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  • If Money Is worthless, Why Die For It?
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    The idea of this essay comes from a book this writer saw a Korean man read while we were sitting beside each other in a Jumbo airplane, travelling from America to China in 2013. I am sitting in this very large airplane beside this smallish Korean national who has a…
  • What exactly makes some persons to feel superior to other persons?
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    I would like to have some smart folks tell me why some persons are born with supreme belief in their personal superiority. This belief generally has nothing to do with such persons' accidents of birth; their parents may be poor yet they have such beliefs. My parents are working class;…
  • Terrorism is always part of society and all we can do is manage it
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    The terrorist figures that people want to live in egos and bodies; he figures that if he randomly killed a few of them that the rest of them would be intimidated, scared and to avoid living in terror kowtow to whatever he asks them to do. So, he kills people…
  • We are prisoners of the mind's fears
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    The human mind is capable of accepting fears of what folks should not be afraid of; for example, they can assume that ghosts exist, fear ghosts and have nightmares where ghosts or unseen things attack them. Mind, in effect, can have fears that enslave the individual and make his behaviors…
  • Change your self concept and know happiness
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    CHANGE YOUR SELF CONCEPT OR GIVE IT UP AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY Ozodi Thomas Osuji Everywhere on planet earth people want to be happy; the means for happiness is in them while they go looking for it outside them. If you want to be happy do this: change your…
  • Terrorism is an attempt to make ego, body and separation real
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    I just heard from my TV that at Barcelona, Spain, a terrorist had driven a van into crowd of people and killed over thirteen persons and injured hundreds of people (some of whom may die). People are running all over the place trying to protect themselves and avoid getting killed…
  • Donald Trump is evidence that personality disorders are manifestations of evil
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    In the early twentieth century psychiatry and psychology came into full flowering; they made fun of religion; they reinterpreted religious ideas into psychological language. Religion, for example, defined certain behaviors as evil but psychology saw those behaviors as mere psychopathologies, mental disorders caused by malfunctioning bodies or negative social experience.…

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  • Life Is A Big Nothing
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    Enyim (my dear friend, fellow Nigerian), you're nothing. Are you nothing or are you nothing for nothing? You are both nothing and nothing for nothing if you 're waiting for your house to fall apart, go to the wrack and ruin, collapse, break up, disintegrate, go to inferno because you…
  • God is light and other matters
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    From Ozodi Osuji's Daily Journal: I deliberately throw out nuggets of information that cross my mind on a regular basis. I know that if a reader is smart he can take just one of the ideas I give away for free, think about it and develop it and even write…
  • Translating religions language to the language of physics
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    Contemporary astrophysics, astronomy and cosmology tell us that 13.8 billion years ago, out of nowhere and everywhere a point of light came out. That point of light is smaller than a particle. Visualize the size of a particle. Begin by realizing that there are millions of atoms in the period…
  • Intelligent design versus accidental evolution of the universe
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    INTELLIGENT DESIGN VERSUS ACCIDENTAL EVOLUTION OF HUMAN BEINGS Ozodi Thomas Osuji In the first chapter of the Bible, Genesis, it is said that God created this universe and the people in it. Thus, many Christians believe in intelligent design of the universe. Beginning with Charles Darwin, many biologists believe that…

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