and he occasionally dresses like a Chief Imam. He wears T shirts and sneakers outside the confines of his Palace. I don't know what to make of that. He has been known to openly dance to Gangan talking drums and to openly lead the drummers in the songs and lyrics he wants them to play for him. I also saw the "Alaafin Iku Baba Yeye" Lamidi Adeyemi demonstrate a few steps on you Tube but he did it with some dignity and decorum befitting his prestigious title before quickly moving away. I have no problems with a royal father dancing to tradition music but it has to be done with civility and decorum.

Thank God the new Ooni Risa clearly understands that. He has his own peculiar way of dressing with "Orikogbofo" crowns to match the color of his beautiful robes. I am yet to see the Ooni Risa and his wife throw caution to the wind to start dancing rough in the Public like the Oluwo has done on a few occasions due to youthful exuberance.

The Ooni Risa does not carry a horse tail but he carries his big Staff of Office. He carries himself with dignity. He owns the latest models of Bentley, and Rolls Royce befitting his royal pedigree. It is a wonderful and impressive spectacle to behold. One of my American friends who accompanied me to the JFK Airport to welcome the Kabiyesi to New York was so star-struck and he told me after the event he had never seen an African Emperor before but he sure saw one that day.

The new Ooni Risa has come to the throne with an agenda to leave his foot prints on the sand of History as an Ooni with a mission. He has set a new template in leadership that makes him so special and unique. He has so far restrained himself from polygamy. His marriage to a very sophisticated and educated Olori Wuraola Ogunwusi the new Yeyelua of Ile Ife speaks volumes on what kind of Ooni Risa he wants to be. The Yeyelua is rumored to have graduated in Architecture before her marriage to the Ooni Risa.

I have listened to her speak in a few public functions during her husband's trip to the United States and during his recent visit to Great Britain. She may not have graduated from Harvard and the London School of Economics or any of the 8 or 9 Universities like Senator Dino Melaye of Kogi; she surely spoke like a Queen who can stand her own anywhere in the World. Quite apart from being a paragon of Beauty, she fully complements the power, the charisma, the prestige and the eloquence and presence of her powerful husband.

I am very proud of her as the Yeyelua of Yoruba Land and a fitting successor to Moremi who came from Ofa to marry "Oodua O Daye Aterere K'Aiye, Ajalaiye Ajalorun Omo Igba Irunmole"

Yeyelua Wuraola Ogunwusi does not sound like a wife going to tolerate a harem of women for her powerful husband any time soon. I watched her defend her position in lucid and perfect Queen's English when a television anchorwoman interviewed her in London. He was asked to shed more light on her opposition to marriage equality between a husband and wife and what exactly she meant by her statement.

I thought the Yeyelua was going to cave in or dodge the question but she rose to the occasion with equanimity, with dignity, confidence and decorum befitting her high office as our new "Moremi of Yorubaland". Her response was flawless. She maintained her ground and she explained that she was not advocating equality between husband and wife the way it is perceived in the Western World. She explained she is not advocating discrimination against women in any shape or form in terms of equal pay for equal work or their right to exercise their civic rights and equal treatment under the Law.

She even quoted the Bible that the Husband remains the Head of the Household claiming she can never and would never claim equality with her Husband, the Ooni Risa because she knows her limitations as the Queen and the Yeyelua of her husband and Ile Ife as the cradle of Yoruba Civilization.

What she advocated was Equity and consideration for women by their husband in every marriage regardless of title or status. She defended her position with clarity and eloquence that received a standing ovation from her British audience. It was a virtuoso performance

I knew there and then that she or her husband or both of them were going to be the keynote speakers at the Launching of my new Book titled the "Voice of Reason" It is a collection of my articles in the last 10 years on a myriads of subjects including American and Nigerian Politics, Clinical Psychology and Human Behavior in the Social Environment, Economy and International Relations, Satire, and Yoruba Tradition as it relates to Marriage and Equity in Relationships in general.

The book which is published by International Publishers, Ibadan is to be launched at the Federal University of Technology, Akure at a date to be announced but certainly before the end of the Year.

The new Ooni Risa and his Yeyelua have set a new template in the new initiatives they have both launched to turn Ile Ife into a Tourism Eldorado in Nigeria and to go promote the virtues and the ideals of the Yoruba Nation in Nigeria and overseas like they have done with their very successful visits to the United States and Britain.

The next official visit would take the Ooni Risa and the Yeyelua to Cuba and the Caribeans and Brazil where he is going to meet the Yoruba Descendants in those countries That should make this Ooni and his Yeyelua first of their kind in the long history of the Yorubas. No traditional ruler in Nigeria has achieved the same feat. Not the Sultan of Sokoto or any Oba of Benin, the Alaafin of Oyo, or the Obong of Calabar or the Amayanabo of Buguma has ever done that.

The Ooni Risa has done it with his own money and resources and as a call of duty without any assistance from the Government.

The man of History surely knows what he wants and God has granted him the enablement to be able to do it on his own to champion the cause of the Yoruba nation as the Arole Oodua the mythical progenitor of the Yoruba people world-wide.

I rest my case.

My first preoccupation in this article is to establish up front what Russian Vladimir Putin had done to America that we all should be concerned about if we truly love America is my reason for writing this article. As a proud father of 2 young men proudly serving in the US Military, and as a happy retiree who gets my pensions and social security paid without fail on a specific date of the month.

I wake up every day praying for America and cursing out any nation on Earth which may be trying to mess with America. The medical coverage, the benefit and the peace of mind I get from America is what many Nigerians retirees and pensioners can kill to get in Nigeria. I don't know about you but for me there is so much more about America that is worth fighting for. The Russians trying to endanger the security of America in any shape or form is not something I take lightly, and it is above and beyond partisan Politics.  America has to know what happened and prevent it from ever happening again.

Russia's goal was to undermine American Democracy and to stop their nemesis, Hillary from ever getting elected as President. The second was to sow the seed of discord in God's own country and the leader of the Free World.  Part of that goal was to meddle in American elections and to test their superiority in Cyber Warfare and to avenge the embarrassment they suffered when America and Great Britain led by Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher had worked side by side to put Gorbachev at the helm of affairs in the Kremlin. Third was America finally winning the long and protracted cold war without firing a single shot

The feat by Reagan and Thatcher had paid off big time as Gorbachev the Russian President started talking about a reset button with the West that he labeled as "Perestroika" in Russian Language. That reset button was a kiss of Death. It led to the fall of the Soviet Union and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and the breakaway of the 15 Russian Republics in one fell swoop without firing a single shot.

Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher became instant hero and heroin in the World because the development occurred during their tenure as President and Prime Minister. Vladimir Putin as a Russian nationalist and a Lieutenant Colonel in the KGB before his foray into Politics is now simply trying to find his own Gorbachev in Donald Trump who would be micromanaged and forced to do his own "Perestroika" which would help to level the playing field for Russia to regain all or some of her lost ground as a competing super power with America.

America for your information has always beaten Russia to the punch ever since America became a sovereign state on July 4th, 1776. America beat Russia when she took the credit for leading the Allied Powers which included Russia into victory in the Second World War with President Ferdinand Franklin Roosevelt as the undisputed leader in that war when it ended in 1945. Russia is believed to have lost up to 60 million Russians in that war. America beat Russia again when she founded International Institutions like the League of Nations now called the United Nations and when America cited the Headquarters in New York by World acclamation and consensus.

America beat Russia when she led the move to establish the World Bank and the IMF and when it created NATO. America won it when America became the first country on Earth to land the first man Neil Armstrong on the Moon even though Russia was the first to launch Yuri Gagarin into Space with a few years' advantage or edge in Space Exploration. America surely beat America in strategic thinking and vision when Russia sold Alaska to America for a whopping sum of 7.2 million Dollars which is now worth more than 125 million Dollars.

America beat Russia again when America developed the Atomic Bomb in 1944 and when America became the first country on Earth to use it in Hiroshima and Nagasaki on the orders of President Harry Truman. Russia did not acquire the technology until 5 years later in 1949. Russia tried to hide it but someway somehow America found out and made it public. America beat Russia again when it became the first country on Earth to invent the Computer and the Internet and when it became a leader in Microsoft and Apple technology. America reduced Russia to second fiddle in the World when the youngest American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy at only 42 forced Nikita Khrushchev into retreat when the young President compelled Russia to disassemble her nuclear weapons from Cuba in the backyard of America without firing a single shot.

I could go on and on to explain how America has always beaten Russia to the finished line in the World of Science, in the Nobel Peace Award at Oslo in Norway and for always claiming the highest number of Gold Medals in the Olympics.

But for once in the History of the World, Russia landed a knockout punch on America by putting her first sponsored American President in the White House. America is damn too embarrassed to admit it but it is now a "fait accompli" that nobody can dispute based on empirical facts that the current investigations into the Russian meddling in American Elections would clearly prove and based on intelligence reports from the best Intelligence experts in the world America.

Take it or leave it. It was a shocking upset victory that can be compared to Mohammed Ali's upset victory against Sonny Liston in their first Heavy weight Boxing bout at the Madison Square Garden Stadium in New York. It is a shocking upset victory that can be compared to my alma mater the great University of Connecticut Women Basketball Team's  loss to Mississippi State in a cliff hanger victory that saw Mississippi team wiping out a 21 point lead by UConn by a squeaker in the last few seconds of the game.  It is a UConn loss that would be remembered for a long time in Basketball History.

America must view the election of Donald Trump on the sponsorship of Russia in that prism. I never thought I would ever live to see Russians popping Champaign bottles to celebrate their success in electing their first American President. That was really painful  because I had thought America could never be that careless not to neutralize the move before it occurred.

Vladimir Putin wanted more defeats like that to show America the game is not over till it is over. Russia has successfully found a way to meddle in American Politics and to achieve her goal without detection in the nick of time. She has used the newly-found Russian transient superiority in Cyber Warfare and ruthless Espionage to collude with the first American candidate of a major Political Party who was open and willing to work with him to hit a home run on America.

Putin had found his own Gorbachev in Donald Trump and he went to work by making sure that Trump has emerged as the Republican nominee from a long list of 22 candidates who initially entered the race on the Republican side.

That Donald Trump won the nomination was Russia's number one victory against America. The number 2 was infiltrating the Republican Convention in Cleveland to ensure that the Republican adopt a platform favorable to Russia and her adventures in Ukraine and the Crimea. The number 3 was developing a covert operation and Disinformation Espionage and strategy that helped to demonize and blackmail Hillary Clinton while extolling the virtues of a con artist and ruthless business man named Donald Trump.

Nobody is alleging that Vladimir Putin and the KGB ever tampered with the results of the elections in any of the 50 States of America because that could never have been possible. What Russia did was to irredeemably damage Hillary Clinton beyond redemption to help Donald Trump win.

Some of us understand that elections are often lost or won before the first vote is cast in most third world countries like Nigeria and in Communist  countries like Russia or North Korea to mention a few where selection is what they do and where the Opposition is given no chance at all to win because the odds are seriously stacked against them from the "get go"

The real question now is whether or not Vladimir Putin was able to achieve his goal? I have to say yes because Donald Trump is President of the United States today by the special grace of Vladimir Putin and he has started praising and eulogizing Russia, saying and doing things that American Allies around the World could never have believed possible with previous American Presidents. Angela Merkel got a little taste of that when she had to go out of her way to beg for a handshake that Donald Trump was too reluctant or too arrogant to give.

America is in a big turmoil or disarray right now. That is what Putin wants and needs to achieve his own agenda. The newly American President is so unpopular 60 days into his presidency that he could not accept an invitation to go throw the first pitch at an American Football Game for fear he might be booed or stoned. Donald Trump felt so insulted yesterday that he angrily walked away from the Hall where he had gone to put his signature to an Executive Order right before television Cameras.

Russia is very much engaged today on destabilizing Ukraine and the European Union and there is Little America can do right now to help Ukraine because Donald Trump is President. Even though the Russian candidate had won and Hillary Clinton had lost by technical knockout, it has been one hell of the first 100 days for President Trump at home and overseas as he moved from one blunder to another and he tweets his way to oblivion.

The first showdown was in Yemen and the second was in Syria where the naked Emperor lost the propaganda war against ISIS. The encounter had ended with American troops starting an uproar that helped ISIS to claim a propaganda victory because they claimed, and rightly so, that Donald Trump had bombed the hell out of more than 100 innocent and defenseless civilians and children than the ISIS foot soldiers the troops were sent to kill. Donald Trump merely scored a Pyrrhic victory where America clearly lost more than he gained from that attack, all things considered.

Donald Trump has ignorantly described the current investigation into what Russia did and why as nothing more than a witch hunt without telling America who the witch is. The witch to most Americans is Vladimir Putin who has pulled an Espionage stunt that should be very troubling to the rank and file of Americans at home and abroad.

It therefore makes sense for America to want to get to the bottom of what happened, to stop further continuation and escalation of Russia meddling and destabilization of American Democracy and to ensure it never happens ever again.

The former Soviet Union had found herself in the same "Cul de sac" like America has found herself now. They did when Gorbachev came from nowhere to emerge as the President of the Soviet Union with some soft spot for America and the West. That was why Russia quickly got rid of Gorbachev only to replace him with the alcoholic Boris Yeltsin who also showed himself to be a stooge of the West.

Russia moved very quickly to get rid of Boris to settle for a KGB smooth operator in Vladimir Putin who is determined to pick up the pieces for Russia and finding a way to disrupt American Democracy and to put a candidate in the White House who can help Russia get to where she needs to be to remain competitive with America.

What Donald Trump and the 62 million voters out of 135 who participated in the 2016 election are too embarrassed to let the World know is what I am about to expose with this article.

It is the same point that the 306 out of 538 Electoral College handpicked candidates who voted for Trump at the Electoral College would want to sweep under the rug by all means but Americans must not let them.

The Trump supporters wish that the investigation going on in the Senate and in the House Committee on Intelligence must not focus on what Russia had done and how to prevent a reoccurrence.

What they want to know is who leaked the information about what Russia had done and how to criminalize and punish the leakers and the whistle blowers.

Donald Trump actually alleged that former President Barack Obama was among the leakers because he falsely claimed that Obama had wire-taped his residence in New York and had revealed classified information that endangered his security and the security of America. He wants Obama tried and put in jail for so doing but he has so far failed to provide the evidence to back up his claim.

He as the major culprit and the target of the investigations now wants America to be pursuing shadow while leaving the real substance and crux of the matter because he knows he is as guilty as Hell, and he does not want the whole world to know how he has managed to come from behind in the polls to score an upset victory against Hillary Clinton despite his losing the popular vote by close to 3 million.

What the nihilists in the Trump Camp are suggesting is nothing but an exercise in cover-up and distraction as I would show with the few remaining paragraphs of this article.

This article would also speak to how the confidence of American strategic Allies in the United Nations, in NATO and in the European Union and how their faith in American leadership has been badly eroded or shaken, and could negatively affect or shape their future relations with America in the foreseeable future and for as long as Donald Trump remains the President of the United States.

That exactly is what Vladimir Putin wants. He has succeeded in sowing the seed of discord among those Allies. With their back against the wall because of Donald Trump and his policies, those Allies like France and Germany, if not Britain might have no choice than to turn to Russia for some help and rescue mission now that a possible traitor is the current land lord of the White House. They are afraid and scared and they need assurances they are not getting from Trump who is in the pocket of Vladimir Putin as we speak.

If the NATO and the European Union fall apart, American leadership of those two giant Organizations would be so weakened therefore giving Russia a chance to fill up the vacuum.

It is insanity to me that those who are supporting Donald Trump are yet to fully understand that Trump has become a pawn in the Chess game of Vladimir Putin. They would fully understand it if there is no cover up like the one that Devin Nunes the Chairman of the House Committee on Intelligence is determined to propagate because it is now clear to all and sundry the man is secretly working for Donald Trump. He himself deserved to be investigated and sent to jail if found guilty of a cover-up for Trump.

Can you really blame Vladimir Putin for embarking on his mission to destabilize America? The resounding answer to that question is an emphatic "No" I believe I have as much stake in America as Donald Trump if not more. I am deeply concerned about what Russia has done to cripple America.

Vladimir Putin had sponsored WikiLeaks to start a relentless campaign of calumny and negative information on Hillary Clinton because he was scared of a Clinton victory and what that could mean for Russia and for him as the Russian leader because Hillary Clinton as the US Secretary of State was a thorn in his flesh.

He managed to fund the campaign of Donald Trump by wiring money to Donald Trump's Businesses going back more than 10 years as the Trump Tax Returns would easily show when it is released in support of the investigation. That is why Donald Trump is hell bent on not releasing those tax returns come rain or shine.

Donald Trump has once boasted in one of his stump speeches he would be the first American candidate to make profit from running for President win or lose. He mistakenly unmasked his collusion with Russia when he openly called on Russia to help him retrieve all of the missing E-mails of Hillary Clinton in a Freudian slip.

Steve Manafort, his campaign manager was allegedly paid 10 million per month by a Russian company with ties to Vladimir Putin for working without pay for Donald Trump. Sooner or later the investigations would reveal all of those dealings and helped to connect the dots of what actually happened and how the last Russian Ambassador Keyislak has been the center of the whole espionage during his tenure as Russian Ambassador to America.

Russia had used what is called "Reverse Targeting" in Espionage to avoid detection while all these scandals were going on. It was a method to get intelligence information about somebody or a country by focusing your attention not on that person or country but on people close to that person or on another country close to the country you are targeting.

Disinformation Espionage was a big part of that as no less than 139 of the Clinton Campaign staffers including Podesta were targeted by Russia in a relentless propaganda war during the primary season and during the main campaign for the White House. Putin helped Trump by spreading fake News about Hillary that cannot be traced back to him. The day Hillary got dehydrated and nearly fainted at a Public function to mark 9/11, Putin and Trump went to town spreading false News that Hillary was just too sick to be President and it worked very much against her in swing states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania she could easily have won.

KGB Putin in spite of all he did to help Trump still anticipated or left some room for a Hillary victory and  cripple Hillary from the "get go" if he ever got elected. If Clinton had won the Presidency, the Republican Majority in both Houses of Congress, would have initiated quick impeachment proceedings against her. She would not have been given a breathing space to govern. Putin is happy Hillary did not win, but their candidate Donald Trump now has a whole lot of questions to answer for his scandalous and treasonable victory.

Either way Putin wants to weaken America by micromanaging the man he has helped to put in the White House. The issue wasn't the point that Donald Trump won the election the issue was that the Democratic Party lost the election as beautifully summarized by Bernie Saunders in a recent speech.

My last point before I end this article is how to prevent a reoccurrence. The simple answer is for America to take the investigation very seriously and to take out partisan politics and posturing from the treasonable scandal Donald Trump has unleashed on America based on his desperation to become the President of the United States by force and by fire.

His collusion with Russia to undermine American Democracy is not a partisan issue. It is a serious national security problem for America and must be viewed as such.

If America does not fully understand what Russia has done to America, it can hardly take steps to prevent a reoccurrence in the future. America cannot solve a problem she does not understand.

The bottom line is for America is to get to the bottom of what happened and to device the ways and means to prevent a reoccurrence behind closed doors so America would not give Russia another leg up about what to do to neutralize whatever plans or response America may be planning to make.

I rest my case.

Who says the Hausa/Fulanis are seriously at a disadvantage in education and wisdom compared to their Igbo and Yoruba brothers and sisters in the South? Whoever is saying that is probably living in the past or is totally out of touch with the reality of the Nigerian situation or has never met distinguished northerners like Alhaji Dangote, Lamido Sanusi, late Abubakar Rimi, Professor Jega, Professor Yadudu, El Rufai, Jerry Gana, Kwankwaso and Dogara to mention a few.

Anyone saying that can be said to be very insular in their views and perception or has not been sufficiently exposed to the great progress the North has made in the last 40 years to wipe off the yawning gap between the North and the South which existed as of October 1st 1960 when Nigeria finally got her independence from Britain.

We must keep in mind that Nnamdi Azikiwe and Obafemi Awolowo had gone to Lancaster House in London to initially make a case for Nigeria to gain her independence before Ghana got her own in 1957. They both failed because of Sardauna Bello and his northern delegation who shot their proposal down on the grounds that the North was far from ready.

The Sardauna was right. The man did not have multiple University degrees like Obafemi Awolowo and Ogbuefi Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, but it was his very thoughtful deposition and submission that carried the day at that Conference presided over and moderated by Britain.

The Northerners have managed to maintain their strangle hold on Nigeria since 1914 despite the disparity in their educational qualification and capacity compared to their southern counterparts. The quiet but strategic creation of 19 states in the North and 17 in the South without pulling punches would appear to have further accelerated the rapid progress of the North and to have tipped the balance in favor of the North with regards to the 6 states in the North and 6 states in the South. The South took a nap and by the time they woke up the North has consolidated its strategic edge based on their questionable projected population and their land mass or size.

Many in the South have argued that it was the British covert support and favoritism for the North that put the North at an advantage. You could say that but it was more than that.  The descendants of Uthman Dan Fodio had their own raw native intelligence from the beginning. You can tell from some of their proverbs and words of wisdom like. "Gajere ba yaro ba" It simply means in Hausa that the fact that a man or woman is short does not determine his or her age and maturity.

The northerners are as smart if not smarter than the Igbos and the Yorubas. Wisdom is not the exclusive preserve or monopoly of any tribe in Nigeria. There is no northern state today where University or NCE graduates are totally in short supply like it was in 1960. The North has come a long way for sure. Islamic Education which was their strong suit had its own merit which many of us always tend to overlook or underestimate much to our own peril.

Northerners like Lamido Sanusi, the star of this article can be found everywhere you look in each of the 19 States of the North and in more than half of the 776 Local Governments in Nigeria. Lamido Sanusi is probably one of a kind and arguably one of the best educated among them in Western and Islamic Education.

That man can stand his own anywhere in the World. You hear the man speak and you cannot believe your ears. The guy is so eloquent and sound just like late Abubakar Rimi, Jerry Gana Professor, Yadudu, Professor Jega, and Balarabe Musa and a host of them I have met in my life journey.

I had the rare privilege of serving my pupillage under a good number of northerners starting with legendary Sule Katagun who was Chairman of the Nigerian Civil Service Commission for many years with the first Nigerian medical doctor, Sir Manuwa from Ondo State as his Deputy. Alhaji Sule Katagun and Sir Manuwa were two of a kind even though one was a medical doctor and the other was an experienced school teacher/administrator like the Nigerian first Prime Minister the late Sir Tafawa Balewa the eloquent golden voice of Africa who spoke English with the dexterity and eloquence of a Winston Churchill.

I served under Permanent Secretary Alhaji Damcida, late Yusuf Gobir, a dapper don lawyer from Ilorin and later on under Permanent Secretary Abdul Azeez Attah the first son of Ohinoyi the Atta of Egbira Land. The northerner that made the greatest impact on my growth and development in the Federal Ministry of Education, however, was Ahmed Joda from Girei in Adamawa State.

The man who is now 86 had taught me a lot of what I knew and he was not even a University graduate. He earned a Diploma in Journalism and was the Chief Information Officer and later Permanent Secretary of Information under the late Sardauna Bello as Premier of Northern Region. He became one of the Federal Permanent Secretaries fondly referred to as the 4 musketeers or super Permanent Secretaries at the time. The 4 were Allison Ayida, Philip Asiodu, E. M. E. Ebong and Ahmed Joda. The star of this article in some ways is a star performer like Ahmed Joda.

Lamido was born the grandson of His Royal Highness Sanusi the First the deposed Emir of Kano, a great Aristocrat who had a chance to regain his throne like the late Olowo Olagbegi but turned down the offer on principle. All he wanted was for his body after death to be returned back to Kano for burial with his ancestors. Can you believe that? The powerful man had a premonition that one day another Sanusi would emerge in Kano" Insha Allah" to redeem his name and reputation.

He was never bitter about the fact that he lost his throne based on some political persecution by the then Sardauna Bello as Premier of the defunct Northern Region. He bore no animosity against his distant cousin, the former Nigerian Ambassador Ado Bayero who was picked to replace him.

Sanusi the First was exactly right. Guess who took over from Ado Bayero a few years ago? It was his grandson, the star of this article, Lamido Sanusi who received his High School education from Kings College Lagos and later graduated from an Islamic University in Cairo. He later became an activist lecturer at Ahmadu Bello University, attended many Diploma programs, In-service trainings, and seminars in many Ivy League Institutions around the World including the London School of Economics and Harvard.

He did not have to pad his resume by claiming to be a graduate or alumnus of all of those Institutions like abrasive Senator Dino Melaye has done. Lamido ended up becoming the Governor of the Nigerian Central Bank at the pleasure of President Umaru Yar Adua the highest educated northerner so far to be elected President of Nigeria. Umaru Yar Adua had earned a Master's degree before becoming President.

Umaru was not your average Nigerian Politician. He, in fact was picked to become President as a compensation for his late brother Brigadier General Musa Yar Adua who was number 2 to General Olusegun Obasanjo up to 1979 and who remained very loyal to Obasanjo to the very end. He did not flaunt his northern origin or connection to intimidate or undermine the authority of General Obasanjo like few other northerners would have done.

Most northerners instinctively knew that the North held the secret key to Power in Nigeria as far back as the Amalgamation Proclamation fraudulently imposed on Nigeria by Lord Lugard way back in 1914 as recently revealed by Richard Osuolale Akinjide in a public lecture. Umaru Yar Adua saw in Lamido Sanusi a virtue and an expertise that most Nigerians can now see clearly.

Lamido Sanusi belongs to that high caliber of Nigerian bureaucrats and northerners in his role as the Governor of the Nigerian Central Bank and before elevation and coronation as the powerful Emir of Kano.

I quite often wonder aloud if Nigeria gained or lost by having a young man as dynamic as Lamido Sanusi settle for an anachronistic traditional title for the rest of his life. But if we keep in mind that Sardauna Bello had a choice to become the first Nigerian Prime Minister but chose instead to remain Premier as he was fixated on becoming the Sultan of Sokoto. That would tell you the value system of the average northerner may be slightly different from the value baseline of the average Igbo or Yoruba man.

On reflection, I cannot blame Lamido for rating the title higher than any position he has ever held in Government.  I am like him in some ways. I am somebody who values tradition and who wants to excel and exceed where my father the pioneer Olugunshin of Igunshin in Akure Local Government and where my grandfather,"Erinlakatabu Ogiso Otolu Apaara" Kabiyesi Deji Afunbiowo Adesida the greatest Deji of Akure have left off, but I would not trade off a job as lucrative as the Governor of the Central Bank for the job of a traditional ruler even though one is a transient job and the other is for life. If you are a good Governor of the Central Bank, you are forever going to be in demand if you know what you are doing.

I have a strong suspicion that part of the reason Lamido Sanusi had wanted that title so bad was to fulfil the dreams of his grandfather the deposed Emir of Kano. He probably felt he had reached the peak of his career as an Economist and as Governor of the Central Bank the equivalent of the Chairman of the Federal Reserve in the United States.

He probably wanted a title where he no longer has to kowtow or carry the bucket for anyone including his State Governor or even the President of the Republic. I think he proved that beyond all shades of doubt when after his suspension by President Ebere Jonathan, he was turbaned the powerful Emir of Kano and guess who came to town to pay him homage and shout "Ranka Dede" to him a few months later?

It was Goodluck Jonathan who was kept waiting at the Emir's Visitor's Lounge for the powerful Emir to emerge from the inner chamber of his Taj Mahal Palace to say hello to the President who was there to beg for the Emir's support to enable him win a second term in office. "Allahu Aqbar" God is truly awesome!

President Jonathan had to know that power has changed hands. You don't fool around with powerful rulers like the Sultan of Sokoto, the Emir of Kano, the Etsu Nupe, the Emir of Daura to mention a few and expect to win in the North, By the same token you don't fool around with powerful rulers like the Oba of Benin, the Obong of Calabar, the Amayanabo of Buguma, the Oonirisa of Ile Ife, the Alaafin of Oyo and expect their people to vote for you in the South. No way.

Lamido Sanusi is therefore right on that score to probably value the title more than his transient position as Governor of Central Bank or even President of the Republic. I personally thought he should have joined one of the major political Parties with a chance to win the presidency of Nigeria where he can bark and bite and not the title of the Emir where he can only bark but not bite. He probably knew he might not win the presidency in a country which is notorious for electing mediocre and compromise choices who fumble more often than not. I thought he should have made done more good for Nigeria as President because the man is as tough as a nail and could have made a difference as President.

I call Lamido Sanusi a breed apart not because of his royal pedigree but because of what he has done and has been doing with the powerful title. He has built a reservoir of goodwill for himself in the North as the former Governor of the Central Bank and a very competent and brilliant one who has received all the awards and recognition there is to receive as a world renowned Economist.

I have never met him personally but he is my friend on the Facebook. His senior brother Ambassador Sanusi, the former Nigerian Ambassador to Morocco was the one I know very well. He was the Ambassador when I served for 3 years as the delegate representing Nigeria on the Board of Trustees of CAFRAD (African Training and Research Center in Administration for Development) based in Tangiers, Morocco on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea in North Africa.

Lamido Sanusi shared the same DNA with his brother the Ambassador. The man was a lion who could not be intimidated by anybody. His brother did something for Nigeria I was very proud of as a delegate of CAFRAD. He stood by Nigeria like a Rock of Gibraltar when I moved a motion on behalf of Nigeria to rotate the chairmanship and the meetings of CAFRAD between member countries instead of permanently ceding the chairmanship to Morocco for more than 45 years. Nigeria won the motion by a landslide and it was my finest hour as the delegate of Nigeria. I could not have done it without the support of Ambassador Sanusi.

That was how Chief Oluyemi Falae became the first Chairman of CAFRAD in 1981 when Nigeria hosted CAFRAD as the first member country to do so outside Morocco.  It would not have been possible if Ambassador Sanusi had caved in to the pressure put on him by Morocco to side with their delegation. They told him that he as a Muslim by faith could not afford to oppose another Muslim country. Ambassador Sanusi much to his everlasting credit refused to buckle under pressure.

I have the greatest respect for the man for that reason and his younger brother, Lamido Sanusi has convinced me he is a lion like his brother. You don't fool around with the Sanusis of Kano. They are all as principled as their patriarch, the deposed Emir of Kano.

Lamido Sanusi left his foot prints on the sands of History in the Central Bank. He stood his ground and called the bluff of Goodluck Jonathan and Sambo Dasuki his fellow Sokoto Prince, and the son of former Sultan of Sokoto for looting the Nigerian Treasury and he did it with clarity, courage and conviction.

He went to the Floor of the House and the Nigerian Senate as Governor of Central Bank to call their bluff and to tell the senators and the legislators to their faces they were stealing Nigeria dry and he cautioned that their heavy salaries ought to be cut in half if not more to provide employment for Nigerians roaming the streets without jobs.

He made concrete suggestions first to Jonathan and now to Buhari on what should be done to restore sanity to the Nigerian economy. He practices what he preaches and does not suffer fools gladly. He has continued with the crusade and mission as the powerful Emir of Kano.

He challenged and condemned a tradition or culture in the North that forces underage girls into marriages with cradle snatchers who are old enough to be their fathers. He preached reconciliation and peace between the North and the South by making overtures and courting the friendship of his peers in other parts of Nigeria. He visited his colleagues like the Oba of Lagos, the Awujale of Ijebu Ode and he welcomed the new Oonirisa of Ife to his domain with pomp and pageantry. He shows he understands his role and responsibilities as the Emir of Kano and the father of all his people and their spiritual leader as their Chief Imam.

Lamido Sanusi has started a quiet revolution to speak the truth to power in Nigeria pretty much like retired Major Ken Chioma Obi has done with his recent posting widely publicized on the Facebook. The brave Major is making pretty much the same case that Lamido Sanusi has been making that the salaries and allowances of our legislators and law makers are over bloated and should be cut by half to provide gainful employment to millions of Nigerians who are now going to the garbage dump to look for something to eat because they cannot find employment or afford 3 square meals a day.

He made a very persuasive case that the people the legislators claim to represent are now jumping to the Lagoon and committing suicide in broad day light while their senators are busy looting the Nigerian Treasury earning 36 million Naira per month per senator while their counterparts in the House of Representatives are taking 25 million Naira per month minus other allowances for doing nothing.

If they cut those salaries and allowances just by half, the Buhari Government can employ 70,400 Nigerians with monthly salaries ranging from N90,000 to N92,500 per month. A consensus is fast building up in Nigeria because of the awareness created by powerful individuals like Lamido Sanusi and  retired Major Ken Chioma Obi to mention a few.

He has single-handedly embarked on the CBN empowerment loan program in conjunction with World Bank to help boost and empower Men/Women and Farmers to help limit the problem of unemployment. The loan comes with very low interest.  The powerful Emir is doing pretty much what the richest man in Africa, Alhaji Dangote from his city has been doing to help in areas where Government has been failing due to endemic Corruption. He and Dangote have become a 2 man Battalion in Nigeria in that regard by doing everything in their power to bail out Nigeria and to save the country.

I take off my hat for his Royal Highness Lamido Sanusi, the charismatic Emir of Kano, and so should Nigerians.

I thank you for your time.

Even though America is arguably too embarrassed to admit it, it is now widely known or speculated by Intelligence experts like Michael Steel of Britain who prepared the powerful dossier that may yet help America to nail the speculation that the Trump/Putin lovefest, co-operation and collusion may have been far criminally intrusive than initially envisaged.

Both Mr. Steel and Malcolm Nance, the Director of Terror Asymmetric Project and FBI Director James Comey have all stated that Russia may have quietly caught up with America or beaten America to second place in Cyber Technology just like Russia did when she became the first country in the World to launch Yuri Gagarin, the first human being into Space.

Mr. Comey added that Russia has been uncharacteristically loud about their newly acquired power and intention. He believed that Russia had wanted to serve notice to America and to the other permanent members of the UN Security Council about her newly acquired power and leverage.

If Russia has used Cyber Espionage to hack American elections or to undermine American Democracy or to help Donald Trump become President without detection, what else could Russia not do to intimidate America or any of her European Allies?

If that becomes the self-fulfilling prophesy, one can easily understand why many of those countries might want to move closer to Russia or seek Russian cooperation and friendship to the detriment of America.

It is rumored that Russia has now acquired the capability to tap into any secret and classified document sent thru the Internet all over the World and can manipulate the information any way she wants like she successfully did to some of the e-mails of John Podesta as Chairman of the Hillary Clinton Campaign for President. She used the capability to blackmail Hillary and to use Disinformation Espionage  to make the Clinton Camp feel complacent not to worry at all about using the 50 State Strategy that Howard Dean had developed as the Chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council.

Russia had used the capability to knock the heads of Bernie Saunders and Hillary Clinton so Hillary would never think of picking either Saunders or Elizabeth Warren as running mate. Such a move would have guaranteed the victory of Hillary in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania which Hillary was expected to win easily. Even though Hillary had won the popular vote by 3 million she lost the Electoral College tally by fewer than 150 votes to make Trump the President by "Orinoco Abracadabra" which says "the more you look the less you see" like Houdini or Professor Peller, Nigerian greatest magician  would have proclaimed.

The capability simply means that Russia could easily access any official document ever typed by computer or sent by e-mail by any leakers and whistleblowers all over the World and twist that information to satisfy her own whim and caprices as a Super Power. That was how Vladimir Putin succeeded in making Donald Trump the President of America by force and by fire.

That same capability is what Vladimir Putin has been using to track down and murder all enemies of his Regime in Russia and anywhere in the World. Putin could predictably pass such technology or espionage capability to Donald Trump, so he too could start using the same device and capability to secretly go after and eliminate his perceived enemies anywhere in the World just like Putin has been doing to all of his critics and rivals in Russia. One of them was just thrown out from the 4th floor of an Apartment building in Moscow. Another was killed with a poisoned umbrella to go die a slow death that anyone could not trace back to Putin.

Tell me your friend and I will tell you who you are.  The Yorubas in our wisdom and our rich language  says and I quote "Aguntan to ba  b'Aja rin, o ti dandan ko j'egbe" it simply means a sheep that hobnobs or keeps the company of a dog could end up eating human vomit like dogs do in rural areas in Africa.

The lovefest between Putin and Trump which is currently under investigation, if confirmed, could predictably spell disaster for America and the rest of the World. Putin is a Communist KGB smooth operator who for 17 years now has held one leadership position or the other as KGB Leader, as Prime Minister and now President of Russia.

Donald Trump on the other hand has been a Real Estate magnate and businessman for much of his adult life before his election as President on January 19th in 2017 with some covert help from Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump has criticized other world leaders and traditional allies of America but not once has he criticized Vladimir Putin. Let me state upfront, that American leaders developing friendship with other world leaders is nothing new in Geo Politics. But a capitalist leader falling in love with a Communist leader is a rarity in World Politics unless they are pulled together by a common enemy like happened when American President FDR, British Prime minister Winston Churchill and  Russian Leader Sterling were forced by circumstances beyond their control to briefly team up to defeat Adolf Hitler.

Leaders of similar ideological persuasion are the ones that develop a lasting friendship like the one between President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Sir Winston Churchill, the British war time Prime Minister who had used his friendship with FDR to persuade FDR and America to help Europe to defeated Adolf Hitler in the Second World War that lasted from 1939 to 1945.

President Ronald Reagan became the ideological soulmate of Margaret Thatcher, the British Prime Minister in similar circumstance.  The bond between them had led to America lending full support to Britain in her short War against Argentina over Falkland Islands. Iron Lady Thatcher and Ronald Reagan remained bosom friends till their death.

By the same token President William Jefferson Clinton developed a life-long friendship with Yitzchak Rabin the great Israeli Prime Minister. The friendship had led to the strengthening of the Camp David Peace Accord that President Jimmy Carter had earlier on signed with Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin to promote a lasting peace between Israel and Egypt.

George Bush Junior had told America he had a positive feelings in his guts about Vladimir Putin the first time he met him and he felt he could do business with him or trust him just like Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher once said about Gorbachev the Soviet Union Leader who went on to fulfil their expectation when he initiated his "Perestroika" the restructure of the Soviet union in a way that did not threaten the peace of the World or the strategic interest of America and her Allies.

By the same token, President Barack Obama the first black President had developed a lasting friendship borne out of mutual respect with Angela Merkel the powerful German Chancellor who became the prima facie leader of the European Union, and a strong ally of America. The friendship did not in any way threaten the peace and security of their two countries and their strategic interest in the World their way of life or their democratic Government and their Capitalist ideology.

The friendship between Putin and Trump is like the love between the fox and the chicken or the friendship between the cat and the mouse. It is a lovefest they both deny in public. Trump would tell you he has never met Putin and Putin will tell you he has never and will never meddle in American Politics to voluntarily help Trump.

They are both pathological liars who love to cover their trail. They are like "Olokose" and "Omude" in Yoruba Mythology. "Olokose" the husband does not copulate in the day time and his wife "Omude" does not copulate at night.  They claim to be 2 parallel lines that would never meet.

I dare to say that the unholy lovefest between Putin and Trump has serious ramifications for American interest and American allies around the globe. I therefore strongly support the need for America to now appoint an independent prosecutor to handle the investigation about whether or not Vladimir Putin ever had a role to play in hacking the last American elections and their possible motivation for so doing.

The Senate Committee and the House Committee on Intelligence which have oversight responsibility to do the investigation have done a fairly credible job until recently when Congressman Nunes of California, the Chairman of the House Committee has started betraying his partisanship by playing the role of a spy  for the White House. He has become a lap dog for the White House rather than faithfully discharging his duties and responsibilities as a watch dog to keep the Executive Branch in check in strict compliance with the Separation of Powers as clearly stated in the American Constitution.

Congressman Nunes cannot approbate and reprobate at the same time. He cannot be the Judge and the Accused in his own case. He has irredeemably damaged his own credibility. He therefore cannot remain the Chairman of that Committee when it is now clear he has been leaking information to the White House without the knowledge of any one in his Committee including his ranking member Adam Schiff who as a member of the Gang of 8 in Congress is allowed to have access to the same information the Chairman receives.

Congressman Delvin Nunes has been guilty of serious dereliction of Duty and disloyalty that totally impugns his integrity and disqualifies him as Chairman of the Committee. His perfidy speaks to the urgent need to appoint an independent prosecutor with the statutory powers, the adequate number of staff and "sub poena" powers to carry out the investigation within a specified time frame.

That Delvin Nunes has scheduled a Hearing and cancel or postpone it without telling his ranking member. He is definitely trying to cover up for the President and his public statement has confirmed that. He openly confessed at a recent Press Conference that he knew the President had taken a hit from the first open Hearing of his Committee.

That he could commit such a Freudian slip was a fatal error on his part and a proof that his chairmanship of the Committee has been irredeemably compromised in Law and in the Court of Public opinion. His Committee can no longer continue the investigation as clearly and rightly stated by Senator John McCain and all the Democrats on the Committee.

Americans from both sides of the isle must reserve the right to get to the bottom of the investigation. The Republican President is the target of the Investigation today tomorrow it could be a Democratic President. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander. Delvin Nunes is a leaker by racing to the White House to leak classified information to the President without the knowledge of any of his Committee members.

There are no two ways about it. Delvin Nunes has to recuse himself as Chairman and lend his voice to the quest for an independent prosecutor if he has nothing to hide. If he fails to do that he must be forced as a public figure to resign his job as Chairman because his integrity has been badly compromised.

I cannot stress the point enough. Media juggernauts like CNN Jake Tapper, Chris Cuomo, Poppy Harlow Errol Louis, and Fareed Zakaria to mention a few have said the same thing. MSNBC whistleblowers like Joe Scarborough and his colleague Micah, Chris Matthew, Brian Williams, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, Chris Hayes, Joy Reid, Michael Steel and Malcolm Nance have all said the same thing.

Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell have been phenomenal in their articulation of why an independent prosecutor is now urgently required to get to the bottom of the investigation. They have all made the case better than I can ever make it. Americans should support them one hundred percent. Speaker Ryan who claims to be above board like Caesar's wife must do the same with immediate effect and automatic alacrity.

The final point that bothers me the most as I put finishing touches to this write-up is the fact that Donald Trump as President of the United States might now start to use his bully pulpit to start doing everything his bosom friend Vladimir Putin has been teaching him to do.

He might start going after his perceived enemies named above and start taking them out one by one as Putin has been doing to all of his critics in Russia and elsewhere around the World. If that happens, none of the individuals named above will be safe and that is going to be a drastic departure from the America the whole world has come to know and admire.

It was mind-boggling to me when Donald Trump once admitted on television cameras that America has been known to use the same techniques Vladimir Putin has been using to eliminate his enemies. That could only means he would have no qualms using the same techniques if he has his back turned against the wall.

That is the scary part and that should scare the hell out of all of you reading this. I do know for a fact that America had been rumored in the past to be involved in the death or the fall of African leaders like Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Samora Machel, Moammar Ghadafi, Osagiefo Kwame Nkrumah, Sylvanus Olympio, Sekou Toure, Murtala Mohammed, Sani Abacha, and Idi Amin Dada or Yassar Arafat to mention a few, but I have never witnessed any American President openly admit that in defense of his Russian counterpart. Never!

It was a first in American history that tells me loud and clear that Americans ought to get to the bottom of the investigation that Trump and Putin's lovefest may have gone over the top to the detriment of America.

Need I say anything more?

I rest my case.

As a backdrop to this subject, I would urge many of you reading this article to go watch on You Tube a video of an interview of Mr. George Wallace with the great Mr. Louis Farrakhan on the Definition of Double Standard and whether or not Nigeria was the most corrupt nation on Earth.

My initial title to this article was, "It's done, it's over, it's cooked for America" but I modify the title because I know that Presidents come and go but America would survive the worst of Presidents and reinvent the wheel as it has happened many times. I can tell you that America will survive this one as well after a serious damage shall have been done to the image and reputation of America.

Trump has become the 45th President but the first KGB-sponsored one and the first to openly embrace the Russian leader Vladimir Putin and his values while openly thrashing the values that make America, the greatest country on Earth, the Bastion of Democracy and the envy of the World. I cannot think of any President more hated and despised like this President this early in their presidency as the current 37 to 57 percent opinion polls for Trump have clearly shown. If you don't believe me, just visit the late night talk shows and Saturday Night Live to form your own opinion. He has become the butt of every joke as he has tried to turn the American Presidency into a Monarchy right before our eyes by pretending to be what he is not and lying his way out of every scandal and crisis.

James Comey the FBI Director, the Edgar Hoover of our time finally appeared before the Congressional Committee yesterday to break his silence of the Grave Yard by finally agreeing that his Bureau has been investigating Trump since July 2016 because his Bureau and American Intelligence in general by consensus and acclamation have found enough evidence to suspect and even believe that Russia has "prima facie" tried to hack the American elections and to undermine American Democracy.

The FBI Director even admitted at one point during his cross examination that Russia has been loud and less secretive about letting America know and be the one to explain what Russia has doing to America. I never believe that America could be that vulnerable to Disinformation Espionage from any other country in the World. If Russia could do it, so can China and North Korea because they run a close society where freedom of expression or dissent is not criminalized and where only one individual calls the shots and can make and unmake. That, sad to say, is the model that His Imperial Majesty Donald Trump has embraced hook, line and sinker.

What is so offensive in the ongoing investigation is that the Republican side has politicized the process. They are leaving substance only to start pursuing shadows. They seem less interested in investigating why Russians would want to be the one to decide who should be President of America. They seem less interested in what could possibly be the "Quid Pro Quo" that Russia expects from Emperor Trump for the help given to him by Putin to win the Presidency.

Republicans and Emperor Trump would rather be going after leakers and whistle blowers in America including the Media who let out the secret about the Russian operations to begin with. They do not want to know the Russians' motivation for wanting to level up with America or reclaim their Super Power status with America. The Russians clearly lost their competitive edge with America way back in 1945 when American FDR working side by side with Winston Churchill had led the Allied Powers to defeat Adolf Hitler in the Second World War.

The Russians clearly knew they lost their competitive edge to America when America master-minded the founding of World Institutions like the United Nations and its Affiliates all over the World, the World Bank, the IMF and the International Court of Justice at the Hague to monitor and supervise World Peace and when America made the powerful Dollar as the dominant Currency for international exchange all over the World.  Russia has every reason to want reset the button or pulls back the hand of the clock or to bridge the gap between America and Russia on all indices of Power configuration. Donald Trump was more than willing to grant them the favor if they could help make him President.

They have since made him President and now is the payback time. Donald Trump believed he could use and dump Putin but he totally forgets that Putin as a KGB smooth operator with a lot more experience as a world leader could hit him back in a way he would never forget. As long as Donald Trump remains President of America, he could never totally extricate himself from the undue influence of Vladimir Putin who relishes his role as King maker in the World for once in his political life. If he could control subdue America thru Donald Trump, all of those European nations including Germany which rely heavily on the Russian Oil and Gas for their survival are toast.

The Russians clearly lost their edge to America when America quietly developed the Atomic Bomb around 1944 and tested its potency in Hiroshima and Nagasaki clearly 5 years before the Russians secretly developed their own but kept it under wrap. But America still found out because of the superiority of American technology.

The Russians believed they have more or less caught up with America, and therefore reserve the right to sit at the table with America or vent their muzzles. But America surprised Russia when she formed NATO. The Russians responded to that challenge with their own Warsaw Pact. The Soviet Union shocked America when she launched Yuri Gagarin as the first man in Space, and for a short while, the Russians were convinced they have beaten America in the race to conquer Space and could gloat on that achievement.

America was inspired by JFK who at only 42 years of age became President and fired the imagination of Americans to reclaim their moral authority as the greatest country on Earth. America did that when in less than 10 years America landed Neil Armstrong on the Moon. America therefore reserved the right to claim the Moon as an American Colony ever before the Russians could get there. JFK again rebuffed Nikita Khrushchev when he tried to arm Cuba on the backyard of America with a Nuclear weapon. JFK called the bluff of Russia with a naval blockade that got Nikita to quickly rethink his strategy to arm Cuba with a nuclear weapon. Nikita Khrushchev had to beat a retreat. JFK did that without firing a single shot and he sealed his own legacy as one of the greatest American Presidents even though he had been President for less than 3 years.

While the Soviet Union had spent all of their wealth and great energy on building its military industrial complex America had diversified her own economy by building Schools, Universities, Highways and providing other basic infrastructures which made America the Real Estate and the Entertainment Capital of the World and the country that controls from year to year 2/3rds of the Nobel Peace awards in the Liberal Arts and the Sciences.

America went ahead to create the Computer and the Internet which completely changed the whole World. America did not stop there. It created the Drone Technology way ahead of any other country on Earth thus reducing Russia to second fiddle in everything.

America gained the upper hand when she managed to infiltrate the Soviet Union by doing what Russia is now trying to do to America. America got Gorbachev to become President of the Soviet Union. Gorbachev preached "Perestroika" which simply means "Restructure" in English Language. That was total capitulation to America.

The capitulation had led to the fall of the Soviet Union and the quick dissolution of the Warsaw Pact. Most of the 15 Russian Republic and Poland and the Baltic States were freed of Russian domination. They started to apply for membership of NATO as Ukraine and Crimea abandoned the Warsaw Pact. Ukraine and Crimea now on the backyard of Russia became a scourge that Russia could not tolerate.

Vladimir Putin the new Russian nationalist and KGB smooth operator seriously wants a return to the good old days when the Soviet Union used to be on equal footing with America or slightly lower. Vladimir Putin knew he had to find his own Gorbachev in Donald Trump. The only way to play catch up with America is to find a way to make Donald Trump the President of America. He correctly figured it out that the only way to do that was to use Cyber Technology and Warfare where he strongly believed that Russia clearly held an edge over America.

The 2016 election provided Putin an opportunity to test that claim. If Russia could use Cyber Technology and Disinformation Espionage to frustrate America, what else could he not destabilize weaker and smaller nations of Europe if he could succeed in breaking up their solidarity by using Donald Trump as President of America to destabilize the European Union and NATO?

Mr. Putin has used Cyber Technology to infiltrate and hack American Elections and to demonize Hillary Clinton whom he blamed as the arrow head of the conspiracy to break up the old Soviet Union. He did everything in the book to help Hillary lose and everything in the book to help Donald Trump win. Hillary lost because she could not be persuaded to work against the interest of America like Donald Trump was willing to do if the KGB could help him fulfil his life ambition to become President by all means.

It is not Rocket Science. Putin knew that the Electoral College Conundrum in American Democracy is vulnerability and a time bomb waiting to explode.  It is a contraption that has outlived its usefulness but America out of pride and ego does not want to change the obnoxious system which totally makes a mockery of Democracy as a game of numbers.

How could any sensible nation on Earth claim that the verdict from 538 handpicked electors should be far superior to the verdict of the 135 million voters who voted in the last election?  That is the absurdity of the American Electoral College nonsense. It bears repeating that Donald Trump is President today because of that nonsense. The KGB may not have tampered with any of the election returns in each of the 50 American States but it surely created the environment that made Trump to win by narrow margins in most of the swing states of Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

KGB Putin saw the absurdity and he took full advantage of it to help make a pathological liar and con artist like Donald Trump become the President of the United States. Donald Trump has already launched his own" Perestroika" pretty much like Gorbachev had done to break up the defunct Soviet Union.

Americans should not take consolation in the indefinite and endless investigation that James Comey is trying to sell to them. An independent Prosecutor with "sub poena" powers is what is needed like what happened in the Watergate or the Monica Lewinski scandal which was less serious that what we are dealing with here. The independent prosecutor just like Kenneth Starr would be given a time frame within which to start and complete their work in a timely fashion.

Any American President colluding with an enemy country like Russia to destabilize his own country has committed Treason and should be treated as such. If this investigation is left to James Comey's FBI the investigation would last forever.

I do not buy what James Comey is selling to America.  It is a decoy to never get to the bottom of the scandal. What does it matter if Donald Trump he is forever under a cloud of scandal? Have you ever heard of any American President with so many litigations pending against him? How many times has Donald Trump paid a ransom to settle a case he knows he is bound to lose if it is prolonged? He swims and thrives in scandal because that is his life if you follow his History and track record. James Comey may never finish his investigation in 8 years. The sooner the investigation is concluded the better for America.

George Wallace has alleged in the video that Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the World. Mr. Louis Farrakhan in response has proved that America is 226 years old while Nigeria was roughly 35 years old at the time of the interview. Louis Farrakhan has eloquently argued that America had no right to moralize on Nigeria and that America should be quiet when it comes to moral condemnation.

By the same token, I am saying that Donald Trump is not in any moral position to say that Obama is a felon and by falsely accusing Obama while sweeping under the rug the Treason he himself had committed by colluding with KGB Vladimir Putin to destabilize American Democracy.

America needs the eloquent Louis Farrakhan to speak the truth to Power and to let Donald Trump and the Republicans know they are doing America a great harm by covering up for Donald Trump just like Sean Spicer has been doing with his silly Press Conferences on behalf of Donald Trump.

I rest my case.

This tribute speaks mainly to the star qualities of late Colonel David and how he is so uniquely different from most Akure Chiefs I have been privileged to know. I wrote one on late High Chief Asamo Omojowo Olusanya of blessed memory. This one is different, however, because I am doing it with deep personal regret or guilty conscience.

The late Colonel would probably have reached the peak of his career in the Military and earn his promotion to the rank of a Brigadier General in the Pay and Records Squadron of the Nigerian Army if he had not taken the title at all. He was a self-made man who did not need the title to be all he could have been in life. I was among the few circle of friends and his blood relations who persuaded him against his better judgment to take the title. Looking back, I strongly believe he would have been better off without the title.

He believed he lost more from the title than he gained from it but he blamed nobody but himself. He attributed the mistake to his Destiny and he was thankful to God for giving him the chance to make his contributions to Akure, and to walk away from a journey  that carry the potential to deny him a seat at the right hand of God after the completion of his mission in life. He made that amazing confession to me on one of my few visits to him as his friend and brother-in-law.

As the Olisa he was the Second-in-Command to the Deji of Akure. He was the Head of the “Iare” Group of Chiefs and Akure’s traditional Prime Minister by acclamation and consensus. Part of the reason he accepted the title was to correct the wrong impression engrained in “Akure Oriki” which says “Ori no mu je Olisa ki I se oye Idile” which came from the fact that the first Olisa had come from “Ohon” in Ekiti where the individual with his retinue of slaves and many of his loyal followers had left “Ohon” in frustration because he had contested but was not given the title. He therefore chose to leave “Ohon” and was passing thru Akure on a journey to nowhere.

Somebody had informed the then Deji of his plight and the Deji looking for more people to enhance the prestige and status of his town had promised to give affluent visitor the title his people had refused to give him. The Deji advised the then High Chief Odopetu to step down and to become number 2 and the Odopetu agreed. That was how the Olisa became the next-in-Command to the Deji and the Head of the “Iare” Group of Chiefs in Akure till tomorrow. I document most of what I write to help the younger generation understand and appreciate our History and the individuals that make it so.

Some people have rumored that the Deji has a right to offer the Olisa title to anyone outside the Olisa Family based on that story and precedent. The Colonel heard the story and he insisted that was not going to happen in his life time. He threw his hat to the ring as one of the last candidate to show interest and Deji Ataiyese was more than happy to give him the title by ignoring the agitation in some quarters that it was wrong to have a retired Police man and a retired soldier becoming the number 1 and 2 in the power configuration of Akure.

It was a title the man did not want to begin with but was more or less compelled to take due to relentless pressure from his Family members which included the then Deji, Kabiyesi Oba Ataiyese Adebobajo Adesida whose own mother was the first daughter and regent of Olisa Otutuleyowo the First. Colonel David could not therefore in good conscience turn down the offer from an Uncle he himself had actively supported with everything he has got the two times in 1975 and 1991 his Uncle Adebobajo had sought the position. Kabiyesi Deji Ataiyese felt he owed the Colonel a moral obligation and gratitude to offer him the title without much ado. So for the third time in Akure History another Olisa was “ipso facto” begged to take the title.

Olisa Kole Oluwatuyi his predecessor became the second to be begged to take the title. That was how Omo Osadeyi earned his nickname as “Olisa Abejoye “ because he was persuaded to retire from his pensionable job as an Accountant in Oshogbo to come become the Olisa of Akure in succession  to his own father, Oluwatuyi the First, the first “Baba Egbe” of the CAC Church in Akure who was also begged to take the title.

The man had earlier on made a covenant with God to take his life if he ever forsakes God to go serve Mammon.  He reluctantly took the title against his own better judgment. The man died in a mysterious circumstance after only 3 months in office. He returned from a weekly meeting of Akure Chiefs usually held at the Asamo Court where every Akure High Chief is by tradition expected to pledge allegiance to “Obanifon” the Supreme Deity of Akure, whose central shrine is located in High Chief Asamo’s traditional Quarters in Idiagba in Akure.

It was the last meeting Olisa Oluwatuyi the First attended. He died within 3 months of his taking the title. His first son, Kole Oluwatuyi the Second as I hinted earlier was persuaded to take the title free of charge because Deji Afunbiowo and Okelisa people wanted an educated Olisa. Kole Oluwatuyi took the tile and he survived much longer than his father.

It was his death in 1994 or thereabout that created a vacuum for the Colonel to fill. The Colonel, another devout CAC devotee had some reservation on taking the title like his two predecessors but his secondary objection was based on the fact that he did not want to leave his lucrative pensionable job as a Colonel in the Nigerian Army to go settle for some traditional title whose annual salary at the time was less than his driver’s annual salary.

His trouble as Olisa began when he led Akure King makers to select the first “Non-Omo Ori Ite” Deji-elect Prince Ileri Oluwa Adelabu and when he was forced by Agagu Government to shift his support to another “non Omo Ori Ite” in Prince Adesina Adepoju Osupa the Second who reigned from 2005 to 2010 but got deposed and sent into exile for beating up his wife in a high visibility Domestic Violence scandal that started as a storm in a tea cup but escalated into  an inferno that led to the debate on the Floor of the Nigerian Senate in Abuja in response to a protest by the Nigerian Organization of Women in support of his victimized wife.

The Mimiko Government had no other choice than to rusticate Deji Osupa in 2005 to be replaced with Deji Afunbiowo II Oba Adebiyi Adegboye Adesida who reigned from 2010 to 2013. Deji Afunbiowo the Second and the Adesida Dynasty instead of blaming Governor Olukoya for breaking the Asodeboyede Ruling House into two had put all the blame on the Colonel as Head of the King makers who merely carried out the demands of the new Deji’s Declaration as stipulated without fear of favor as a retired military officer.

Before Deji’ Osupa’s  tragic exile in 2005, the relationship between him and the retired Colonel had deteriorated to appoint that Deji Osupa felt intimidated by him because Colonel David was fearless and bold to a fault. Deji Osupa put him in indefinite suspension before he was sent into exile in 2005. The new Deji who replaced Osupa felt no obligation to formally lift the suspension.  The retired Colonel saw no compelling reason to go down on his knees to beg for the lifting of his suspension. I actually advised him to see a redress in Court because I was sure he would win but the Colonel refused because he stated he had not committed any offense and that they could keep their title.

The man was never formally deposed as the Olisa. He died as the Olisa on suspension and he was fine with that because it was a big relief to him at one level. He was a highly principled man, a devoted Christian a millionaire in his own right and a highly contented well-to-do farmer with so many assets in Real Estate and Landed properties not only in the state Capital but in Ibadan and Lagos. He earned a decent pension to comfortably sustain him and his big family.

He lived till his death in his crawling Taj Mahal, the Monument of Grace Palace in a low density area of Ijapo Estate in Akure. His “Oteru Oba Ode” clout and prestige never left him
and he died as Olisa de facto and dejure because the title was never legally taken away from him. That did not stop the new Deji from going ahead to appoint a new Olisa. Rather than get upset or provoked by that infraction to go seek a redress he clearly would have won in the Court of Law, the unflappable Colonel clearly saw a gift and the hand of God in what clearly appeared to be a negative situation.

His installation as Olisa was a Carnival in Akure second only to the installation of any Deji of Akure. He was welcomed to Akure pretty much as a Rock Star in his beautiful open roof Jaguar limousine to begin his installation formalities and rituals which lasted for weeks. He was an Olisa with a difference. His love of family is legendary and his generosity and philanthropy has no equal among his peers in the Akure Council of Chiefs. Once the new Deji proceeded to appoint a new Olisa, he saw no reason to challenge the move and he showed his magnanimity by sending a gift to the new Olisa the day he was installed.

He actually sent a traditional gift to the new Deji and he never held any grudge against him for not lifting his suspension. He held a Thanksgiving Service in his Church to thank God for his suspension.

He is a man without any blemish and any scintilla of envy or bitterness in his veins. There was no pretense about him. With Colonel David what you saw was what you got. He was one hell of a prayer warrior behind closed doors. He worshipped no other god besides the living God and the God of his spiritual father and founder of the CAC Church of Nigeria, the one and only Apostle Joseph Babalola of blessed memory. He was born the son of a Muslim father and a Christian mother but he chose to be a Christian by choice and he never wavered in his faith even though he never looked down on people of the Muslim faith.

Among his imperishable legacies in Akure included the massive Cashhold Petrol Station and Shopping Complex in Akure and his big Agro Allied Mechanized Farming and Poultry and Fish Pond in Eleyowo Village near Akure. To his everlasting credit as the Olisa he fought for the preservation of the great Ofosu Forest Reserve and Igbatoro Ala Ajagbusi Forest Reserve to remain the bona fide property of Akure at great risk to his own life and regardless of the obnoxious Land Use Decree imposed on the South by the Obasanjo Regime.

He remains one of the greatest Akure leaders and the most benevolent Olisa of Akure in living memory. The second Ultramodern Palace built at Uworokogbasa in Akure and the Akure Town Hall were all completed during his tenure as the Olisa of Akure.

He is survived by his 3 wives and many children and his junior brother, Orimadegun and many cousins and nieces both on his mother and father side including a Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Akure I am proud to call my wife. She is the one and only Rachel Oluwasefunmi Abisola

The great Obafemi Awolowo was thinking of leaders like him when he said and I quote that “It is not Life that matters but the Courage you bring into it”. William Shakespeare was thinking about the Colonel when he said that Cowards die many times before their death but the valiant never taste of Death but once.

Olisa Otutileyowo the Second was a priceless jewel of the greatest value in Akure. Posterity would never forget him and I can well imagine he is sitting right now on the right hand of God despite his human failings. He did make atonement for those lapses before he answered the call. I would not end this eulogy without adding the little icing on the cake.

“Colonel Elijah Folorunsho David.Oteru Oba Ode, O mori j’Oloja mo dade, Omo Olokelisa ibi eo sopo si. O mari sowo, E saje woti ona Okelisa. Upalefa gbona, t’Eru t’Omo poyiyi ona Okelisa. O d’Umesi sile k’ebi mob a pa Omo Oba ke e bo  Omo Ogun Okelele Ajigbagba Urin, Omo Ogedengbe Agbogun gboro O ti po po l’Oju Ogun. Omo Ayugbo Ebo m’Osupa jiere bo. Omo Aba Lawani Omo Osolo Abibiri, Olisa Otutuleyowo Keji. O kole Owo tan  o yo Varanda si. Omo Olomitutu Ajiri Ogolo. Osi dede ta ni, Aseju lo b’Osi a. Anowo bi Eleda Okunrin Ogun, Okunrin doin doin, Okunrin wa , Okunrin wo, Okunrin wa wa wo wo.  Eji Egbe re O dumosa luku Ayegbe, Omo Oyunkun Agbomolodo a b’edo yiyun.Omo Akure l’Omi meji hon pejeji l’Ala, Ala Ule wa a re abi t’Oko. Omo Akure m’Osu , Mo pe ira Ule Oye. O darinako O do ju Ala. Ma j’Okun Ma j’Ekolo.  Ohun ti won ban je l’ajule Orun ni ko ba won je. Sun re o Omo Eleyinkule atowire. Omo Olule Aletile Ona Ikila. Alukunrin Eiye Umojo Mi kari jokoda, o dege murin”

Goodbye, my friend, till we meet to part no more.

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