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  • Using love to heal personality disorders
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    THINK AND BEHAVE FROM LOVE AND YOU CHANGE YOUR PERSONALITY Ozodi Thomas Osuji Personality is learned. It is learned in childhood. People do not come into this world with a preexisting personality. What they come to the world with is something in them that can learn a personality. There is…
  • The Afrika Restaurant
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    This Is a true story of Dan Iloegbu who thought he had honest--to-goodness Nigerian friends. Names are changed to protect friends. Dan’s friends were Igbo and Yoruba men he grew up with in Lagos and with whom he drove taxi cabs in America. I have spent hours writing the story.…
  • We are God
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    Chinazor Onianwa: I did not go to Church this morning so as to stay home and write the below material for you. I hope that it may help you to understand that everything is God. We are all God. The problem is how to articulate that fact without making human…
  • All mental disorders are healed when the mind is returned to unified state, God
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    ALL MENTAL DISORDERS ARE HEALED WHEN THE MIND IS RETURNED TO UNIFIED STATE, GOD Ozodi Thomas Osuji Contemporary psychiatry and psychotherapy, so far, has not healed any one of his or her mental disorders. These days’ mentally sick folks are given medications. The assumption is that mental disorders were caused…
  • What do you believe and act on?
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    WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE AND ACT ON? Ozodi Thomas Osuji You must believe in what you do regardless of what other people say about it. You must live what you believe is true. (3) If you believe and act on your belief you are going to make it come into…
  • Inferiority feeling results from separation from God; healing it entails returning to God
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    Spiritual psychology heals because it returns our separated minds to our unified mind; in unified mind all our medical and mental disorders are healed. Inferiority feeling results when the mind is separated from other minds and from our whole mind; inferiority complex is healed when the separated mind is returned…
  • Negative Energies and Priorities; Negative Results
    Negative energy can be found almost everywhere. Negative energy is a concept used in Physics to explain the nature of certain fields, including the gravitational field and various quantum field effects, but I have tried to adapt it to our situation in Nigeria. There are people complaining about life constantly,…

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  • Steve Biko: Black Consciousness in South Africa
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    Steve Biko: Black Consciousness in South Africa Book Description Publication Date: May 12, 1979 In May 1976, nine Blacks were arrested in South Africa and charged with terrorism for having 'thoughts' unacceptable to the regime. Bantu Stephen Biko, that country's most important Black leader, stepped forward to…