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Unless this happens, things will continue to worsen for Buhari

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One courageous action by Buhari and the people of Nigeria could save the presidential life, strengthen the office of the presidency,  and get Nigeria moving on the right path toward healing and prosperity. The purpose of this essay is visionary, farsighted, or predictive.

The essay attempts  to describe one courageous action President Buhari  and the people he was elected to lead can take to prevent insinuations about  presidential death, improve presidential health and reduce the frequency of presidential trips overseas to seek treatments for  undisclosed illnesses. It is advisable that Buhari performs  this act, deed, exploit, achievement, or feat  as a matter of urgency.

That action, if taken, would heal the psychic pains and anxiety Nigerians and their president as a whole are experiencing.  That action is concentrated in one simple word that is easier said than done.  We repeat that that action word is easier said than done.

However, It can be said and done if Buhari and the people who elected him to office are interested in uniting the nation through tendering appropriate apologies, seeking forgiveness, and making amends. Nigeria seems to be experiencing ongoing symptoms of untreated malaise.. There should be a closure.

That action that President Buhari and the Nigerians are urged to take is an action rarely practiced particularly in a nation like Nigeria where tribal allegiance is as strong as magnesium based alloy and as deep as Pacific ocean at the depth of 35, 837 feet or 6.79 miles.

President Buhari's health and Nigeria's malaise will continue to degenerate and grow worse unless  we do something to deal with the innocent blood spilled at Biafra and militant-controlled areas of Nigeria, including lives cut short, and ensuing devastation .

Prayers for presidency are insufficient; effective prayer ought to be accompanied by repentance and forgiveness. Prayer without seeking forgiveness is unsuccessful attempt to bribe God.

The secret lies in tendering sincere apologies, seeking forgiveness,  and making amends .  Stubborn arrogance and studied militarism shall give way to deliberate reconciliation.

No one is above mistakes and nobody should gloss over mistakes or sweep them under ute (a cheap mat) just to appear to be powerful or to make people think we are in tacit control.

No sin is so great it cannot be forgiven, and no one is so highly placed that one cannot tender an apology. We Nigerians must forgive in order for God and fellow citizens to forgive  us. (Mathew 6: 14-15).

The people of Nigeria do not really want Buhari to die. The people of Nigeria want Buhari to live to a ripe  old age to see his children and his children's children. The death of one Nigerian depletes us all. We cannot rejoice over the death of another human. It's terrible as well as cruel.

Nigerians want a nation that is steady, stable, firm, fixed, solid, sturdy, standing on a solid rock, balanced, unwavering, established, or secure under a  leader who enjoys robust health and people's support.

Nigerians do not pray for a hearse/large funeral vehicle or roller coaster/unstable military coup . We do not want to give up on our country and live elsewhere else  in shame and immigration limbo as rolling stones that gather no moss, do.

Nigerians  want Buhari or any other leader who has love in his/her heart for this great nation and its  diverse people and who is willing to lead us so gently that we Nigerians and our children can enjoy the benefit of being in  nation with a semblance of tranquility  like neighboring Ghana.

The Nigerians want leaders they elect to transform, metamorphose, transmute, or transmogrify.

These four verbs (transform, metamorphose, transmute, and transmogrify)  have a common meaning : to change or being changed into something different.

Nigerians want Buhari and their leaders to remain healthy as well as to become more responsive to their needs as trusted public servants often do.

President Buhari's health and Nigeria's well-being are intertwined; each will take a dangerous turn for the worse unless the action this essay talks about is taken.

Nigeria's malaise will continue to degenerate until all Nigerians wish they had left in mass exodus as  Naira falls to the lowest level of every financial measure and prices rise and fall like a turbulent sea.

Buhari and Nigerians ought to take some serious measures  that could redress inequality/disparity and save lives and heal old wounds. They shall learn to forgive and be forgiven, to apologize and have their apologies accepted.

Things will miraculously change when President Buhari and our leaders endeavor  to apologize to various groups in the nation for the glaringly, painfully, clearly, devastatingly, agonizingly, completely, utterly  obviously  missteps they had taken during previous administrations, for the lives lost and sufferings endured.

No one is above mistakes and nobody should gloss over mistakes or sweep them under ute (a cheap mat) just to appear to be powerful and make people think we are in tacit control.

No sin is so great it cannot be forgiven, and no one is so important as to not apologize. We Nigerians should forgive in order for God and our people to forgive; we ought to apologize in order to be forgiven. (Mathew 6: 14-15).

Written Sunday, May 20, 2017.

by Dr. James C. Agazie, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazies.blogspot.com


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