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  • Life Is A Big Nothing
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    Enyim (my dear friend, fellow Nigerian), you're nothing. Are you nothing or are you nothing for nothing? You are both nothing and nothing for nothing if you 're waiting for your house to fall apart, go to the wrack and ruin, collapse, break up, disintegrate, go to inferno because you…
  • God is light and other matters
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    From Ozodi Osuji's Daily Journal: I deliberately throw out nuggets of information that cross my mind on a regular basis. I know that if a reader is smart he can take just one of the ideas I give away for free, think about it and develop it and even write…
  • Translating religions language to the language of physics
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    Contemporary astrophysics, astronomy and cosmology tell us that 13.8 billion years ago, out of nowhere and everywhere a point of light came out. That point of light is smaller than a particle. Visualize the size of a particle. Begin by realizing that there are millions of atoms in the period…
  • Judgment separates one from those one judges
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    JUDGMENT SEPARATES THE JUDGER FROM THE PEOPLE HE JUDGES Ozodi Thomas Osuji If you judge you and people, as good or bad, you will not make friends of you and the people you judged. People do not like to be judged, as good or bad; they just want you to…

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  • A Woman of Africa: by Nick Roddy
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    A Woman of Africa: by Nick Roddy Book Description Publication Date: 1 Mar 2011 'I am an African woman. That's not a political statement. I am not a Whoopee Goldberg or an Oprah Winfrey, a middle-class American in search of an identity or asserting a political right.…