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The Parallel Fate Of Jews And Africans

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Those of you, who are Christians, or apostate Christians, will remember this story too well.

Abraham had a son called Isaac. Isaac had a son called Jacob. Jacob had twelve sons (out of which the twelve tribes of Israel emanated).

The sons of Jacob conspired to sell one of their own brethren, Joseph, into slavery. They sold him to Egypt.

In Egypt, Joseph found favor with the king, Pharaoh, and rose in the ranks of the king's administrators. He became a lord in his new home.

The brick that was rejected has become the pillar of the temple.

Subsequently, there was famine in the land where the children of Jacob lived, Canaan, and they went to Egypt to buy food.

As these things always work out, these slave sellers were brought to the presence of the brother they had sold into slavery! The slave made it possible for the Israelites to survive by giving them food and enabling them to relocate to Egypt, the then land of plenty.

Africans callously, heartlessly and brutally sold some Africans into American slavery. Today, Africans are undergoing their own famine; they are starving and suffering. They have come to America, to the land where they sold their brothers into slavery, in search of food (employment).

In my experience, the few Americans who seem to have good jobs in America almost always got those jobs through the auspices of African Americans.

We sold our brothers into slavery and today we have come to the land where we sold them to. We survive in the new land largely due to the efforts, directly or indirectly, of our sold brothers. It is the struggles of African Americans for acceptance by racist white America that changed the culture of America and made it possible for Nigerian professionals to now come to America and work in some sort of professional capacity. Before the 1960s civil rights struggles, Africans in America largely worked as janitors, security guards, porters and other menial jobs.

What is the point? The point is that those who commit evil, as Joseph's brothers did by selling him, as Africans did by selling African Americans, somehow, are forced to rejoin those they sold. Suffering in their land of origin forces them to go live with those they cold heartedly sold into slavery.

Africans are cold hearted human beings. They suffer because of their lack of love for one another. They will continue to suffer until they learn the meaning of life: love.

And just as Joseph's brothers eventually became slaves in Egypt the Africans currently streaming to the West in search of food and work are modern day slaves; they perform menial jobs for their White masters. They are been punished for their sins and do not even know it! (They work as security guards etc and come to the Internet...which they proceed to abuse by using it to abuse each other... and claim to be professionals...professionals without professional ethics...and make a great deal of empty noises.)

Jesus asked: what do you want other people to do for you? If honest, you would say, love you. If so, he said that you should love other people.

"Do unto other people as you would want them to do to you, love them". This is the sum of all the prophecies of the past and the laws of the present.

Instead of obeying this law of God, Africans do not care for their people. Instead of working like driven people to develop their people, all we hear are stories of corruption, of a few Africans pocketing the money that would have gone to caring for other Africans.

We make light of this astonishing evil.

For our present purposes, the rejected stone (African Americans) has become the pillar of the temple (helpers of those who, by selling them, rejected them, Africans). Those we sold into slavery are today rescuing us from our inability to do the right thing, govern ourselves well. (And many of us do not see the irony! Apparently, we are too shameless and too amoral to see the irony of our coming to live in the place we sold our brothers and sisters to. This is amazing daftness.)

Things will not work out well for Africans until they apologize to African Americans, those they hurt, badly. This is my view. Call it superstition but something in me tells me that one must apologize to those one hurts if one is to go forward with ones life. Deny reality all we want, it is what it is. Human beings do, do evil and ought to ask for forgiveness and ought to be forgiven. But until they ask for forgiveness they have not acknowledged their mistakes, their evil and will not move forward and prosper.

Africans are stuck, are not moving forward, like other people, because they refuse to acknowledge their past and prevent evil, and make amends for them. They keep blaming other people for an evil that they obviously played fifty percent role in. Nature and nature's God will not give Africans material and psychological abundance until they make amends for their past. When the past is forgiven people are released and can then live peacefully, happily and abundantly in the present.

If you are the cynical type and think that the universe is amoral and that every behavior is justified, and asks: what about the slave buyers, didn't they get away with the so-called evil one is talking about? May I ask you where the great slave states of the past are today? Where are Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome and Europe? They are in the dumpster of history.

America, the remaining great empire built by slaves, the sole superpower of evil, certainly will not be an exception to history. What goes up must come down. America may seem too great to fall but remember that all the nuclear weapons possessed by the USSR did not save it when its evil caught up with it. Great empires fall in a few months, not years. America has its appointment with the destiny of slave holding states unless it changes its evil ways and stop abusing black folks. At any rate, America is not my concern. Africans are my sole concern.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji


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