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  • So Your Life Ended After Akata Impregnated Your Daughter?
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    Essay contains profanity and graphic materials of sexual nature "How is her pregnant daughter doing?" That was a bombshell! This essayist just called a Nigerian woman at Utonkon to ask how she is doing, and the Utonkon woman answered with a question of her own. "How is her pregnant daughter…
  • ON FATHER'S DAY: Making Nigeria Great is a Duty for all Fathers
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    ON FATHER'S DAY: Making Nigeria great is a duty for all Fathers Come t think of it, it is a lot easier to criticize and condemn than to stoop down and construct. Tearing down or shredding Nigeria to pieces is the work of a destructive brain while a constructive mind…
  • Here is true Christianity
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    Synopsis Of Scientific Gnosticism Abstract: This paper is an attempt to summarize my book on Scientific Gnosticism in less than fifteen pages. My goal is to have Gnosticism summarized and written in simple prose so that anyone who can read can read and understand what it says. Gnosticism, the paper…
  • I teach scientific gnosticism
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    I Accept My Vocation Of Propagating Scientific Gnosticism Ozodi Osuji All my life I have only done work to earn a living so as to survive but have not really figured out what kind of work I like and did it twenty four seven. I did mental health work not…

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