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Who Will Speak The Truth and Suffer the Consequences?

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On January 29, 2018, we posted an essay titled "What Truth Do We Want the Nigerian Community to Know Right Now in 2018?" In this essay we continue to elaborate on the importance of Truth

Without speaking and living the truth, Nigeria is a failed state. How do we define truth? The truth is fact, certainty, actuality, veracity, verity, accuracy, or no falsehood.

I am convinced there are many truthful persons in Nigeria to save my people. I am also convinced that fear , like a disease, is robbing my people of the power to speak the truth.

What is the purpose of living a long life when long life accomplishes nothing we can be remembered for?

When truth is not spoken, when lies are mistaken for truth, and when one who speaks the truth is fearful of consequences, things fall widely apart and my people suffer in silence.

Fearful people are ignoble sycophants, bribe takers, silent witnesses at the scenes of crimes.

I encourage my people to say the truth, live the truth, and suffer the consequence to demonstrate that truth sets one free while falsehood imprisons, castigates and pillories.

We ought to speak the truth even it means loss of income or loss of life; it's not good to die for nothing.

What is the truth people are scared to spell out? The purpose of this essay is to identify several  truths we want my people to hear and to repeat for all to hear.

TRUTH ONE: Nigeria is an autocracy, not democracy; one man rules by order of a foreign power, namely America, Britain and all countries whose economies depend on oil.

TRUTH TWO: Nigerian leadership has sold Nigeria to a foreign power for oil .

TRUTH THREE: Nigeria is owned by a foreign power(s) supplying weapons to boko and herdsmen killers

TRUTH FOUR: Nigeria's violence goes up when oil price goes up and down when oil price goes down

TRUTH FIVE: The ISIS is foreign powers (America and Britain) whose assassins to protect oil prices.

TRUTH SIX What matters to Nigerian politicians is money, money, money, not my people

TRUTH SEVEN: Nigeria's Constitution is ineffectual; no one knows what is in it, it is a decorative piece of paper.

TRUTH EIGHT: Nigeria has no law and order, anything goes which is bad for my people.

Written Sunday, 2/11/18

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