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Accident or delusional design; choose!

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

There are two approaches to understanding phenomena: accident or design. Science is predicated on accident; scientists believe that the universe is a product of random accidents, from the big bang to what happens to the individual.

The alternative to an accidental universe is the belief that the universe was planned and designed by some intelligent force and unfolds as that force planned it to unfold.

If the universe was designed who was the designer? If it is designed by a force apart from one it follows that as far as one is concerned one is not responsible for what happens to one and one might as well believe that the universe is by accident.

If God is responsible for all that happens to me and I am not responsible for what happens to me and I have no control over what God does and I don't know what he is going to do to me then what happens to me is accidental.

If what I do not like happens to me, if God or other people designed me then I am a victim of other people's design and, as such, my life is accidental.


From my personal experience I know that my biology determines my behavior. There is simply no way that you can explain my behavior without paying attention to my inherited body.  My inherited cytochrome c oxidase deficiency, spondylolysis and mitral valve prolapse affected my behavior from the get go of my life.

I believe that each individual's biological constitution affects his behaviors.  If my body is the product of accidental workings of the universe then I am a product of accident.

On the other hand, I could have designed my body (and since my father and other persons have similar bodies we can only say that we, not just I, designed my body).

Why would I choose my body? I chose it to enable me experience life as it enabled me to experience life. Given that the experience is crummy why would I want to experience a crummy existence? The question is: why not?

There are trillions of reasons why I should or should not experience my body. I chose to experience the life that my body enabled me to experience.

There is no reason why one should experience or not experience a particular type of life; on the whole, life in body is absurd.

Our bodies are like cars; a driver chooses what kind of car he wants to drive; the state of the car he drives affects his driving. Our bodies affect what we do in bodies and our lives on earth. Cars in good condition provide the driver with smooth driving whereas rickety cars give him unpleasant driving.


If you accept the thesis that the individual chose to experience what he experiences you must also accept that groups of individuals choose to experience the type of life they experience.

In this light, Africans and black folks chose to experience the social oppression that is currently their fate. By the same token, you must accept that white people chose to oppress black folks, as they have so far done.

If you have lived with white folks you probably have observed that despite appearances they are not smarter than black folks. If that is the case you ask: how come it is white folks that are in power and oppress black people, why not black people in power and oppressing white folks?

The answer is that each individual and each group chose its station in life; black folks chose to be oppressed and white folks chose to oppress black folks.

In time, the choice is reversed; roles are exchanged; black people would oppress white people; this actually could happen in the next couple hundred years.

Alternatively, we form a non-oppressive society where all of us cooperate.  In the future, all people will become mixed race and it is no longer going to be necessary to talk about this race or that race oppressing others or some been oppressed.


Mind enters body and identifies with body and forms a sense of separated self.  It feels weak and tries to seem strong in body. Thus, the separated self always seeks power and strength.

The pursuit of false ego power handicaps the ego; it makes it defensive. In defending its false powerful self it no longer learns well or does anything well. If feels inordinate level of fear and anxiety for it fears been exposed as not powerful and additionally feels fear of death.

Let go of the big ego self and feel empty inside you, feel no ego self and you would know peace and joy.

To have no sense of ego at all one must not identify with body; one must not be in body, for ego and body is correlated.

Suppose one gave up identification with body and deny that one is body what is beyond body?  What is beyond body is a mind that knows itself as one with all minds; that mind is peaceful and joyous for it knows itself to be eternal and changeless.

You must, therefore, forget that you are ego and body. To forget ego you must forget body. How do you know that there is a mind outside body?

You know so when you forget body and do not see you as body; not small ego and not big ego, just no separated ego self; you should have no ego self at all.


You use the laws of physics to prove the existence of physics (matter, space and time).  Science is using the laws of physics to demonstrate the existence of physics (matter, space and time). This is circular logic.

Physics is illusion (it exists in a dream world); you are using the laws of illusion to prove the existence of illusion.

If you could get outside matter, space and time and still demonstrate the existence of them then you are talking.


You cannot use the laws of illusions (space, time and matter) to demonstrate the existence of unified mind; you must get outside matter, space and time to know about God's existence.


God is one and simultaneously infinite in numbers. One God manifests in infinite parts, all of whom are it but are not all of it.

God manifested in the parts but the parts do not manifest in God; that is, God created his sons and his sons did not create him.

The sons of God used matter to invent separated selves for them and in bodies, space and time now have self-concepts that they are big or small and are outside God.


In our sleeps we dream; in our dreams we see ourselves and everything in our day world; the things we see seem real but were made by our brains. Our brains do things with electrons, that is, with light. The people we see in our dreams that seem real are really made of light.

In dreams our brains remake people to look however we want them to look like. For example, if you knew a person forty years ago and have not seen him since then in your dream your mind ages him by forty years. Your mind can also make a person look younger in your dreams.

My father died in his 80s but I have seen him in my dream looking like he is thirty five years old. I had a dream where Jesus Christ looked Nordic but in real life he was a brown Middle East man. In a dream I had a man who, before he died, was in his seventies, he used to live in my apartment, look like a teenager; he was sitting on my couch and I asked him to get out of my apartment. My mind made him young and had him come to play with me; instead of seeing him as an old ghost that came to scare me.

The point to all these are that our minds can remake us in light forms. Our physical bodies do die; after death we live on in light forms.

It is also possible to have our physical bodies not die but transmuted into light forms. Our minds can do all kinds of things. Minds that invented our physical universe can also invent light bodies for us.


I am sitting here typing. I hear a faint sound in the background. My mind immediately tries to understand what made that sound. I do not know what made that sound. But my mind does not want to accept that it does not know what made that sound or what made the things I see around me.

My mind quickly interprets the nature of the sound and the nature of the events around me and, indeed, interprets what the universe is all about. These interpretations and explanations generally turn out false.

Since most of my interpretations and explanations are false I merely project false ideas to things around me; I project a false view of the universe to it.  I do not know what the universe stands for; I am merely attributing to it what it is not.

The solution to this problem is for me to accept not knowing and stop trying to understand things with my ego's limited mind and simply keep quiet.

If I keep quiet and there is an alternative explanation as to why things happen as they happen, why people exist, why the sounds around me occur, maybe I would finally be given the correct explanations of things.

They say that in a silent mind, a mind that does not try to explain anything with the ego's intellectual categories real explanations are given to it (such explanations are called the Holy Spirit's explanation, interpretation; they are still fictional, for they are explanation of a physical universe that does not exist, but the explanations are nearer to the truth than the egos explanation).

In truth there is nothing to explain for the universe does not exist. So one must stop trying to interpret and explain things (and know that there are alternative explanations to the things one sees with ones ego eyes).


Each of us must look at the evidence and decide whether he accepts the view that the universe is the product of accidents or is the product of design.

Empirical evidence seems to support materialism, the philosophy that accidents determine everything, including our thinking.  Yet, a silent voice in our minds tells us to pause and not go too fast in embracing epiphenomenalism and materialism.

I tend to accept that the physical universe is the product of accidents and also accept that there is a mind that chooses to operate through the physical universe.  A mind chooses to live through our bodies.

Indeed, I believe that a mind, my mind, your mind, our minds work in tandem, in concert; I accept that in a moment of delusion disorder we invented our physical universe, our bodies and our egos.

One must make up one's mind as to what philosophy best describes our universe and one's life. One cannot sit on the fence, vacillating, not making up one's mind, waffling, being wishy-washy and refusing to decide as to how our universe came into being.

I accept that we invented this physical universe but that we were created by God and did not create ourselves.  This is my philosophy. The philosophy one accepts shapes one's life.

I accept that my body is not different from animals' bodies and from trees and other material things in the physical universe; my body and other material things evolve, as scientists tell us.

When I die my body decomposes into the 64 elements that compose it (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper etc.) and that those eventually decompose to electrons, protons and neutrons that compose them. Ultimately, all matter decomposes to light, for they all were made from light during the big bang.

Our bodies are matter but there is a mind at work in that matter. What that mind is I am not yet aware of; however, I refuse to accept materialism as all there is to human beings.

I tend to believe that our world is an absurd and insane place; I tend to believe that only a mad person could have invented our universe. What does the universe exist for, anyway?

I do not see any reason why we and the universe exist; I do not see any meaning in our lives.  We are born, live and die, what is that all about?

Some of our activities, such as defecating, sex, heterosexual and particularly homosexual, are absurd. I do not see how a rational person could have made people to reproduce through sex and or have men do what homosexual men do (stick their penises into other men's anuses).

If you see the world as the invention of insane gods then you can tolerate it, not approve it.


We find ourselves in a universe the origin and nature of which we do not understand; we want to understand that universe. Regardless of our efforts we have not understood the universe.  Nevertheless, our very inquisitiveness forces us to have an explanation of the universe.

How we explain the universe is how we explain ourselves.

There are essentially two systems of explanations available to us: the scientific explanation and the explanation of design (by whom: God or us?).

Science says that it does not know for sure where the universe came from and instead of wasting its time with speculations on the origin of the universe it settles for descriptions on how the universe appears to be evolving.

The universe appears to be evolving through random, chance and accidental concatenation of events. That is what our naked eyes show us.

But a deeper part of us tells us that we cannot possibly be the product of only accidents and that we designed this universe and are responsible for whatever happens to us.

Alas, we do not have proof for the design approach to phenomena. Not knowing we vacillate on settling on the origin and nature of the universe.

I resolve this conundrum by accepting that accidents determined our bodies but that a mind, the nature of which I have not understood, also plays a role in our lives.

I am inclined to accept that our collective minds designed the entire universe and that we are responsible for everything that happens in the universe, including what happens to the individual.

The collective mind is also each of our individual minds so it is not like an external mind makes the individual's mind to do something against its wishes.

I believe that a deeper part of my mind is responsible for all my experiences, is responsible for my body, my social experiences; a deeper part of my mind places me where I am and makes me do everything that I do (and makes other people do whatever they do to me...for this world is its dream).

Finally, this essay is written for me; it is my attempt to clarify where I stand on ontological matters. People who are theists or atheists simply believe in their idea of God or don't believe in any God; they do not have a need to explain to other folks where they stand on God matters; but apparently, I have such a need.  In the final analysis, this essay is not for the general public although I may share it with folks.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

August 24, 2017

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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