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A Look at Muslim Enslavement of Darker African Races

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The purpose of this essay it to sprinkle (nay, to pour) aspersion on an evil done in the name of religion and to focus spotlight on perpetrators of such evil. Aspersion is defined as a damaging or derogatory remark or criticism directed at evil doers.  Thanks go to several persons including this writer’s close friends   who are responsible for forcing this writer to think a little deeper into the root cause of some of the problems facing my country Nigeria and for encouraging me to post this essay which was completed on December 7, 2013, but which wasn’t posted  until events taking place in Nigerian seem to indicate that indeed this essay is right on target.     

 We know that slavery is still going on in many parts of Africa. We also know that enslaving others is the worst form of violence. History has proven that Muslims have been in the forefronts of the most nefarious, despicable and inhumane trade ever known in human history where men, women, an children are captured and sold with impunity. Dark skinned Africans have suffered the most atrocious slavery in human history at the hands of violent, racist, uneducated Arabs considered the dregs of African society.

The  dreg of society is a group of people you consider to be immoral and of no value. Sane people , including you and I tend to regard drug addicts and homosexuals as the dregs of society, don’t we? Simllarly, motherfuckers (persons who have sex with mothers) and those persons who have carnal knowledge of their daughters, sons, and close relatives are all dregs of society. Therefore, civilized societies have no use for dregs. They should be required to live outside the gates of civilized cities as leppers were once ostracized in Palestine.

Those grains of tea or coffee left at the bottom of the cup are the dregs, the valueless remnant or residue considered worthless and unwanted, Now that you are getting sensitized to the nonentity or insignificance of dregs, you are ready to continue the discussion. Surely,  you must be an idiot if you do not know this or if you have not seen the “Bring back our Girls” protests and haven’t heard about how Abubakar  Shekau abducted 270 girls from their schoolhouse.  News has it that Shekau has been killed after murdering over 20,000 Nigerians and leaving millions wandering around without homes . Shekau may be a lie from the pits of hell designed to divert world’s condemnation of Islam as a religion whose time is past.

That enslavement of Africans by Africans and Europeans has gone for centuries because of racism does not excuse the practice, The world should either care or is in tacit complicity. Arab Muslims have turned sales of black men, women and children into a humongously profitable business, particularly in profiteering  at the expense of   poor people from Senegal, the two Guineas Bissau and Conakry, Somalia, Sierra Leon, and Ethiopia, Togo, Ivory Coast, Mali, Chad, Nigeria, and Mauritania.

This writer has come across and made friends with many fine African  Muslims whose futures are  uncertain, and  who are uneducated, underemployed, and suffering from abject Muslim indoctrination  that leaves one malaise. We cannot see a satisfactory solution to the Islam conundrum (riddle whose answer is a pun, paradox, or in doubt) without delving into what Islam is all about.

As college educator and counselor, this writer has seen the downgrading or debasement of human beings from African Muslim countries. A debasement is a degradation, disparagement, humiliation, dishonor, or ignominy of the African pride.  While many non-Muslim African women (from Nigeria,  Ghana, Sierra Leone, etc) are going to schools in the United States in large numbers  helping to raise fine families, and entering workforce long being denied, their Muslim counterparts  are walking around the streets of America attired in the most hideous, fear-provoking garments . These  sorry, critically malaise women still believe that slavery is all that Allah has desired of them.

 What Shall We Do?

  • We shall see to it that every black African child has the opportunity to enjoy education.
  • We shall demand that each African government build quality schools and provide free compulsory primary education to all boys and girls within its borders and adult education for those who need it.
  • We shall continue to pressure the United Nations and all civilized nations to apply sanctions against and seize assets of any African government that encourages enslavement and/or denies education to young people. 
  • We shall encourage association with peaceful Muslim communities that are opposed to enslavement and who encourage peaceful co-existence.
  • We shall continue to debate roles Islam plays to disorganize communities and suggest ways Islam would follow to reform itself (Islam shall reform itself or die a gradual death).
  • We shall oppose any religion, Christian, Islam, animist or any group whose tenets include slavery and/or use of  violence against African people.
  • No sane African should fathom being a slave; all Africans must think of reparation  from Arab world for the sins visited upon his/her ancestors; reparation is payment, compensation, or damages paid for enforced servitude.
  • The permanent solution to  Arab slavery is through Western Education which is a powerful  antidote or liberating force that would rout/defeat ignorance and  superstitious beliefs.
  • We shall drum it into our conscious and unconscious minds that the violent jihadhist Muslims do not want Africans to be educated and be free so they invented slogan Boko haram  which is interpreted as  “Western education is a sin”  to keep Africans down.
  • We shall resist to death the violent, racist Muslims-Arabs who do not want black Africans to enjoy their God-given rights as human beings but to remain ignorant, unlettered, fettered, and without racial pride.

Muslim Reparations    

  • It is time the Muslim world paid reparations to several African countries whose citizens the Muslims had enslaved, mistreated, massacred, raped, or simply stolen  (it seems every married Arab Muslim fantasizes about having illicit sex with an African black domestic help while every Muslim wife pretends not to see ).
  • Africa is overwhelmingly non-Muslim but is being surreptitiously encroached upon by violent Arab Muslim invaders for centuries, preying on the victims’ poverty and lack of education. Reparations should be paid for each slave and for each day of indentured servitude.
  • Trading on (stealing and selling black Africans) has created billionaires in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait, UAE, and other Muslim countries on whose soil slave feet had trodden.
  • Arch racists from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and other Islamic fiefs under lazy, illiterate royal families have been buying thousands of Africans to be their indentured servants, often beating and raping the women, underpaying the men, and having some shot dead by state police. Currently, thousands of blacks are imported into Muslim nations as slaves from Ethiopia, Sudan , Philippines, etc.  Read more:

Muslim Modus Operandi

  • Racist Muslims consider themselves “whites”, having been given such classification by American and British racist legislators who wanted Saudi oil and money. 
  • Muslims have used other dark Africans (who lack education, are extremely poor and without reliable means of livelihood) to wage wars and enslave other African neighbors: a notable example is Nigeria’s boko haram
  • Muslim-inspired violent criminals are being resisted  anywhere  in the world; the people and government of Angola are banning Muslims and threatening to destroy Muslim mosques because of perceived link of Islam to international terrorism and violence carried out by black Africans inspired by Muslims. Read more:
  • Central African Republic is embroiled in a struggle to free itself from a murderous gang of black skinned criminals parading as Muslims. Read:
  • Muslims have paid a few  African leaders to become Muslims for the purpose of exploiting  other Africans ;a  notable example being Uganda’s idi Amin and Nigeria’s Abacha.  We allege that several  past and present Nigerian leaders of the Muslim faith fall into this group .
  • Slavery is well and alive today in Muslim world; forget the myth that slavery has been abolished by the British; the British learned slavery from Arab Muslims.
  • Muslims stole slaves after wrecking havoc in East , Central, and West Africa, while marching their human cargoes to slave markets in Egypt, and North Africa, to Tripolitan, Arabia, Riyadh, Damascus, Baghdad,  and Cairo.
  • Muslims have continued to buy and sell black people in the open market despite the United Nations proscription of human trafficking (as is the case in Southern Sudan where the Government of Sudan had attacked, enslaved and massacred defenseless blacks Sudanese).
  • Islam is not a religion of peace; mohammendanism is a  vehicle through which Muslims engage in nefarious trade in human beings; the free world wants to know if Islam and Mohammed condoned slavery of the darker  non-Moslem  people who are inveigled, cajoled, wheedled, or had guns placed at their temples
  • Some racist Muslims are engineering  and encouraging uneducated, impoverished Muslim youth to threaten attacks and bombings of other African countries. Consider the Boko bombing of the U N  building at Abuja, Nigeria, and the boko harams leader Abubakar  Shekau’s   recent threat to attack the United States of America.  Read more:  and

  • Muslims employ hidden tactics to keep black Africans enslaved through (1) pronouncements of Muslim clerics whose words mean life or death to followers; (2) teachings from the Koran which legitimatize bondage and loss of freedom; and (3) boko haramism means brutality, and  death to Africans through suicide bombings.
  • Muslims- Arabs justify slavery with the belief that darker-skinned races are inherently inferior to the whites (a lesson learned from the Americans and British).  
  • Muslim slave masters use systematic brainwashing as a powerful tool to convert Black Africans who are told to “convert-or-be slaughtered.”
  • Muslims are using Islam not as a religion but as global imperialistic and political weapon to exploit, gain economic advantage, and grab land belonging to others.
  • Muslims –from Arabia, Morocco, down from the Mediterranean- sold their sordid business to European bandits (British and Americans) eager to promote plantations and colonies and garner profits from oppression and human sufferings.  atonement
  • When we confront the brutal Muslim enslavement of darker African races, we are facing the issues of compensation, amends, penitence, penance, punishment, expiation, apology, or reparation.

COPYRIGHTED  December 7th and 15th 2013

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James Agazie Ed D

A retired college Professor  with educational backgrounds in law (JD) education (Ed.D, MA) counseling,( MS) and and mathematics.  Write on topics dealing with Nigerian families, marriages, education, and employment.