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  • Dealing with women's vanity
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    HANDLING WOMEN'S VANITY IN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH WOMEN Ozodi Osuji NORMAL PERSONS LIKE THEIR BODIES AND LIKE OTHER PERSONS BODIES My general observation shows me that what is called normal persons, men and women tend to like their bodies; in fact, they see their bodies as big deals. Because they…
  • Diseased selves need psychotherapy to learn healthy selves
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    Every human being has a self, a sense of me; each of us has a self he believes is separated from other selves. The individual defends his separated self when other selves seem to attack it; his goal is the survival of his apparent separated self; he believes that his…
  • A brown race will emerge from the present races of mankind
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    WHITE, BLACK AND YELLOW RACES WILL DISAPPEAR INTO A NEW BROWN RACE Ozodi Osuji About sixty thousand years ago, Africans moved into Europe and Asia; they met Neanderthals (who themselves had left Africa thousands of years earlier). The new comers, dubbed Cro-Magnons, mixed with the Neanderthals and the two formed…
  • What matters is whether I love other people not whether they love me or not
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    Marvin Bryant, given your apparent cynical mode, you probably would scoff at the conclusion of the below essay; however, I see you as my brother, a brother that our African ancestors did egregious wrong to by sending you to where our estranged European brothers abused you. I feel complicit in…

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