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Biafra Is The Big Idea Whose Time Has Come

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How do we deal with the idea whose time has arrived?

Is it by bows and arrows, guns or by bullets?

Is it by lynching at the Senate or House?

No,  Biafra shalt rise in spirit and in authenticity

Thou Biafra hast recaptured the old glory sublime

Thou art Inspiring, inspirational, Awe-inspiring

Magnificent, Uplifting, Moving, Transcendent

Lemme be in Biafra! Lemme taste Biafuru

Gimme that old time epoch-making magic

Of the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu Era

That indomitable fortitude of a people displaced

Of men and women with heads bloody but unbowed

Of women carrying in sacks heads of husbands cowardly slain

Butchered in pusillanimous undeclared battle covertly devised

Of husbands gathering the remains of wives whose bellies were gutted

And neonates hardly able to survive outside wombs were littered

Of Uzuakoli and Abiriba dancers gyrate with heads scarfed neatly in baskets

And “omu” in pursed lips shrouded with magical silence only the dead understood

Brave Imo men in loin cloths wielding machetes willing to die for the cause

Tell me of the late Frank Anuebunwa of Nkwerre Orlu who declared

“Long live Ojukwu, for Biafra shall never die

I’m ready to abandon this body and fly with wings of light

To answer Ojukwu’s fatal call anew to spill precious blood if need must be”

What is man if he believeth not what he dieth for

Or dieth for that which  hardly stirred a shred  of conviction?

Can you declare in a nutshell what in essence this life encompasses?

And unravel the mystery of life and discern the unfathomable?

But Thou art the Biafra;

We worship Thee, adore Thee, and Thou art all we have

B stands for the barbarity and bellicosity of our attackers & their Betrayal

I is the Igboman, the Israeli war planes, our Idiosyncrasies and Ideals

A is our mission’s Awesomeness, the Apex of our pains, our Assiduousness

F  stands for fearlessness of our soldiers, the falafel,  the flibbertigibbet, the Faux pas

R Is Ratiocination and Reasoning behind our Rationale, Refulgent Radiance

A stands for the Assurance of our victory, our Audacity, Autochthonous voices

The Mystery of Biafra is a bottomless sea, soundless as light, boundless as echo

Can anyone forget events that took place in Biafra some 50 yesteryears

When Igbos, like lions,roamed  Eastern Nigeria, and Anyamirins developed the North

When  Zik  was at Lagos, Okpara in the East, and Mbadiwe’s opposition blast off

When Igbos were gods, pride was high, robbery and kidnapping very much unknown

When Igbo marriage was designed in heaven and destined to span eternity

Men planted yams and sat in circles around calashes of fermented palm wine

While pregnant prepubescent girls pounded foofoo with skinny pestles

Children hid away in corners with school lessons under smoking kerosene lamps?

Thou Biafra shalt surely rise again in spirit and reality

Surely, Thou shalt recapture Thine past glory, come what may;

Come high water or gusting wind, Gimme that old time Igbo spirit ere I die

Feed me Biafra till I thirst no more, till my mouth is filled with savory meat

Come,  Sweet Love, my Master, the Great Biafra

Aren’t Thou the Biafrans?


Anyamirins: Drinkers of cool water in the hot Hausa summer

Nyamiri: Shortened form of Anyamirins

Lemme: Let me see or let me taste

Gimme: Give me (Example: gimme chop chop means give me food)

Biafra: the rebirth of the Eastern Region of Nigeria , usually the rain-forest where Igbos run naked

Biafuru: Come and see (especially: Come and see the wonders of Biafra also known as New London

Barbarity: horrifying attacks on Anyamirins by Mr. Gowon and his Nigerian soldiers

Bellicosity: inclination or eagerness to fight aggressively in hostile, belligerent manner

Buhari: the chief Fulani herdsman whose nama (cow)a Biafran stole and  munchi (chops or eats all)


IPOB: the Indigenous People Of Biafra who engage in protests, demanding “dismantle this system now”

Nnamdi Kalu: Igboman from Great Britain who wants to make palaver with Buhari   

Flibbertigibbet: Middle English word refers to a flighty or whimsical person, usually young women                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Foofoo: preferred meal of the Igbos, consisting of ground flour and very hot water, usually swallowed with soup

Zik: Nnamdi Azikiwe, the restful Zungeru Igboman whose first name our restless IPOB leader adopted

Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu: the Oxford man who declared the State of Biafra  with ogbunigwe

Michael Okpara: Premier of the Eastern Nigerian Region that specialized in eba (garri) and achara soup

Mbadiwe: That colorful man, also known as that burly forward-ever-and-backward-never wrestler

Falafel: deep-fried ball or doughnut made from ground corn flour

Autochthonous: indigenous, native of the rainforest known as the Biafra

Ogbunigwe: the clever contraption the Biafrans developed to blow Nigerian soldiers up in the air

Omu: tiny leaf placed between lips as one engaged in a struggle that ended in death

Pusillanimous: timid, cowardly, spineless, faint-hearted, lily-livered, fearful

Refulgent: shining, bright, gleaming, like crystal chandeliers


James C. Agazie 06/01/17

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