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Is Nigeria Among Republican Trump's List of Shit-hole Nations?

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The question asked whether Nigeria is among Republican Trump's list of shithole nations. The answer is this: If Buhari and his governing team continue to do what drives Nigerians out to seek refuge in Libya and Trump's America, then Nigeria indeed is a shithole nation that needs massive help to turn this around .

By publicly rejecting immigrants from  "shit nations" and welcoming  Norwegians, Republican Trump is saying something Nigerians need to hear. You don't want someone to hang a sign outside his house , announcing "Not Welcome." What if someone hangs a  Nigerian white and green flat just a foot outside the gate of hell with a sign that says, "Not Welcome Here Either?" Nobody wants you. You're done. Chikina!  What are you going to do? Take heart. Don't despair. There's a solution.

Pregnant Russian women are invading Miami, Florida, in large numbers. They are falling all over each other to deliver babies in American hospitals. The excitement to deliver babies on American soil is reaching feverish tempo because the US Constitution guarantees citizenship to any child born in America  of foreign parents. Children born in a foreign country by American citizens also qualify.

This is where Nigerians come in. There are millions of Nigerian women in our villages waiting for someone to impregnate them . Once the women "get belle" the road to the land flowing with milk and honey, is wide open. Warara!

Millions of Nigerian children born in America will benefit from having the American passports and citizenship , at least to get back at Trump whose government is  bigoted, xenophobic, chauvinistic, or prejudiced. Hurry up! Don't waste time before Trump forces the 2018th Amendment through to block the loophole to Nigerian children's path to American citizenship. Time is of the essence.

In an angry tirade heavily laced with expletives, President Trump asked his advisers, "What the f.. are you bringing these motherf—people  here from these shit nations? Why don't you bring me the Norwegians/Scandinavian, the blue-blood-blue- eye  super race.

The shit nations are in Africa and Haiti. As usual, Nigeria is in top position of the list of these shit nations Trump is right and he's on the Dollar. Didn't he turn his father's small change into millions and later to billions of green Washington?

Republican Trump hates some immigrants, particularly those from poor beggar nations in Africa Nigeria included, though Trumps  father was a poor immigrant and Trump has a penchant for being romantically involved with foreign wives from Europe.

What problem does Trump have with shit? If you look around you at the people you know, your eyes will probably fall upon  Peter, Ifeanyi, Segun and many other friends with Nigerian names. You and your friends  didn't have running water in the houses you were born at or grew up in. You never saw oyibo toilet until you came to America.

Segun  lived outside Lagos where men and women  defecated in the cassava farm , using cassava leaves for toilet paper. Peter was worse off because he squatted while his legs straddled across a hideous hole dug in the earth filled with feces. Poor Peter was in that awkward position while expelling or evacuating his bodily waste.  That was the only way Peter could empty his bowels. Trump knows about Nigerians and their shitty background.

Peter called the cassava farm his latrine. Segun referred to the stinky hole as his toilet. Trump likes people who use the restroom  and soft paper tissues. Places where we empty our bowels all serve the same purpose, It shouldn't be Trump's business, should it? Trump shouldn't complain about whichever way one answers the call of nature. Nobody complains about the 100 restrooms in Trump Tower.

The Hausa and Yoruba people use water from a kettle which beats Trump's use of bare hands. One is at a great loss as to why Trump has such a big fuss about feces. All human wastes give off unpleasant odor that assaults the sense of smell  also known as olfaction.

I think I got it now. It's a game of money. Africans and  Haitians, like Mexicans, cannot resist constant sexual activities which swell the American population and overextend the cost of Welfare,  Food Stamps, and the AFDC (Aid for Families with Dependent  Children).

No true Republican  likes houses filled with too many babies.  Trump hates children hence the deportation of 800,000 illegal children and the Republicans' rush to repeal DACA, a program former President Obama had put in place to grant citizenship to children brought to America as babies.

The question asked: Is Nigeria among Republican Trump's list of shithole nations? The answer is this: if Buhari and his governing team continue to do what drives Nigerians away from the country in search of refuge in Libya and Trump's America, Nigeria indeed is a shithole nation that needs massive help to turn things around.


CHIKINA; All finished. End of the argument

WARARA: Open road with no check points manned by the Nigerian police

F-: Curse word having something to do with sex,   like waka

MOTHERF-: Abusive word directed towards your own mother and having something to do with sex

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