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Africans need psychoanalysis

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I tend to believe that all Africans need psychoanalysis. Why? It is because Psychoanalysis enables one to understand ones inner psychodynamics.

Each of us has unconscious ideas, some irrational, driving our conscious thinking and behaviors. The idea behind analysis is for one to dredge out what is in one's unconscious mind and have the analyst analyze it for one.

Sigmund Freud believed that all of us, particularly the educated person, those he called neurotics, are driven by irrational forces, from the interplay of Id, Ego and Superego forces in our minds.

The Id is the animal drives in us, such as sex and aggression; we all supposedly want to have sex with every person we see, or kill them and take their properties; the Ego is the rational part of our minds that acts as a referee telling us not to do certain things least society punish us; if you try to mess with other people's girlfriends and or wives they will probably slap you around, even kill you; the Superego is the social dos and don'ts that we internalized as we grow up in a particular culture; the superego makes us feel guilty if we transgress social mores; it is a kind of internal punitive mechanism in us that we must have to make us behave in a socially appropriate manner.

In analysis you, the analyzed person, goes to an analyst. Typically, you lie on his couch. You are required to say whatever comes into your mind, regardless of how awful they are. The idea is to have you get stuff from your unconscious mind to your conscious mind. This is called free association. You just say whatever comes to your mind regardless of how irrational it may be. You are not supposed to try to make what you say rational. You do not block what comes to your mind with attempt to make them seem rational. Just say it.

The analyst acts like your father figure; you project repressed ideas to him. This is called transference.

You pour out what is in your unconscious mind that in civilized society you are ashamed to say. For example, Freud believes that all of us wanted to have sex with our parents of the opposite gender. Boys wanted to have sex with their mothers and girls wanted to have sex with their fathers. Society says that such desires are not allowed. The child is punished were he or she to express such desire. Therefore, the normal (neurotic to become) child represses the desire; in psychoanalytic language, he drives it into his unconscious mind.

From the unconscious mind what is repressed affects the individual's relationship with women (or men if a woman).

Now, as an adult the individual needs to resolve the oedipal complex in him by accepting that as a child he wanted to see his mother naked and or fuck her (the girl wanted to do the same to her father). Once he accepts this unpalatable truth then he accepts the biological reality that incest leads to producing children with diseases, for in families there are recessive and dominant genes, some dysfunctional; the idea of marrying from outside your family is to reduce the chance of  having two dysfunctional genes in your family's chromosomes combine and produce a sick child.

Analysis helps you to accept reality as it is and stop fighting it. In Civilization and its Discontents, Freud's most pessimistic book, Freud said that the price we have to pay to live in society is that we all must be repressed, hence become neurotic. Every civilized person is a neurotic ala Freud.

Our superego must suppress our Id and our egos act as referees only allowing us to engage in socially permissible behaviors.

In the case of Africans, most Africans with middle class backgrounds tend to see Africa as primitive and see Africans as savages. That is uncharitable view of one's people. Therefore, one represses that negative view of one's self and ones people into ones unconscious mind.

The self-hate is now in one's unconscious mind; ones hatred of ones people is now denied in one's conscious mind (one consciously pretends to like ones people while unconsciously hating them); the conflict between like and hate leads to one doing irrational things.

It will take us far afield for me to explain the mechanisms with which we defend our egos; suffice it to say that psychoanalysis says that each of us employs the ego defense mechanisms to prevent information from our unconscious minds from reaching our conscious minds; they are: repression, suppression, denial, displacement, projection, rationalization, avoidance, sublimation, reaction-formation, fantasy, minimizing, anger, fear, guilt, pride, shame and so on. If you want to understand how these work you can always explore my writings on them.

Consider African leaders inability to care for their people hence work to modernize them; African politicians are mostly thieves.  Why? A psychoanalyst would probably attribute this behavior to the unconscious hatred of Africans in contemporary Africans minds.

The purpose of analysis is to help Africans to realize their hatred of their people and their admiration of white people (because white people represent civilization which Africans desire... Africans that marry white women tend to over admire western civilization; white women represent western, read, civilized behavior and African women represent for them primitive behaviors).

If Africans do analysis they come to understand that they hate their people and then resolve to accept what is good in Africa and reject what is bad in it.

The result is that they would stop hating Africa and admiring all things white, for white folks, like all people, also have bad behaviors.

Well, it would be nice if all middle class Africans were to do psychoanalysis to understand why they are making royal mess of governing Africa, see it as probably rooted in self-hatred and hatred of Africans.

Alas, psychoanalysis is rather expensive. Typically, you pay about $200 an hour to be analyzed and do so at least once a week. Very few Africans and black Americans are able to shell out two hundred dollars every week for analysis.

Analysis is for rich folks. As we say in the mental health field, the rich get analyzed and the poor are given psychotropic medications that eventually destroy their kidneys and livers and kill them!

For example, if you have anxiety disorder and or depression it would probably take a few years for the analyst to figure out why you have excessive fear and or is unhappy with your life. Rich folks can afford this expense. On the other hand, if you are poor the shrink simply gives you any of the anxiolytics and or anti-depressants and those will seem to cure your anxiety and or depression but merely mask them, for the reasons why you are fearful or depressed are still there.

If you are paranoid it probably would take at least ten years of analysis for the analyst to understand why you feel inadequate and compensate with false sense of superiority, is grandiose and want other people to see you as superior to them, is suspicious, untrusting and guarded. If you are poor you will be given neuroleptic medications for delusion that merely masks your issues.

Consider Donald Trump, the man Americans are about to elect as their president. Clearly, the man has narcissistic personality disorder.

Narcissism is generally found in the children of the well to do who were pampered by their parents; such children developed a sense of being special and seek other people's admiration and attention. They tend to use people to get what they want and then discard them when they are no longer useful to them. Narcissists are like sociopaths; both have no social conscience and do not feel guilt or remorse from exploiting people and discarding them like rag dolls.

Trump has stiffed thousands of people on his way to making the billions of dollars he claims to have (I doubt that he is that rich; he is Mr. Big Mouth, an empty vessel that makes a great deal of noise). He is a braggart; his braggadocios are meant to impress you, to get you to see him as special even though his IQ is around 118, high average.

Do you really think that Trump gives a fuck for you? If you do you are naïve! He is seeking your admiration and will use you to get what he wants, US President, and not give a damn about your fate; you are dispensable material. See, he marries beautiful women as parlor trophies, brags about their beauty to get other men to admire him through them, and discards them when they get old and ugly! Narcissists do not know a thing about love; they are users of people, not lovers of people.

How about Hillary Clinton, is she an angel? She is probably a crook! She has used her office to know the rich and famous all over the world and they give her money. A few years out of the White House and State Department she now has hundreds of millions of dollars. She clearly has histrionic personality disorder. Both narcissists and histrionics have aspects of anti-social personality disorder. The lady is using politics to make money and be the center of attention and probably does not give a fuck about folk's feelings although like her husband, Slick Willy, she would pretend to feel your pain! (Most politicians have narcissistic personality disorder, if not worse!)

Analysis would help those two impaired politicians, Trump and Hillary, to understand why they want to be in the limelight. But, alas, they are not analyzed and Americans will pay a stiff price for their psychopathology just as Africans pay a severe price for having sociopaths as their leaders.

An Mbaise (Igbo) miscreant called Nebu Adiele took it upon himself to call my daughter trying to find dirt in my background and splash it on the Internet. He made me so angry that I wanted him dead. I had to restrain myself for I have the ability to have him arrested (he engages in wire fraud, 419 scams etc.) and jailed. Instead of doing what my anger wanted me to do to the chipmunk I decided to find out why the creature annoys me.

The below free associative rambling tells me that he represents the type of African that I hate most, the primitive African.

I am at home in the best of the Western world, in the world of philosophy and science, in the world of classical music; I tend to see African music as noise. You get the idea. I am over westernized.

I cannot possibly explicate all of psychoanalysis in two pages! See what you can make of my self-analysis, for it applies to you if you are an African middle class professional.


Ozodi Osuji


As I observed weeks ago, Nebu fights with the world and if he does not have people to fight with he fights with things, like when he was abusing Seattle and Alaska just because I lived there and he felt that putting them down puts me down. The man has an obsessive-compulsion to put folks and things down. He simply must degrade folks. It is called delusion disorder. The paranoid person must degrade folks, attack folks and make them angry at him and they fight him. Thus, Nebu must fight with one person every day. Just go through a typical week and see how many people he fought with. It usually begins when he puts on his grandiose ego and looks down on people; he degrades them, as he degraded Bernie Sanders (who is not around to fight with him so he is fighting with the man's shadows). When he has irritated enough people and they are fighting him he suddenly disappears from the Internet and returns in a week or so and tells us that he was busy (busy doing what only God knows since he is not employable, who is going to employ a false god?). No, the kitchen became too hot for him and he fled. When he feels that the coast is clear he returns and kisses the ass of a person he abused in the past, just as when he kissed the ass of Afis or Bolaji. He makes peace with folks for a day or two and then provokes another fight with folks, as he just did with Stevek (and Joe Igietseme that he used to abuse now defends him...tomorrow he will resume his abuse of Joe!). Then it becomes too hot for him, again, and he flees, again. The man is a psychoanalyst's joy. He is an amusing clown.  As a result of him irritating me I had to do psychoanalysis on me trying to understand why he irritates me. Ordinarily, he should not annoy me; I ought to see him as a paranoid personality with delusional and psychopathic features that I need to handle with humor but the fact is that he irritates me. I, therefore, subjected me to analysis to see why a riff-raff annoyed me. The below is analysis of me, not Nebu.  You might learn from it (try to analyze yourself!). Ozodi, June 11, 2016


I am going to assume that I am in a psychoanalytic situation; I will assume that there is an analyst with me and I do free association and see what comes up from my unconscious mind about this man Nebu. I will engage in a transference relation with an unseen analyst; later, I will evaluate the stuff that came from my unconscious mind. For now I will not worry whether what I say make sense or not. I need to unearth repressed stuff from my mind; I need catharsis.

If somebody or something irritates you, you should pay close attention to it and find out why it irritates you. What annoys you is trying to teach you something about you.

Nebu Adiele annoys me. I simply hate the man. I want the man to die. His very existence irritates me.  I wish he is not alive; his aliveness pollutes the human environment.

If one despises a person this much obviously there is something going on there. Thus, I ask myself: why do I despise this creature that much?

In real life he is not welcome in my world. In fact, if I see him coming down on the same side of a street I am walking on I would walk across the street to avoid making contact with him. He is the type of person that I would rather die than talk to. I would avoid him as one avoids the plague.

So, why is he irritating me?  I thought about it for a while and finally got the answer.   He irritates me because he represents what I hate in me; he represents primitive Africa. He conjures up in my mind the African as a savage, a person lacking in any indices of civilization. He does what I associate with savages who lack civilization.

The man writes in an idiosyncratic form of English, the type found in illiterate Onitsha traders trying to seem educated and erudite.

He represents that type of Igbo that feels smug and arrogant and fancies himself special and superior to other people when, in fact, he is primitive.

He presents himself as an attorney when, in fact, he probably did not complete secondary school. He tells lies (and denies it and preemptively calls other people liars).

Whatever he sees in him he denies and displaces to other people; he projects to other people what is in him and has no insight that he is doing so.

He reminds me of the African of my nightmare, the African that I hate.  God, I hate uncivilized Africans. I hate the Africans of Joseph Conrad (as depicted in his book, the Heart of Darkness).

He is totally evil. How? He hides his identity and from the shadows investigates people's background and whatever he finds he embellishes and splashes on the Internet. He does so anonymously; his goal is to shame and destroy folk's reputations.

He is a ginormous coward; why? He hides his identity so no one can do to him what he does to people, investigate him.

In his mind he is smart because he does what primitive Igbos call "onye nwere ako na uche", a person who has good thinking...if Igbos had good minds on their shoulders how come other Nigerians perpetually rule them; Igbos have never ruled Nigeria, except for the few months of Aguiyi Ironsi, and probably will not rule Nigeria in the next one hundred years, meaning that they have no political savviness.

Nebu is evil incarnate but pretends to be good. He writes evil things about people but pretends that he is doing so for their good.

He reminds me of ancient Igbos and Africans who roamed around the jungles of Africa capturing African children and marching them to the coast and selling them into slavery (as Olauda Equiano depicted in his book: the  interesting narratives of...).  He is the kind of African everything in me hates.

I hate primitive Africans; I see Africans as savages and have avoided them all my life. Even when I was growing up at Lagos I avoided African children as much as was possible. In elementary school I spent most of my time reading abridged English novels and identified with English children; I saw African children as primitive and avoided them as much as was possible. I could hardly wait until I left Africa.

If I could have gone to secondary school in Europe I would have done that. I had to endure Africa until I was done with secondary school and left immediately after it. I left and said goodbye to what I considered a primitive continent and did not want anything to do with it any more.

I pretty much stayed away from Africans until ten years ago when a friend referred me to Nigerian Internet forums. There, I read the abusive stuff they write and was shocked at it; I undertook to teaching them civilized manners by offering them free lectures on assorted subjects.

The significance of this old man called Nebu (he is probably 76 years old...he is old for he writes like old Igbos with questionable education write) is that he reminds me of what I hate in me.

He probably feels ashamed of his old age and physical dark color and ugliness hence hides his identity because he does not want anyone to see what he is ashamed of.

I detest what the man represents and want him dead.  So why do I want the man dead?  I want him dead for his mere existence represents what I want dead in me. He represents the Africa that I do not want to see in me.

He symbolizes the African as a savage that I hate to see in me. He behaves like a savage. Imagine him calling around to dig up dirt on people's backgrounds. Can you imagine a civilized Englishman doing that sort of thing? Only an African savage would do that.

He is what I do not like to see in me. I hate him because I hate what he represents in my existence, the African as a savage, the African that captured his people and sold them to Arabs and white men and does not feel guilt from that evil behavior but instead pretends to be a good person.

Africans have dark souls; they are pure evil souls; see, their present leaders do not care for their people.  The man represents the evil African that I loathe.

The man does not know how much I hate him and what he represents, his primitive Africannes. In his mind he probably believes that he is some kind of important person. He masquerades with Igbo delusion of importance whereas to me he is one giant nothing.

To me, he is not even as good as animals. In fact, my dog is better than him. I would treat my dog better than I would treat him.

I have total contempt for the man. He makes me want to vomit. He should not exist. I have contempt for the old African in me; I do not want the primitive African, the slave seller in me; I want that evil African in me to die.

That is to say that what I see in him is what I see in me, the old African heritage that I consider primitive and reject. I rejected his type of African and he comes and shoves that primitivety right into my face compelling me to think about it and analyze it.

Now I understand the psychoanalytic idea that if a person makes you angry you see in him what you see in you and deny. The person who makes you angry represents an aspect of you that you reject. The purpose of his life for you is to force you to confront that which you hate in you.

The Nebu man makes me confront the African in me that I detest.  Now that I understand that I hate him because I hate the African in me does that mean that I am going to go about shouting  to the world that I am African and proud of it? No.

I still hate Africans for being uncivilized and primitive and above all for selling their people.  I want nothing to do with evil people who captured and sold their people.  However, I can learn about myself by learning about this disgusting creature that everything in me detests.


In my metaphysics there is only one self; that oneself manifests in all of us. Thus, whereas Nebu represents an aspect of me he is not all of me.

Recall Thomas Young's double slit experiment in 1803. If you have a slit, hole, and shine one particle of light to it, that particle goes through it as one particle. If you make two slits, three slits, or infinite slits, and shine the same one particle of light on them the particle of light or electron (Louis Broglie showed that electrons behave as light do in this regard) splits itself into the many holes you made and goes through all of them.

What this means is that there is only one force, aka God; that one God manifests in the temporal universe as the billions of us and other things.  One God is simultaneously itself and all of us.

If you take the individual as a beginning point, that one self is also infinite other selves. One Ozodi is all the human beings on earth.

One of the human beings that I manifest in is Nebu; I manifest in other selves; I have other parts of me.  Obviously, I like many aspects of me.  I like the bright me and hate the dumb African in me, that is the idea.

Nebu is so primitive that he does not check what he says. An idea enters his primitive mind and instead of pondering its effect on people he ejaculates it.

Not long ago he said that I live in rainy and ugly Seattle; he said it as a put down. He does not know that Seattle is ranked the best city in the USA.  Later on, he said that I live in Alaska; he said it as a way of putting Alaska, hence me down. He actually put Alaska down!  Alaska is probably the most beautiful state in America.

I live in Alaska because my body likes its cold. Whenever I go to Washington DC, or the East Coast, I cannot bear the heat in that town and have to run away as quickly as is possible.

To top it all he said that I was married to fat women. My ex-wife was not fat and therefore I do not know where he got the idea that she was fat. He just wanted to put me down and had to put her down even though he does not know who she is; this is the behavior of a five year old child. He is an adult with the mind and emotions of a child; he is emotionally arrested; he developmentally operating as a five year old.

The man is a like a five year old and say things to put folks down. Because he insults folks, right, left and center if he were to make his identity known to the public they would smack him around. I would not be surprised if he is killed if folks ever get to know who he is.

To live he must live in the hide; he is a cursed soul (he denies that he is cursed and projects it to me and re-introjects what he projected out and remains a cursed soul).

The man has no redeeming quality in him; nothing in him is admirable; he is a monkey in human form.

Nebu is an inferior feeling old man who is ashamed to show his face in the public for he feels that people would see him as no good and poorly educated; so he lives in the dark and like a skunk digs up what seems to him negative information on people and splashing it on the internet with the intention of shaming them, making them be like he is, a shamed creature.

His looking into people's background is meant to give him credibility, make the nonsense he writes seem worthwhile. By posting information on people that he got surreptitiously he kind of feels like a sleuth and that makes him seem important.

He has practiced his investigative behavior on many people, such as Bolaji; when he tried it on me I felt annoyed and smacked him around; I pointed out his sadism.

He came to me to learn; I came to teach him and his fellow Africans that they are sadists and out of sadism sold their people into slavery and exploit their people in the present.

I undertook to teach the savages who deny that they are savages; he took me on and that made me direct my ire at him and then his people; his behavior made me point out that he and his people are savages.

I did what had to be done; his behavior is what had to happen and my response had to happen; each of us learned and taught what he came to learn and teach.

Igbos and Africans annoy me because of their past slavery and present inability to work for their people and this pseudo human being offered me the opportunity to talk about them, by provoking me, to say what I came to say about Africans, evil slave sellers.

The garbage does not mind his own freaking business; he has a compulsion to mind other people's business, looking into other people's business with evil intentions hence provoking me into wanting to smash him; I had an urge to stamp him to death.

To me he is an African, a slave seller hence a nothing; his death would mean nothing to me for he is evil; the death of evil folks means nothing to me.

He had seen himself as a sort of big deal and was surprised that an African could see him as a total nothing.

It is therapy for him to see himself as a total nothing; that would heal his delusion of grandeur that he shares with Igbos.

I am Igbos and Africans therapist; I am here to heal them of their delusion of grandeur, their false sense of importance that made them sell people and not feel like they did something wrong.

I teach them love and learn what I teach, for they are me.

In teaching them I am teaching me and learning from them/me; they are me denied and projected out and seen and treated as I would like to treat me for being a past slave seller.

Nebu's grandiosity is not only limited to him but to his group, Igbos. Most Igbos have the delusion that they are special and better than other people. I myself, at one point, shared that delusion. I fancied that we Igbos are special creation of God and are superior to not only other Nigerians but all human beings. I saw all other people as inferior to us.  The point is that Igbo delusion is shared by most Igbos and as an Igbo I shared it. Thus when I point out Nebu's delusion of grandeur some of that was in me.

Regardless of where one obtained ones false beliefs about one what matters is for one to let them go. The truth is that all human beings are the same and coequal; any talk of one or ones group being superior is an illness to be healed, and let go.

Ozodi Osuji

June 1, 2016

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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