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  • The world is our fantasy
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    From Ozodi Osuji's Daily Journal: Let me say this up front; individuals have different levels of intelligence. If you do not have superior IQ, anything above 132, please do not bother reading my notes, for all you are going to do is confuse yourself. Only the brainy can follow my…
  • Light and the universe is produced by our minds
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    THE IMPLICATION THAT LIGHT IS NEITHER WAVE NOR PARTICLE BUT BEHAVES AS THE ONE THAT THE OBSERVER WANTS IT TO BEHAVE FOR HIM Ozodi Thomas Osuji Yesterday, finally, I grasped the implication of the double slit experiment. In case you do not know about it, if you have a hole,…
  • Unless this happens, things will continue to worsen for Buhari
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    One courageous action by Buhari and the people of Nigeria could save the presidential life, strengthen the office of the presidency, and get Nigeria moving on the right path toward healing and prosperity. The purpose of this essay is visionary, farsighted, or predictive. The essay attempts to describe one courageous…
  • And We Africans
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     We Africans are what the non-Africans give names They systematically, categorically, intuitively label us as midnight A people conceived in heart of darkness, in mind of obscurity A land characterized as darkness, dimness, shadow, gloom But we know, yes we know, and we sabee quite alright We say, yes we…

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