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Is there life on other planets?

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Ozodi Osuji

If it is true that the universe came into being in a big bang and is expanding and accidents determined everything, those same accidents would have produced life forms on other planets in the universe. Thus, humanoids probably exist on some of the trillions of exoplanets in the universe?

It does not make sense to assume that the universe could produce biological life forms on one planet and not on others. Perhaps, other forms of biological life were produced on other planets?

Alternatively, an intelligent force produced biological life forms on earth and did so only on one planet, earth, and the other parts of the physical universe were invented to enable life to evolve on planet earth.

At this time, neither explanation of the origin and nature of life in our universe has scientific proof so it is a waste of time pursuing them.

In the meantime, some folks keep searching for life on other planets. I believe that it was in 1968 that some Americans set up what they call SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence). Their telescopes have been scanning the universe for almost fifty years now and yet they have seen no sign of life elsewhere in the universe.

Astronomers have discovered planets like planet earth in other parts of the Milky Way Galaxy; indeed, in the Andromeda Galaxy and other galaxies; such planets are called exoplanets.

Astronomers speculate that some exoplanets may have conditions like exist on earth and all things being equal ought to have biological organisms on them. To the present the fact is that they have not found life elsewhere in the universe.

There is a group that believes in what they call ancient aliens. That group has practically taken over Television's History channel and every weekend churn out fantasies on what aliens did in the past. Wherever complex architectural structures exist on earth they attribute them to help from ancient aliens. They claim that ancient aliens helped construct the Egyptian Pyramids, the Peruvian Machu-Picchu stone structures and the Mexican Aztec temples. These people cannot believe that ancient human beings had the science and technology to construct the marvelous ancient buildings that confound belief that human beings could construct such monuments.

How did the Egyptians, for example, lift incredibly heavy blocks and stacked them on one another to construct the pyramids? The best of our modern cranes is said to be unable to lift such blocks?  Thus, it would seem to these ancient aliens' enthusiasts that UFOs came from advanced civilizations elsewhere in the universe to help humans construct such ancient architectural wonders.

I personally have no interest in UFOs; indeed, I do not believe that they exist and I do not care whether they exist or not. By the same token, I do not care whether extant religions spirits exist or not.

However, I do believe that human beings are sufficiently intelligent to do all sorts nothings. If we put our minds to it we can transform our little blue planet to resemble all the things we dream that religions' gods do.

Let me state what seems true to me: I do not believe that there is life elsewhere in the physical universe; I believe that we are it.  I believe that the entire universe exists to make life possible on planet earth.  I believe that human life has three levels of being: (1) our current existence in dense matter, (2) our existence in light forms in a world that still looks like our world but is made of light energy and (3) our formless existence in a formless place of pure knowledge.

Post Script:

I am playing with you when I say that I believe in the existence of three levels of being. I do not believe in anything; I only accept what I know is true; I know that the three levels of being are true!

Ozodi Osuji

October 24, 2016

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

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