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How China Is Destroying Nigeria and Other African Countries

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Someone ought to tell China to take time, that is, to desist from adding insult to an injury.   The worst insult we have seen a world leader haul at a group of 54 African nations comes from President Xi Jinping of China. Jinping has the effrontery and crass impudence to announce at the United Nations on Saturday September 26, 2015 that China would pledge 2billion dollars as initial investment for development assistance to the poorest countries. That insult was directed at African nations, and it was obtuse, imperceptive, tactless, shiege, ridiculous, gross, insensitive, dull-witted, or stupid.  

What should rub us the most  the wrong way was Jinping’s arrogance and condescending attitude to announce  giving 2  billion dollars to 54 African nations when  Jinping’s China, in a rabid bid  to play an  imperial, majestically imposing role in world affairs, is boasting of a pittance  while confiscating over 2 billion dollars from each African country per month. China is manipulative in its quest to gain trade preeminence by engaging  in so-called philanthropy that centers on building parsimonious railway system and  pitiable roads that wash away after the first rains.

Jinping’s action is audacious, meaning it was daring in a foolish way, bold, brave, and overconfident.  He seems to take Africans for granted and calling us “Stupid jungle people.”  Why? It is because we are too gullible, too trusting and easily manipulated into accepting nsi nkita (dog’s shit)  wrapped in a shinny package marked “philanthropy” . China has the most despicable level of poverty, in case you don’t have the information.

A Nigerian living in China has this to say: “Hey Guys: why are Chinese people so racist towards black people? I mean really. I am from Nigeria and I have lived in Guangzhou for 6 months already and I can tell you that a lot of people here really don’t like black people. What %$^&#* me off so much is that there are so many more Chinese people who live in my country and yet they don’t get hassled anywhere near as much as we do in China! Why?” That the Chinese are extraordinarily racist against dark-skinned people is an understatement, if you want to put it so mildly as to reflect political correctness and you are  a  gentleman whom Western education has refined.

If I were a leader of one  the 54 cowardly African nations China has insulted  with the 2 billion dollar assistance program, I would respond to Jinping’s insult this way: “Thank you, Mr. Jumping Jack or whatever your name is. No thanks, Sir. Please take your Yuan and shove it deep into your ass.” That would serve Jinping right and end the OAU meeting called to consider Jinping’s offer.  All the OAU members would go shopping with Jinping’s 2  billion dollars and then fly home to celebrate. You know when wayo man die, wayo man buryam.

What do you expect from me if you kicked my ass and then asked me to kiss your ass? It is time Nigeria held up its head up and stopped receiving abuses and insults from nations that cannot prove they are superior to us. When Nation A insults Nation B it may be exhibiting inferiority complex or hiding the fact that Nation A indeed  is less developed  than Nation B. With regards to China and India, we Nigerians must not forget that “all that glitters is not gold” and also that “not all that glitters is gold.”

 The two statements are disjoint and  do not mean the same thing. We Nigerians ought to dot our i’s, cross our t’s, when dealing with situations that may encourage others to heap impertinence, insult. or disrespect on us. Someone  should tell us: “Look here, Nigeria, stop running to any country that says: ‘ I have money.’ Stop begging for foreign aid as blind lepers do. Develop your nation with the human capital  and material resources available in your country.  Stop begging like shameless ashawo ( prostitutes) do,  and stop running after lovers that often reject you.” 

 We know that China is parades money stolen from Africa and cheap stuffs they produce. We   can almost swear that China is printing the currencies of each African nations by the billions and using the currencies to its advantage. The burden is on China to prove it is not printing African counterfeits on its machines. If you are in doubt, please hold the Nigerian Naira up to the light and see how easy it is to duplicate on machines manufactured in China. China is the center of piracy and fake counterfeits from utensils and aspirin to penicillin/antibiotics to building materials to jewels, to name-brand clothes and footwear and to whatever-you-name. These fakes are shipped from China in containers to unsuspecting Third World countries, Nigeria included.

The Chinese can fake anything under the sun, including a woman’s buttocks and breasts. They  can design  men’s fake penises that look real until you stick it into a woman’s vagina and it gets stuck half way in the uterus. Nigerian contractors and builders are on strikes against Chinese doors, windows, metal gates, and toiletries because they are inferior and do not last. A Nigerian contractor complains recently: “These things are not strong; they can be easily broken down by thieves.”  He says that similar merchandises  the Nigerian metal workers  manufacture at Onitsha or Nnewi are better, cheaper, and more durable.”

The Nigerian fakers have learned “Igbo-made” stuffs from the Chinese.  Go to Nnewi in Anambra and witness  Igbo fakers at work. China is laughing in the face of beguiled and impressionable African leaders who believe China is a superpower. Yes, superpower my ass. If fakery, quackery, and copy-cat are what you mean by superpower, then any dog is a psychiatrist because he greets the owner happily each time the owner comes  home.  It is believed that a smart Fulani who wants to win the next Nigerian Presidential election can do so if he can persuade  China to agrees to manufacture fake electioneering machines and ballots that can be manipulated  by remote control from a  hut in the Sambissa Forest. China can do anything even rig the Nigeria’s gubernatorial elections

We can no longer accept insolence, cheek, impudence, disrespect, impoliteness, brazenness, or insults from China. It is enough to tell me “waka” by flashing your five fingers in my face , and I ignore you, You would be asking for a big fight when you pull your knickers down to your knees to poop at me, or tell me “ikpu nne gi” (your mother’s private parts). China has gone so far with insults and now wants to bogherem  ike nsi (open nyash full of excreta) at me. 

With a population of over 3 billion people, China ranks at the top of countries  notorious for human rights violations, exploitation of minorities and women. China uses brutality and intimidation to muzzle its  3 billion citizens from agitation and exposing awareness of how bad  things really are in China. Things are really bad in China while Jumping Jack parades his propaganda machine among Third World nations, boasting of creating utopia, pies-in-the-sky, and heaven-on-earth magic kingdom.

What  is happening from China in my lifetime is an invasion; an offensive attack, assault,  raid, foray, or incursion into African countries. The presence of China in Africa is a break-in, the most despicable forced entry undertaken in broad daylight with the complicity or connivance of gullible African leaders. The Chinese have blanketed Nigeria with their cheap, disgustingly sordid merchandise. During one summer I spent  at Abuja, I had the misfortune to see how the Chinese operate.

This writer asked the hostess for a brewed cup of tea. As my hostess steeped the tea bag in the cup of boiling water, I glanced at the package and noticed “made in China”. Sure enough the tea was  imported from China. The tea tasted so bad I wanted to poop. In fact, I did poop.  Lord, my poop smelled like a rotten egg.  Imagine being offered a mug of watery feces, or waste product from  an Igbo man’s digestive tract after he swallows cassava foo-foo and egusi soup and washes the food down with a calabash  of palm wine.

Growing up as a child at Utonkon, I did notice dogs gobble up the brown stuff Aunt Euniece’ s baby expelled through the anus. I swore  I would never own a dog. Here at Abuja I was drinking a made-in-China tea that very much resembled Aunt Euniece’s baby’s shit. Atamaja (I don chop sand). I begged the host to please give me a gallon of water to wash out the terrible tea from my mouth. Chim o, China egbunam. Gini bu ihea? (My God, China has killed me. What’s this?). I asked for sugar to sweeten the devil’s bromide and the hostess gave me powdered stuff made in China. The sugar tasted like talcum powder you rub on a baby’s bottom to keep the heat from burning your baby’s ass.  For salt, the hostess  gave me China-made powdered stuff that looked and tasted like white chalk soaked in urine. I don die-o (I’m dead).

The Chinese are insulting Nigerian in more than one way. Nigerian importers are virtual slaves to the Chinese manufacturers and middle men, especially the so-called Nigerian millionaires who import shiploads of Chinese building materials and rice. Prices of rice and building materials are sky high as the Chinese believe my country is kpumkpum (full and bursting open) with money. If you import from China, you must be ready to pay full price up front, with no discounts, plus full cost of expensive container rentals and taxes, and insurance to cover the ship, containers and your merchandise.

Lord help you if you fail to empty and return the containers on time; you will be forced to  pay expensive doomrage that runs in the millions of Naira. Many Nigerian importers are unable to continue doing business because the Chinese are greed and demand that Naira be converted to .dollars or British pounds  to the nearest penny before you see your goods.

 Down with the Chinese. Why can’t Nigerians manufacture most of the products they pay through their noses to import from China? I shall tell you why in a moment. Nigerian businessmen are as corrupt as the Chinese or even more corrupt because they ask their Chinese manufacturers to produce the cheapest , most diluted and most inferior stuffs to maximize profits and dupe poor fellow Nigerian buyers. This is corrupted behavior.

If you go to any Nigerian market at Lagos, Onitsha, Abuja, Enugu, or any Nigerian place, you would be accosted by things that are adulterated/made impure/polluted by the  Chinese. If you are a meat eater, welcome to China imports of dead and infected chicken, beef, and hotdog and meat made from real dogs, cans of rotten tomatoes and fruits that you eat and go to the hospital to die. I once watched a video of what China ships to African countries that the FDA certifies as anu (meat) for Africans to eat and get sick. Chinese villagers ride bicycles to every village farms , collecting dead fowls. The dead chickens have their feathers removed after being soaked in hot water and chemicals. The defeathered  chickens are soaked in some oils to make them look pretty. Finally,  the dead chickens are frozen and shipped to you to eat.

Do you know how many Nigerians go to China and India for specialist medical treatments and never return home alive. They are shipped home in akpati ozu (wooden coffins). I tell you one thing: China is dangerous.  One more thing before we go. It has been reported that thousands of Nigerians languish in Chinese prisons  for as long as 7 years without trials, without legal representations, and without understanding the frivolous charges.  Most of the made-in-China products you see in Nigerian markets are made by Chinese prisoners who are paid below the minimum wages.  There are widespread allegations that the Chinese authorities are harvesting  body organs of Nigerians who die or are killed in Chinese prisons.

There are instances of Nigerians being killed for no apparent reasons. For example, a  Nigerian businessman was murdered in China over his passport.

If you a Nigerian in China, you are repeatedly stared at or even swarmed by curious crowds, and treated as a spectacle by picture takers. You are an animal in a zoo. The Chinese will be touching your hair, rubbing your skin to remove the paint, and asking you stupid questions that reflect ignorance (do you fuck like moneys?).  You are looked down upon because the Chinese believe the whiter skin has more beauty. Being black, you are considered as poor, uneducated, violent, play basketball, are barbaric and wild, and even eat each other. Upon all these insults and inhumane treatments we Nigerians are given in Chine, yet the Chinese are all over Nigeria, monopolizing our retail markets, bribing our leaders, carrying off our minerals, fucking up our beautiful women, and driving our economy to the ground. Do you remember the Ghana-must-go drama? Did someone say:  “China, una go go?” What of “Nigeria for Nigerians!”?   

CONCLUSIONS. Watch what you guzzle, gobble up, wolf down from China. Next time you go to the Chinese restaurant to dine on Chinese noodles ,wonton soup and chicken wings, say prayers before leaving home  and repeat your prayer after returning. Congrats! You survived this time. Not all  things that glitter are  gold, and all that glitters is not gold, particularly if it is gleaming, glinting, sparkling, glistening, shimmering, oscillating, glistering, flickering, and the tag says “made in China.” 

Prepared by Dr. James C. Agazie, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   See also

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