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  • Accident or Determinism
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    COINCIDENCE OR SERENDIPITY OR SPIRITUALITY? Ozodi Thomas Osuji This morning I woke and out of nowhere it occurred to me that since the Nigerian state has kept Nnamdi Kanu in detention for an extended period of time and, apparently, plan to keep him there much longer and there is nothing…
  • What to do when the motivating desires of youth are gone
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    WHAT TO DO WHEN THE MOTIVATING DESIRES OF YOUTH DISAPPEAR Ozodi Thomas Osuji In youth we have pleasant illusions that we have it in us to change the world. With that desire in us we are motivated to accomplish great things. We go to school and obtain useful education. Thereafter,…
  • Do not ever seek approval from other people
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    YOU BEGIN WITH SENSE OF DEFICIT AND MAKE THE MISTAKE OF ASKING OTHER PEOPLE TO MAKE YOU LESS DEFICIENT Ozodi Thomas Osuji In childhood, I began out with a sense of deficit; I believed that there is something wrong with my body. I ended up asking other people to tell…
  • The politics of state robbery in Nigeria
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    Late last month, as a section of the country awaited the triumphant return of James Ibori, an ex-governor of Delta State, who was jailed, incidentally, in the UK for his egregious looting of his state's treasury while in office, the Nigerian media landscape was abuzz with stories about the mind-boggling…
  • Nigeria’s National Assembly as democracy’s poisoned chalice
    To say that Nigeria's National Assembly has been living in infamy since the beginning of the Fourth Republic in 1999 is to understate the severity of the country's democratic woes. While less endowed but well-meaning and development-conscious counterparts on the continent are devising means of advancing the culture of popular…
  • The succession battle in Osun!
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    Let me start by declaring that, no matter the difficulties encountered on Osun State's journey to greatness, I'm of the tribe of Caleb; a harbinger of good report and nothing seems capable of obliterating this perception buttressed by what is on the ground. Having said that, let me also confess…
  • Canada @ 150: Lessons for Nigerian youth
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    Canada @ 150: Lessons for Nigerian youth On July 1, 2017, Canada, the world's second largest country after Russia, will be 150 years old. There is a year-long celebration of this milestone for a nation that prides itself on being one of the best, if not the best country in the world. Before the European colonialization in…

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