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America must choose between law and justice

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Since America came into being in AD 1607 its operating philosophy is that the land is a jungle and it is up to the strongest group to take it.  Americans behaved like barbarians and used brute force to expropriate the land from Indians. Worse, they behaved as if there is no justice in the universe and enslaved Africans and used African labor for free to develop the land. They refused to see Africans as human beings and when circumstances forced them to end slavery and embark on industrialization and its emergent cities they shunted Africans into their inner city ghettos where they were prevented from participating in the American polity.

In North American ghettoes young black men’s expected behavior is for them to kill each other and those who are not killed are encouraged to engage in petty crimes and are subsequently picked up by the police and sent to prisons. As we speak, one out of every four young black men in America is either in jail, prison or is supervised by parole probation officers. America’s preferred home for black folks is prisons; America’s gift to Indians is alcohol and drug addiction.

America’s media do not focus on these issues; they do not write about them and in their childish minds not writing about evil makes evil nonexistent. No, evil is there and has consequences for evil doers. Whether America’s media consider African Americans’ plight part of their agenda or not the fact is that a severe price is paid for the treatment of Africans in America.

America’s media supports Israel and pays positive attention to it and ignores the plight of Arabs.  I am not a supporter of Arab wish to destroy the state of Israel yet I note that nothing Israel does is ever bad in Americans eyes; I note that this situation infuriates Arabs and partially accounts for Arab terrorism towards Americans.

However, the larger cause of Arab terrorism is rooted in Muslims desire to intimidate everybody so that out of fear of  been killed people convert to Islam hence fulfill Muslims misguided belief that every human being ought to be Muslim.

Islam is a fear based religion; it wants to use arousal of fear of death to intimidate folks to become Muslims or else they are killed. An ideology based on intimidation and fear cannot be healthy; Islam is a violent religion, not a religion of peace as its practitioners disingenuously tell us.

American media does not cover African issues except when they want to portray Africans in a negative light, such as show pictures of starving African children, starvation in all probability the West caused.  African issues are simply not the concern of Americans. As far as America is concerned Africa is not part of the world and does not matter. Yet, any one with eyes to see knows that Africa is the next arena of human civilization...the rejected stone shall be the pillar of the temple.

In the present, when white America suspects that a name belongs to a black person it scrutinizes that person and if it believes that it found an infraction it uses the unjust laws it made to protect its interests to harass such a person. Little brain dead bureaucrats throw the book at African Americans and in their minds believe that they are merely applying the law impartially. Folks know that they do not scrutinize white folks and allow them to get away with illegal behaviors (if a black kid is arrested for possessing drugs he is sent to years in prison but if a white kid is seem with drugs the police do not even bother arresting him).

Clearly, white America has gotten away with injustice for as long as it has been in existence.  But we also know what happens to unjust empires; they invariably fall.

Where are Suma, Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, Arab Muslim Caliphates, the Ottoman Empire, and the various European powers, such as France, Britain, Germany, and Russia?  Those have fallen and are now either second rate states or are relegated to the dustbin of history.

There may seem no justice in the world but the fact is that sooner or later unjust countries bite the dust. There is no reason why America should be an exception to historical reality despite Americans delusion of their exceptionalism.

If you study America you would probably know that the country is actually in an advanced state of decay and all it would take is a little push from a determined external aggressor and the house of cards would fall. And when that push comes, those that America has domestically hurt would join the external aggressors and pull it down. The black kids the system pack off to jails, instead of train them at  schools, would no doubt see an opportunity to tear down their oppressors, just as Roman slaves joined the advancing German barbarians and tore down Rome around 450 AD.

America is in so much decay that if I were the leaders of the country I would start wondering whether the country is doing something wrong and start making some changes. If the situation is not reversed, most Americans would soon become drug addicts and or homosexuals, pedophiles, bestializers and only God knows what else they would be doing to escape from their bad conscience.

America prides itself as a nation of laws. True, except that we also know that Law is not the same thing as justice. Law is made by the powerful and is designed to protect their interests often at the expense of the weak.

Only a fool would say that America’s laws serve black folks interests. For all intents and purposes whenever white folks apply their laws on black folks they are oppressing them.

America’s laws are meant to abuse black folks and preserve white interests. And young black folks know this reality hence do not give a damn about America’s laws. As far as imprisoned young black folks are concerned they are political prisoners, which they actually are.

Justice  lies in doing to other people as you want them to do to you; you want to be loved by other people so justice lies in your loving other people and doing everything that you do out of love for other people, not out of what your ego tells you is the law.

Law is generally the means of oppressors for oppressing the weak and the oppressed know it hence when they throw out the ruling clique they reject their laws and enact different laws (which often turn out as oppressive of some groups as the laws they threw out, for the world has not yet learned loving behaviors).


The physical universe is a black hole where unloving persons imprison their selves. That is correct, if you are on earth, in spirit you judged yourself as an unloving, evil person and sentenced you to go live in body and deny your true self, loving spirit. You live as an evil self-housed in body.

The prison sentence requires you to struggle to realize your true self, a loving spirit self and love all people and when you have done so you have served your sentence and you leave the prison, planet earth and return to our true home, unified spirit self, aka heaven.


What Americans are doing, behaving legally but not justly is done by other peoples and nations. No country on earth has practiced justice yet.

So far, justice is practiced by a few individuals, the mystics and those escaped from this universe and went to universes that practice the justice of God, love. The world is yet to awaken to mass justice; people and nations do not yet practice justice hence they rise and fall.

In a just universe, and the universe is just, nothing can happen to one unless one asks for it and wants to experience it. However, one may ask from a sane mind or from an insane mind. If one is sane one asks only for love and loves all people; conversely, if one asks from an insane mind one does not love people and asks people not to love one.

Those asked to do something have to choose whether to love or not love the requester; if they choose to gratify an insane request for lack of love they have made a request to be treated with lack of love and some people would gratify that request for them and treat them unlovingly. As we do to others is done to us.

We can learn from whatever experience we have had. I asked white folks to discriminate against me and they did and from it I learned who white folks are. These folks are nearer to animals than most people imagine; they mostly understand how to abuse and oppress folks but not how to love folks, even though they fill the airwaves with talk of love.

As the world sees these things, but not as I know them to be, I have experienced incredible racism from white Americans. However, instead of it making me angry at them I realized that I chose to experience that level of racism so that it released me from sentimental attachment to white Americans and leaves me free to see them for what they are, sociopaths.

My function is not to hate anyone for whatever evil they did to me (if I act hatefully I invite hateful responses) but to teach them what constitutes love. However, if they choose to keep being racist they will simply have to collapse and other empires replace them. This is the law of cause and effect, a fundamental universal law that none of us can escape. As we sow we reap.

White Americans are emotionally underdeveloped persons (they seem good at applied but not pure science).  I have no illusions about what they can do; I know that they are incapable of love and justice; I know that they are in need to be shown what constitutes civilized behavior; we should never assume that they know what constitutes civilization, for they don’t. These people are barbarians in need of a moral being to civilize them.

I am a moral being; my mission is to civilize benighted creatures who, somehow, managed to deceive the world into seeing them as civilized when, in fact, they are savages. I do not have contempt for them, for contempt assumes that they are adults and should know better; instead, I see them as children to be helped to grow up; they are savages to be helped to become human beings.


Real politics teaches that the powerful lord it over the weak and that the world is a place where all are in struggle and the strongest survive and the weakest are exploited and eventually killed off.

Biology teaches that the world is a Darwinian place where the strong live on the dead bodies of the weak.  This has been the nature of politics for as long as we have recorded human history.

The question is this: what was the fate of all those past empires that practiced real politics and lived at the expense of the weak? They are as dead as the people they killed and lived on.

America, like past empires, so far has lived on the backs of other people’s suffering; it, too, has thrived by killing folks. But as these things always end America would join the night train of past civilizations that lived off the dead bodies of human beings.

However, there is exception to history but it is not as America understands it to be. An exception is made for people who practice what all teachers of God have asked people to practice: love all people as they love their selves; folks who do not exploit other persons, for as you do to others would be done to you.

America has a choice, to focus on what Jesus Christ taught or to keep doing what Machiavelli asked it to do; either choice has guaranteed consequence.


Ozodi Osuji

July31, 2014

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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