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The World of the Unmarried Females

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It seems they are taking over the entire planet with little kids in tow. Who are they? They are unmarried females. I see a bunch of American women at Wal-Mart, gas stations, and even on the streets struggling with little kids with no man in sight. Because I am a writer and must gather my information by hook or crook, meaning "by any means necessary", suggesting that I need not be concerned with morality or other considerations when accomplishing some goal. The only exception was never to go through with any temptation, but I could ask any question I chose. Therefore,  I couldn't resist being too nosey. I didn't want to be silent or beg for information so I opened my mouth wide and abrasively asked: "Are you married? Where is your husband? Why does your baby look like me?" The "babyness" trend is not concentrated among America's uneducated. Many American women with high school diplomas, teachers, and college degreed professionals are having babies outside the wedlock. In America, it is held that the right to have babies is a woman's civil right, and no court can abolish that right with authoritative action.

The African Unmarried

Then, I got this crazy idea. What about the AWO (Afrikan Women-O)? I have seen unmarried African nurses, teachers , or plain Miss Patience with protruding bellies or dragging toddlers around. What's happening? I go to the flea markets to see the same trend among our African hair braiders or sellers of food or those just sauntering aimlessly around. I begin by being rude in order to drag  them into conversation and make them talk to s stranger. "Is this your baby? Where part of the jungle are you from? Are you Moslem or Christian? Would you marry a Christian?" One beautiful Senegalese woman invited me to her shack, and carefully explained she was in need of a handsome man like this author on whose shoulders she could hang all her monthly bills.  "How much is the monthly bill?" I asked. She said: "It is only $600 only." I asked: "If I pay this amount, can I have as many babies as I would like to have?" She answered:  "Yes,"  I thought Ah ah! Nawa!  Nawawa! Promising to think over the proposition and come back later with money, I walked off into the pitch black night and never returned. I wondered if I should have told my friends about this, specifically members of the Mkpi Club (He Goat Fraternity), particularly those who wonder if Muslim women could marry Christians. I gathered that  Muslim man can marry a Christian woman at any time, but in order for a Christian  man to marry a Muslim woman, he must first be a Muslim. This didn't make sense to me so I confronted a few Muslim merchants at flea markets. They confirmed that it was so.  When I continued to argue and dispute, they simply say: "That's the Muslim rule. Go talk with the woman's parents."

Seeking to gather more information for this essay, this writer asked to be invited to parties of Muslim women from a West African country were having. The few parties I had attended were for children's birthdays, wedding anniversary, or just to show-off the women's  beautiful expensively embroidered garments. The food was delicious and the music titillating like Nigerian highlife. While the few men were outside discussing business, this writer was inside with over 75 beautiful Moslem women; many were Caucasian-looking; some married; and a bunch unmarried and seeking partners.

Because I was dancing too rough and asking too many questions about sex, cohabitation and childbearing, the Moslem woman who invited me said to me: "Doctor, you are rude; you talk too much; and you like to look at the women too much. You have to go"  That ended future sweet invitations to Muslim women's beautiful parties where the food was good, the music slow, and the dancing painfully sluggish. You'll find unmarried women with children among African Christian and Moslem populations. Sex is sex; love is love; and baby is baby; and it doesn't matter whether you go to a church or mosque. African women, including the Nigerian femme, have needs and those needs must be respected.

The USA Today's survey

Recent USA Today of Tuesday, September 2012, contains a startling Snapshot of percentages of births to America's unmarried females from 1990 through 2010. The percentage  of single women raising families without husbands is steadily increasing as the years go by as these statistics reveal: 1990 (25%);  1995 (32.2%);  2000(33.2%); 2005(36.9%); and 2010-(42.8%). And if these figures are anything to go by as we know they are, it means in less than five years, over 50% percentage of our children will be born to unmarried mothers. It is frightening, isn't it? It should be of alarming concern to us, shouldn't it? And we ought to be certain that this trend has very uncomfortable implications for you and me, particularly for African peoples emigrating to these United States of America.

Dangerous Trends Among African Women

Someone once said that whenever and wherever there is a misbehavior involving money, there you'll find our African brothers and sisters to take the problem skyward or downward into the bottom rung of Lucifer's hell. We are seeing more African women arriving in the United States but not to take advantage of educational opportunities. They aren't here to get the education they feel they are missing in the motherland. They are here to have a bunch of children in order to (a) get the benefits of sexual intimacy without the burden of marriage; (b) get on welfare with food stamps; (c) have access to Section 8 free housing; and (d) earn extra money to purchase lace materials and swing butts around at African parties.

Women from Africa are tenacious "begaters" of out-of-wedlock boys and girls.  We are talking about African women from Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Cameroons, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Ethiopia and other English and French speaking areas. Not surprisingly, even the Muslim countries are not exempt. We've seen unmarried mothers from Senegal, Gambia, Guineas Bissau, Guinea Conakry, and Egypt. While the Christian out-of-wedlock mothers flaunt their babies for all to see, their Moslem counterparts look for any man to help pay the bills.

Implications for the Children

Children born to unmarried mothers are more likely to grow up in a single-parent household, experience instability in living arrangements, live in poverty, and have socio-emotional problems, have low educational attainment, engage in sex at younger ages, and have a premarital birth, are more likely to be idle being out of school or unemployed, have lower occupational status and income, and have more troubled marriages and divorces than those born to married parents.

Implications for the Women

Women who give birth outside of marriage tend to be more disadvantaged than their married counterparts, both before and after having a no marital birth. They generally have lower incomes, lower educational levels, and greater dependence on welfare assistance than do married mothers; also tend to fare worse than single women in that they have reduced marriage prospects (fewer men want to have ready-made household) compared to single women without children.


Please draw your own conclusions. We are going to see millions of Ameri-Africans in the United States mixing the melting pot and swelling the populations. This situation is rendered more absurd when you consider the large numbers of African businessmen and politicians bringing their wives and girlfriends to US cities to give birth at clean, safe hospitals we don't have at home. I met  Anambra man visiting Disney World with four school-age children and a wife who is about to deliver in Philadelphia: "Why not in Nigeria?" I asked. "You wana make my wife or baby die at Naija Nigerian hospital?" He asked with anger in his voice. It's more than he's saying. Once a child is born here, he or she may be considered American citizen.  On the 21st birthday, that baby can bring its parents to America and has a chance at becoming an Obama in the White House Oval Room. Much more important than that, African and Nigerian politicians and those who watch over our treasury can transfer any amount to be used for  the birth of "my baby in America's hospitals" or for the benefit of "my child and its mother" in the United States.

By Dr. James C. Agazie, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , (678) 886-1613

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