Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

He can be reached at: ozodiosuji@gmail.com (907) 310-8176

Thursday, 23 November 2017 19:38

Nebu Adiele, the igbo cowardly Mandela


Ayo Ojutalayo:

I just read your post below in which you said that the ghost said that he chased me away. Interesting!

If you are a grown up person you write your bit and when you feel that you have said all that is in you on a particular subject you keep quiet.

Your ghostly friend has been part of Nigerian Internet forums since he came to the USA on Visa Lotto in the 1990s. Jabbering at Nigerian Internet forums is probably his only avenue for affirming his useless existence. If he did not make noise at Nigerian Internet forums he probably would feel nonexistent. He probably has no other opportunity through which he validates his existence, such as through productive writing of articles and books and or contributing something through a profession. If he is not a permanent fixture at Nigerian Internet fora he would feel nonexistent. The folks who joined these forums with him have mostly moved on, except a few left, his fellow Njakiri crowd.

I was not always a part of Nigerian Internet fora until I was referred to them. I took one look and felt revolted by what I read. I decided to do some public teaching. I taught on several subjects, including politics, psychology and spirituality.

Thereafter, I noticed the underdeveloped nature of Igbo members write ups, especially their lack of understanding of the nature of politics and leadership, other than to boast about their nonexistent powers, and decided to pay attention to them. I wrote voluminously on Igbos. I have said all I know how to say on Igbos.

I have pointed out that Igbos are generally (there are exceptions to e very general rule, of course) are self-centered and opportunistic; they are unprincipled and will do anything to make money. Money is their replacement God. In fact, they will sell you down the river to make money with which they pretend to be very important persons.

As we talk, they are kidnapping their people and holding them hostage for monetary ransom.  Now that they have heard that in Libya Arabs are selling Africans for four hundred dollars per person, given their total amorality and loyalty to money, some Igbos will probably start catching and marching their people to Libya and selling each Igbo for four hundred dollars, as their forefathers sold their people into slavery.

They would use the money they make from selling their people to go work in Arab farms to come build houses in their villages, buy chieftaincy titles and masquerade around as very important persons.

To the Igbo being a very important person is all there is to life; he uses social prestige to mask his underlying existential depression, his felt sense of total worthlessness  and his belief in the meaninglessness of being a human being; the Igbo lives a nihilistic existence.

What I said about them are now in several books, try visiting Barnes and Nobles and Amazon booksellers and buy some of my books. I doubt that there is something more that I can say on Igbos.

Therefore, I stopped harping on Igbos.  Actually, I quit Nigerian Internet forums in 2010. That is over seven years ago! However, some persons have their own e-groups which included my name.

It is kind of difficult to prevent those individualized e-groups from reaching one since you cannot just unsubscribe to them and they stop sending their stuff to you. I have literally begged them to remove my name from their e-groups; consider Madu's e-group, on a daily basis I get, perhaps, ten gibberish posts from this man-child.

If you cannot defeat them you take advantage of them. Thus I took advantage of two of these e-groups, Jerome's e-group and Aduba's e-group. I occasionally posted my articles on them.

When I felt like been an agent provocateur I would add a few lines above my article (which generally are not read by the Nigerian Internet forums crowd), something that would make Igbos go on a warpath and, as predicted, they would come stabbing at me with their rusted swords, stabbing at wherever they think that I am. I have been called every derogatory name in these folks limited vocabulary.

Last summer I decided that I am done and since fall I have resisted any urge to respond to stuff in the said two e-groups.

This morning I read you (Ayo's letter); you said that the deluded one said that he chased me away. I laughed but felt a need to correct the situation.


Delusion disorder is belief that what is not true is true and acting on it; the belief is systematized and no amount of rational argument would dissuade the deluded person from having his deluded beliefs.

The beliefs generally make him compensate for his underlying sense of total worthlessness, so to give them up is to accept that he is nothing.

To believe that people are out to kill one (paranoia, persecutory type), for example, makes one's otherwise unimportant life seem important in one's eyes, for one got to be important for folks to want to kill one. In delusion disorder, grandiose type, the person feels grandiosely important.

Delusion disorder is a serious psychosis. In it some one feels powerful and important. Apparently the deluded ghost at Nigerian Internet fora feels that he has the power to chase me away! He actually believes in that clap trap.  That is the nature of madness. There is nothing that anyone can do to cure him of his systematized delusions of power.

Here is a man who is so afraid that he hides his identity and comes to a crowd of his fellow Nigerians under an assumed name. He figures that if no one knows who he is that no one can harm him.

In darkness he feels bold (the boldness of cowards) to write all sorts of atrocious lies about people. I doubt that there is anyone who does not know that he is a big, fat liar. Everything that comes out of his filthy Njakiri mouth is a lie.

The fraudulent man is a document forger; one time he wrote a letter to my Friend, Kofi Achepong of Ghana, telling him that I wrote negative things about his Ashanti people. Kofi said that the letter he forwarded as my write up on Ashantis is not mine because the writing style is not mine.

Apparently, the uneducated ghost does not know that each of us has a voice, a pattern of writing that discerning folks know. Upon Kofi rejecting his made up allegations he called Kofi unprintable names, including calling him an old man.

Kofi is a lawyer at Washington DC. He could sue him for character assassination but what is the point in doing so since the ghost is a penniless mouse pretending to be wealthier than  Bill Gates (claiming to be rich is one of his delusions).

When he is not subtly claiming to be a lawyer he is grandstanding as a know it all on Nigerian politics. He writes meaningless gibberish on Nigerian politics and apparently believes that he has made profound sense (his audience is limited to Abraham Madu, Chukwuma, Ezeana and Assagwara, the Biafran Internet warriors).

The man calls other people whatever he sees in him. For example,  he feels shameless, for a man who hides his identity out of fear of harm is a shameless, lying  coward but he denies it and calls other people liars and shameless.

For a man with only elementary school education, he appears to write in Standard English but his syntax is totally meaningless. You ask yourself what exactly he is trying to say and don't get it.

He enjoys playing detective; he enjoys investigating folk's backgrounds. He calls just about every one that he believes comes from your area to gather whatever snippet of information he can on you and adds his lies to them and writes about them.

No one can write about his background for no one knows who he is. Really? In the age of electronics no one knows about him?

When I was sufficiently angry at him for trying to stiff and defraud (he is a 419 scammer and a con artist) my daughter I had him investigated. It takes only a few dollars for some outfits to tell you, in a couple of hours the address and particulars of any one with internet email. (Google it...they charge you a few dollars and tell you who you want to know about).

I got a picture of this fat clown; he is dark, fat and ugly; he is so fat that he is actually about ready to keel over, collapse from heart attack or stroke.

The joker sits at his security guard post and eats junk food like a food addict and uses his employer's computer to type the rubbish he posts at Nigerian Internet forums.

Well, I thought about publishing his picture and address at Nigerian Internet forums but knowing that he is a paranoid coward I feared that he might feel that folks are out to get him and experience heart attack and die.

I am supposed to understand these things so I did not want to be the cause of his death. There is such a thing as karma. If you contribute to some one's death you will pay a price in one form or another. Thus, I let sleeping dogs lay.

I must confess that it did cross my mind to give some youth gang members a few dollars to buy cigarettes and they go waste him. To me he is a total nonentity and I would not lose sleep from his demise!

What is he living for, to make noise at Nigerian Internet forums; is that good enough reason to be alive?  Trolling people is purpose for living?

In sum, he did not chase me away, although his delusion of grandeur would like him to believe that he did. If he is interested in reading let him visit Nigerian Village Square, Chatafrik and other Nigerian and African Internet sites or my own site, where thoughtful articles are posted and read some of my stuff. If he were not a mere primary school leaver and could understand sophisticated material I would ask him to read academic journals and read some of my articles. Better still, he could buy one of my over sixty books. If he happens to be in Nigeria let him check it out, I doubt that there is a week a Nigerian Newspaper did not publish one of my articles.

I am gratifying the riff-raffs need to feel important by talking about him. Listen, the man is a clown and one is wasting ones time talking about him. I have just wasted a few minutes of my time talking about him. I did not really say anything new that I had not said about him in the past.

This man exists with one goal in mind, to degrade and desecrate people; he searches for information everywhere until he sees what appears to be information that would put people in a negative light. Like sadists he takes pleasure from inflicting psychological pain on people; he is a sociopathic paranoid personality with primary diagnoses of Delusion disorder.

As one does to other people is done to one. He must be degraded and reduced to nothingness. This must happen to him until he learns that the best life is one dedicated to seeking ways to uplift downtrodden humanity, not contribute to their already depressed situation. His sadistic need to insult people must be returned to him tenfold. And the idiot does not know how to pick his fight; he picks a fight with me, a words smith that would use language to destroy him.

Ozodiobi Osuji

November 22, 2017

Thursday, 23 November 2017 17:16

Epilogue to living love


This third volume of living love ends the trilogy of writing on the nature of love; love is union and union is God. The three volumes are over fifteen hundred pages long. They will eventually be republished in one volume as the main source on the metaphysics Ozodi Osuji gave to the world.

The book(s) really did not say anything new for what is between its covers can be found in other books on metaphysics and religion.

The only difference is that it is written in simple prose, not poetry and or parables, as other religions' so-called holy books are written in. The reader of Living love, even if he is twelve years old, will be able to understand it without needing interpreters to tell him what the book is saying.

It is when other people interpret the so-called words of God, which are the words of our real self, that different interpretations ensue and breed confusion.

In this particular metaphysics, the perennial philosophy of mankind and their source, God, is written in clear and simple language. There is no obfuscation.

The truth should be self-evident and should not need any one else to explain it to one. The beauty of science is that it is presented in such a manner that any school boy can verify what it says.

For example, water is composed of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. This can be demonstrated in a laboratory by heating water and seeing the gases of hydrogen and oxygen separate and the hydrogen volume would be two parts and oxygen one part.

Further, the atoms in water can be heated and separated into electrons, protons and neutrons. With sufficient heat, such as existed during the Big Bang, 13.8 billion years ago, the particles could be broken to quarks and quarks broken down to photons.

Thus, we can demonstrate that all atoms, and since matter is composed of atoms, hence all matter, the physical universe, was made from light. There is no argument here.

Where science ends is explaining the origin of the light that emerged and got hot to form our physical universe.  Science has integrity and, as such, does not talk about what it cannot prove as true. Science cannot talk about the origin of the light that got the universe going. To do so is to go beyond science and get into Meta-Science, metaphysics.

Metaphysics goes beyond science and the physical universe.  Metaphysics is the realm of religion. In the three volumes on living love we explicated the nature of what lies beyond physics.

The explication was based on the experiences of Ozodi Osuji. Whereas all children of God in eternity are the same and coequal but in the temporal universe they are at different levels of evolution. Upon birth, Ozodi was seen by his Igbo people as a Dibia (teacher of spiritual matters) and the high priest of their God of light (knowledge) Amadioha (his kindred, Umuamadioha always produce the high priest of Amadioha). He showed amazing interests in spiritual matters, philosophy and psychology. His nature and studies enabled him to put together the ideas in Living love.

The problem is that most people in space and time have not had the experiences on which his metaphysics is based. In which case, they should try to verify them before they accept the thesis of the book that human beings came from spiritual light.

The book is not asking the reader to believe in anything; belief leads to superstition; a person should only accept what seems true and that he can verify to his satisfaction. Other people's experiences, religious or any other kind, as far as the individual is concerned are anecdotal until he can verify them. Only what the individual has verified should be accepted into his mind and allowed to influence his thinking and behavior.

The book is not meant to be the end of seeking to know about human origins and human future but as a beginning. After reading it the reader should thereafter struggle to verify its thesis and to the extent that he does so try to teach the eternal gospel that all of us are one in God and teach it in his own language.

The truth is one but the way it is taught is different. Each teacher of the truth presents the eternal truth in language that some people can understand. None of these teachers really says anything new.

So, go forth and try to experience the truth that we are in unified spirit oneself with one mind, one self with infinite selves in it, one mind with infinite units of mind in it.

We are analogically like light; light is both wave and particles. Light can behave as wave and also behave as particles; it behaves as the one you want it to behave for you. Sometimes we behave as wave of light (unified) and sometimes as particles of light (separated). Whole and parts are one.

On earth, non-duality and duality is the struggle of our existence. Prove everything to yourself before you accept it. However, whatever you do remember that you must love you and all people for all people share one-self with you.

In loving all people you love your whole self. In loving your whole self you know peace and joy. Our nature in unified spirit state is peaceful and joyful but becomes conflicted when we divide and separate from each other. We must return to the state of union, our home in spirit.

The children of God desired separation from him and from each other and while still remaining in God's unified state now believe that they are separated from each other and live in a world that seems separated; they see space and time between them; they live in bodies and bodies give them a sense that they are separated from each other.

Space, time and matter and body are agents of making separation seem real; they are illusions; the idea of separation is an illusion for no power can split the unified will of God that he and his sons are one.

In eternity the children of God remain as he created them, unified with him and not separated from him or from each other. Somehow they used their God mind to invent a physical universe of separation. God's mind is so powerful that his children can use it to do whatever they want to do. They have used it to miss-create infinite universes and experience them. They always return to their state of unity, where they always are and in it dream that they are separated from each other.

In our extant world people need a philosophy and religion that gives them a sense of unity with one another. Left alone each particular region of the world develops a particularistic view of reality and lives it; their reality may be different from other people's particularistic views of reality. Thus, we have particularistic religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Gnosticism, African religions, each appealing to people in different parts of the world.

In our age people from different parts of the world have come together and live in the same cities. Their past particularistic religions serve as divisive mechanisms for them. Now they need a unifying religion.

The idea of cultural relativism sees all cultures and religions as equally good and therefore tolerates all of them.

Multiculturalism wants to create an environment where all cultures live and practice their different cultures and religions. This is impractical philosophy propagated by the ego.

The ego celebrates differences and inequality.  That approach to living leads to social conflict and wars, which the ego also celebrates.

If you want people to live in peace you have to give them a unifying culture. Science triumphed as the best methodological approach to physical phenomena because it gives people all over the world a universal approach to physical reality. The scientific method is used in Asia, Europe and Africa and the Americas.

Now, we need a universalistic approach to spiritual matters. Living love provides a universalistic paradigm of reality.

People need to feel unified while in the illusion that they are separated from each other.  Living love provides people a unifying metaphysical culture.

Live in light, love, peace and joy.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

November 23, 2017



Jewells Olson: I think that you already understand this phenomenon but our conversation, yesterday, made me restate it in writing and share it with folks.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Clearly, the  ideas that we put into our subconscious minds shape our nightly dreams; if you put fear into your subconscious mind you will have dreams where things scare you; if you put love into your subconscious mind you will have dreams where you love people and people love you; if you put desire for power and wealth into your mind you will have dreams where you have wealth and power; if you have the belief that you will be poor you will have dreams where you are poor; our dreams mirror what is in our subconscious minds, our beliefs.

It does not matter whether what we believe is right or wrong; the subconscious mind simply translates it to appropriate dreams for us to experience while we sleep and dream.

In dreams our minds show us what we think and believe; our dreams are the outward representation of our beliefs; dreams mirror our thinking and beliefs.

But does this phenomenon translate to our day life, too? If you put fear into your subconscious mind do you feel fearful in your day life; if you put love into your subconscious mind do you feel loved in your day life; if you put desire for power and wealth into your subconscious mind do you have power and wealth in your day life; if you see yourself as poor and or deserving poverty do you have a poverty filled life?

The answer to all those questions is unqualified yes. If you believe yourself fearless you will behave fearlessly; if you see you as a loving person and love people you will see people around you reciprocate with love for you; If you believe that you are worth power and wealth you behave in such a manner that you attract power and wealth into your life; if you believe that you deserve to be poor you behave in such a manner that you reinforce the belief that you are poor and you will be poor.

What you believe and place into your subconscious mind influences your day life (and nightly dreams, of course).

The good in all these is that you can consciously put positive ideas into your subconscious mind, believe them and they shape both your dream and day lives.

Africans, for example, believe that they are worthless, inferior people and that they are born criminals; they behave like worthless, inferior criminals in their day world; even their leaders are mostly criminals in government to steal from the people. They can change this negative self-concepts and self-image and believe that they are worthwhile people; they can see themselves as folks with moral integrity and in their dreams and day lives behave like people with self-respect.

Whatever you put into your subconscious mind shapes your nightly dreams and day behaviors.  You are the one who determine the type of world you experience; you shape your reality.

We collectively shape our collective reality but you shape your corner of it. If you understand this phenomenon you can decide to have a new beginning and have positive thoughts and those shape your life's outcomes.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

November 22, 2017



Ozodi Thomas Osuji

The American politician, from the president to senators, congressmen, state governors, state legislators and county and city politicians are the errand boys of the super-rich.

They have to obtain the enormous amount of money they need to have to run for political offices.  To become the President of the USA you need just about a billion dollars to compete nationwide; to be a senator, depending on the state, you need, at least, twenty million dollars. You go down the line and the cost decreases.

Most aspiring politicians do not have that kind of money. Generally, the American politician to be is a normal boy who went to college and studied political science and or economics and history. Upon graduation at age twenty two he went to law school. After three years of law school and passing his state's bar examination he works for his city or county or state as a district attorney (those who went to the top twenty universities may obtain work as US prosecutors) for three years. He attempts to prosecute important cases so that his name is written up in local newspapers and he gains name familiarity with the electorate. After three years on the job, which would make him twenty eight years old, he begins to angle for electoral office.

He joins a law firm and from there participates in a party politics. If he can rustle the big money he needs to run for office he runs for office.

Those who went to top universities, especially the Ivy Leagues, generally run for national offices whereas those who went to state universities run for state level offices.

If elected his political career begins. He must continually please the rich so that they give him the money with which to run for office every two or four years. He spends more time in fund raising activities than he spends in the legislature.

He is totally beholden to those who give him the money with which he runs for office. Consider Barack Obama. He was, more or less, a minimum wage earner, working as a community organizer. How in the world did this poor boy obtain the billion dollars he needed to run for the US senate and presidency? Wealthy Jews and Hollywood homosexuals funded him.

Naturally, Obama looked after his sponsors interests. He literally became the proselytizer for homosexuality in the world; the boy was even threatening African countries to approve homosexuality or else he stops giving them the paltry economic aid that America gives to all African countries.

Obama literally did not care for the white working class or black Americans (can you please tell me what that man did for black folks?).

The white working class got angry at been ignored and elected the buffoon called Donald Trump. Trump promised to represent their interests. Of course, the joker is not going to do such a thing.

The clown wants to cut taxes for the rich who funded him; his proposed tax cuts will add over two trillion dollars to the already bloated US deficit and national debt (currently at $20 trillion dollars).

The man is going to cut funding for Obamacare that helps the poor and use the money saved to defray the less tax that he and his rich friends would pay. So much for serving poor white folks interests!

The shyster is an amazing braggart; he claims to be a billionaire but probably does not even have a billion dollars; that is probably the reason why he does not want folks to see his tax returns lest they see that he is not what he claims to be.

The king narcissist is a show boat of the first order; worse, he is emotionally underdeveloped; his emotional development is arrested at age nine; his intelligence level is that of a chimpanzee, really.

We are not talking about actual American politicians; sorry for the digression; we are talking about who funds folks to run for political offices in these United States of America.

American politicians represent the interests of the rich and that is just about all there is to American politics. The poor are screwed. It has been this way right from the founding of America; in the beginning only wealthy land owners, such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Monroe and New England urban wealthy folks ran for political offices.

If you want to change American politics then work for social democracy and mixed economy, the brand that Bernie Sanders stands for, otherwise you must reconcile yourself to the fact that what obtains in the US of A are plutocracy and or oligarchy.

Since the rich are generally not very intelligent, this means that America is ruled by her dumb people; if in doubt just take a look at the dumbest of them all in the White House. That man probably reads at elementary school level; his vocabulary and diction is that of a typical nine years old child; we literally have a child as the US president! The White House, as Senator Cocker said, has become an adult day care center!

We are not even going to talk about gerrymandering; here, the political party that controls a state rigs the boundaries of electoral districts so that members of its party are elected; we are not going to harp on the various shenanigans the Republican Party engages in, all aimed at preventing black folks from voting.

The latest game that these "great democrats" indulge in is requiring the presentation of government issued identity cards to vote; they know that many African Americans do not have such ID cards.

Republicans, the self-proclaimed democrats that the entire world should emulate, make every effort to disenfranchise minority persons. These folks are a class act; they are, simply put, Machiavellians who bamboozle the world into seeing them as Christians who serve their neighbors good.

Listen, there is no such thing as democracy in America; the whole talk of democracy in America is a sham. Let us not waste our time talking about American democracy, let us just observe that the American politician of either political party is bought and paid for by the one percent Americans who own over ninety percent of America's wealth.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

November 22, 2017


Monday, 20 November 2017 05:13

To live in ego is to live in hell

IN CONCLUSION...to live as an ego is to live in hell, a luxury that a rational person cannot afford

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

To live in the ego is literally to live in hell, a painful hell, a hell of one's own making; no one else did this thing to one but one!

It is one who sentenced one's self to the prison of the ego. If one did it to one, the question is this: why don't people understand that to live in the ego is to in jail and hell, why do they struggle to be in ego hell?

The answer is that it is because they created the ego; the ego is their handiwork and they are very proud of it.

People are proud of what they made and don't want to give it up. We made our egos and are proud of it even though it gives us loads of psychological pain.


Upon birth on earth the human child has no ego, aka self-concept. The human child came into the world with a different self, a formless self that has the capacity to learn about the things of this world. That different self has no name but we can call it life force, son of God, or simply consciousness.

The child uses his experience in his body and society, especially his family, peers and other significant others to form his ego self-concept, his separated self-concept.

By age six the ego self-concept has been constructed by each human child using how he experienced his inherited body and society in doing so.

When it is constructed the child now sees the ego as who he is; the child forgets the self he came to the world with and now sees his self as the ego self.

Since the ego is a response to life in in body and body is vulnerable and fragile and will die the child feels that the death of his body is the death of his ego; he now fears death.

The child is not the ego so nothing could be farther from the truth than the belief that the death of body and ego is the death of the life in the child.

There is another self, the life in him, his real self that manifested in body and society and use those to invent his ego; his ego is not who he is but now he thinks that it is who he is. He can let go of his ego and not live from any kind of ego, normal, neurotic or psychotic and live for as long as people live on earth.

One simply does not have to live from the ego while one is on earth. You can let go of your identification with the ego, right now, have no ego and still live.

If you let the ego go you do what each situation you enter presents to you and you do it quite well; in fact, you respond better to situations for you are no longer responding with a canned ego driven pattern of behavior but simply doing what the logic of each situation calls for.


The ego does a lot of harm to the self that identifies with it and to other people. In pursuit of the ego people have pride. When their pride is pricked they feel angry and lash out. Some do, in fact, not only engage in verbal abuses when their egos are pricked but actually kill those they perceive as belittling their supposed important ego selves.

Nations do go to war when their national ego prestige is assaulted by other nations.

In interpersonal relationships the ego prevents efficient relationship with other people. If you are egoistic and proud you are too preoccupied with trying to seem important in your and other people's eyes to really relate to people in a loving manner.

You waste your energy defending your imaginary ego worth and as a result have no time to fully engage with other people in meaningful interactions.

In learning situations you do not let go and learn optimally but, instead, waste a lot of your mental energy trying to seem important; that effort prevents you from learning maximally; you learn less and less.

The egotistical student seldom learns at more than ten percent of his learning capability. Remove the ego and your learning potential shoots up sky high, exponentially.


If you do not have an ego that you are always defending, and anticipating what it would take to protect it you behave spontaneously, freely and experience peace and joy in your life.

However, it is difficult to have no ego at all and still be on earth; what is feasible is to minimize ones ego and make it flexible.

It is when the ego is grandiosely big that one rigidly defends it and in the process ones affect, feelings are constricted and one is no longer flexible in relating to the environment.


The world is an illusory place; it does not exist but seems to exist; to be in the illusory place one must have an illusory ego self.

What is real and permanent is our real self, life itself; the moment that life enters the world of illusions it must form an illusory self with which it adapts to the illusions of space, time and matter and illusions of other people in egos and body that it has to relate to.

In childhood, each person must form an illusory self; the only question is whether that illusory self is flexible or rigid. When it is flexible one is normal; when it is rigid one is a neurotic (personality disordered person); when it is fixed and believed at all cost one is psychotic.

One can learn about ones ego type, personality type, self-concept, behavior pattern, and understand it and then undertake to change it. That is the purpose of psychotherapy; psychotherapy aims at changing the ego self.


Change of the self can be done at two levels; in the here and now world secular psychotherapists help one to improve one's ego and make it flexible and reasonably adaptive to the exigencies of this world.

There is another  type of psychotherapy: when one gives up the ego and lives from ones higher self, a self that is not the ego; that self is aligned with life itself, God; it is, in the Christian tradition, called the Holy Spirit or Christ self (in Hinduism it is called Atman; in Buddhism it is called the Buddha self).

You can discard religious labels and simply call it your higher self. In that case you see the ego as your lower self and conceptualize a self above the ego that improves on the ego self. You then figure out how your higher self would like you to behave in comparison to your ego behaviors and behave from the perspective of your higher self.

Both ego and Holy Spirit directed behaviors are perceptual; they are responses to the world of separated selves; since separated selves and separated world are illusions, reality is unified world, both the ego and higher self-behavior are illusory; the illusion given by the Holy Spirit gives one a happy dream. The Holy Spirit gives you a happy illusion, happy fiction, happy dreaming but dreaming you still are doing.

The real self is the self above perception, the unified spirit self; in it reside God and his infinite sons; they share one self and one mind and do not have forms and do not live in space and time.


There is the whole; a whole must have parts so there are parts of the whole. Whole and parts coexist forever and ever.

It is impossible for the parts to separate from the whole or for the whole to separate from the parts.

Separation results in the nonexistence of both the whole and the parts; which are impossible for the whole must exist and the parts must also exist.

Nothingness cannot exist; something always exists. The ego and its world are nothing that seem to exist but do not, in fact, exist but there is something that exists apart from the ego, our real self, unified spirit self.

Given the logical impossibility of the whole to be apart from the parts and the parts from the whole, the sons of God, the parts of the whole, cannot separate from God. They remain as they always are, unified.

The parts can, however, dream that they are living as the opposite of their unified reality; they can seem separated from the whole and then see themselves in an illusory world where they seem separated from each other and from the whole. That illusory world of separation is our world.

On earth we see space, time and matter and see separated things and people walking in that space and taking time to get from one to the other; it all seems real to us but it only seems so; it is a dream reality; in reality they cannot be separated from each other.

We remain one, unified. But that union and its selves is not the self we see on earth, it is the formless spiritual parts of us that are unified, and is our real selves.

Yet, we see ourselves as separated selves, as egos. We are then in a pickle. What should we do?

First, we must use our seeming separated selves to love other seeming separated selves and have a happy dream and when we are tired of dreaming we return to the dreamless state of unified spirit (with a stop at the dreaming in light forms).


The ego sees itself in a world it did not make (the son of God, unified spirit made the world; the ego is a projected out fictional self, a dream figure used by the dreamer, the son of God, to dream but is not the dreamer).

The ego appears to be independent and sees other egos that appear independent doing bad things to it and it seems to have no control over what they do, and it does not, for it has no power, so it feels victimized, angry and fearful or depressed.

The ego blames other egos for its woes. Other people do negative and or positive things that affect the ego; there is no doubt about that; in the general system world we live in everything affects every thing; other people affect you and you affect other people.

So what is the way out of this quagmire? Blaming other people for what happens to your ego is not going to change a thing.

What one needs to do is realize that one's ego part is a dream figure projected out by ones real self, the son of God and that other people's egos are projected out by the son of God in them.

The egos of this world are victims of the evil dreams of the sons of God (desire for separation is evil and sinful).

What one should do is stop, meditate and try to get in touch with one's real self, the son of God (my name for God is unified spirit self) and change its mind so that it stops having its dream of separation.

One can change one's mind and have dreams of union with other sleeping and dreaming sons of God.

If one dreams of union one loves all other egos and forgives them the evils they do to one and have a happy dream with other egos on earth.

Ultimately, one decides to stop dreaming and awakens in the dreamless state of unified spirit; in which case one is no longer seen in the world of forms, dense matter forms or light forms.


As long as you see you in body you are in ego state. Body was specifically designed to hide the spark of spirit, light, life in you and hide it from your ego mind and from other sparks of life in bodies.

The world of space, time and matter was specifically designed to enable us to seem separated and hidden from our real selves and from each other.

Even at its most refined state, as long as one is living in body one is in ego, albeit refined ego.

If you are not in ego, separated state you will not see you in body, dense or light. If you see you in light form you are still in ego, for you still see a world of separation, you and other non-you, animals, trees, stars, planets, space and time. The world of light forms is obviously more loving than our world of dense forms but it is still an ego, separated world and, as such, not our true unified home.


If you see you in body and ego what you need to do is not take your ego and body seriously; see them as masks, as something you wear to play with other children of God in ego, separated states. We are engaged in a game of hide and go seek the truth of who we are, in fact.

Use your body and ego to love other egos and bodies.  Just love all people and do not ask questions as to why you should love people.  In loving seeming other people you love your whole self, not just your separated self.


In as much as people are in egos and bodies and believe themselves as separated from you, they will do bad things you. This is because in separated states people have different interests and if your interest does not serve other people's interests they have no use for you and can harm you.

If other people do harmful things to you, you have a choice: you can choose to forgive them and still love them. Of course, if their actions try to harm your ego and body you correct them; no one is asking you to condone physical and or psychological attacks on you.

If racists, for example, try to enslave you or discriminate against you, you must work to prevent that from happening. It is only fear of death that would dispose you to tolerate other people's injustice to you.

If you know that your spirit is eternal you would not tolerate any ones harmful behaviors towards you; you teach the evil person what constitutes proper behavior, which is loving behavior.

Use your ego and body to love other egos and bodies; do not take your ego and body seriously for it is not your real self.

Your real self is the son of God, part of unified spirit self. There is nothing any one on earth, in the dream of separation can do to harm your spirit self for it is eternal.

Therefore, do not fear death and simply work for the truth of our human oneness and love all people.


We designed our bodies to last up to one hundred and twenty years before they die and decay to the elements that they are composed of.

When our bodies die, the decaying sixty four elements in them do smell awfully; have you smelled sulfur, for example? It is nauseating. Thus, when our bodies decompose they smell like a mixture of the sixty four elements that compose them.

Our bodies decay and return to the elements in them; those elements, in time, decay and return to the particles that compose them: electrons, protons and neutrons; those, in turn, decay to quarks and ultimately to photons, light.


We are light disguised in matter (flesh). Physical night came from the projection of spiritual light. Spiritual light projected itself into the dream of separation and in it becomes physical light.

Our real self is spiritual light; the light that produced the light that formed the big bang is spiritual light.

Do not fear death and simply do what you know is right; what is right always loves you and all people.

Love all people; use your ego and body to love all people and you have a happy dream while you are in body, in the dream of separation.

Later, you have a happier dream of seeing you in light forms. When time ends we all experience ourselves in formless, unified spirit self and know perfect peace and happiness.


I began my search for the truth not out of any intention to make a living from it; in my mid-thirties I experienced a powerful urge to learn about the truth and to do so the journey took me to Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Gnosticism and my inherited African religions and Christianity. I simply kept studying them and each would lead me to what it considers the truth and that truth would not be my truth and so I moved on to another search.

I enjoyed the search; that enjoyment was sufficient for me. Before you know it, however, I stopped paying attention to the rat race; I no longer cared for high positions in the world, as I did when I was younger; now, it was just trying to find out the truth.  It was read everything there is to read on Western philosophy, psychology and the world's great religions.

One can be drunk from this search; it was like it is enough to just be engrossed in the search itself. The journey became the end! At no point did it occur to me that I could make a living from the wealth of information I gathered.

I doubt that there is a professor of philosophy or psychology out there who can match me in understanding Western or Eastern philosophy and psychology. I have written on everything on those subjects and gave the information away to the public, not bothering to make a living from it.

I know that folks out there add references to my writing and publish them. In fact, I have read published academic studies that were my work with references in them! It did not make me angry, it just made me smile.

The point is that I could have made a lot of dough from the information swimming in my head that I was giving away for free if I had thought about doing so but I did not think of money.

You cannot make money off what you are doing unless you want to sell it. I did not want to sell information; I just wanted to share it.

I am proud of what I did but there comes a time when giving stuff away for free got to stop.

We live in a capitalist economy where folks need money to buy what they need. I did not believe that I needed money but now I believe that I need money, tons of it; God, in my thirties I was making solid middle class income but I gave all those up to search for knowledge.

How do they say it, water accumulates where it always does; material wealth will come to me, for it did in the past.


For almost thirty years now I have actually not paid attention to making a living that is congruent with my level of education and intelligence. Money simply was not that important to me. That does not mean that I was not aware of the utility of money.

Money is a means of exchange; instead of battering goods and services with each other we use money to exchange for goods that we need and those who we give money to use it to exchange for the goods and services they desire.  Thus, in our exchange economy it is impossible not to have money and live well.

What I did was not to seek high paying jobs, as I once did, and make loads of money as befits my skill set; instead, I made just enough money to get by. In the process I did not always meet my family obligations.

My children deserve the best that the world can give human beings but I paid minimal attention to their needs.

This situation baffled those around me. They ask: how can someone with a doctorate degree from one of the world's top twenty universities, an observably smart person be surviving from hand to mouth?

Well, there was a method to my madness. It was necessary that I gave one hundred percent attention to studying spiritual matters. But there is a time for everything. School has a beginning and an end.

My formal studying of spiritual matters has ended. Now I teach it and insist on making a good living from my teaching.

I will sell my several books and through them and my lectures make a living; I need to have money to have a happy dream while I live in ego and body.

It is now time to meet my abandoned family obligations more responsibly. However, I must observe that there are no accidents in life. My children came to me and knew that I had to take time away from them to do what I did; they agreed to the deprivation they suffered while I did it. We all made sacrifices. I could not not do what I came to do, for it was a sacred contract that I had to fulfil. The contract was made before I was born on earth.

My contract could not permit me to do other things; when I tried doing other things all doors closed to me. I simply had to do what I came to this world to do. This happened to me because I am a special teacher of God; in fact, I am a world teacher of God (who is a teacher of love and teacher of human unity).

But it is now time to have a different life style, one that embraced the material abundance of the universe. In our universe there is no need for poverty unless one chose it, as I did, to enable one do what one had to do.

I now end giving away to the public, for free, high powered information; from now on folks have to buy my over sixty books.


Let us remember not to take our residual egos seriously; let us use them to play with each other, to love each other. The world is a thing of mirth, a place where divine souls came to pretend that they are mere matter that live for a little while and die.

We are eternal but chose to dream mortality.  While we are in the dream that death is possible let us use our bodies and egos to love each other.

The eternal Dibia has performed the function he contracted to perform for his brothers in the dream of separation; he has shown them what they need to do to have happy dreams and, eventually, what they must do to return to the dreamless state of unified spirit state (God and his heaven).


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

November 20, 2017




Ozodi Thomas Osuji


November 15, 2017

4: 15 AM

In this dream, in the presence of my father, Johnson, I agreed to take poison and die for the good of him and his family.  I wanted to be sacrificed to the gods for the good of my father's family. On my way to the place where I would be sacrificed I changed my mind and decided that I do not have to die for other people and felt angry at a god that requires people to be sacrificed to him before he does good for them. I began going back home and woke up.

I woke up with anger in my mind. I was angry at a god that required human beings to sacrifice themselves to him (as some stupid Christians said that God required Jesus to be sacrificed to him for our sins); I was angry at God requiring Jesus to be sacrificed to him to amend for the sins of mankind.

What kind of cruel God requires that one of his sons be sacrificed to him for his sons' sin of separating from him?

In fact, we cannot separate from God. God is the whole and we are the parts of that whole. The parts cannot separate from the whole; nor can the whole separate from the parts; each requires the other to exist; if there are no parts the whole cannot exist and if there is no whole the parts cannot exist; if there is no God his sons cannot exist and if there are no sons the father, God cannot exist.

The whole is always the whole; the part is always the part of the whole and cannot separate from the whole.

We have not separated from God; if separation is sin we have therefore not sinned; we are always part of the whole; we are always part of God; as such, we are always innocent and holy. So, why should we sacrifice to God to appease him for a sin that we cannot commit, original sin, that is, separation from God? We cannot fall from God's grace; we cannot descend to darkness (God is light; separation from him is to be in darkness, not remembering our nature as part of God, to forget union is to sin).

I was in this state of anger when it dawned on me that the whole Jesus sacrifice for our sin business is a metaphor.  So, what is the figure of speech trying to teach us? As I cogitated on this question, a reinterpretation of the story of Jesus dawned on my mind.


Dreams are presented to us in symbols; it is for us to try to interpret them, correctly, and behave as we understand them to be.

My dream of accepting to sacrifice my life for the good of my father and his children is a metaphor of the so-called sacrifice by Jesus; Jesus, like me, agreed to die for his brothers, that is, mankind's welfare; I agreed to sacrifice my life for my father and his children's welfare. All my life I give to my parents and siblings and they do not give me anything!

Jesus was not sacrificed to an angry god; he was not crucified on a literal cross, either. What the metaphor is telling us is that to live on earth, in the illusion of seeming separated from the whole, aka god, that is, to be in ego, is to be in psychological and physical pain.

To live in ego is to be crucified; to be dead to the awareness of one's real self, part of unified spirit self, hence to not live in joy and peace.

To be resurrected from death is to give up the ego. Jesus was a man who gave up his ego and saw himself as the Christ, the true son of God; he saw himself in the world of light forms; thereafter, he lived freely; he was not literally crucified on the cross by Romans (Romans had no record of doing so).

My father, the ego called Johnson, obviously wanted me to sacrifice for him and his children; his children do not do anything for me but want me to do things for them; that is, they want me to sacrifice my happiness and peace for them, but not them for me. This is because they are egos.

By sacrificing for them I am merely living in ego; the ego makes us feel guilty (for separating from other people and from God) and wants us to punish ourselves for a sin we supposedly committed by separating from God, a sin that we could not commit since we could not separate from God and other people.

I lived to please my father and his children; that is, my ego pleased their egos so that they liked me. I must, therefore, not live in ego; this means that I must not sacrifice my peace and happiness for the good of Johnson's family, other egos. I must live from my real self, the Christ self, the son of God.

The son of God is love so I must live from love. But I must understand what love means; love is not giving folks things; love is the awareness that one is one with all people and God.

The real meaning of crucifixion and sacrifice is that I was enslaved to the ego; as long as I saw myself as an ego I was dead.

Resurrection from death means that I must let my ego die so that I live in Christ self. Christ is love so this means that I live from love. I am already living from love for all people.

Christ love is not ego, moralistic love; ego love is found in special love relationships; real love means one letting go of the ego and knowing that we are all connected to each other.

To be connected, to be in union with all people is to be in love with all people; all I need do is let go of ego and do nothing else for I am already in union with all people hence already love all people.

To live as love, as Christ is to be liberated from the hell of the ego; love is joy; ego is hell.

In Christ one does nothing by one's self, for one realizes that only the whole has power; only God has power; the part cannot do anything by itself without the power of the whole but with the power of the whole it can do everything.

The son of God, us, cannot do anything by his self but with the power of his father God (the whole) he can do whatever God can do.

*Below are further thoughts that crossed my mind as I typed up my dream and its possible meaning; they may or not relate to the dream.


To be in ego and defend ones ego is to be insane, to give one's self anxiety, fear and pain and restricted behavior; if one did not defend a specific ego separated self-concept and behaved spontaneously one would be free and happy.

Given the restrictions imposed on us by the ego to be egoless is to be free; freedom is a gift one gives to one's self.


One cannot be separated from the whole; it is simply impossible to do so.  Everything is connected by invisible strings, as superstrings theory claims; this claim is yet not proved as true but it makes sense to me.

No human being can separate from other people and from the whole universe; the idea of separated self, the ego in body is an illusion, an expensive one given the psychological pains it gives us.

Because we did not separate from God and other people we have not attacked God and killed him and usurped his power and created a separated world; the world still remains as God created it, unified.

Separation and multiplicity is illusion, illusion because they seem real but are not real; in reality, as superstrings hypothesis points out, we are connected by invisible strings.

We have not done what we think that we did, separated from God and, therefore, we are not guilty of any rebellion; we remain one with the universe; we must not feel guilty, sinful; we are eternally connected hence innocent, guiltless and sinless.

We have no power to destroy the unified universe. Therefore, we should not feel fear from the death of our separated ego selves for our ego selves are simply units of a unified whole.

For there to be a whole there must be parts of it; so, our spirit essence lives on as a unit of the whole spirit even when our egos die.

If the whole exists the parts must also exist for without the one the other cannot exist; God cannot exist without his sons; the whole cannot exist without its parts; we are eternal parts of an eternal whole, aka God.


Love is the glue that unites the part to the whole and the whole to the parts. Love is God, whole; since we are parts of the whole we are always in love. We cannot not be love.

Even when other people do bad things to you they love you, for by doing bad things to you they offer you the opportunity to go do your own good thing


On the surface of it slavery and discrimination seem awful. But there is another reason why they occurred. Discrimination enables those discriminated against to reject the culture of those who discriminate against them and go establish a different culture hence enable humanity to grow.

Slavery and racism offered black folks opportunity not to be absorbed into the evil that is western civilization and go find a new civilization and propagate it with conviction and courage.

Discrimination, not getting appropriate jobs in the American racist system, was a blessing in disguise for me, for it enabled me to figure out what I truly like doing and do it and the result is my giving the world a new thought system. If I had succeeded in the American establishment I would have been thoroughly socialized to its evil system and internalized its anti-human values and behaved as such. It was good that I was marginalized for that enabled me to do my own thinking and come up with a thought system that makes sense to me.

I had a secret agreement with white folks for them to discriminate against me so that I reject their world and start a new type of civilization that improves on their evil civilization.

Seen in this light, I must show gratitude to the West for rejecting me hence enabling me to overthrow their evil civilization.

When I got out of graduate school, with a doctorate degree in hand, with IQ that is out of this world, and could not immediately secure a job I felt maltreated by American racism; but over time I realized that I had to experience what I experienced to become what I had to become, a bringer of new ideas into this world. The world needs new ideas; the West's jaded ideas are no longer tenable.

In my writings, I synthesized Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Zen, Christianity, Gnosticism and African religious ideas into a new approach to reality.  That approach is compatible with the scientific method hence I call it scientific culture, a universal, not particularistic, culture for all mankind.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

November 15, 2017



Ozodi Thomas Osuji

During the nineteenth century Science as a methodological approach to phenomena became the dominant western epistemology. An idea is to be accepted only if it is observable, verifiable and preferably replicable in laboratories. Since much of religion is written in metaphors religious ideas could not be subjected to scientific verification. Thus, by the 1890s psychology came into being.

Psychology aimed at accepting only those ideas about human nature, thinking and behavior that can be observed to be objective and are verifiable as true.

Psychology began with Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic conjectures in the 1890s but later became more rigorous as folks like Ivan Pavlov, John Watson and others insisted on empiricism.

By the end of the twentieth century psychology was predominantly focused on neuroscience, explaining human thinking and behavior in biological, chemical and physical terms. Thinking and behavior are seen as the dance of neurotransmitters and electrical ions. The nature and behavior of neurons, brain cells, were subjected to intense studies.

This turn of events is good for the discipline of psychology needs to become scientific instead of the mythology it began out as under the great myth maker, Sigmund Freud. There is no place in the brain called id, ego and superego; those are mere mental constructs and do not exist in reality.

A science of human behavior must be based on actual human behavior not on mythologies about human behavior.


The human body is composed of sixty four elements, primarily carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, phosphor, sulfur, copper, magnesium, sodium, chlorine and so on.

These elements are different arrangements of sub atomic particles, electrons, protons and neutrons. The three particles are made of quarks (in the case of protons and neutrons) and photons.

Ultimately, all elements, atoms and particles are made from the original light, photon that came out of nowhere during the big bang 13.8 billion years ago to start the universe of energy and matter.

Our bodies live, give or take, 120 years and die. When they die the elements in them decompose (the chemical bonds holding them together break). Our bodies decay and return to what they are made of.

What is today your bodies will tomorrow be atoms in trees, other people, animals, planets, stars just as your present body is made of atoms from all over the universe.

In everyday language, our bodies came from star dust and return to dust. (Have you seen a dead and decaying human body? It smells worse than feces; it is unsightly!).

If we accept science we must conclude that the human body is nothing more than the sum of the elements that make it up. Since those elements came from photons, and that came from nothing, the human body is nothing.

People are, in effect, nothing. They are no more important than trees, animals, sand or anything else in the universe.  People are not special at all (but everywhere they want to seem special).


In childhood most human beings recognize that their bodies are nothing. Children are more likely to reach this conclusion if they are sickly and or have seen dead and decaying animals and human bodies.  If a child sees a decaying human body he must conclude that human bodies have absolutely no worth and value and are nothing.

Some children, appreciating the worthlessness of their bodies, reject their bodies and selves based on bodies.  They use their thinking, mentation, cognition to construct a different self apart from body.  They use their thinking to posit purely mentally derived ideal selves that are permanent, eternal and changeless, selves that would not die; subsequently they try to become the ideal selves. Alas, such selves are imaginary and no amount of wishing would make them become true.

Ideal selves are mere products of wishful thinking; people's bodies and egos would still die and disappear from existence.


What is the nature of the force that looked at the body and rejected it and desires an imaginary ideal self?  What is the self that compensates for ones perceived lack of worth and power with neurotic and or psychotic worth and power?

If we accepted contemporary scientific psychology and accepted that all we are, are bodies that would die, rot and disappear from existence we must accept that we are worthless.

Many people probably would not be satisfied with that view of us as nothing.  Happiness and peace of mind probably would not exist in a mind that accepted that it is not different from animals and grasses.

A part of us tell us that we are something more than our bodies and insist on asking us: how can you deny your real self, spirit, and identify with body, with shit, and expect to be happy?

That part of us says that we can only be happy if we accept our true self as spirit. That part of us tells us that we are wasting our time with scientific psychology that tells us that all we are bodies; it tells us that secular psychotherapy that tells us that all we are is feces, the human body, cannot satisfy us.


The atheist denies the existence of God and does not look forward to life after death. The atheist wants to make the most of this world and then die and disappear into oblivion. The atheist in Europe works for socialism for it is the best government that guarantees the best life for all people on earth.  American atheists are too chicken to fight for the best life for all people; they accept the oppressive capitalist system that makes living good for a few and bad for many.


The purpose of psychotherapy is to get people to understand and accept themselves and thereafter live happy and peaceful lives.

Can scientific psychology that tells people that all they are, are bodies, bodies that will die and smell worse than shit get people to be happy and live fully?

Perhaps, a few atheists can live with the notion that they are feces but would the majority of mankind accept that thesis, assuming that it is true, and there is no evidence that it is true beyond mere assertion that there is no life after death.

Psychotherapy that is based on godlessness and no life after death cannot make the broad majority of the people happy. This is the reason why psychotherapy is a waste of time. People no longer bother with psychotherapists and instead head to those who present themselves as informed on spiritual matters.

People need hope that this world is not all there is to their lives for them to live happily and peacefully.

The question is this: is there life after we die?  Does consciousness transcend physical death? These are areas that we ought to be studying instead of mouthing mere assertions made by atheists without evidence to prove them.


But what is our real self? To find out what our real self is Hinduism and Buddhism ask us to meditate. They ask us to remove all received ideas in our minds and have no ideas in our minds. They say that in a mind without presuppositions and preconceptions of what we are that a different self-dawns on it.

To know about the real self-one must negate the false self that one currently sees as who one is. Hinduism says that in meditation we escape from our dense matter based world and first see a light world and ultimately enter pure consciousness where people are not in forms but are points of light in a sea of infinite points of light.

After that experience, called self-realization and enlightenment one return to living in our current world of dense matter but henceforth do so with lack of identification and attachment to the world hence is relatively happy and peaceful. Now, one knows that one is spirit and as spirit is eternal, changeless and permanent.


The Gnostic Christian believes that our world of dense matter forms is evil and that there is a world of light forms (if we do have light forms are dinosaurs still in light forms and if so what for). Ultimately, there is a world of formless light, which is said to be our real home.

The Gnostic says that we do not die and that we are not in bodies; Gnostics say that we are behind bodies and use bodies as masks and look through those masks and see ourselves as bodies.

Body masks do die; since folks feel identified with body they fear that they would die with the death of their bodies. But in truth people are not in bodies and therefore do not die with the death of their bodies.


Scientifically, we do not know enough to make conclusive statements about whether there is life after death or not. However, we do know for sure that atheism merely makes assertions on there being no life after death, assertions based on superficial understanding of science.

Since we do not know whether there is life after death or not we must continue studying the subject. One should not say that life after death exists out of fear of death, finitude and oblivion. Fear cannot be the basis for the truth; only direct evidence gives us the truth.

In the here and now world, it seems to me that people cannot accept the verdict that all they are, are bodies and be happy; therefore, secular psychotherapy does not seem able to make people happy. Nor are people's happiness supposed to be based on magical thinking; it would be magical thinking if there is no life after death to say that it exists. Only demonstrated facts should be accepted.

The fact is that we do not know whether life exists after death; not knowing people must be left to make independent decisions as to whether they believe that life exists after death or not.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

November 11, 2017


Friday, 10 November 2017 17:51

Igbos desire for prestige is pathological


Ozodi Osuji

If you observe Igbos what you see are a people who seek to be seen as very important persons; their desire for prestige is total. It is like someone told them that they are nothing and they try very hard to seem important and powerful.

Apparently, they feel totally inadequate and inferior and compensate with desire for social importance. They feel existentially like they are shit and seek existential importance in practically everything that they do.

Love is the only way for human beings to obtain existential importance but Igbos do not know it; they think that worth can be obtained by seeming important in other people's eyes.

You are important in people's eyes if you love them and translate your love for them to doing things for them, helping them.

They name their children with names that make them feel important, such as Adaeze (the first daughter of a king), and call themselves His Royal Highness because a white man, Lord Lugard, made their ancestors warrant chiefs (they did not have kings before the white man came to their world).

If they went to any kind of school and obtained advanced degrees instead of trying to prove how good they are in their field of studies  they call themselves Professor, Dr. Chief, Sir this or that. If they have just a bachelor's degree, say, in engineering, even though they cannot build a house that would not collapse in a year they call themselves Engineer Okoro, or Architect Njoku  (or lawyer Obi even as they do not understand the law).

Their women bedeck their bodies with fancy clothes and jewelry and take pictures of themselves, especially of their buttocks (where shit comes out from) and present those pictures for the public to admire.

These people are shallow and do not reflect on the meaning of life and wonder on what gives human beings worth and value; it is certainly not bodies that would die and smell like feces that give people worth. What gives people existential worth is the love they have for each other, not how socially important that they think that they are.

Both their bodies and society will end and disappear into the mist of time; it is love that endures, for heaven is love and we came from heaven, from love; it is only when we love that we return to heaven, to peace and joy.

These people are totally devoted to seeking social attention; they are total narcissists and anti-social personalities. They easily steal to obtain the means with which to pretend to be important; see how easily they kidnap their people for money, showing that they do not have respect for their people's dignity.  They do not love their people; they do not know that it is love that gives human beings worth, not money and social positions.

Most Igbos are totally self-centered. Each of them just wants money with which to build a house in his village but will not pay tax with which their roads are paved; instead, they complain that the federal government is not doing it for them.

The money the federal government gives to their clownish governors and other politicians are pocketed by those thieves calling themselves Igbo leaders. In their towns and cities they literally live on top of garbage and shit. Their streets are literal garbage dumps.

Who would pay to remove the garbage to designated garbage dumps and process them, certainly not Igbos; they throw their garbage on their streets and live on them.

No wonder they die early from the diseases the garbage on their streets generate. Perhaps, they need to die; a people who cannot govern themselves ought to die.

Does it take rocket science to organize city and town councils and those departmentalize city functions with each department doing what city departments, all over the world, do, such as remove garbage and sewage, provide water, electricity, city roads, public health and schools.

Alas, to do these things folks would have to pay taxes (property taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, business taxes etc.) but Igbos are not interested in paying taxes.

Igbos are takers and not givers, they do not want to pay taxes with which their towns are maintained. What each of them wants to do is build a house and buy a car but the road on which he plans to drive that car on is not his business. Roads benefit other people and the typical Igbo do not want other people to benefit from his efforts (all he wants to do is be a child who boasts about how wealthy or socially important he is).

What are these people living for, is it just to seek attention and pretend to be prestigious clowns? They are not even a bit ashamed in doing stupid things; they are black and claim to be white Jews just so they pretend to partake in the achievement of the Jewish race. Even when DNA tests show that they are not related to Jews they still claim to be Jews. These people are really a lost cause!

People all over the world feel separated from other people and seek attention; seeking social attention is a means of reconnecting to people that one is dissociated from.

It is understandable why people seek joining with their fellow human beings. But most normal people do something for those whose attention they seek. They love those whose attention they seek; and if they have the monetary means they give money to the less fortunate among them.

Igbos  seek your attention, want you to see them as very important persons without doing anything for you, the person they are seeking attention from. They don't love you. They just want to be very important persons in your eyes, important for doing what in the eyes of those they want to see them as important?

These people are not only pathological narcissists but lacking in love for one another. We must explore the possibility that they are sub-human beings!

In politics they talk like they are invincible; like oppositional defiant teenagers they talk tough. Then Hausa soldiers come after their bold talking asses and they run to the Ivory Coast (Ojukwu) or disappear (Kanu).

They abandon those they had told that they are going to lead to the Biafra Eldorado in the lurch. They are all talk and no action; if you trust that they will get your back when bullets fly you have not dealt with these people.

Identifying the Igbo pathological attention seeking behavior is easy, the real question is this: can Igbos be saved from their selves? I hope so.

I think that Igbos need to be re-socialized and made to care for one another instead of their primitive self-centered individualism. At present each of them only seeks self-achievement if necessary at the expense of other people.

Igbos need a dose of socialism to humanize them.  At present they have grasped onto primitive capitalism and consider themselves republican. Like everything they touch they misconstrue the nature of republicanism.

They do not work for the republic but construe being republican to mean being self-centered, opportunistic and unprincipled criminality; they lust after material things without doing what serves common cause.

We simply have to figure out a way to make Igbos care for their people and for all people; if that goal is not attained they are heading towards chaos and anarchy, the type found in Somalia and South Sudan.

Ozodi Osuji

November 10, 2017



Ozodi Thomas Osuji

History shows us that each past empire began with certain assumptions about human nature and people. It does not follow that those assumptions were explicitly delineated or even known to the people but they were implicit in the people's behaviors.

Greece and Rome, for example, had the assumption that people are different and that some are meant to be used as slaves. In his politics, Aristotle clearly accepted slavery as a necessary part of society. Some people had to work to produce the goods needed for the sustenance of the better sorts in society, Aristotle assumed. He further assumed that women were not fit for participation in politics; politics was for free men.

Both Greece and Rome were based on slavery.  Neither Greece nor Rome transcended slavery; eventually, their enslaved masses destroyed them; that was more so in Rome.

Rome enslaved those it called barbarians and vandals, Germans, and it was those same barbarians and vandals that destroyed it. If it had treated them as human beings and as equal to the patricians who ruled Rome the empire probably would have lasted much longer than it did. This is speculation on my part.

Europeans came to the Americas in 1492 and settled in the continent in the 1500s. The English settled at Jamestown, Virginia in 1607 and began what is today called the United States of America.

In 1619 African slaves were brought to Jamestown, Virginia; thus, for all intents and purposes, Africans have been in the USA for as long as Englishmen, and certainly longer than the other Europeans who came much later to the USA and now call themselves Americans and discriminate against black folks. Donald Trump's folks came from Germany to the USA in the late 1800s and, therefore, he is a lesser American than the black folks he discriminates against.

The United States began as a slave society. It imported African slaves and used them to cut down the then virgin forest of the country and subsequently used them to work in its agricultural plantations. The country became a great exporting country, exporting food and other materials to Europe.

Thereafter, the age of industry, which began in Britain in the late 1700s, came to the USA in the 1830s. Slaves do not do well in factories so African slaves were unwillingly emancipated in the 1860s.  Nevertheless, so-called free Africans were treated as inferior persons.

To the present there is no doubt that white America sees black Americans as inferior persons.  In America white supremacy is assumed to be true. All sorts of pseudo-scientific evidence are amassed to prove that black folks are supposedly inferior to white folks. We are told that black folk's intelligence (what is intelligence) is lower than those of white folks. We are told that black folks are lazy and cannot compete with white folks.  We have been told many things about black folks.

Black folks have not been asked to tell us something about them; it is always white people that tell us about them. This is racial arrogance, wouldn't you say?

It would seem that only a people should tell us who they are, not external others presuming to know them more than they know themselves.

For our present purposes, the USA, like Greece and Rome, was built on slavery.  The slaves were supposed to accept their status as slaves and not complain about it or fight it. The rulers with feet of clay seem surprised when the slaves say that they are not slaves and fight for freedom. In Rome the fight for freedom led to the collapse of the Roman Empire.

In North America, clearly black folks are no longer willing to accept slavery or second class status. They will fight for freedom and if America does not deliberately accommodate their need for freedom, as in Rome, they will destroy America.

If America does not change her slave psychology this century is probably her last century before she declines and falls.

No slave empire lasts more than five hundred years. America is a little over four hundred years. In 2107 she would have been around for five hundred years and if slavery or white supremacy persist in the land the empire would be has been empire like other slave based empires.

This is because human beings do not accept slavery forever and ever.  You may come up with all sorts of "theories" to justify  enslaving people but those are social constructs that only fools accept; slaves always overthrow their hitherto masters.

The slaves of Rome overthrew the Roman Empire but did not have empire supporting world views that would have enabled them to establish a new empire. Thus, it took a thousand years (500 AD to 1500 AD) before Europe saw the emergence of other empires in it.

America can easily fall and since the so-called minorities in the land do not have a well-organized, coherent, empire supporting world view, small states would emerge in the land. After a period of chaos, perhaps another empire would emerge in North America, one, perhaps, led by non-Europeans, one led by a mixed race of whites, blacks and native Americans and Asians.


When you enslave a people they will reject your culture and try to affirm their own culture. Black Americans, as we speak, are trying to affirm their own culture. They dream about what African cultures were like and try to resurrect them and live them.

This has led to what is currently called multiculturalism in North America and the West in general.

Multiculturalism will lead to the division of the USA into enclaves with people in them with different world views and the center would no longer hold; every empire needs a unifying culture for it to stay together.

All people in an empire must be given a unifying culture if they are to see themselves as members of that empire. The USA began with English culture and morphed to whatever it is today.

It is obvious that the USA should not encourage multiculturalism and the propagation of many languages for that is a recipe for the balkanization and fall of the country. It must find a unifying culture to hold the people together.

Luckily, that unifying culture is already available to America. That new culture is scientific culture, a culture based on the scientific method. Here, only behavior that is rooted in empirical observation and can be verified as true and or functional would be embraced and encouraged.

Language is probably the primary means of showing identification with a group; therefore, all Americans must be required to speak the English language; English must be made the official language of the country. Other languages can be studied for comparative purposes but not given equal status with English in America.

It is annoying to be in Los Angeles, California and have public announcements made in both English and Spanish; they should be made only in English; if you do not like English what are you doing in an English speaking country? If you want to speak your native language stay there and don't come to America and ask Americans to accommodate your language and culture.


The USA must change its psychology; it must immediately start teaching the people a new orientation to the self, one that teaches the equality of men and women regardless of their so-called race.

There is only one human race. All human beings living in the USA must be seen as equal and taught scientific culture.

If this is done the USA may last another five hundred years, if not more. But if the idea of white supremacy continues, the idea with which the clown, Donald Trump, rode to the White House, America has seen its best days.

Instead of making America great, again, racism would make her weak and small. Racism would make America decline and fall and join the past empires that refused to change their founding psychology to a more inclusive and equalitarian psychology.

Clearly, people have different abilities.  Teaching social equality does not mean equality of outcomes but equality of opportunities. It means giving all people the opportunity to compete for whatever outcome the individual desires.

For competition to be meaningful all children must be provided with publicly paid education to university and technical schools levels and given publicly paid health insurance. A form of social democracy and mixed economy is what America needs if it is to survive.

However, even with the best social engineering, there will always be the rich and poor, the powerful and the weak. Until we change all people and make them biologically the same we shall have social differentiation and stratification.  Be that as it may, the poor should be treated with dignity.


America, like past great empires, began with slavery. The founders of the American empire saw white Europeans as superior to Africans, Asians and Native Americans. That social ideology enabled the founders of America to use nonwhite folks to create the latest world empire called the USA.

Perhaps, the needs of the time made it necessary to have slavery in America; it is difficult to visualize a non-slave empire based on agriculture.

However, times have changed. We now live in industrial and urban mass society. Here, a different political ideology is called for.

The new ideology must see all people as the same and coequal and offer all of them the opportunity to compete and may the best reach whatever heights society offers people.

This is the only choice left to America if it is to survive into the future. If it persists in seeing nonwhites as second class persons her days as a great empire are numbered.

It is in America's survival interest for her to see all people as the same and equal. This does not mean opening the border to unmitigated immigration; clearly, the number of people allowed into the USA must be limited to what the economy can support; and the people allowed in must support the USA Constitution and way of life.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

November 8, 2017





Ozodi Thomas Osuji

An illusion is a distortion of the senses, revealing how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation. Though illusions distort reality, they are generally shared by most people.[1] Illusions may occur with any of the human senses, but visual illusions (optical illusions) are the best-known and understood. The emphasis on visual illusions occurs because vision often dominates the other senses. For example, individuals watching a ventriloquist will perceive the voice is coming from the dummy since they are able to see the dummy mouth the words.[2] Some illusions are based on general assumptions the brain makes during perception. These assumptions are made using organizational principles (e.g., Gestalt theory), an individual's capacity for depth perception and motion perception, and perceptual constancy. Other illusions occur because of biological sensory structures within the human body or conditions outside the body within one’s physical environment.

The term illusion refers to a specific form of sensory distortion. Unlike a hallucination, which is a distortion in the absence of a stimulus, an illusion describes a misinterpretation of a true sensation. For example, hearing voices regardless of the environment would be a hallucination, whereas hearing voices in the sound of running water (or other auditory source) would be an illusion.

Mimes are known for a repertoire of illusions that are created by physical means. The mime artist creates an illusion of acting upon or being acted upon by an unseen object. These illusions exploit the audience's assumptions about the physical world. Well-known examples include "walls", "climbing stairs", "leaning", "descending ladders", and "pulling and pushing". Wikipedia

What is reality? Reality is the union of God and his infinite sons, creations. They cannot be separated from each other; they are eternally unified; there is no space, time and matter between them.  We decided to seem separated from God and from each other. We cannot do so in fact but seem to have done so in dreams.

To seem to have done so we invented, space, time and matter (all illusions, all impossible); we house ourselves in bodies made of matter (impossible).

Separated egos in bodies living in space and time appear real to us; we seem to live in bodies and walk around in space and time so they seem real to us but they are not real; they are illusions.

Our real selves are in God and seem sleeping and dreaming this world of illusions.

Only union and love is real; it is impossible for there to be the opposite of union and love, separation and hate; the opposite of union is space and time; the opposite of love is hate.

We see people in bodies walking around in space and time; they seem real and obey scientific laws. In seeing people in separated states we are insane; we are hallucinating for we see those who are not there and a world that is not there; only one unified formless state exists.

In science we study the laws of illusion (laws of chaos); science explains space, time and matter, illusions that are not there.


The illusions seem real. Now, overlook the illusions; overlook separation, do not see you as separated from other selves; overlook bodies; overlook space, time and matter; overlook whatever people do on earth, good or bad, for they are done in the illusion that separation is possible; that separated individuals are real.

Separated persons are not real and cannot do good or bad, except in our illusory dream of separation. Overlook the good or bad aspects of people's behaviors, the dream and you experience union.

Overlook the white racist saying that he is separated from you and is better than you; he is dreaming; he is in the world of illusion; he is hallucinating separation and in his dream sees black and white people; the real children of God are formless spiritual light (if you buy his illusion you are in the illusion with him); overlook his separation and you know that you and the racist are one shared self, are in love and do not fear or hate each other.

This is what A course in miracles teaches; it says that the world is an illusion; it says that the world does not exist but seems to exist hence is an illusion.

The world seems to exist because we desire it to exist; the people and things in the world seem real but are not there hence are not real; we must overlook the world and people's activities, good or bad, for they are our mutual hallucinations. When the world, illusions are overlooked we wake up to unified spirit state, to the non-illusory world.


We are tempted to keep some aspects of the world, especially the aspects we like but if we see some aspects of it as real we have seem all of it as real hence are back into the illusions.

We  must see all of it, your body, ego, space and time and matter and what you and other people do as illusions, as what has not been done that seem done to rise above it.

Enjoy an aspect of the dream and you are in the dream; reject the good or bad of the dream and you wake up.

Pain and pleasure are means of retaining the dream; you must reject both pain and pleasure to rise from the dream.

Literally, there are no people where you see people; there are no people in bodies; there are no people doing good or bad things; there are no people at war; there are no Christians and Muslims killing themselves; there are no American politicians screwing the people; there are no Nigerian politicians stealing from their people; there are no people engaged in sports, there are no people having sex; there are no people eating food; there are no poor people, there are no beggars.

All the people you see on earth are all illusions that seem real but are not real. If you take any of them as real and feel angry or fearful or any other kind of emotional and mental upset from their behaviors you are part of the dream.


Only mind, aka consciousness exists and is real; that mind projected out the world of seeming separated states and dreams everything you see in the world, the dream; that mind is your mind; it deludes you into thinking that the illusions you see are real but wants you to figure out that they are not real.

The purpose of the earth is for you to first forget your truth as part of unified self and take the world of separation, illusions as real and study it on its terms, science, and thereafter realize that it is not real and wake up from the dream.

When you wake up you stay in the dream for a while teaching those still in the dream that the dream is not real.

You can perform the last act of illusion and seem to die or you simply see yourself in the world of light forms and ultimately know yourself in formless consciousness, God, our real home.


No human being is, in fact, born in body, suffers sickness and old age and dies.  It is all illusions. If you are born in the illusion, suffer and die you have not woken up from the illusion; you still believe that separation is possible; that is your game for you can as well remove that belief.

If while on earth you remove the illusion of the reality of the earth and decide that death is not possible for the son of eternity you will simply see you waken in unified spirit without dying (without undergoing the illusion of dying).

There is no earth, no space and time; there are no people in bodies, no people are travelling in cars, trains and planes; folks seem to do so in the illusion that space time exist.

If you wake up from the illusion you can still stay in the illusion and use your mind to decide where you want to go to on earth, in the dream and simply go there instantaneously, for all places are in your mind; there are no space and time between places and people. The instantaneous behavior of entangled particles proves this to be true.


If you believe that the illusion is real you will see your body as real. You will train for a profession and seek and obtain a job and do it until you retire and die. Those who succeed in the world believe that the world is real; they do not see the world as an illusion.

White folks tend to believe in the illusion and take it seriously, study it and adapt to it and succeed in it.

If you suspect that the world is an illusion but do not have the will to let it go you are paralyzed and fail in the world; you will die for you have not accepted that death is an illusion hence is not for you.


Each of us has a self-concept; the self-concept is the idea the individual has as to who he is on earth. The self-concept is generally reached in childhood and is predicated on ones inherited body and social experience. The self-concept is the same as personality.

Personality is defined by behavioral psychologists as a learned pattern of behavior which then gives rise to ideas as to who one thinks that one is, the self-concept. In effect, personality and self-concept is the same thing.

The self-concept is generally employed by psychoanalytic psychologists whereas the idea of personality is employed by behavioral psychologists; behaviorists want to deny the existence of an inner self. To behaviorists everything about one is learned and there is no inherent self in the individual.

Both the self-concept and personality are the same as the ego self. The ego self is the sense that one's self is separated from other selves.  The term ego is generally employed by spiritual psychologists, those who acknowledge that people have another self, a spirit self, a self-transmuted to our earthly ego selves.


The self-concept, aka personality and ego is an illusion. It does not exist but seems to exist. Because it is not real it must be defended to seem real in one's awareness.

If it is not defended (with one of the ego defense mechanisms: repression, suppression, denial, projection, dissociation, displacement, rationalization, fantasy, sublimation, reaction-formation, minimizing, anger, fear, shame, guilt, pride) it disappears, literally, from ones awareness.

Suppose, for example, your self-concepts want to be important. Everything you do will present you as important. You will probably con people to seeing you as important. White folks, for example, coned black folks to seeing them as important, when, in fact, they are no more important than other animals.

Your wish for importance is reinforced by the people who see you as important. Thus, you go about life feeling important and feeling belittled if some folks treat you as if you are not important.

Now do this. Accept that the self-concept is an illusion and does not exist but seems to exist (the body and society you employed in making it does not exist). Stop wishing for other people to accept your self-concept, big or small.   Do not see you as your self-concept, personality and ego. Just let go of whatever ideas you had as to who you believed that you are. That is, do not defend your self-concept; do not defend your ego and do not defend your personality.

If you did not defend your personality, if you overlooked your self-concept how other people relate to you is no longer of relevance to you. Since you assume that your self-concept is not who you are, how other people relate to it no longer matters to you.

If you had wished to be a very important person and now people see you as unimportant that would not bother you one bit for you are not the self-concept. You are not the self-concept and, as such, you are neither important nor unimportant.

What you are you currently do not know. What you are is the formless son of God who is one with God and all people.

You cannot know that formless eternal self if you see you as the self-concept in body and defend it. If you stop defending your concept, if you overlook it you see it disappear.

Upon the disappearance of your self-concept, ego, personality you would feel like you have no self and for a while seem disoriented.


Gradually, however, you accept that you have no self-concept, ego and personality. When you really believe that your self-concept and ego is not who you are you would at first see you in a form made of light.

Whereas, while still on earth you can see the self in light form it is actually the self-folks see when they believe that they are dead. When people die they see themselves in a world that still looks like our earthly world except that everything in it is made of light. Hindus call that world the astral world; astral means light; that is to say that it is the light world.

The world of light forms is not heaven; it is still a dream world; it is still an illusion, albeit a pleasant illusion. It is our world reinterpreted with love, our world made a loving place. If you like you can employ the metaphor of gate of heaven for this world.  It is the gate of heaven but not heaven. It is not heaven because we are still in forms (that is, we still desire forms and where there are forms there is separation for forms, dense or light are used to make separation, illusion, seem real in our minds).

In heaven we are not in human forms. Heaven is a wave of spiritual light that begins and ends nowhere.


Ultimately, you would experience yourself as God extended his self to you, as God created you, a formless point of light in a sea of infinite points of light, a wave of spiritual light that folks call God.

In God you know yourself as unified with all selves, as unified with all points of light for particle and wave are one; you know yourself as eternal, permanent and changeless; in heaven you  experience perfect peace and joy, bliss.

Thereafter, you feel bored and embark on another journey to nowhere (for wherever you go is in heaven, albeit disguised as space, time and matter), a journey without distance from heaven.

You invent infinite universes and go through them, always returning to your home and always leaving for other universes. This is what we do, eternally.

At present we are in a physical universe and on a place called planet earth. Our job is to use science to understand that physical universe and design technologies to migrate from earth to other planets, from one solar system to others, from one galaxy to others and in trillions of years in the future when the stars are all dead we tunnel our way to other universes.

May the game continue; have fun while at it by doing what you truly enjoy doing (I enjoy physics and metaphysics).


What I said here is all you are going to learn from all teachings on consciousness and its role in our lives. You may learn it in scientific terms and say that our bodies and the things of this world are made of atoms which are made of electrons, protons and neutrons and which are made of quarks and photons, light and therefore not the material things we see; where we see matter there is no matter but light. Physical light is masked spiritual light, consciousness hence the world you see is an illusion.


Love all things and people, for they are light; all things are God disguised by your mind to make you make the illusions of separation real for you.

Love for all things enables you to have a happy dream, make the illusions pleasant and thereafter you discard the illusions and wake up from them and return to living in the dreamless and formless no- separated world of God; in God you are in perfect peace and joy.

Post Script

You can teach the message that the world is an  illusion without referring to any religion, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Gnosticism, A course in miracles etc.; those religions are teaching what I said here. I articulated the eternal truth in language that some people can understand. I did not state a new religion or theology but merely restarted the perennial philosophy of mankind.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

November 3, 2017


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