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There are no leaders in Africa and other matters

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There Are No Leaders In Africa


As I mentally evaluate the people in my kindred, village and town I do not see any of them as a leader; I do not see any one of them that initiate activities and get them done for the kindred, village and town. What I see are chop-chop people who gather to share money given to them by external others or politick to decide who is more important than others( in the kindred, village and town).


Is this really all that black men can do, vie for who is more important than others but not do anything to initiate programs that served the peoples welfare?


I do not see leaders in Nigeria, Africa and black America; I see people who mostly do that which serve their ego self-interests alone but do not do what serves public good. Black folks merely talk about leadership but if you put them in leadership positions all they do is strive to seem important and do nothing to help the people.


When I was at Washington DC, I looked at the black professors at Howard University (a black university); they were all dressed in suits and looked professional; the problem is that most of them are unproductive; they do not write and contribute to knowledge.


At the universities that I am associated with, white universities the professors are in jeans and khaki pants and spend most of their times doing research, writing and contributing to knowledge; in so far that they are egoistic they seek recognition through their work whereas black professors merely think that they are important because they are professors.


Black professors do little or no publishing. The clown called Cornel West actually has written only one semi useful book, Race Matters. Imagine that! He runs around running his mouth but contribute to knowledge he would not (on a typical day I write, at least, five pages ; about 150 pages every freaking month, about three books each year).


Nigerians seek public offices to be in prestigious positions from which they derive a sense of social importance, and gratify their egos desire for specialness; they actually do nothing for the people.


Watch President Mohammandu Buhari; he is going to do nothing for the people; all he is going to do is talk about what he is going to do but actually do something he would not do so.  One hundred days in office and all he has done is talk about fighting corruption but has not done so; no one is yet in prison for corruption. These people are talk-talk idiots.


Black folks seem unaware that institutional positions are meant to be from where folks serve the public, do what serves the people's social interest.


Leadership skills are rare attribute; it is seldom found in people. I would say that in every one thousand persons may be one of them has some leadership traits and in every few million persons is one leader and that in every era, if the people are lucky, there would be a world class leader, such as Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, Franklyn Delano Roosevelt and even Adolf Hitler (Hitler was a leader although he put his leadership skills to evil purposes).


There are no leaders in Africa of today. This is a pity. (If you want to have an understanding of what leadership is and what leaders do please consult my books and articles on the subject.)




There are actual leaders who have visions, set goals and use people and materials to accomplish them and there are those like Chinua Achebe who merely talked about leaders but are not leaders and are as selfish as anyone can be.




Leaders are people who are well adapted to the world of insanity, to the world of the unreal, the world of space, time and matter and help other people  do what they have to do to adapt to it and make it seem real. In effect, leaders are totally insane; they are dreaming and do not know any better.


Leaders are happy in their skin and are adapted to the world of flesh and want to make it as pleasurable as is possible. This is why leaders tend to have narcissistic personality; it is because they are happy in their skin.


Barack Obama is obviously a narcissistic personality; he likes his body and ego self; he is a leader for he has to be who he is to lead men who want to enjoy their bodies. He is like leaders all over the world, spiritually dead. He has no inkling that this world is an illusion and that there is a different world apart from this present world.




I am an escapist; I am looking for a fantasy world; I am seeking an imaginary perfect self and imaginary life after death, God. I am not adapted to this world hence not a leader in this world.




Sanity is living in spirit as part of unified self. We wished to live in flesh for flesh is a means of separating from spirit and giving each of us boundary, a sense of being here and not there.


To live in body is to live in the unreal; to live in what would die hence to desire to live in body is to be insane, lunatic and mad.


Sanity lies outside body, in the union of God and his sons. But where is proof of that union, or is it mere wishful thinking?


We became insane when we manifest in body to guarantee us seeming separation and specialness; that is, seek ego importance; this is what A course in miracles is teaching. It teaches that to be human is to be insane for we want to live in body, space and time, because they give us a sense of separation and specialness. It says that we are not separated from each other and are not special; we are always the same and equal; it says that we do not live in space, time and body; the world is an imaginary place that does not exist; in effect, we are living in an imaginary place and pretending that it is real hence deluded and hallucinating and insane.




Normal folks take the world of space, time and matter, their egos and bodies as real; they are in deep sleep and take their dream of separation and specialness as real; they are actually happy with their bodies and egos, things that would die, illusions; over 90% of humanity is at this animal state of existence. They just evolved out of animals but are not yet aware of spirit, if they belong to religions they are not aware of what spirituality is all about.




Neurotics are beginning to awaken from the dream but are still attracted by it, attracted by space, time and matter and ego specialness and separation, they are partially asleep; they are still attracted by flesh, sex and food but are aware that those are not real.




Psychotics are beginning to awaken to spirit but choose to go into deeper dream/animal state where they construct individual fantasies, dreams and live in them; they got out of normal folks shared dreams, shared fantasies, shared illusions of separation and live in their own dreams hence are having individual insanity, not the shared insanity of normal folks.


The Scottish psychiatrist, R.D. Laing nearly got it right when he wrote that psychotics are closer to mystics than normal people are (as a college student I devoured his books, including the politics of experience).


Psychotics beheld the stupidity of our world but instead of tuning it out and returning to God they invented their own fantasy world and live in it; they refuse to join so-called normal folks in their shared fantasy world.


I say, let them be in their fantasy world; in different life times they would accept awakening and become mystics, awaken from the world of illusion.


I used to try to heal psychotics but do that no more. I got out of the mental health field for I realized that you cannot heal psychotics; you cannot even help normal folks for they are too animalistic to know that there is a spiritual alternative to our insane world.


As you can see, I have a different understanding of mental disorders; at the moment the West  is on a fantasy trip that sees the etiology of mental disorders as inhering in unbalanced neurochemicals in the brain; in the past it was disturbed family interaction that supposedly caused mental disorders; well, let the West keep trying, eventually they will accept the truth that mental disorder has something to do with our separation from our real self, unified spirit self and that mental health lies in returning to God (by God I do not mean what extant religions say about him for those have no idea what God is all about; God is our real self, the self that manifests in each of us; the mystic is aware of that self but the normal person is not aware of it, just as animals are not aware of it).




Mystics have awakened to their real self, unified spirit self and know that our world of separated selves is an illusion and tune it out and teach folks to do what they do, tune out our world.




Each of us lives where he must live for where he lives represent his level of evolution. Normal folks are slightly above animals but  cannot help themselves; neurotics are slightly above normal folks, they are becoming aware of spirit; psychotics are like neurotics but choose to return to animal status; mystics are at the highest level of evolution (they have embarked on the journey back home; they are the prodigal son who realized his mistake in separating from God and are now embarked on the homewards journey to God) hence Hinduism consider the priestly class, Brahmins at the top of human society.




I am a Brahmin, a mystic (whenever I go to Hindu temples, even if I do not open my mouth to say anything, the swamis, the priests immediately call me a Brahmin, even though they see Africans, black folks as Sudra,  as at the bottom of human spiritual evolution...mystics are always known by people; upon birth my people said that I am their high priest, an avatar; when I walk into a room folks immediately realize that a man of God has entered it and look to me for spiritual guidance; this happens even if I say nothing; I have to  hide from people to prevent them from worshipping me as their spiritual leader!).


This means that I am part of the handful of humanity that evolved to the highest level while still in the dream of separation and specialness.


I do not have to pretend to be the same with other people for since I was a kid ordinary people have always seemed to me like animals; I see normal folks as pure animals and at best help them but I do not feel at the same level with them (if I open my mouth and start talking about spiritual matters I would say all that you can learn from Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity; it is like an oracle is speaking and I would do so without consulting books; I could become proud because of my spiritual gift; luckily, I know that pride separates us from God; pride is  sin, pride is of the ego; a spiritualized person is humble for he knows that he is one with all creation and its creator).


Consider Nigerians, they actually steal, take bribes and sleep well at night; they are animals, garbage; I stole a couple of pennies from my grandfather at age eight and to the present still feel guilty about it but Nigerian adults steal and apparently do not feel disturbed in their conscience, they are animal people; they are rubbish; no wonder I do not respect them; I have zero respect for Nigerians.


My role is to teach people about spirituality and establish an organization that redirects people to God; I do so with the awareness that most people cannot understand what I am talking about, for they are at animal stages of evolution.




Traditional people derive a sense of belonging by identifying with their tribal members. In this light, Igbos feel like they are one people by claiming to be Igbos and accentuating everything Igbo, celebrating their Igbo culture wherever they are in the world.


Another means of obtaining a sense of belonging is religion. Muslims feel like they belong to the same family, the house of Islam, Dar es Salam, to the same family, Uma.  Wherever they are they derive a sense of oneness and do things with each other.


Christians and Baha'is also do the same. However, it is clear that there got to be a better way of getting people to have a sense of belonging other than through family, kindred and religion. What is it? I do not know.


What I know is that the world needs a new thought system to give its members a sense of belonging to a group. Preferably the members must meet at least once a week and study the new thought system and do things together.


A course in miracles is too convoluted to do the job; moreover, its members meet to study it without feeling like they belong to a family and do not do things together; they do not help each other; members of this group are as narcissistic as other Americans are.


Science is based on individual study and publishing what one finds in journals; scientists do not feel like members of one family and therefore do not have a sense of oneness; moreover, spouses and children of scientists do not participate in their meetings to feel a part of them.


So, what would then do it for people, give them a sense of belonging to one another hence reduces their sense of existential aloneness?


Currently, feeling alone they try to drown their sorrows in addictive behaviors, such as over eating, over sexing, alcohol, drugs and escape into work (if you work twenty-four seven you tend to forget the ugly aspects of life...I used work to escape thinking about the nonsense called life in body...I would work eight hours during the day and then read or write most of the night).


What I do know is that we cannot return to earlier religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Gnosticism; those evolved in particular parts of the world hence are particularistic.


The people of the world has come together and now need a universal thought system with universal and verifiable parameters, like science has, to unify them.


I am still thinking about how to give the world a universal organization that unifies all mankind without rooting it in religion only (I need a combination of science and meta-science to do it right).


Ozodi Osuji


September 2, 2015


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