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We project out the people that do good or bad things to us

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From Ozodi Osuji's Daily Journal:


A course in miracles says that the world I see with my eyes is my projection, that perception is projection; that the seeming external universe I see is an outward representation of my thoughts; that the world and its things are my thinking represented in pictures, pictures that seem real but are not real for they are in my mind.

This means that the people I see around me are projections of my mind. They are like what we see in our nightly dreams where we see a world and people that seem real but upon waking up are not real.

I projected the world and people I see around me out. What they do to me I did to me through them.

Therefore, I do not have to blame them for what they did to me, good or bad; nor do I have to blame me; all I need to do is change my mind, my thinking and project out a different world to experience it.

For example, if the people around me do what I consider evil things to me I did those evil things to me. Instead of blaming them I should change my mind and wish to experience loving things and project out people who would love me.

But my ego insists that the world is real and that other people are real and does to me what I do not like. That way my ego likes to blame other people and the world for my fate.

A course in miracles says that my ego thinking is the nature of the world's thinking but if I choose to I can change my pattern of thinking and accept that I projected out the world that seems to do bad or good things to me and resolve to love me and the world and project out a loving world. Change my mind and I change the people I see around me.

Is this true or not? If I believe that it is true I must necessarily conclude that a person in my life that I believed did unkind things to me is me doing unkind things to me. I do not have to blame him or her; all I need to do is resolve to do kind, loving things to me and I would project out those who would do loving things to me.

If I choose to love me those I projected out in the past that did unloving things to me would now be projected to-do loving things to me.

I would project out whites who are not racists but loving persons and I would live in the world as a happy dream. The world is still a dream but it can be made a nightmarish dream or a happy dream. The choice is up to us, to love or to hate one another.

If we believe in separation we hate one another but if we believe in union we love one another and have happy dreams in this world and in the after death world of light forms. In heaven itself, our real world, is formless; we are formless parts of a formless eternal God.

The point here is that the ego wants one to blame other people for the evil they do to one whereas the Holy Spirit says that other people are parts of one and that one made them do what they did to me, good or bad.

For example, if one does not want to experience love one projects out a person who would not love one; one turns around and blames that person for not loving one; actually, that person represents ones desire not to love one's self.

Instead of blaming that person one can change one's mind and decide to love one and that person; love would make the person who hitherto seemed unloving now become a loving person and we thereafter have holy relationships, not the hitherto unholy, special love relationships filled with hate and conflict.

If we want loving relationships we love ourselves and all people and project out loving people who would love us and them.

If you like, you can say that if we love we attract loving persons into our lives but if we are hateful we attract hateful people to our lives.

Whatever other people did to us is what we did to us, what we want to experience, for there is no way what the son of God does not want to experience can happen to him, a course in miracles says.

The ideas expressed here cannot be proved with the empirical parameters of science but they are worth thinking about. I tend to agree with them.

What do you think?

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

July 6, 2017

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