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  • The Ferguson, Missouri riots and the coming American revolution
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    If you are an adult human being, somewhere along the line you must have learned that human beings are those animals with self-awareness. Their self-awareness tells them that they are born and at some time would die. They do not know if life continues after they are physically dead or…
  • Africans need psychotherapy
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    Africans are always talking politics; if you listened to them talk politics you would think that they would govern their countries appropriately. To the contrary, all of black Africa is misgoverned. Bluntly put, at present Africans cannot govern their people correctly. This is largely due to the fact that most…
  • The enemies of Nigeria as defined by Fani-Kayode is scary
    One could easily have dismissed with the wave of the hand the definition of the former Aviation  Minister and the self-appointed leader and spokesman for the Yorubas. I am inclined to say “like father like son”.  Some younger elements might take the observation as the gospel truth. The man may…
  • The white man can be easily defeated by black folks
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    I am born to observe people; I observe them without sentimentality. I will look at you and detach from my feelings and simply see you as you are, not as you present yourself to be seen(your social mask). It does not matter whether you are my friend or foe, I…

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