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White folks existential feeling of inferiority is the cause of their racism

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From Ozodi Osuji's Daily Journal:


Racism is rooted in inferior feeling white folks' efforts to seem falsely superior by feeling superior to black folks.

All human beings, by mere fact of living in bodies that will die and rot, feel inferior. They seek a sense of worth and value.

All human beings try to seem to have worth because they feel that they have no worth. What it means to be a human being is to feel inferior and seek superiority. Human civilization is predicated on all people feeling inferior and seeking superiority.

White folks, like all human beings including black folks, feel inferior and try to obtain a false sense of worth by seeing black folks as inferior to them.

Inferior feeling Igbos want to seem superior to their Nigerian neighbors; they do so by putting other Nigerians down.

White racism and Igbo tribalism is deluded behavior. In truth all people, black and white, men and women are the same.

We all feel inferior and desire superiority. The trick is for us, while seeking superiority, for we must do so, Alfred Alder in his individual psychology made that point and I agree with him, our civilization depends on it, we must strive to not feel superior to other persons.

I must confess that it is kind of difficult for those who have superior intelligence to feel equal to the 90% of humanity that is average.

Average IQ is 85-115; above average IQ is 118-130; superior IQ is 132-139; genius is IQ of over 140; mental retardation is IQ under 70.  About 2% of humanity has superior IQ and 2% has mental retardation. The distribution of IQ is the same worldwide; all over the world only 2% of the people have superior IQ, and these are the people responsible for creating new science, philosophies and arts.


If you accepted the logic of A course in miracles you would say that Mr. Stephen Paddock is a dream figure and that those he killed were killed in a dream setting; what is done in a dream has not been done so no one has been killed; because no one is killed then we should forgive him, we should overlook his act of killing; we must forgive all evil behaviors and see monsters like Paddock as innocent, guiltless, sinless and holy; they still remain as their God created them:  not separated from God and whatever we see them do on earth was done in a dream and has not been done in reality hence their existential innocence.

If we accept this idea of forgiving killers the next question is this: why don't we allow killers to kill all of us and we forgive them for they did nothing; why even bother doing all that we do to stay alive; why work for food, clothes, medications, houses and all that we do to protect our bodies and egos, why not exterminate our egos and bodies and not have to protect them?

Why even wait for other folks to destroy us and we forgive them, why not destroy us and get it over with so that we do not have to deal with the philosophy that asks us to forgive murderers, rapists and thieves.

We have nuclear weapons so let us use them to wipe all people off the surface of the earth and that way we won't have to talk about forgiving evil.

Let us allow the Paddocks of this world to re-lead their rifles as many times as they want and wipe off the entire world so that we do not have to talk about forgiveness any more.

To live in body we must defend body; we have egos and must defend them for them to seem alive; if body and ego are not defended they die.

Our instinct is to kill people like Paddock who want to destroy our lives, not to forgive them.  Yet, a convoluted religion asks us to forgive them. Why not just allow them to wipe out all the people.

A course in miracles teaching on forgiveness aims at getting people to reverse their natural, instinctual response to offense against them, defense, and possible attack on the offender; people naturally bear grievances and seek revenge for the wrongs done to them and the book wants them to eliminate that tendency.

This theology of radical forgiveness is not going to happen; this teaching does not have to happen for it permits evil to reign in the world and does not help eradicate evil; it is a bunch of hooey that appeals to our feelings not reason.

Reason tells us that for society and civilization to exist we have to remove evil doers; we must punish evil behaviors, not just overlook and forgive them.

If we forgave all evil then we would not have a need for government, police, courts, judges and prisons. We would allow anti-social criminals to run around killing people, raping people, stealing from people and tell ourselves that they are doing what they are doing in a dream and that nothing is happening. If we did so we would all die within a month.

A course in miracles philosophy, therefore, is anti- life on earth; it is nihilistic. This is the correct assessment of the philosophy.

This negative assessment of A course in miracles does not rule out the existence of other worlds; quantum physics, by the end of this century, will prove that there is a replica of our world in light forms. In the future, science will prove that there is a formless world (a wave of spiritual light, aka God, in which each of us is a particle of that light), our original home.

A course in miracles fault is that it did not teach the correct way to attain the world of light forms. Love all people and love yourself and you experience relative peace and joy in our world; and when you die you live in the world of light forms. Forgiveness is not the way to reach the world of light forms. However, while in the world of light forms, if we overlook its form we experience our formless real selves.

The Writer of A course in miracles, Dr. Helen Schucman, had a clouded mind; despite been a professor of psychology at Columbia University, New York, her mind was not sharp  enough, certainly, not as sharp as mine! I am here to correct her errors. This is not arrogance on my part by merely state my mission.


A man, albeit a psychopath, chose to and killed 58 people and wounded 530 people. This tells me that anyone who so chooses can kill people and no god will stop him from doing so; only human beings can stop those who kill people from doing more killing. We are on our own; no gods protect us.


It is a fact that to live with a prideful, swollen ego, to be full of one 's self, is to suffer. The egotist suffers psychological pain; he lives to protect and defend his nonexistent proud self. Therefore, the egotist should reduce his pride and simply see his self as the same and coequal with all people and thereafter live flexibly, peacefully and happily.

This does not mean that he should allow other people to destroy his body and ego and he forgives them. If he has a death wish he could kill his self and does not have to wait for other people to do the job for him.

I am saying that A course in miracles is wrong in talking about blanket forgiveness as the means of returning to love (unified self and its unified mind).

Yes, we ought to have understanding, such as try to understand why monsters like Stephen Paddock killed people; that does not mean that we should forgive his behavior; we must destroy him and people like him or if we could correct them and make them loving not hurtful persons we try to do so while keeping them in prisons.

This is my philosophy; it is not rooted in A course in miracles or any philosophy given to me by so-called religious authorities, such as Jesus or Mohammed. It is simply what makes sense to me.

I live by what makes sense to me, not by what other folks tell me to live by.


Yesterday, my girlfriend, Lady Jewells, told me that she heard from some of her friends that the Jesus of the bible was not a real person, that there is no evidence of his existence, but that he was an entity channeled by some medium in the second century AD. If so, over time people take that presumably imaginary Jesus as a real person!

This is a new one to me; I thought that I had heard all the possible speculations as to who the old boy, Jesus, was.

Interestingly, I have never seen Jesus as my savior; indeed, if truth is said I have never considered him at my level of mental functioning; I consider him inferior to me!

The Jesus of A course in miracles was channeled; I would not be surprised if folks take him as an actual person who lived in Palestine 2000 years ago!

If the New Testament teachings by Jesus Christ was not real but is a mere channeled message that probably accounts for its impracticality, for in the world as we know it no one can be defenseless and survive in it; no one has actually practiced the Jesus gospel of forgiveness for wrongs done to him; we all seek revenge for the evil done to us.

For example, I want to punish Arabs and white folks for enslaving Africans; they must pay a price for their past and present sins; I do not want to forgive them, for to overlook their evil is to permit similar evil to continue in our world.

Nature does not forgive those who attack its creations. Consider that our bodies' immune systems are defending our bodies at all times, killing germs that want to kill us; our ego minds are defending against those egos that want to attack and or kill us.

Without defense we cannot survive in this world; yet, Jesus asks people to be defenseless, meaning that he is either unrealistic or wants people to die; as Fred Nietzsche pointed out in "Thus Spoke Zarathustra", Jesus is either a lunatic or nihilist; he is dangerous to human survival on planet earth.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

October 5, 2017


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