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We are God!

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We are collectively God; each of us is a part of the whole God but is not the whole God, for the whole God is all of us put together. Another way of putting it is that there is life. Each of us is part of that life but is not all of it.

Generally, we deny that we are parts of God; having denied our truth we project it to external gods. Every group of human beings has their external gods.  All those external gods are made by man.

If men made their gods then they are the creators of their gods and their gods did not create them.  We made god in our image and claim that God created us in his image.

The real God does not have an image; he is imageless and formless; he is life and is not in any particular place; he is everywhere and nowhere in particular; he is our real self; he is eternal, permanent, changeless and immortal.

If it makes you feel good you can say that God is our father and that we are his children (this is the Christian view).

However, the best way to characterize God is to call him life and to see us as parts of that one life. One life manifests in each of us as us.  This is the way it is in spirit and in matter.

In spirit, that is, outside matter one life, one God manifests in his infinite parts, his infinite sons.  God is in his sons and his sons are in him and in each other; life is in each of us and we are in it and in each other.

We are right now in three seeming different places; in formless God (aka heaven); in purified forms (light forms) and in our gross forms (on earth).

One God, one life projects itself to his son; his son projects itself to a light form of his self; and the light form projects itself to a dense form of itself (self in body, aka human self, ego).  These three states of being: formless spirit, spirit in light form and spirit in body form are in constant communication; there is no break or space between them.

Whereas in this essay we are not interested in the specifics of how oneself became all of us you can say that one self and its infinite selves live in eternity but that about fourteen billion years ago the parts of one God, one life and oneself decided to separate from each other and manifest in our material universe. We have been evolving in matter in the past fourteen billion years. 


Every person who has had what some religions call enlightenment and illumination experience knows that we are simultaneously in three states: in God, in purified ego and in dense ego (heaven, light world and dark world...our world is the world of darkness). Enlightened people know that we are the gods we talk about.

However, such persons do not want to tell people that they are God for they recognize how proud human beings can be. A human being can become proud and claim to be god and see other people as not god.  That process leads to narcissism and psychosis.

The mad man is a man who sees his self as god and sees other people as not god. If he is god, and god in his opinion is all powerful then other people are less than he is and ought to worship him. The lunatic sees his self as superior to other people.

The mystic, the opposite of the mad man, is a man who has experienced God and knows that his real self and our individual and collective real self is God. The mystic is the quintessential healthy human being for he knows that it is not just he who is god but all living things.

I am God; you are God; we are God. We are God not in our ego states for those are separated states but in our unified spirit state.  There is one unified life, one unified spirit; that unified spirit is itself and collectively all of us put together.

Because we are each a part of God no human being is ever superior to other human beings. In eternity we are formless spirit and are coequal and the same.

In time, on the other hand, each of us is, by design different. We collectively designed our world of space, time and matter and then manifest in it. We designed each other's body. We use body to make us seem different from other persons; body is used to give us a sense of differences, some better than others. Body is a means of separation; in body we seem apart from each other; there is space and time between those in bodies. I am over here in my body and you are over there in your body; body gives us a sense of boundary from each other and creates space between us; it takes time for one person to traverse the space/distance between him and other persons and reach them.

Body is like a car given to each of us by all of us. The nature of the car one has and drives affects ones driving; if a car is a jalopy and rickety it negatively impacts the driver's speed; our bodies affect our earthly self.

In fact, the earthly self, the ego is largely determined by the body it seems to live from. My body or the car I drive influences my personality and behavior but not all of it. There is always an aspect of us on earth that is not even in body. There is a part of me and you that is not in our bodies. That part of us that is not in our bodies is not influenced by the exigencies of our bodies, societies and cultures.

That part of us that is not in body does not die with the death of our bodies. When our bodies die the car one drives is dead but the non-physical aspect of us continues to live as the part of us in light forms.

Each of us has a self in light form. This is not speculation but a fact for if you really work at seeing it you would see the you in light form.  If you like you could say that it is the self you see in your dreams.  It has form but light form in the sense that it has no physical dimension although it looks like the you that you see on earth.  That self in light form is an aspect of us.

That light form of you, me, all people, animals and trees, planets and stars and galaxies is the self we (it is a replica of the physical universe but in light forms) live with in the astral world, aka the gate of heaven (heaven is unified spirit).

In heaven itself we are formless; in pure spirit we do not have form and live in God as part of God and he as part of us. In pure spirit we are eternal and permanent and changeless.

Where God ends and his parts, his sons begin is nowhere; there is no space and time between them; they are in each other and share one self and one mind; they are non-dual one spirit self.

In the world of light forms we have the light forms that reflect the dense forms we have in the world of matter on earth.

Our earthly dense forms die; our astral light forms do not die but do change forms to reflect the forms we had on earth; the formless self in spirit does not die (is not born, is eternal with God). 


What we must now do is accept that we are God and see all people as part of one God. God is unified; God is love, joy and perfect peace; in one word, God is bliss.

If we accept that we are God then we must live like God. Since God is love we must love ourselves and love all people. You must love you and love all the people in our world. 


In heaven, eternity, unified spirit we are love. Our earth came into being because we desired to experience the opposite of our true self; in eternity we are unified and desired to experience separation; in eternity we are love and wanted to experience the opposite of love and designed the earth to be a loveless place and experience lovelessness; in eternity we are the same and equal and designed a world of space and time to enable us seem unequal and different from each other.

Everything on earth, beginning with our bodies is designed to make us feel the opposite of love, to feel attacked and respond with counter attack and lovelessness.

On earth, we see other people do bad things to us and respond with defensiveness and offensiveness.  Others attack us and we attack them and live in loveless conflict. 


Whereas our first goal for coming to earth is to experience the opposite of love, the second goal is to while on earth remember that our true self is love and love all people.

The goal is now to live in love, to return to our original state in heaven.  This means that when you see other people attack you, such as when racists reject black folks, you transform your initial ego response of anger to working for a non-racist society.

You do not tolerate other people's attacks out of foolish idea of forgiveness but work to change their attack to love; you work for a society where no one discriminates against anyone else; a world freed from racism and sexism.

Forgiving murderers does not make them stop murdering people; in fact, if they believe that they would be forgiven they would be emboldened and keep murdering people; instead, you teach them to value all life and not murder any one.

You do not ignore a murderer, a rapist, a thief; you teach them not to do any of those anti-social things.

You do not lie around praying to God to come and improve our world; you are part of the God you pray to and know what needs to be done to improve the world so you work to improve the world.

You organize people, as leaders do and work to improve our world at its present ego level. If you improve our ego based society you also improve our society in the world of light forms.

In the world of unified spirit there is nothing to improve for we are not separated from each other and are not in forms; we are unified as one self and live in eternal harmony and perfect peace.

In the world of separation we live in on earth and in the world of light forms improvements are always needed. On earth we must make efforts to improve our world but in eternity we are in being and do not work or make efforts; eternity is the world as God created it.

In unified spirit each person knows that he is one with other persons and there are no different interests to bring about conflict and need for conflict resolution. 


Each human being, the ego is like his real-self creative (God is creative; life is creative). In his creativeness God created each of us; God extended to each of us and imbued us with his creativity. We are like God and are creative.

On earth each of us, with the help of all of us creates his personality.  The person who pursues an idealized self, as I do is engaged in creativity; it is his creative mind that rejected the perceived shortcomings of his ego and body and desires to create a better body and ego self for his self.

Even the sociopath who has no love feeling for other people and knows only how to use other people for his selfish gains is creative; he uses his mind to create the uncaring ego he has.

We are the God we talk about and might as well stop denying that reality and accept it and use the God spirit in us and God mind in us to create better selves for ourselves and a better society for all of us. 


Scientists deny the existence of God, spirit, life and instead study the world as it is.   However, they are increasingly finding out that the world as it is, the world of space, time and matter that we live in was done by us in the past and did not just come into existence by itself. When they study the extant world they are studying the world we collectively made in the past.

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