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Sunday, 28 December 2014 19:38

The Blessings of Racism

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This essay should be read in conjunction with the essay “What Christmas means to me” that I wrote on Christmas day. That essay gives a fuller picture of what it means to be a Christ like person, which this particular essay does not. This essay points out that racism prepares black folks to lead a Christ like, that is, a love based civilization. From their oppression black folks learn that the opposite of oppression, love is what is good for human beings and lead efforts to teach human beings to become a loving people. THE BLESSINGS OF RACISM Ozodi Osuji…
Tuesday, 25 November 2014 18:33

On Chinua Achebe

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I am very proud of Chinua Achebe; he was a pioneer and put our Igbo name on the world’s literary map. However, as a reviewer of books I must be objective and impersonal in saying something about writers’ works; I cannot allow my personal feelings to color what I say about their writings. Thus, where necessary I must say what seems not laudatory for Brother Albert. One had to first write books for other folks to criticize one; for writing books I am proud of Achebe. Owerri folks say that if you want to hear the truth said about people…
Thursday, 31 July 2014 11:46

America must choose between law and justice

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Since America came into being in AD 1607 its operating philosophy is that the land is a jungle and it is up to the strongest group to take it. Americans behaved like barbarians and used brute force to expropriate the land from Indians. Worse, they behaved as if there is no justice in the universe and enslaved Africans and used African labor for free to develop the land. They refused to see Africans as human beings and when circumstances forced them to end slavery and embark on industrialization and its emergent cities they shunted Africans into their inner city ghettos…
Tuesday, 08 April 2014 20:02

There Are Blacks, Blacks, and Blacks

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Let us state right away that most Africans are blacks and that what I write applies to Africans and other black people from around the world. This essay does not just apply to African Americans. There are men and women who are black and proud. These people may live among fellow blacks in the ‘hood or have moved out to a suburb but their hearts are with their fellow blacks. They belong to black churches, black professional organizations, black political movements, and are proud to be associated with most black endeavors. These black men and women were in the fore…
Thursday, 21 March 2013 17:14

Afrocentric Culture Versus Scientific Culture

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Afrocentric Culture Versus Scientific Culture Date: March 18, 2013 To: Professor Molefe Asante From: Ozodi Osuji, PhD Subject: Afrocentric culture versus Scientific Culture With the below synopsis of what I mean by scientific culture I conclude my initiated communication with you. I deliberately decided to communicate with you because I identified you as one of the chief proponents of the Afrocentric movement. That movement, I believe was useful in the 1960s and 1970s when black folks were trying to define themselves on their own terms and extricate their identity from how white men defined them. However, the world has moved…
Monday, 26 December 2011 02:48


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A RASTA PLAY (written and illustrated by Ras Jahaziel August 2010) AND THE MASSACRE INTIVOLI GARDENS JAMAICA MAY 2010 PRELUDE: WHAT THE NEWS MEDIA SAID: "Seventy-three civilians and one soldier died in last week's push into Tivoli."Jamaica Gleaner “Over 73 civilians Killed, 500 Jamaicans injured" "Mounting casualties from the massive offensive by the security forces on Tivoli Gardens have put morgues on the brink of overflowing." The Gleaner " The media reports are not telling the full story of what is actually taking place in Jamaica, they fail to address the governments involvement in the crisis and the underlining…
Author: David Baronov. Publisher: Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2008. Pages 248 For a start, African focused biomedicine and how it originated, particularly in Ghana and Nigeria is fascinating to trace; more importantly how African medicine is transforming western biomedicine is something we need to follow in the cultural context of medical globalization. Dr. David Baronov's book brings out the colonial, historical, and cultural insight, including how tropical biomedicine was invented in Western Africa, and tested for success in Ghana, during the Ashanti colonial war to enter the interior of Africa. African pundit mosquitoes served as biological weapons of mass graves…
Saturday, 12 November 2011 00:20

Five Minutes To Ugly

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Whether you worship God, Satan or no deity whatsoever there is one thing which is a truism regarding human nature.And that thing is rationality.Or rationalism.It may even be realism or plain old logic.I believe that two people can always sit down and negotiate a point of agreement.The only thing which interrupts negotiation is power.Power does not always recognize external logic or need.Power only recognizes power.This is simple but then again, isn’t that always the best and surest route through any equation? I’m full of sadness over the execution of Muammar Gadhafi. I’m also full of sadness over Miss Eunice and…
Saturday, 12 November 2011 00:01

All Praises Due: The Hustler

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It might seem strange to solicit praises for an individual saddled with a job title fraught with negativity. We have come to think of “hustle” in the pejorative sense. That’s so unfortunate. Unfortunate indeed. Hustle is an adverb and hustler is a noun. You hustle in the morning when you get yourself ready for work and the kids out of the door and on the bus stop. You hustle when someone is coming over, with 15 minutes notice, and your front room could use some sprucing. You hustle when you’re working in a restaurant desperately trying to optimize your tips.…