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Historically, Africans were dumb; it is now time they become smart

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We live in the age of political correctness; in this age no one wants to say what his eyes show him about people that are not positive lest he is accused of hatred of people. Everybody says nice things about people even though they know that they are saying lies. Well, I am going to risk been seen as politically incorrect and called a hater. What I will not do is say what my physical eyes show me to be not there.

One of the things that my physical eyes show me to be there is that Africans are the dumbest human beings there are on planet earth. And I am not talking about their low performance on Western designed intelligence tests for those are suspect; no one race has a right to test others. I am talking about their behaviors in the world. Here is why I reached this unfortunate conclusion about them.

From before AD 900 Africans sold their people to Arabs. Africans continued selling their people as slaves through the nineteenth century. That is to say that for over one thousand years Africans sold their people to Arabs.

From about 1500 AD through the nineteenth century Africans hunted their people down like animals, captured and sold them to Europeans. Europeans transported the African slaves they bought in West Africa to the Americas and used them to develop the Americas. That is to say that Africans for over four hundred years sold their people to Europeans.

Those who engage in trade are supposed to make profits and show what they did with the money they made. So, one goes to Africa and asks to be shown what Africans did with the money they got from selling their people.

I am from Nigeria. So, I go to Nigeria and ask to be shown what Nigerians did with the money they made from roaming their land, capturing their people and selling them to white men.

White men packed their slave ships at the coastal waters and at no time during the slaving era entered interior Africa, for they were afraid of dying from malaria and other mosquito borne diseases (it was only after the discovery of quinine that white folks ventured into interior Africa without dying from mosquito bites and thereafter colonized Africa).

It was Africans who kidnapped their people and marched them to the Atlantic coast and sold them to white men.

Similarly, it was Africans who kidnapped and marched their people across the Sahara desert (many died in the sand dunes of the desert just as many died in slave ships going across the Atlantic ocean to the new world) and sold them to Arabs in the Arab slave markets in North Africa and Arabia.

And the people who committed this crime against humanity would like us to see them as innocent people; no, they are as guilty as the white and Arab slave buyers.

Actually, if you took away international laws forbidding slavery, I am certain that many Africans would today gladly go kidnap their people and sell them into slavery. In some parts of Nigeria they kidnap their people and hold them hostage for money ransom. These people have no respect for human life!

I look at the panorama of the African landscape and do not see mansions built with slave money. Until recently Africans lived in wretched thatched huts, the type you would expect primitive folks to live in.

So, what did the people who sold their siblings into slavery do with the money they obtained from slavery?

Is it true that the white slave buyers merely gave Africans pieces of glass, beads, cowry shells and alcohol in lieu of purchasing their siblings? If so were Africans not dumb to sell their people for useless pieces of beads and cowry shells?

These people used the money they got from slavery to buy useless ozo titles and used that rubbish to consider their selves as very important persons and masqueraded around as big men (ogaranya).

Individual Africans like to seem socially very important. As long as their little egos believe that other people perceive them as very important persons they are happy.

Africans desire for empty titles that make them seem important, as I pointed out elsewhere, is probably motivated by their existential awareness that since we are born to die we are nothing and they try to mask their sense of nothingness and worthlessness with desire for social prestige. Clearly, there are more mature ways of seeking existential worth than the pursuit of empty titles and make belief social worth. If you contribute to science you acquire rational worth by contributing to what serves our collective social interest.

African slave sellers married many wives, had ceaselessness sex and produced many children that they did not really take care of (many of those children were sold off to slavery so that their parents may have money to buy ozo titles and seem very important persons in their world).

African slave sellers apparently used the money they made from slavery to drink their useless lives to death (and that served them right).

In sum, Africans sold their people and do not have anything to show for what they did. In my judgment this shows that Africans are a dumb people.

If you go to the Americas you see the sign of wealth acquired through slavery. The southern USA is dotted with old mansions built by slaves; there are still residual plantations where African slaves used to work at.

Washington DC, the US capital was built by slaves. The House of Congress, the White House and other public buildings were built by African slaves. Thus, you see signs of what white men did with the blood money they got from slavery.

In Europe, specifically Britain, France, Spain and Portugal you see mansions and castles built by those who engaged in slavery; you see what Europeans got to show from slavery.

Africans are the only people who have nothing to show for slavery! They are dumb people.

And it is not like this dumb behavior is over. As we speak, the Nigerian economy is powered with money derived from fossil fuel. Fossil fuel is a nonrenewable resource. Give or take, within a hundred years Nigeria will run out of oil. At that point if you ask to be shown what the country did with the money it made from selling oil you would probably be shown nothing!

Nigeria would probably revert to the jungle when the oil money is largely stolen by Nigerians and parked in European and American banks (and used to develop Europe and America). That money is not used to build infrastructures in Nigeria; infrastructures with which the country is industrialized thus preparing for the days when oil would no longer be there.

Like slavery when oil ends Nigerians would have nothing to show for the oil trade. What does this make Nigerians? It makes them dumb asses of the first order.

And the same goes for other African countries that produce oil and squander it instead of using it to develop their economies.

I say that Africans are the dumbest people on planet earth. I say it out loud: Africans are dumb people. No one wants to say it but I say it.

Africans like to point accusatory fingers at other people for their poor lot. They are always pointing two fingers at white men for their miserable lot (and three point right back at them indicating their greater responsibility for their fate). White men enslaved them, white men are currently carting their wealth to their lands; white men laid down their current countries boundaries and handicapped them with unworkable countries composed of ethnic groups that cannot get along with each other. This is true.

But instead of pointing fingers why not get together and restructure the ethnic compositions of the various countries; why not, for example, make each ethnic group a state within a larger African federation?

Why not govern the continent as if men are doing so instead of it being a place where criminals rule everywhere.

I really do not want to hear any more African bellyaching, moaning and groaning about what other people did to them.

Sixty years of self-governance is enough time for Africans to have made corrections to whatever colonialism saddled them with?

The British were in Nigeria for only sixty years (1900-1960); there is no more reason why after sixty years of self-rule Nigerians are still blaming the British for their issues.

What is now self-evident is that Africans seem incapable of governing themselves well; they seem to construe governments as places from which they steal instead of govern their countries. Africa is the land of thieves as well as the land of dumb people.

I have said it; you heard me do so; if you do not like what I said then go jump into the sea and drown yourself. Alternatively, take what I said to heart and roll up your sleeves and do what you have to do to develop Africa and govern it properly; whatever you do, please stop accusing other people of being responsible for the shithouse that is Africa; stop calling anyone who asks you to do the right thing a hater of Africans.

Africans, apparently, see themselves as little children and expect other people, whom they see as adults, to understand, forgive and love them despite their making preventable mistakes. They see themselves as the eternal victims of other people. They never see themselves as in charge of their lives and take ownership of their mistakes and correct them.

I certainly do not hate Africans; I am simply tired of seeing Africa as a continent of miserable beggars.

People are now expecting good things to come out of Africa, not the usual woes and human suffering that has come out of Africa for over one thousand years. Enough is enough, already!


In an attempt to placate aggrieved third world folks egos, anthropologists taught what they called cultural relativism. This taught that since all cultures are adaptations to the world, a people’s particular culture, its adaptation to its world, is as good as other cultures. On the surface this perspective seems fine. But if you think about it you see its stupidity.

Yes, every culture is a people’s adaptation to its world, but does that make a nonscientific culture as useful as a scientific culture? A culture that sees the sun as god and worships it, and sacrifices people to it is certainly not as useful as a culture that sees the sun as a cloud of hydrogen in whose core pressure compacts hydrogen atoms to forming helium atoms and energy (gamma ray radiation, light, heat) is given off.

Scientific cultures are superior to nonscientific cultures. If your culture, such as African cultures is not scientific struggle to make it scientific by teaching science to all members of your society instead of amusing yourself by saying that all cultures are coequal.

Please do not allow patronizing and condescending Western liberal scholars to humor you by telling you that your nonscientific culture is as good as scientific cultures. They would bring their bottled waters to your world where you drink water from streams and ingest germs and die from them. The life span in black Africa is less than fifty years whereas the life span in Europe and North America is over eighty years.

The era of telling people lies to humor them, to make them not feel bad about themselves is over. We now need to tell people the truth of how we see them.

I see Africans as incredibly dumb people; they are dumb because they sold their people and have nothing to show for their sin against their own people; they are dumb because in the present they do not know how to govern their selves and always find excuses for their stupid behaviors, they always blame the white man for their palpable mistakes and in so doing do not correct them.

Interestingly, while blaming the white man for the evil of slavery, Africans seldom blame Arabs. Actually, more African slaves were transported to the Middle East than to Europe. As we talk Arabs are still enslaving Africans in Sudan and Mauritania. Arabs are as culpable for slavery as Europeans and Africans.

If African politicians are thieves stop them from stealing your peoples moneys and use those moneys to develop your country; please stop engaging in the infantile ego defense mechanism of blaming other people so as to make you live well with yourself despite behaving as a fool.


Of course, I know that I am going to make enemies of those Africans who somehow believe that if you like them you should close your eyes to their stupid behaviors and instead sing their praises. They do not do anything that warrants folks admiring them (who wants to live in Africa, Africans are smuggling themselves to Europe and drowning in the Mediterranean Sea) and yet they want to be seen in a positive light.

I do not humor people by telling them lies. I treat people as adults and tell them what I see in them. What I see in Africans is dumb behaviors. If Africans do not like been seen as a dumb people then let them from now onwards do the right things, make choices that developed their continent, a continent that is at the bottom of every indices of development.

Ozodi Osuji

May 4, 2015

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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