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Africans are the most discouraged human beings on earth

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Have you been to Africa, say, to Nigeria?  In Nigeria, right from the airport the people begin demanding bribes from you before they do anything for you. You have to bribe the customs and immigration people before they allow you to enter the country. As you drive on the streets every once in a while a dirty looking policeman with an antiquated AK 47 rifle stops you and demands your papers; actually, he is demanding money from you; you give him a couple dollars and he lets you go but if not he keeps you waiting there as he stops other cars and demands money from them.

If your business takes you to a government office, well, right from the front desk you start paying bribes. The receptionist would not allow you to see her boss until you give her a dash. If you need to pick up a form that is supposed to be free from a government office, if you do not come up with money the form suddenly is no longer available. The boss that you are supposed to see would demand money from you before he does what he is supposed to do.

Everything done in Nigeria requires you to pay bribes.  Bribery and corruption is now so part of the lay of the land, the culture that it is taken for granted; no one bats an eye seeing corruption taking place; indeed, the former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, said that corruption is not stealing!

Those in government, from the president to his ministers and to the civil servants demand kickbacks before they do their jobs; they see public funds as their private funds and spend them as they wish.

As we talk, the Nigerian Senate is spending millions of dollars buying expensive cars for its members; this is in a country that does not pay its civil servants for months, in a country with, may be, 50% unemployment rate, in a country where the income per capita is about $3 a day.

Yes, in a country where most people live in slums and can hardly afford to eat one good meal a day the politicians are paying themselves more money than the president of the United States makes and driving around in the type of cars that one expects in private business folks who made their money from selling something but not from government workers supported by the public.

Nigeria is a royal mess. In Nigeria you get the impression that no adult is in charge of anything; it is like little children are running the place! May be Nigerians are children, not adults?

To say that there is law and order in Nigeria is the greatest joke one can utter; the country is bedlam, a lunatic asylum where mad folks are running the show; it is good entertainment actually; it is the theater of the absurd!

Why do these people do these dastardly things? Are they bad people? They are not bad people; if you meet them one on one you would love them.  They are good people but I believe that something has happened to them that they now believe that they cannot make money the old fashioned way, work for it. Now they believe that the only way they can make money is to steal it, and take bribes. They seek government jobs to have opportunity to take bribes and become rich from doing so.  These people actually do not seek public service to work for their people.

Did I hear you say work for the people? That is not in the psyche of Nigerians; take from their people is what Nigerians live for.

Essentially, Nigerians are now sub human beings; real human beings serve their people.

I believe that Nigerians and Africans are a discouraged people; they no longer believe in their individual ability to make a living by their own efforts but can only make it from stealing and taking bribes.

I am not quite sure what brought about the discouragement of Africans. What exactly has made Africans to now do what ordinarily folks consider insulting, such as taking bribes?

I believe that it is humiliating to accept bribes. A person with positive self-esteem and who respects his self would never take bribes. It takes a belief that one is degraded for one to take bribes before one does ones job.

In every human society there probably will be antisocial personality disordered folks but the majority of the people ought to be law abiding people.

I tend to believe that perhaps one out of every ten people is prone to anti-social behavior. I expect 90% of the human race to be prosocial and do what law requires them to do and 10% to be prone to antisocial behaviors (and other maladaptive behaviors).

There probably will always be criminals in human society hence we must have police, courts, prisons and other instruments with which we handle the criminal elements in society but I assume that the majority of the people must respect each other's properties.

No country can afford to have a majority of its people as criminals and expect to last long.  So what is it that has made Africans mostly criminals? Is it their genes? I do not think so.

Africans are like other people; their genes are not different from other people's genes. In so far that criminality runs in some human genes the level of it is probably not different in Africans.

I have not done a hard study of all human beings to find out how many of them are inclined to criminality. However, my assumption is that all things being equal about ten percent of the people have something in their genes that dispose them to anti-social behaviors.

I believe that the major cause of Africans propensity to criminal activity is social. Let us examine some of the social causation of what seems the degraded African character.


From about 800 AD Arabs began buying Africans. Africans roamed around their continent capturing each other and selling their people to Arabs.

Around 1500 AD Europeans entered the slave buying business and Africans began selling their people to Europeans.  Slavery really did not stop in Africa until around 1900.

Thus, for over a thousand years Africans sold their people into slavery to Arabs and white folks (and domestically to each other).

A people who captured their people and sold them as slaves cannot but see themselves as shit, as nothing.

I believe that slavery damaged the self-esteem and self-confidence of Africans. I believe that Africans now see themselves as garbage hence behave as if they have no worth and dignity. If they valued themselves they would not disrespect themselves by taking bribery.


With the discovery of quinine in the mid-1800s Europeans who hitherto died upon entering interior Africa began entering interior Africa and live to talk about it. European explorers began exploring interior Africa.

In the late 1800s Europeans carved up Africa; at the Berlin Conference of 1884 European countries gave parts of Africa to each other.

The current African countries were created by Europeans as part of their colonies.  Europeans thereafter ruled Africans for over 100 years.

European colonialists treated Africans worse than people treat animals. In the Belgium Congo the colonialists treated Africans worse than farm animals. They used to cut off the arms of Africans who did not tap enough rubber for them. Their philosophy was that Africans are not different from mulls and horses and they were treated as such.

I believe that colonialism damaged Africans self-esteem.  This is because Africans were treated as rubbish and they now see themselves as rubbish.


Africans, relative to other races, are extremely backward. In all indices of economic development African countries are at the bottom. This economic backwardness damages the self-esteem of Africans.

Human beings compare themselves to other people and if they feel worse off they tend to feel bad about themselves. Take an African from an African village and drop him at Beverly Hills, California and he feels like he is shit.


In my perception, Africans are a discouraged people; they have lost belief in their ability to do things the old fashioned way, work for them. They now believe that the only way they can survive is to steal and take bribes.  They feel like feces.

I learned this fact when I joined their Internet forums and saw them calling each other unprintable put down names. They call each other names that folks do not call their animals. They do so because they feel worse than animals.

Africans feel less than animals, deny that they feel so and project what they think of themselves to their fellow Africans.

A people that could be sold are worthless; thus, slavery made Africans feel like they are garbage; they still feel like garbage but now project that feeling to other Africans; they actually expect you to accept their negative view of you!

One of the lessons I learned from being around Africans is that they will damage your self-esteem real quick. If you want to retain your positive self-esteem you must avoid Africans as you avoid the plague. I no longer relate to them person to person to avoid their damaging effect on me; they are toxic people!

Africans call each other put down names that they have for themselves, deny and project to their fellow Africans.

People who respect themselves do not call other people the type degrading names that Africans call each other.

People with positive self-image work to improve the self-image of other people; they realize that the condition of living makes people doubt their worth and thus they do whatever they can to help generate positive self-regard in people.

We live and must die and smell like shit. That makes us feel like we are nothing important. We struggle to seem important.

Healthy human beings do their best to uplift down trodden human beings. But Africans live to destroy each other's self-esteem.

The question in my mind is what we are going to do to change this terrible situation in Africans. We have to figure out a way to encourage Africans, to build up their self-confidence and make them like themselves and like each other.

At present, Africans feel like shit; those who feel like shit cannot accomplish anything worthwhile in life. I do not expect Africans as they currently are constituted to accomplish anything that human beings admire. They are like a bunch of thieves running around in slums and ghettos stealing from each other and making life miserable and insecure for each other.


I am looking for a way to provide Africans with mass psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is efforts to change the pattern of the individual's thinking and behaviors, from negative to positive patterns.

We have to figure out a way to change the way Africans think and behave and make them behave like self-loving and self-respecting people.

We do not have the luxury of offering Africans individual or even traditional group therapies, for they do not have the money to pay for those.

What needs to be done is to offer Africans mass psychotherapy, provide them with public teachings that aim at making them develop positive self-esteems.

After prolonged separation from Africans I reencountered them about ten years ago and realized their degraded self-views, I began, albeit haltingly, making efforts to improve their self-views. It now has to be done in a systematized manner.

It is now time that those Africans who are trained in the social sciences, especially sociology, psychology, psychiatry and who understand the mission and nature of psychotherapy to join me in trying to heal Africans damaged minds and behaviors.

It is possible to get Africans to feel like human beings and work for what they get out of life and feel insulted if offered bribes and generally obey the laws of their societies.

Additionally, it is time that Africans stopped complaining about the unworkable countries they are left with by their outgoing colonial masters and restructure their countries.

In several writings, I have shown how to go about this task. Make each large African ethnic group a state and group many of them into countries. Ultimately, the 500 or so major ethnic groups in Africa, hence states, would form Africa federation.

I am talking about an Africa federation like the United States of America. This can be done and must be done.

Once the political restructuring of Africa is done the next phase is to attack economic development and reach the level of Europe in fifty years (Asians have done it in less time).

While the effort to restructure and develop Africa politically and economically is taking place we must find a way to restructure the screwed up African minds and behaviors, their individual psychologies.

Africans need mass psychotherapy to correct their cognitive orientation, to get them to think and behave like self-respecting human beings not like the present garbage that they think that they are.


Africans are a degraded people who have accepted their degradation. If you try to help Africans to improve themselves, get them to stop calling each other negative names, they double down and call you negative names. If you complain about that primitive behavior they tell you that you see yourself as a victim and ought to man-up and accept their psychological abuses.

Africans have literally become sub-human beings so that they no longer understand that it is not civilized to verbally abuse people.

A people that captured and sold their people know only abuse. Africans have become sadistic people who thrive on inflicting pain on people. We must figure out a way to heal them.

If they are not healed they would be left behind by the rest of the human races. It will probably get to a point where some people would suggest that we simply do away with African.

Folks are tired of seeing suffering Africans that make them feel guilty and spoil their dinners (seeing pictures of suffering African children make you feel guilty eating good dinner). We must find a way to get Africans to like themselves and work for their people's good.

It is now time good come out of Africa. Africa cannot forever be a place where only bad and human suffering comes from!

Ozodi Osuji

December 18, 2015

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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